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Thanks Bobby Kelly Sedona went well Half way there to Vancouver Full
Adore your sign. Submission? Skate Fast, Eat Ass.
Kicked off St. Patrick's Day with this leprechaun 😂🍀🌈💚
Thanks for babysitting during Frank's nutrition talk today ❤️
#100!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉of 💯 of the Results Only Fitness 100 workout challenge! This has been quite the challenge! Nothing like getting it done in the eleventh hour!!! Thank you to everyone for the support, advice and encouragement! Feels good going into 2019 feeling good! 😊😘🍾🎉
Ab work Sunday night after a great weekend away! #99 🎉🎉🎉of 💯 of the Results Only Fitness 100 workout challenge!
Just had to post this one....
Workout #100!!!!! Of the Results Only Fitness 💯 workout challenge! 3 mile walk around the deck of our cruise ship
Workout #99 of the Results Only Fitness 💯 workout challenge! Run on treadmill as we pulled into Belize!
Friday was 3.5 miles walking in the rain and Saturday was 7.5 miles walking at Busch Gardens. Photo of Olivia and I saving Ireland 🇮🇪 from and evil fairy 🧚🏼‍♀️. It was hard work! #97 and #98 of 💯 of the Results Only Fitness 100 workout challenge! Almost there. And yes...I’m counting this!! 😊
Today we did family ice skating for 1 1/2 hours. #96 of 💯 of the Results Only Fitness 100 workout challenge!
Lower body work yesterday. #95 of 💯 of the Results Only Fitness 100 workout challenge!

The LAST gym you will ever join. Results Only Fitness has won BEst Gym in Phoenix for 4 out of the last 5 years which is why our members say we are the LAST gym you will ever join.

Every single workout at Results Only promises: strength development, core stability, fat burning conditioning, endurance training, and flexibility. At Results Only we do everything in our power to meet your needs. Founder, Bobby Kelly, is a 26 year veteran of the fitness industry and is a highly sought after certified master catalyst coach. Bobby owns and directs Results Only and has a unique ability for pulling out a higher level of passion, commitment, focus, and development from his clients.

Operating as usual

Another STUNNING morning here at Results Only Fitness!

✅ Get your workout in
✅ Grab your own weights that only you’ll use for the hour
✅ Social distancing in each “pod”
✅ Masks worn if you have to step out of your “pod”
✅ Cleaning spray, towel, and hand sanitizer for everyone joining us
✅ Catch sunrises like these 😍

Check our link in the description or email [email protected] to find out how you can join our fitness family!

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🌧 “If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.”
-Frank Lane ⛅️

February 1st is right around the corner. How will YOU face the new month?

Come join us for class and see how we can be the best part of your day! ☀️

You can also join our classes on Zoom! ➡️➡️➡️ PW: rofonline

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🧡⚙️ 2020 is finally in the rear,
thank goodness 2021 is a brand New Year.

Covid 19 made everyone stall,
now it's time to give it your all.

Right now we still can't be in very close range,
but we all still know it is time for a change.

So if we can help please don't hesitate to text, email or call!
Reach out in the DM, we will give you our all ⚙️🧡

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We have loved being the best part of your day throughout this dumpster fire of a year and look forward to making you feel your best in 2021!

The season can be hectic, so relieve some stress and join us for class!

🔔12/24➡️AM classes only
🔔12/25-12/27➡️ CLOSED
🔔12/31➡️AM classes only
🔔1/1&1/3➡️ CLOSED
🔔All other dates not specifically mentioned follow our normal schedule💚❤️

⚙️DM or email [email protected] for more info⚙️

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👀 Check out our schedule & join a class! Links in bio 😊
✉️ Email [email protected]

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💪Karen Bedel makes YUMMY dishes & treats when she's not working out with us!

Learn how to make:
🍓 Karen's Berry Salad
🍜 Karen's OTSU Dish (Japanese Soba Noodle Bowl) &
🥥 Karen's Power Bites

🌟 @chefmumfoods

📺 Check out our YouTube for Karen's videos as well as workouts you can do anywhere!

Results Only Fitness Fam - K2 No Limitations Virtual Event

VIRTUAL 5K October 8th -18th

Hi, Family and Friends! We hope this finds you well. As many of you know, Kelly and are I on the Board of Directors for K2 Adventures Foundation and are huge supporters.
We're excited to announce that once again we are combining our passions for helping others and promoting health and wellness. 2020 has been a tough road for all of us, and many of the organized events like runs or obstacle courses we all love to participate in have gone by the wayside.

But, we've got great news! We are participating in a virtual event where we can all get outside and get active and support K2 Adventures Foundation at the same time.

Between October 8 - 18th we invite you to join us in a Virtual 5K.
All you have to do is move for 3.5 miles in a row. Walk/Run/Swim/Bike/Hike/Golf/Whatever!!

We're committed to helping K2 Adventures Foundation raise $50,000, which will support the K2 FIT & WELL and K2 FOOD FOR FAMILIES programs. Every donation, large or small, makes a difference and moves K2 Adventures Foundation closer to their fundraising goal.

Are you down to make a lasting impact? Please click on the Donate button in the top right corner of our page -

Can't donate or become a supporter? No worries. Please consider forwarding this email to your friends and family to get the word out.

Thanks so much for your support!

Bobby & Kelly Hi, Family and Friends! We hope this finds you well. As many of you know, Kelly and I are on the Board of Directors for K2 Adventures Foundation and are huge supporters. We're excited to announce that once again we are combining our passions for helping others and promoting health and wellness.....




TEST yourself or COMPETE against others as you complete lunges with weight, Ski Erg, box overs, and more!

🎃 Training starts in October!

🔔 EMAIL: [email protected]
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Take some time to
🧡relax from the week
🧡minimize stress
🧡increase mobility

👀 Check out our YouTube for more videos on-demand!
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💚 You better spray that down after you're done with it 💚
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METabolic CONditioning: structured set of work/rest intervals that focus on:
⚡how energy is created
⚡how energy is used
⚡how quickly that energy is expended
AKA we LOVE to hate these 😉
💪Our members show up and meet the challenges of our workouts. Today, we had some COLORFUL @myzonemoves graphs! (ask us for more info & how we can set you up with one)
⚙ AWESOME work today, everybody! We are SO PROUD of you 🧡💚
📣 LINK IN BIO to join a class
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Working out w/ @shakenbake_syd > sleeping in
Our coaches provide:
⚡ leadership
💛 support
💪 the little extra push to get you through those last few reps
🤪 a bad joke or two for bonus ab work
☀️ We want to continue to be the best part of your day!
🗓 check out our schedule & JOIN US in person or on Zoom!
📺 on-demand workouts on YouTube
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⚙ Results Only Fitness utilizes MyZone to monitor:
💙 time spent exercising
💚 heart rate
💛 calories burned
❤ MEPs, which are points rewarded based off effort
💪 Knowing your numbers and seeing LIVE data is so motivating!
💪 Members can connect and engage with each other through the MyZone app!
👀 Curious?? Ask us for more info!
Check out our bio for links to:
📽 LIVE classes streaming on Zoom
📺 Our YouTube channel for on-demand workouts
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💪Boost your immune system
💪Reduce your health risks (heart disease, high BP, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, certain types of cancer, osteoporosis)
💪Manage chronic conditions
💪Increase your fitness, strength, and stamina
💪Stay physically independent as you age
The first step(s) toward taking action can be intimidating and overwhelming. We're here so you don't have to take any of those steps alone 💚🧡
In person and online, still serving you!
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🧡 feet stay apart in a narrow stance (think "tightrope" thoughts)
🧡 chest is lifted, shoulders roll back
🧡 weight stays in front heel
🧡 brace your core to keep upper body stable (no "teetering" or "tottering" 😉)
🧡 maintain control as you lower back knee, then squeeze glutes & exhale as you stand
💥 Check out or schedule and join us for a class! Or, you can access our workouts at ANY time on our Youtube channel 📺
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💪🧡 YES, YOU!! Save your spot ahead of time for in-person training or hop online for live classes on Zoom!
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☀️ back at it, bright and early
💪 save your spot & workout with us!
⚙️ in person & online, still serving you
😷 bonus exercise: running back to your car halfway to grab your mask
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We are open to help everyone outdoors and online.

Unexpected events can lead us to fear

But if we continue on and know something good is coming we can overcome our fear💪🏼

Seize your new beginning☀️

Have you ever Done our RESULTS ONLY workouts online?

If so we need to hear from you.

We are going to RAMP up our workouts starting next week because AZ has closed indoor gyms.

As the sign says, we are still offering
1- Morning Outside Workouts- 5:30 AM 7:00 AM 8:15 AM
2- Evening Outside Workouts- 4:30 PM 5:45 PM 7:00 PM
3- LIVE follow along ZOOM Workouts 8:15 AM Monday Wednesday Friday
4- Look IN Zoom Workouts 7 am and 5:45 om Every Day.

During the March and April closing we did IG, and Facebook at the same time as our ZOOM.
If you would like us to resume ONE of those platforms please let us know and we will do our best.
Message here your preferred method of receiving the workouts or DM me and we will do our best.
You can also email me at [email protected]

Stay safe and if we can serve you during July please reach out. If we get enough interest we are ready to serve you too.

ROF Rising

So we are not big fans of breaking the law but we do agree with those gyms.
Nothing is more important than your health.
Especially right now!


Swing by and we will show you how.

And for those of you who cannot experience us in person, ask how we can serve you online.

We are here for you

Amber has been a little down in the dumps recently
Maybe you can relate to Amber, especially if you've found it difficult to muster up any bandwidth to exercise.

So many weeks have past, and for Amber, guilt has set in. Tightness has set in. Even soreness from lack of moving consistently has set in.

Our advice?

It's the hardest part of it all, right? Starting.

We get it.

That's why we created Amber's Active Attitude Adjustment - a 5 minute Mobility Flow to stretch, open up, breathe, & feel good.

We think you & Amber will feel a huge difference, not only in your physical body, but in your psyche, too, as pride from accomplishing something productive for your health pushes out guilt and overwhelm.
Plus stretching dynamically like this is essential for circulating synovial fluid through your joints, meaning nutrients can get in and waste can get out. It fires up muscles that have been on a pandemic-pause and keeps your bones, tendons, ligaments, and other tissue functioning and feeling optimal.

So, go ahead scooch the coffee table out of the way. Move aside the laundry pile that's been sitting ready to be folded for the past couple of days, put down the work and social media for a sec and follow along with the video in the next few slides.

No need to do anything more.

It's amazing what 5-minutes can do.

Start starting!

You're closer to feeling (even more) awesome than you think!

Image: Shout Shout From Rooftop GIF - Shout ShoutFromRooftop Excited ...

Some of you have asked if we are going back to live workouts on Instagram and Facebook.
Others have asked when/if you might lose the You Tube workouts now that we are back open?

The goal is to eventually make it all a private group for all of you to continue to use and enjoy. For now some people are still unable to go back to a gym, or are struggling with the fear of the unknown. We want to continue to serve you and work on the private group behind the scenes.
We will get there eventually but for now... you get to be the beta group. We are researching the simplest solution for storing all the videos long term and what the market will be for this evolving part of our industry. For now keep doing 3 things
1- enjoying all the YouTube stuff including 3 new workouts per week on the channel and live at 830 AZ time on M W F.
2- Shout it form the rooftops and tell everyone you know what we are doing. Share the links, videos etc forward me your pics etc.
3- Finally have those people (and you too!) need to interact with us so that we can help even more. The more views we keep seeing on new videos it makes it easier to pull the trigger on creating new content for everyone.
Just remember we've got your back. Found on Google from

[06/12/20]   Good evening everyone. I hope this email finds you well.
I wanted to address a few things based on some of the news that is coming out nationally and locally.
But first, Kelly and I have struggled since the end of New Year, New You because normally we would announce the winners at the anniversary party.

For obvious reasons there was no celebration.We wanted to make it special for the people who competed, and especially our winners.

We’ve waited on announcing winners hoping for the situation to change or to have an epiphany on how to do them justice.We can and do say congratulations and we are very proud of you.

There’s no crowd to give you a round of applause, no pictures of before and afters that we can take to inspire others, but each one of the people we are about to announce should be recognized.

You've inspired us, you continue to inspire us and we are so grateful to have you share your journey with us.If you take a class or run into them while coming in and out of the gym please acknowledge them at your next visit.

Winning a New Year, New You contest for so many has been a life-changing and pivotal accomplishment. They’ve been able to make permanent change in their lifestyle that continues to serve them to this day. It is my hope that we can get together and celebrate these people but for now I just thought it best that we finally announce the winners.

We have had a few more people who have decided not to re-join us in person at the gym and instead utilize our remote Zoom and YouTube workouts. That is completely understandable with the fear that goes along with this pandemic. At the same time we have had a huge resurgence of some core people who are returning.

We want to be able to continue to serve both groups. For those of you who are not back in person, I will continue the Monday, Wednesday, Friday zoom workouts at 8:30 AM for the foreseeable future. That may be the middle of the summer, the end of the summer, maybe even the end of the year. Regardless, everyone can benefit by using the workouts on Zoom or YouTube.

This is our 4th week back. It is understandable that comfort levels in the gym start to rise and we return to natural pre-pandemic tendencies.

Some things to mention our:
1- Cancellations have grown, so have no-shows. It is a challenge for us to prepare. Also, some people sign up for multiple classes. Signing up for the 5:30 AM AND 7 AM AND 8:15 AM is challenging when we don’t which class you're coming to. Please choose just one class.

2- We know signing up is a pain, but it is necessary for the foreseeable future. Registration closes 8 hours prior in the software. It’s OK every once in a while to send a text or call and let us know that you would like to make a change or you didn’t have a chance to sign up. Please do your best to stay focused and register in advance.

3-Social distancing is a huge part of how we were able to convince the local government to let gyms reopen. I spent hours emailing with the Governor's task force assuring we could provide a safe environment. You are all doing so much better than other gyms in the Valley, we need to continue to practice social distancing. Walking in and out of each other’s pods, grabbing weights and borrowing from each other needs to be minimized. Trainers are happy to help redistribute equipment, just take a look at the workout when you come in and let us know if you need something.

4- The 5:30 AM and 7 AM classes are beginning to show tendencies of full capacity and some of you are arriving after 5:30 or 7am. In the coming weeks we may start having a wait list. Please remember that we will allow people on the wait list in class at 5:25 and 6:55- five minutes before the class starts. If tardiness is a challenge for you please try to adjust.
5-Gloves...(we gave everyone returning workout gloves $2.99 for us) some people have expressed they no longer want to wear the gloves. If you’re by yourself you may make whatever choices you want. If you’re sharing a pod you should talk it over with your partner. If they have a challenge with you not wearing your gloves you must wear your gloves in the gym. Please bring them at all times.

6- Until now people have only had to share a pod by choice. TOMORROW at 5:30 and 7 am we have people who may need to share and it might not be with someone you know other than from the gym. Not socially. 8:15 and 9:30 have plenty of room. If this is a challenge for you please make arrangements to switch classes.

7- Fans, I’ve done the research and scientifically they have decided there is no way to prove or not prove that fans are a hindrance or help. I will continue to keep fans off until such a time that we can no longer do workouts without them. This mainly affects afternoon training. Please know that we will continue to keep the gym as cool as possible.

8- Cleaning has been a bright spot. Thank you so much for putting in the extra effort and taking the time. I truly believe that’s one of the reasons why we’re not having any issues at Results Only.

9- In the beginning we needed to have everyone sign a waiver. No one has mentioned anything about getting sick, symptoms, or being around people who have contracted COVID-19. This is just a reminder that if for any reason things have changed, please let us know, please be responsible and stay home if you don’t feel well.

10-Whether you’re in person or online with us, we have over 70 workouts on the YouTube channel. Everyone can continue to use those. There are some zoom workout days that I can’t get it edited by the following morning. Just know that I’m always adding three workouts per week. With over 70 workouts available that is well over a year’s worth of workouts where you wouldn’t repeat more than a handful of times if you watched every single one of them once a month.

Finally, As many of you know Kelly and I are in Fitness Professionals groups as part of the top 100 gyms in the country.
Being one of the first to reopen we chose to give updates, share regularly what was going well and what was challenging or disturbing. It has been great.

We have gotten some amazing feedback, ideas and help that we have implemented to make it safe and efficient for you to continue to be here at the gym.

It also offered support so that we continue to serve you to the best of our abilities each and every day. We have received so much positive feedback of how transparent we’ve been about both the good and the bad.

It is my hope that as you read on the transparency comes through here as well. We have lost over a third of our clients since we closed on March 17. Some will return after the summer. Some are choosing to stay away because they have compromised people in their homes, or they are compromised themselves. Others are fearful and that is absolutely understandable in these trying times.This is not sustainable for more than a few months. At some date in the future we will need to ask for your help.

Referral programs, social media posting, testimonials, just to name a few. It took 13 years to get over 200 clients and we cannot take that long to get those 60-70 clients back.These are things that many of you have not chosen to be involved with in the past. The most common answer, "it’s just not my thing."

Our goal is to be the Best Part of Your Day EVERY DAY. We want to continue to be able to serve you.
Sometime soon, we will need to reach out and ask you for your help to shout out how much you love Results Only Fitness from the rooftops.My hope is, being transparent right now, will give you the security that we’re here for you in the foreseeable future. The pandemic has required more costs, more staffing, and more energy than we have ever had to do in the previous years of Results Only Fitness.

We will continue to coach you every day. We will continue to motivate you at every session. And we will celebrate your wins every time we get the opportunity.
Hopefully, when it’s time to ask a friend to join you for a class, share a social media post so people can see the gym where you spend so much of your time, or to forward an email for us so we can inspire others to live healthy lives, you’ll be more likely to do so knowing that we are part of your family and your success. And we would like to help others succeed too.
Finally, we cannot stress enough how grateful we are for each and everyone of you.

You are our "WHY" - we talk about "what's your why?" as a tool to get you to dig a bit deeper when looking for personal motivation - we've been taking a dose of our own medicine and YOU ALL are our WHY.
We love you, we appreciate you, and we are here to continue to serve you in any way we can.
Kelly and Bobby

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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7030 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 15:30 - 20:00
Monday 05:30 - 12:30
Tuesday 15:30 - 20:00
Tuesday 05:30 - 12:30
Wednesday 15:30 - 20:00
Wednesday 05:30 - 12:30
Thursday 16:30 - 20:00
Thursday 05:30 - 12:30
Friday 15:30 - 18:45
Friday 05:30 - 12:30
Saturday 07:00 - 12:30
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