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Working on Press Technique footwork.

Make sure that you learn how to use your feet first before using your hands.

You should be able to take the right angles without using your hands to force the WR to the sideline. Once the WR is to the sideline and you are on top of the WR, he has 2 routes. He has a fade, which you already have taken away with your angle, and he has a comeback route that you are in position for.

Once you work on your feet, then you can work on getting your hands on the WR.


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5th and Final Visit at University of Arizona for Joy Moorer


4th Official Visit at Mississippi State for Joy Moorer

Photos from Showtyme Performance's post 11/09/2021

3rd official Visit at Texas A&M for Joy Moorer


2nd official Visit for Joy Moorer to Kentucky


Joy Moorer’s 1st official Visit to the

University of Washington


Where will Joy Moorer Go?

Photos from Showtyme Performance's post 10/07/2021

Joy Moorer at Some of her Home Visit this year

Texas A&M
University of Washington
University of Utah
Mississippi State


Congrats to Neya Jamison on her commitment to Colorado State


Athlete: Desmond Bohannon
Position: Corner
College: Western New Mexico


Make sure you are turning at the right time. A lot of DB’s don’t get recruited because they are often trailing on the videos they post online. Although they look like they have “make up speed” when they make a play, it’s only so much you want to see of that. Coaches want to know that a corner can cover!

Coaching tip:
Turn when the WR gets an arm and a half to you in off man coverage. You should be able to turn in one step and take the correct angle to make the WR widen without touching him.


The DB Academy

Athlete: Dante Haynesworth
Position: Corner
College: Texas State


DB Tips


• Make sure you are staying low
• Turn when the man is a arm and half away
• One step turn
• Sprint after the turn

The reasons why people get beat deep while playing off man is that they are turning too late for 1, and 2 they are taking too many steps to turn. When you take too many steps you will be in a trail which will not be a good outcome for you. You will be beat over the top and back shoulder because you are trying so hard to catch back up.

#TheDBAcademy #LockdownInc

Texas A&M Set to Host Aggie Invitational - Texas A&M Athletics - Home of the 12th Man 01/22/2021

Texas A&M Set to Host Aggie Invitational - Texas A&M Athletics - Home of the 12th Man

Texas A&M Set to Host Aggie Invitational - Texas A&M Athletics - Home of the 12th Man Track & field returns to action to host the Aggie Invitational at the Gilliam Indoor Stadium on Saturday, Jan. 23. The meet begins with the field events at 11:15 a.m., followed by running events at 3:30 p.m.

Dominique Mustin - Track and Field 01/21/2021

Dominique Mustin - Track and Field

Dominique Mustin - Track and Field Dominique MustinMid-Distance - High School/Club: Varsity lettered four years at North Canyon HS and competed for Showtyme Performance coached by Airabin Justin......Was


1st Meet and #12 All Time Now 🤷🏽‍♂️

Dominique Mustin


Transitioning out of a Break

Relaxed Back pedal ✅
No pause ✅
No waisted movement ✅
Arm fire ✅
Drive ✅


Athlete: Davondre Bucannon
Position: Cornerback
Year: 2022

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DB/WR Academy Saturday’s

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Come get in work!


Athlete: Davondre Bucannon
Position: Corner
Year: 2022

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Athlete: Dylan Murray
Position: Safety
Year: 2022


The DB Academy


Mark Andrews All Pro TE for the Baltimore Ravens

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Athlete: Reiss Rinaldi
Position: DB/WR
Grade: 8th

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NFL Cornerback Be’Jour Wilson


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Athlete: Cito Hemphill-Toledo
Position: Cornerback
College- RMU


Athlete: Cito Hemphill-Toledo
Poison: Cornerback
College: RMU


Working on press technique and closing on the WR.

Athlete: Dean Jones
Position: Corner
College: BYU


Saturday work with
The DB Academy

Showtyme Performance


Reiss working on keeping alignment and reading the body


Lockdown Inc
Athlete: Dean Jones
Position: Cornerback
College: BYU


Athlete: Jack Whitten
Position: Safety/Corner
Year: 2021


Athlete: Dylan Murray
Position: DB/WR
Year: 2022

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The DB Academy
DB Tips
NFL Cornerback Be’Jour Wilson
Athlete: Cito Hemphill-ToledoPosition: CornerbackCollege- RMU
Athlete: Cito Hemphill-ToledoPoison: Cornerback College: RMU
Working on press technique and closing on the WR. Athlete: Dean Jones Position: Corner College: BYU
Saturday work with The DB Academy Showtyme Performance
Reiss working on keeping alignment and reading the body





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