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Arizona is Proposing to Ban All Fi****ms.
So if somebody comes along and knocks off my MAGA hat, can I shoot them? They assaulted me right? Just curious.
You recommended a CCW app in class, but there seems to be more than a few. Which one?
Thanks for the great CCW class two weeks ago. Loved it!

I took your class last year in California and obtained my CCW permit from Arizona. I have since taken Carry Conceal courses in California to reinforce my knowledge and skills. Does that mean that I can carry in California with an Arizona CCW non-resident permit if this passes? Curious.

Steve Pease
Canyon Lake,
Looking forward to this Sunday because we are attending the Beaumont CCW class.
My son and I had the privilege of taking the Defensive Fi****ms Training Class in Temecula California yesterday. We were impressed with the instructor Jim who after almost 30 years as an Officer on The Phoenix Police Department, obviously knew what he was talking about. His presentation kept our attention and gave us insight into the laws and the difference between being "legal" and questionable behavior and decisions. We found the class to be well worth the time and cost.
Thank you for the great class today! I'm hoping you will be in the Thousand oaks area soon, so I can send my boyfriend to your class. He would have been with me today, but already had other plans.

Arizona's number 1 CCW Training business, since 1992. Specializing in CCW and defensive training, taught by Police Officers. A.D.F.T has been teaching CCW and handgun tactics for over 2 decades.

We are owned and operated by active and retired Police Officers working the 5th largest city in the USA. Not only does our staff have years of experience instructing in the law enforcement environment, they have instructed thousands of civilians on how to be responsibly armed citizens for over 20 years.

Operating as usual

Video: Teens run off after robbing man at gunpoint; concealed carrying victim shoots one of them dead 04/06/2022

Video: Teens run off after robbing man at gunpoint; concealed carrying victim shoots one of them dead

This story out of Miramar Florida surrounds three high school kids who attempted to commit an armed robbery of a person. The victim who is a concealed carrier was armed at the time. The victim gave chase in an attempt to recover his property. One of the suspects who had a hand gun pointed it at the victim as they were fleeing. This prompted the victim to fire once striking the suspect in the head, causing his death. The two other suspects were located and charged with armed robbery. The victim was not charged.

A few takeaways:

1. In Arizona and many other states, deadly force is not allowed for mere property offenses.

2. Arizona does allow for the use of physical and or deadly force to stop certain felony crimes one of which is armed robbery.

3. Important and relevant factors in this case are the ratio/superiority of numbers of attackers to the lone victim as well as the fact that at least one of the suspects displayed and pointed a handgun at the victim.

Anyone faced with a similar scenario, would need to assess several factors very rapidly:

1. What is your skill level?
2. Have you trained under stress?
3. Is there an articulable reason to be pulling, pointing, and or shooting at someone, i.e., threat of serious physical injury or death?
4. Are you confident you can make the shot under stress without causing unnecessary risk to others in the vicinity?

In many instances, the above assessments will have to be made in split seconds.

The decision on whether or not to shoot, is one that can only be made in the moment by the involved person based on all the factors known to them in the moment.

Stay safe! Get training! Always carry!

Video: Teens run off after robbing man at gunpoint; concealed carrying victim shoots one of them dead Police in Miramar, Florida, released surveillance video Thursday showing teens running off after robbing a man at gunpoint, and the victim — a concealed carrier — running after the robbers and shooting one of them dead. What's the background? The three teenagers — two of them 16, the third 17 ...


Slap heard round the world.

Ok let’s start by saying chivalry is not dead, its just illegal.

In most states (CA and AZ), you cannot use physical force in response to verbal insults whether real or perceived. It does not matter how inflammatory or hurtful the language is.

If Chris Rock were to decide to be a victim of the slap, the criminal charge would likely be a misdemeanor assault charge.

Unfortunately, incidents like this often lead to much more severe outcomes.

Think of it like this, while out in public, a guy makes a sexually explicit comment about your wife. You go over and hit the guy, he pulls out a concealed gun and you do the same. He waves the gun in your direction and you deliver deadly force hitting him with your gunfire.

The investigstion begins. It is learned via witness statements and business video that you hit the subject prompting his display of the gun.

Not to say if you start a conflict you have to just take whatever comes your way, but defending yourself for using deadly force is problematic enough that you don’t need to cloud the issues with the appearance that you are the instigator.

Make sure the juice is worth the squeeze. In the climate we see today, you cannot determine how someone will react. Citizens are armed more than ever in our history. It is sometimes much better to ignore most things, than to cause conflict.

Learn the laws, get trained, always carry and stay safe.

Police: Woman accidentally shoots boyfriend in face after he tried to teach her how to use gun 03/10/2022

Police: Woman accidentally shoots boyfriend in face after he tried to teach her how to use gun

This story out of Toledo Ohio is straight out of the archives of ‘you can’t make this stuff up.’

This story gives new meaning to the term ‘shoot your mouth off.’

A few takeaways:

1. Convicted felons who are prohibited possessors should not attempt to engage in fi****ms instruction.

2. Whenever two people fight over a loaded gun, there is a high probability that at least one of the two will be seriously injured or killed.

3. An untrained person who purchases a gun is better served by obtaining fi****ms instruction from certified professionals.

In all fairness,based on our read of the article, it appears that the female half was trying to do the right thing. She tried to get the gun away from her boyfriend who she knew was not allowed to legally possess fi****ms based on his criminal history.

Police: Woman accidentally shoots boyfriend in face after he tried to teach her how to use gun An Ohio woman is accused of shooting her boyfriend in the mouth while he tried to teach her how to use a firearm.


- YouTube

Florida Sheriff Grady Judd nails it on castle doctrine.

In Arizona, a person who has unlawfully entered a residence or occupied vehicle is presumed to pose an imminent lethal threat to the occupants of said vehicle or residence.

There is no requirement to see a weapon or give warning prior to shooting in self defense.

- YouTube Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

philip lewis on Twitter 02/01/2022

philip lewis on Twitter

This story comes from florida, not much on the background, other than a road roage incident. He says the other driver shot first. This guy in the video has been arrested and charged with at least one felony.

My question to you is why take a chance?. Why be there for him to even shoot at you? Do you have any other option to avoid conflict?

If your goal is to not get shot, then do what you can to not be there. Take an exit, change lanes, put other cars between you, slow down and let him pass.

In my opinion this likely could have been avoided.

This is not about if it was justifed or not, as much as it is about did it have to happen.

Look at the what if's:

What if he shot an innocent motorist?
What if he disabled the driver with gunfire causing a accident with other people?
What if he crashed by diverting his attention to shooting his gun?

In the event he does not get convicted, or charges get dropped, this mans life is changed. His freedom is at jepordy as well as his finacial security.

Avoidance is not always the answer but in the majority of circumstances it is.

philip lewis on Twitter “Watch this: Video from inside shooter’s car captures road rage incident”

Teen killed in a Los Angeles store after a police officer's shot penetrates wall of dressing room, officials say 12/24/2021

Teen killed in a Los Angeles store after a police officer's shot penetrates wall of dressing room, officials say

This tragic story out of Los Angeles exemplifies how fast things go bad in high stress situations.

Police were confronting an asssult suspect in a Burlington Coat Factory store on Dec 23rd. One of the responding officers discharged their firearm at the suspect. At least one round fired by the officer missed and penetrated a dressing room wall resulting in a 14 year old female getting struck in the chest which ultimately proved fatal.

Whether a person is a civilian or a police officer, discharging a firearm in a public environment carries great risk.

There are many details not known at this point in time and there is a high probability the involved officer may not have even been aware of the presence of dressing rooms in the background till after the fact.

Use of force scenarios are high stress situations where decisions often have to be made in split seconds.

Whether this situation could have been avoided remains to be seen. Police criminal and internal investigators will be doing simultaneous investigations, and the District Attorney will ultimately determine if criminal charges are warranted.

Teen killed in a Los Angeles store after a police officer's shot penetrates wall of dressing room, officials say A 14-year-old who was in a California department store dressing room with her mother was killed Thursday when police fired at a man suspected of attacking a woman in the store, authorities said.

Homeowner Fatally Shoots Intruder During Midnight Break-In - The Police Tribune 12/11/2021

Homeowner Fatally Shoots Intruder During Midnight Break-In - The Police Tribune

This recent story comes out of Spanaway Washington.

Most states have laws that address the issue of defending yourself while in your home. These laws are commonly referred to as castle doctrine laws and often afford a great deal of lattitude when dealing with home intruders.

Things can happen fast in the real world. When seconds count and the police are only minutes away, you may or may not have time to call the police before taking action.

This is why training, knowledge, and education are important.

Stay Safe! Get Training, Always Carry!

Homeowner Fatally Shoots Intruder During Midnight Break-In - The Police Tribune Spanaway, WA – A homeowner fatally shot one of two intruders who broke into his home early Thursday morning, according to police. The harrowing encounter occurred at a residence located in the 100-block of 165th Street East at approximately 4:20 a.m. on Dec. 9, KING reported. The homeowner, Jerahm...

Former police chief: Here are all of the lies the media has told you about the Rittenhouse trial 11/19/2021

Former police chief: Here are all of the lies the media has told you about the Rittenhouse trial

The following article provides an excellent point, counterpoint rebutting the media lies with facts and evidence with regard to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Former police chief: Here are all of the lies the media has told you about the Rittenhouse trial In 2021 the only thing that matters is the preferred narrative, putting race into everything and the media hasn't disappointed in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, injecting race into a case where that couldn't be further from the truth


Our Thoughts on the Alec Baldwin Shooting.

Horrible and Tragic, YES. An Accident, NO.

This post is written as an analysis and our take on the New Mexico movie set shooting involving Actor Alec Baldwin based on known available information from media sources combined with an overlay of standard gun safety protocols in order to get a idea of what went wrong and lessons to be learned. When doing an analysis of this type, it is important to set aside emotion, and politics while maintaining focus on available facts and evidence. We realize that as time passes, more and more information will be revealed that could cause perspectives to shift.

By now everyone has heard about the tragic shooting involving actor Alec Baldwin on a movie set in New Mexico while working on a western themed film project titled "Rust".

Based on information gleaned from various media accounts, a picture is starting to emerge.

In an nutshell, an assistant director retrieved a handgun being used in the production off of an equipment cart, assumed it to be unloaded, handed it to Baldwin while saying "cold gun" leading Baldwin to also believe it was unloaded and safe. Baldwin and other crew members then began to rehearse a scene where Baldwin performed a cross-draw maneuver pointing it in the direction of the film's director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, and director Joel Souza, and pulling the trigger which caused a live round in the gun to fire ultimately killing Hutchins and injuring Souza.

There are innumerable measures that could have been employed to prevent a tragedy of this magnitude from occurring.

As information continues to be exposed it is readily apparent to people who shoot and are familiar with fi****ms, that numerous safety protocols, rules, and probably corporate policies were violated.

Let's discuss the obvious first. The four cardinal fi****ms safety rules that anyone learns in the most basic of fi****ms training classes.

1. Rule #1: All guns are considered loaded (till proven otherwise).

2. Rule #2: Never let the muzzle of a firearm cover (point at) anything you are not willing to damage, destroy, injure or kill.

3. Rule #3: Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on target and a conscious decision has been made to shoot.

4. Rule #4: Be sure of your target, and what is beyond and around it.

In the Baldwin shooting incident, there was a clear violation of rules 1 and 2. Not so much on rule 3 since Baldwin pointed the gun with intent and pulled the trigger. Same goes for rule #4: Baldwin knew where he was pointing the gun and was aware of his surroundings.

Note: we realize that in Hollywood productions where gunfight scenes are filmed that rule #2 will be violated which is why there can be absolutely no violations of rule #1. Therefore, there should be a requirement that guns used in production, without compromise, go through numerous safety checks to verify condition of the gun prior to shooting a scene.

There are three defined ways a gun can be discharged.

1. Accidental: A firearm that discharges with no human interaction on the trigger (older guns that are not drop safe, or loaded guns where a foreign object gets hung up in the trigger guard causing the trigger to activate).

2. Intentional discharge: Doing everything needed to intentionally fire the gun

3. Unintentional discharge (two types):

A. Unintentional Voluntary:

Doing everything needed to fire the gun, believing it to be unloaded. Common culprits here are violating rule #1, lax procedures when clearing a gun. Gun cleaning and dry fire practice both of which require the gun to be unloaded.

B. Unintentional Involuntary discharge (caused by three things)

1. Startle response: Having finger on or near the trigger when startled causing an unintended firing of the gun
2. Balance disruption: Having finger on or near the trigger while stumbling, falling, or otherwise losing balance.
3. Sympathetic response: Having finger on or near the trigger while pushing, pulling, or gripping items with the non-dominant hand.

A term some in the gun world are fond of using is negligent discharge or ND for short. This is a term we should refrain from using. It is not found in formal fi****ms training curriculums, or mentioned in NRA instructor materials. It is also not used in the policy manuals of major police departments for good reason. The term negligence has serious legal ramifications attached to it.

Those of us in the cheap seats can certainly have an opinion that an action was negligent, however the ultimate determination of whether a particular act was negligent is decided within the confines of a courtroom.

Knowing this, let's do some analysis of the obvious as well as some of the not so obvious things that went wrong.

1. Basic gun safety rules were violated at several levels by multiple people. Following these basic rules, i.e., ensuring the condition of the gun as to loaded or unloaded would have averted this tragedy.

2. The movie project was a western and we can therefore assume period piece fi****ms were being used i.e., more than likely single action revolvers. Unless a cocked gun was handed to Mr. Baldwin two actions, that of cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger would have been needed to fire it. And, again a quick check of the gun right after it was handed to him would have shown ammunition of some type in the cylinder of the gun and a pause could have been called to allow the gun to be cleared and made safe prior to proceeding.

3. Live rounds on the set: A big question swirling in the minds of many is why live rounds for the caliber of weapons being used in the production were even allowed on set. This creates an obvious risk of live rounds getting mixed in with blanks used in the production guns. Some news outlets have received reports that crew members were in possession of live rounds and were using the production guns for recreational target practice.

4. A young, and by all accounts, very new and inexperienced armorer was in charge of managing weapons and fi****ms safety. This person, in interviews done prior to the Baldwin shooting allegedly expressed reservations about her abilities to perform the job.

5. Lax procedures/protocols: An on-set armorer should be the gate keeper for any fi****ms being used in a production. That means a director or producer or any one else for that reason shouldn't be able to casually pick up a firearm unless it's checked by the on-set armorer in the presence of the person who needs it.

Loading of blank ammunition should occur in the presence of the actor using the firearm so there is confirmation during the loading process as to the type of ammunition being used which becomes a de-facto type of two party authentication process prior to filming a live scene. Whenever not being used, fi****ms should be under lock and key with the armorer being the sole point of access.

Allowing live (non-blank) rounds of the same type and caliber as the guns on the set where there could be a risk of co-mingling of ammunition types should be strictly forbidden.

6. Improper mindset: Every news source we have seen on this shooting and apparently the movie industry as well refers to the fi****ms used in productions as a "prop" guns.

Let's get something straight, if it can shoot real bullets propelled by an ignition source (primer) and a flammable propellant (gun Powder) its a real firearm not a "prop" gun. Fi****ms are legally classified as deadly weapons due to their ability to cause serious physical injury or death. To re-label them as "prop" guns relegates them to less than fi****ms at a subconscious level. People then tend to view them much the way they might view an airsoft pistol i.e., a gun that is relatively harmless. This can cause people to let their guard down, get careless, followed by violating basic safety rules which appears to be exactly what happened in this case.

6. Use of improper descriptors: "A horrible accident." "An accidental shooting." These are two misleading descriptive phrases used extensively in initial police and media reports related to this shooting. Based on the recap of safety rules outlined above and the methods of discharging a firearm, we see numerous failings on the part of many people in the chain of custody on the firearm to include the armorer, the directors supervising the production and Mr. Baldwin himself who had ultimate responsibility to ensure the gun he had been handed was truly "cold" or unloaded as the the director had stated. These issues were not "accidents", in fact, they were all preventable had basic safety protocols been followed.

Although this shooting was certainly horrible and tragic, it was not, by definition, an accident. If we look at the definitions for the three methods of discharging a firearm, intentional, accidental and unintentional, we can narrow it down.

It wasn't and accidental discharge since Mr. Baldwin had his finger on the trigger, pointed the gun and deliberately pulled the trigger.

It wasn't an intentional discharge since Mr. Baldwin believed he was holding an unloaded weapon, was using it to rehearse a movie scene, and had no intent to harm anyone.

This leaves us with the unintentional discharge of which there are two types: voluntary and involuntary.

Out of the two, Mr. Baldwins situation would fall within the realm of an unintentional voluntary discharge. This is what occurs anytime someone picks up a gun, fails to check it and does everything needed to make it fire while believing it to be unloaded. This can also occur during gun cleaning or dry fire training in the home when people finish up, reload the gun, get momentarily distracted or called away, then return, pick up the gun and without thinking, take another "dry" press only to be surprised when it goes bang instead of click.

Again, we can have a personal opinion on whether the actions of someone were negligent or reckless, but personal opinions do not make it so. These are issues that will have to be determined in the months ahead by a judicial body.

Our Story

A.D.F.T has been teaching CCW and handgun tactics for over 2 decades. We are owned and operated by full time Police Officers working the 6th largest city in the USA. Our instructors have been teaching police and armed civilians for over 75 years combined. Don’t compromise when it comes to your Use of Force Training. We train thousands per year. Check out our reviews on Facebook, Google and Yelp.

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Finished up a defensive pistol class.  Good bunch of folks.  Here is a quick video of one of the drills




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