Fit-Defense MMA

Martial Artist/MMA-Fitness Coach/ Executive Protection/ Security. Fit-Defense MMA is a progressive training program to become more physically fit, while learning self-defense techniques, through Mixed Martial Arts.

An effective program devised for Individuals, Families, Executives and Security Personnel.

Operating as usual


Some late night blade work after Jiujitsu class.


Laird's APPLEJACK Apple Brandy
The stuff only Washington, Lincoln & FDR enjoyed drinking.


Zombie Apocalypse Survival ****ms


Sinawali (Double Stick)


Single Baston.


5th Degree Taekwondo Certificate by the ITC, International Taekwondo Confederation. Thank you my brother GM Rick Stanford for your leadership and friendship. Also, much thanks to my master, instructor, mentor, brother and very good friend. You're family and without you, I would not have come this far. Look forward to more time on the rock with you in 2022. Much love and appreciation over the many years. Thank you GM Brad Whitlow 👊Juk-Ahm 👊


Merry Christmas 🎄⛄


Kicking drills w/ankle weights.


New Protein Powder. Tastes amazing!


Stripe Promotion


Gracie Barra Jiu-jitsu Family


Philosophical quote by Bruce Lee.


Jiu-jitsu and NOW, gym time. A Martial Artist is always perfecting his craft, for it is a Constant and Never Ending Improvement. Grow Strong & Flexible like Bamboo. Solid as a Rock (Juk-Ahm 👊)




1st MMA fight. Click on my MMA highlights to watch it.


My Gracie Family


Fighting Ninjas


In motion.

Photos from Fit-Defense MMA's post 10/12/2021

Training Excursion Sedona


Training Excursion in Sedona


Constant & Never Ending Improvement. Light workout on the bag.

Photos from Fit-Defense MMA's post 09/29/2021

North Mountain Hiking Trails at the FDMMA training center


Way Of The Martial Artist


Early Morning Training Session
Environmental training is essential to the martial artist journey.


Front Pagoda Training Platform
1 of 2 Pagodas used in training students in the outdoors of the training center


Grand Master Whitlow has spent countless years perfecting his craft while earning the prestigious rank of 9th Degree in Taekwondo, the highest rank in this art. But he has also spent many of those countless hours and years cross training in other systems. I have been training under his guidance since the late 1980's and he is not only a Skilled, technical, an innovator and talented martial artist with years of knowledge; but he is also kindhearted, charismatic, high energy, funny, compassionate, and a loving man who thrives upon perfection; while setting the leadership bar at a high level. He is well reknown around the Taekwondo community globally as an instructor, but also as an international competitor winning many medals and awards. His passion and in depth attitude towards real self-defense is why countless people around the globe want to learn personal protection; along with his attention to detail makes him one of top martial arts instructor's when it comes to training. He is the type of person you want to be around and share life's journey, a martial arts journey, because he makes you a better martial artist....but more importantly a better person.
Juk-Ahm 👊


Much thanks and appreciation to BJJ Professor, Victor Emmanuel, whom helped me greatly with my self-defense portion for my 5th Degree Black Belt promotion in Taekwondo. Thank you so much Professor. Your Jiu-Jitsu knowledge and attitude is high level. Such a passionate and humble man, martial artist and professor. Love this man. Great guy. Incredible martial artist. Awesome professor. Again thank you so much. Three of the most skilled, talent and technical martial artists with years of knowledge, Grand Master Whitlow of Juk Ahm👊 Murfreesboro, TN and Professors .gb72 and of Gracie Barra🤙 Scottsdale, AZ


My sexy, hot mamasita Jiu jitsu Girl❤️


Arm Bar Juk Ahm


Community Self-Defense Clinic


5th Degree Jump Spin Sidekick


4th & 5th Degree Testing: Self- Defense


4th & 5th Degree Testing-Sparring


Juk-Ahm 👊5th Degree Testing


Boxing Drills

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