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With the Valley steadily opening up, First Place residents and Transition Academy students are excited to get back to their in-person workouts at Results Only Fitness! Bobby Kelly and Kelly Michael have been most generous with their time during the pandemic, working on-site in small groups to help everyone stay healthy and active while following First Place COVID-19 protocols. Nothing beats going back to the gym!
Bobby Kelly and Kelly Michael of Results Only Fitness are making WAVES in the fitness industry...⁣

Their retention numbers and usage rates are through the roof, literally over DOUBLE the national average for fitness studios.⁣

So what makes them different? What are they doing that sets them apart from everyone else? 🤔⁣

We sat down with co-owner Bobby Kelly to get a peek behind the curtain and find out what makes Results Only Fitness so successful...check it out in this week's blog post!

Thanks to our friends at Results Only Fitness, several residents have “jumped” into 2021 and hit the ground running with their healthy New Year’s resolutions! We’re thrilled to welcome Bobby and Kelly back for some physically distanced weekly fitness to encourage participants to keep moving. Everyone is excited to get back to their workouts!
Looking for a good tutorial for the Muscle Blaster? Bobby Kelly, Fitness Trainer and Owner of Results Only Fitness in Arizona, walks us through how to best use the Jawku percussion massager in your workout regime.

(Video originally posted Jan 8, 2020)
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Founding Owners, Kelly Michael and Bobby Kelly knew the minute they set eyes on their 7th street training facility, it was time to change the way fitness was done in North Central Phoenix! Since 1990, Results Only Fitness has offered a team of kind personalities who deliver science-backed fitness strategies in an individualized, supportive, and inclusive environment. They have been voted Best Fitness Facility or Best Personal Trainer since 2010 in Arizona Foothills Magazine Best Of, and offer InBody Assessments and Prime Senior Fitness classes!

For more about this favorite local establishment we ❤️ to frequent for a good sweat, visit Results Only at 7030 N. 7th Street or online at |
Week #3 for First Place–Phoenix residents participating in the K2 Adventures Foundation fitness program was another fun success! Everyone is learning how to stay injury free as they build endurance and get the most out of their workouts, thanks to Bobby and Kelly at Results Only Fitness, who are implementing the K2 Fit and Well program.
Check out our newest K2 program!!!! K2 Fit and Well at Results Only Fitness and participants from First Place AZ with Denise D. Resnik.
Earlier this week, Bobby Kelly and Kelly Michael, owners of Results Only Fitness, visited First Place–Phoenix to meet residents who volunteered to participate in a new pilot program with the gym. Residents went through a program orientation, and one-on-one sessions to understand their own personal starting point. Over the next eight weeks, residents will work with Bobby and Kelly at their gym to develop a unique exercise routine and healthy eating habits that will encourage lifestyle changes after the program. First Place staff and residents are excited about this partnership–and we look forward to sharing everyone’s progress in the coming weeks!
Thanks Bobby Kelly
Sedona went well
Half way there to Vancouver Full
Adore your sign. Submission? Skate Fast, Eat Ass.
Thanks, Bobby Kelly for the interview!
Check out this video from Results Only Fitness with an Avengers workout and interview with - me!
Kicked off St. Patrick's Day with this leprechaun 😂🍀🌈💚

The LAST gym you will ever join. Results Only Fitness has won BEst Gym in Phoenix for 4 out of the last 5 years which is why our members say we are the LAST gym you will ever join.

Every single workout at Results Only promises: strength development, core stability, fat burning conditioning, endurance training, and flexibility. At Results Only we do everything in our power to meet your needs. Founder, Bobby Kelly, is a 26 year veteran of the fitness industry and is a highly sought after certified master catalyst coach. Bobby owns and directs Results Only and has a unique ability for pulling out a higher level of passion, commitment, focus, and development from his clients.

Operating as usual



Workouts are TOUGH, but at our gym, you can be sure they WON’T be boring!

💪 Whether you’re someone who feels more energetic moving in the mornings or you prefer to get going in the evenings, we’ve got a class for you!

👉 Click the link in our bio to schedule your FREE Strategy Session and see how we can be the best part of your day!



One of our wonderful and beloved trainers has completed another lap around the sun!

💚 Sydney, we love you SO much and are so grateful for all you do to make our lives brighter and our workouts harder 😉 We are SO PROUD of all you’ve accomplished personally and professionally and we look forward to continuing to support you as you keep making great strides!!

You’re a BEAST and our team is better because of you! 💚


So as we have mentioned and I are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in June. We are supporting and K2. They’re obviously is no Internet and we will be spending a great deal of time at night in our tent. They suggest we download multiple movies, TV shows, and series to watch. Kelly and I both love to read but you can only read so much. Any suggestions would be helpful.



🤩 Team Courage Rising is ACTUALLY climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in June, but here at Results Only Fitness, we’re doing a challenge that emulates the climb over the month of May as both a way to show our support for the team going & to give ourselves an opportunity to push ourselves 🥾

💪37 miles over the course of May- are you up for it??

💚 You can support and donate to & by visiting their pages & websites

⚙️Message us to schedule your FREE Strategy Session and see what else we have going on at our gym!⚙️



So…it’s the end of an era. After many, many signs poking fun at our neighbor across the street, we are saddened to see the building sitting empty. Thank you for being such a great sport and for allowing us to “have it our way” with the jokes 💚

☀️ We hope you all have a great rest of your weekend! If there was a sign you remember that you really enjoyed, leave it below 👇😉



☀️ Summer is coming! The school year is coming to an end, vacation plans are approaching and 2022 continues on. Schedules may shift and change, throwing off our routines, but it’s important to still make time to take care of ourselves these next few months before they melt away 🍦

We put so much pressure to be perfect with our fitness and nutrition instead of just focusing on doing our best with what we can.

💥 Going out of town? Come in when you can and do some more walking during your trip.

💥 Have a dinner party coming up? Try to eat something healthy and light beforehand to prevent making decisions when hungry. Then, enjoy some of the tasty foods and drinks without overdoing it.

💥 Spending more time at home this summer? Check out our YouTube channel (Results Only Fitness) for great workouts you can do when you’re short on time, space, and equipment!

Here’s the thing: taking care of yourself is SO much more than how a bathing suit fits. You don’t have to worry about being perfect to make improvements 💚

👟 Take the first step towards transforming the way you workout! Message us to schedule your FREE Strategy Session where we show you how we do things around here and get to know you better 💪😄


FAQ: “What’s that highlighted class on your schedule?”

Answer: The 10:45 am class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays is called our Prime Class!

👉 It’s highlighted because we do something unique for folks ages 60ish and up

We offer classes with workouts that WE program and produce (rather than other types of classes like Zumba, CrossFit, and yoga)

🤗 When we first opened, it became evident to us quickly that our style of training transcends the standard 20-50ish year old population. We would be asked to work with those of an older generation-parents, coworkers, neighbors, and friends.

💪 A lot of people in their early retirement age could take traditional classes and, with some minor modifications, completely stay connected with the programming we had. Our Prime class has their own set of needs that we cater to! Their goals are keeping up with their grandkids, hobbies, and travel plans.

In this class, we do more functional and mobility training, have a little more rest between stations, and follow a program of when to be on and off the floor. Class always ends with stretching!

💡 In designing this class, we saw that other programs are nice but have their limitations. We should be training deadlift patterns to help pick up grandkids, increase grip strength to carry luggage, work on rotation for tennis or golf with friends, and keep the ability to safely get down and up from the floor!

Our goal was to work with anybody who just needed a little extra time but wanted to be functional and move well. We listen to some groovy tunes and do similar moves to the workout of the day for the other classes (ensuring it’s age-appropriate!!)

⚙️ If you or someone you love is in the 60-80ish age bracket and is interested in joining our Prime class, message us! ⚙️



👋 Say hello to Rendee! Not only is she a regular in our morning classes, but she also happens to be a neighbor, with her business down the street 🩰

As you can imagine, a lifelong passion for dance and a career in teaching can cause some wear and tear on the body. For Rendee, her shoulder needed some extra TLC, but that didn’t mean she had to miss out on coming to class!

💪🤩 We are so proud of the consistent work Rendee has put in to take care of herself so she can feel her best! She makes modifications as she needs to and spends a portion of class doing her physical therapy exercises. She’s been working toward better movement in her shoulder, and her hard work is paying off! Look at her on the ski erg!!

👉 As much as we want to believe that progress is linear, it’s not. Having a positive and supportive environment that encourages your success can be the key factor in what helps you stay consistent, even when it’s tough.

💚Having that support can keep us motivated so we can make some massive accomplishments!

⚙️ Come meet Rendee and other awesome people in our classes! It all starts with a FREE Strategy Session. Message us to schedule yours! ⚙️


No I didn’t fight a mountain lion. 🦁

Just rubbed my head the wrong way while working on a project yesterday. 😭

I still wanted to give you a little insight into why we make sure everyone takes time out in their week to work on flexibility and mobility❤️

It’s super important to us….so it should be super important to you.

Listen to this short clip about how and why it helps to put a little extra effort into your stretching routine.



Q: What’s the WORST day to start making healthier changes to your life?


It can be overwhelming to start a fitness or nutrition program because we often take on too much at once 🤹‍♂️ We get caught up in the little things that get in the way of accomplishing the important things so we end up spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.

This can build to a point where we tell ourselves we’ll figure it out later, all the while, we feel the consequences of not getting enough activity.

👉 Here’s the thing: “someday” is NEVER going to get you closer to your goals. Hire a coach that will guide you through the confusion and frustration that comes with the technicalities of fitness and nutrition!

💪☺️ Yes, YOU are the one making the choices to follow the advice, but we as professionals are here to steer you in the right direction and let you know we intend on seeing you achieve what you set out to do!

It all starts with scheduling your FREE Strategy Session where we get to know each other and you get to experience what we do here.

🗓 Reserve your spot soon, as we’ve got an upcoming accountability challenge starting May 1st & a .fit event on May 15th!

⚙️Message us for more info!⚙️



At Results Only Fitness, every day is a different workout. We don’t just change exercises, we change the style of workout too!

🤩 Variety is important to keep us from getting bored as well as keep our bodies adapting to different challenges, but it has to be done with purpose!

WE WANT TO KNOW: Of the many different styles we have here, which one of these three are your favorite?

1️⃣ CIRCUIT: go around the room and perform each exercise for a certain number of seconds and then rest by moving onto the next exercise for a round. Typically has 4 total rounds with one being cardio!

2️⃣ BACK & FORTH: alternate between a round of strength and a round of cardio. You can go at your own pace for cardio and breaks!

3️⃣ SUPERSET: rounds are 2-4 moves grouped together repeated several times. After you’re done with the round, you’re done with those moves for the day!

😉 Members know these and other styles of workouts VERY well. At first we know we sound like Charlie Brown adults, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can also pick up on how we run things here!

💚If you’d like a more in-depth understanding of the way we incorporate this variety, schedule your FREE Strategy Session!


Photos from Results Only Fitness's post 04/20/2022


🎭 This past weekend, our staff had the honor of attending a performance of the Wizard of Oz put on by at Phoenix Center for the Arts.

👠👠 It’s no surprise to hear that we were transported to Kansas and beyond with a magnificent show! We had a wonderful time!

🥰 This was a really special invitation for us and we were so touched that we were included. It was also so fun to see everyone in their costumes rather than the workout clothes we normally see them in!

🍅 Leading up to the performance, Bobby would joke about how he’s going to throw tomatoes at them during the show, so you know he had to follow through 😉 (don’t worry! We made sure to get the squishy pincushion ones!)

Sitting together watching the play unfold, we were reminded that the awesome connections we get to have with people goes beyond the walls of our gym. We are so grateful to be a part of such a positive and hard-working community that takes joy in providing encouragement and companionship to each other!

At the heart of it all, support and community are what it’s all about!

Leave a 💚 in the comments for the spectacular and talented performances put on by the cast & crew! 👇



Can you stay still for some time while balancing on one leg? It’s harder than it looks! The goal is to keep the hips stable and core tight. Balance is also important to maintain in order to perform movements like using stairs, lunging, walking, jogging, sprinting, etc. as safely as possible.

🧠Research done by the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) showed that an inability to hold 30 seconds of a single leg stance (balance on one leg) and 10 seconds of COMPLETELY UNCOMPENSATED balance in this position are indicators for increased injury and movement compensation.

If we don’t intervene, our bodies will lose muscle mass every year as we age. However, as we tell our Prime members (65+ population):

👉Lose your eyesight? Get glasses.
👉Lose your hearing? Get a hearing aid.
👉Lose your balance? Work on getting it BACK.

💪The fix for balance may not be as instant as getting those glasses or hearing aid, but it builds with one class at a time!

At Results Only Fitness, we have classes available in the mornings, late afternoons, and evenings. Everything is set up and ready to go, so all you have to do is show up! Everyone starts with a FREE Strategy Session where we get to know you and your goals!

Click the link in our bio to reserve your spot!

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