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Katie at Go Conquer Fitness is offering a great deal for those ready to see even faster and more impressive results with their health and fitness goals. Want an individualized approach to personal training to help you prevent or recover from injuries, gain strength/confidence, and lose weight/body fat? Then Katie is the trainer for you!

🏋️‍♀️GCF is WAY more than biceps and burpees..... although we do that too 👊💪
🏋️‍♀️ At GCF we take a total body approach to helping you achieve max results! It goes deeper than a fitness class. When you choose the premium package that includes unlimited classes with weekly lifestyle coaching the end result is not just a smaller waistline but real lasting results for your health and wellness.
🏋️‍♀️ For the month of June the first 4 people who call receive 20% off total cost of 3 months premium package. Roll through this summer sleeker, healthier and more vibrant than ever!
CALL KATIE at 480-200-4632 to secure one of these 4 spots!
Sharing for two reasons:
1: Katie Go Conquer Fitness is amazing
2: Katie is one of my Entrepreneur Clients and she looks amazing.
The Entrepreneur package utilizes my Color Analysis Appt, Style Consult Appt and wraps them altogether into my Business Refinement and Dress Code for The Entrepreneur appointment to create the visual image you need to represent your business well.
It's a fantastic tool and an investment many deem worthwhile.
Ask Katie (and utilize her Fitness Knowledge as well).

Get moving in the comfort of your own home with Katie at Go Conquer Fitness, who is a knowledgable personal trainer.
TGIF! We are ready to spend our Saturday morning with YOU! 7am Go Conquer Fitness Katie Stumbo gets us back on the fitness track! 8am Water - Use It Wisely -PLANT Wisely 9am Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. wows us with new features 10am clean dryer ventsArizona Chimney & Air Ducts & YOU!
Holiday Cocktails and Health-Katie Go Conquer Fitness has options for you at our "Bringing Joy to Your Holiday" Event. November 2, 2019 4-6pm
Katie Go Conquer Fitness, Rebekah Rebekah Floyd Style , Darci S&J Meal Fundraiser Peggy with Peach and Ruby Ribbon and Liz with Color Street Nails + you = "Bringing Joy to Your Holiday" Nov 2, 2019 4-6pm
The Holidays are here, bringing good cheer.....or at least it should be. Have you decked the halls but have no idea how to look your best at that Holiday party? Are you interested in something better than figgie pudding for supper? We have an early present to help you dash through your Holiday season looking and feeling your best, November 2nd Bringing Joy Back to Your Holiday Event.
Come between 4 & 6pm and experience:

Katie, with Go Conquer Fitness, will bring you cocktails that your body and your health can enjoy.
Rebekah, with Rebekah Floyd Style, will help you take that holiday outfit and make it THE Holiday outfit that compliments and expresses you.(makeup hints included)
Liz, with Color Street Nails, will help you find the nail color that will complete your look with ease.
and Darci S&J Meal Fundraiser meals will bring it all full circle with tastings of "Made for You" Holiday dishes you can bring to that party or eat on your own.

So, go ahead and hang those stockings with care and let us Bring Joy Back to Your Holidays.
Where is the instapot Korean beef recipe?
Looking forward to my appointment this afternoon!!
Katie makes you feel comfortable and gives you a feeling of confidence about getting fit.
Are you wondering about who Katie Stumbo with Go Conquer Fitness is? Check out the latest Blog Post from my I Recommend Series...

Pesto lovers unite! This recipe not only tastes amazing, but you can make it dairy free, and cater it to whatever spice level you prefer. It makes a great dip or spread for veggies, pizza, sandwiches, etc. AND broccoli is one of the best things to support our liver and help balance hormones so it's a win/win. Thanks for the idea and demo Katie at Go Conquer Fitness!

We offer personal training, small group sessions, senior citizen training, and functional fitness in

We offer personal training, small group sessions, senior citizen training, and functional fitness in the Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ area.

Operating as usual

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While my time in my own studio was glorious and magical with rising cost of everything it became clear to me that I needed to join forces to keep prices reasonable and service top notch.

So with much conflicted feelings I closed shop and joined with another. It will not be without growing pains but i have managed to not raise my prices for my clients again.

Thank you all for following me to my new space! Pm me for more details!


Just a reminder!

GCF will be closed today so that Katie can chaperone her daughters 6th grade field trip!!

Have a great weekend !


Continuing the conversation about fats lets talk Omega-3s!
Omega 3 is where its at and the list of benefits to a diet high in Omega 3s is extensive! including but not limited to brain health, eye health, reduced risk of heart disease and the list goes on and on! bottom line, go eat some omega 3s your body will thank you for that!

Here are the amounts and types of omega-3s in one serving of the following foods:
• salmon: 4.0 grams EPA and DHA
• mackerel: 3.0 grams EPA and DHA
• sardines: 2.2 grams EPA and DHA
• anchovies: 1.0 grams EPA and DHA
• chia seeds: 4.9 grams ALA
• walnuts: 2.5 grams ALA
• flaxseeds: 2.3 grams ALA

Photos from Go Conquer Fitness's post 04/04/2022

🧈👊Much like every other macro nutrient not all fats are created equal. It will take some planning and forethought to optimize. Let’s work on balancing the Omega 6 to the Omega 3s.

🧈👊Omega 6’s are to be limited as much as possible. By eliminating surplus of Omega 6s and increasing Omega 3s we will eliminate inflammation and by doing that will be boosting immunity. This is by no way a complete list of all the Omegas, but it is a good start and shows some of the most common Omegas from each column.

Unlike omega 3 and 6,Omega 9s are non-essential. The body needs a constant flow of Omega 3 and 6 fats. Today let’s take a look at omega 6 fatty acids🧐
Omega 6 fatty acids:
Here are the amounts of omega-6s in 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of the following foods:

• corn oil: 49 grams
• mayonnaise: 39 grams
• walnuts: 37 grams
• sunflower seeds: 34 grams
• almonds: 12 grams
• cashew nuts: 8 grams

Pm Katie when you are ready to start you jump start your wellness journey👊


🥦💖I’ve been put to task! I’ve been asked to seak out nutrient dense foods for a growing boy that has a hard time digesting certain fats… after hours and hours of digging into his specific needs I was thrilled to learn he should be eating like I want EVERYONE to eat 🤣
🥦💖Here are some of my finds from sprouts today that I will be presenting to his family!

Fat is one of the most misunderstood nutrients we consume! Join me over the next few days and I break down the different types of fat and why we need to be particularly carful with the fats that we do and do not consume!!


🥴🤕“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you will never have to hear it scream”

👊💪It’s never to early to start working smarter not harder. Work with your body to ensure strong fluid safe movements.

👊💪 Call Katie at 480-200-4632 to reserve your spot in Friday morning Pre-hab class!


☀️ Monday I was at my daughters softball game and I was feeling the delicious warmth of the sun on my back. To the point the jacket had to come off 🤯

☀️ Its only mid February and the afternoons are warming up! It’s about time for my favorite time of year!!

☀️suns out 💪 out!!!

🌺Spring break is 6 weeks away! The amount of time it takes effect real change!!

🌺💪 reach out to Katie when you are ready to look better , feel better and have more energy 😃👊!



🧈Fat, it’s a discussion I have to have with everyone that walks through my door.

🧈Everyone has a preconceived notion of fats and it’s one of the hardest concepts for people to wrap their heads around

🧈 There seem to be two camps on fat.
It’s evil and makes us fat
Eat only fats and protein…… Keto for the win!!!

🧈 The reality is somewhere in the middle! Like most things right 😆

🧈 There’s nothing quiet like fat! You need fat to burn fat but if you are going hard core into the fats you need to increase your fiber content…… anyway that’s a discuss for another day!

🧈Not all fats are created equal! And not all days should be used for all things!
Olive oil is one of the most common cooking oils in America and yet it’s shouldn’t be.

🧈Keep olive oil for your in heated oil needs such as salad dressings and finishing off a dish after it’s cooked!

🧈 Use stable high quality fats such as olive oil, ghee and coconut oil for you high heat cooking!

🧈 Call GCF today for a more in depth conversation on the health pros and cons of fat or to get started on your comprehensive health journey!!!
Katie 480-200-4632!


😃👊All great things start with a single step! That is so very true! A starting point, an understanding that there has to be a better way!

😃👊 I hope you take a few minutes to listen to and get inspired by this story of incredible healing!

🤕 Times of great healing start with a single step. A step towards something better. A discovery of a smarter way. In this time I have been reviewing client files and all the wonderful successes they have achieved through dedication and commitment. The hard won victories over seemingly insurmountable odds.

💪One such case I got to celebrate very publicly on KTAR 92.3 with Rosie of RosieOnTheHouse back in February.

🏆For an absolutely uplifting and inspirational story of physical recovery and triumph I invite to you check out 7 am segment to find hope and inspiration for your wellness journey.



Go Conquer Fitness

👊💪 Its 2022 folks!!!!🤯

👊💪It was a crazy year to be sure. I hope that you were able to find the moments of joy that were there maybe just harder to see than usual. Regardless of the climate there is plenty of beauty and joy left in the world. Lets make sure we take 2022 to intentionally find it!

👊💪2021 was a lot of things for me and my family. Lots of ups and downs, lots of hard times and lots of joyous times. I think that is just life. I look forward to 2022 and doing it better than 2021.

👊💪 I have worked hard in 2021 to broaden my range and intensify my training to best serve you! I come into 2022 with new tools and training to best serve my clients! I have added a training course in mental toughness and received my Certified Nutrition Coach credentials.

👊💪 I'm celebrating by offering any new client an entire month of small group training for only $99!! For the whole month any new client will get 12 classes 100% tailorable to any unique restrictions or fitness level!
ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE! Call today to reserve your spot!

Go Conquer Fitness We offer personal training, small group sessions, senior citizen training, and functional fitness in the Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ area.


Happy New Years from the GCF family to yours 💖


🎄 Before family fun and drama and all the food come on out to GCF for a fun workout! Get your body and mind right to fully enjoy the weekend!

🎄Merry Christmas 💖

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🥬I love food…. Like really really love food💖

🥬sure there are times the way I chose to eat is inconvenient and takes alittle more effort but my health is what I value and the work is worth the reward!

🥬Whoever says eating healthy is boring or tasteless is doing it wrong.. I had brunch with two very special women today and enjoyed these delicious dishes. They were absolutely delicious and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything 😃👊

🥬 Katie at GCF LOVES turning the light on for people as much as she loves eating 🤣 PM GCF or text Katie at 480-200-4632 to start your fitness journey with the complete package, group HIIT training paired with nutritional coaching! It’s a 🏆 combination 😃


😃👊 looking for something fun to do Christmas Eve morning ?

🎄 Come join the crew at GCF for a fun workout at 9:30 am! And bring the family!

🎄 space is limited to please rsvp!

🎄Merry Christmas from GCF!


💪👊2021 is wrapping up FAST 🤯 another year come and gone!

💪👊 the time is going to pass regardless of how you spend it, once spent it is gone forever 😬

👊💪don’t let another year pass you by. Work hard, feel great, look amazing 🤩

Call Katie today to get grab one of her few spots available in January! First time clients get a month of classes for only $99🤑


👊👍 we are excited to bring you these great prices to make taking care of you and your loved ones easier!!

👊👍These deals don’t come around very often and there are limited number of each offering!! Call today to lock in your Black Friday deal!!

👍👊 these prices are good through this week and must be used by January 32st 2022.

Alysia Smalling, LMT 480-249-6057
Katie Romero Stumbo 480-200-4632

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🎊👊 There are 30 days left in 2021😳🤯

🎊👊30 whole days to effect change and charge into the unknown 2022 stronger and fitter than ever before!! 30 days to get ahead of any regret that’s waiting for us on January 1st!

and GCF have teamed up to help you achieve that!

🎊👊 spots are limited call today to get the best rates of the year 😃


Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you and your families today💖🦃

Just a reminder GCF will be closed on Friday as well! Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you back on Monday 11/29!!


👊👍 we are excited to bring you these great prices to make taking care of you and your loved ones easier!!

👊👍These deals don’t come around very often and there are limited number of each offering!! Call today to lock in your Black Friday deal!!

👍👊 these prices are good through this week and must be used by January 32st 2022.

Alysia Smalling, LMT 480-249-6057
Katie Romero Stumbo 480-200-4632


💪👊 still trying to figure out what to get for that special someone?

💪👊 Look no farther! What’s better than the gift of fitness and massage? It’s like peas and carrots! They just go together 😃

💪👊 stay tuned for next week, Alysia Smalling, LMT and I will be making it easier than ever to give the gift of wellness!!!


These past two years have been stressful….. very stressful. I hear it atleast once a day, ”I need to get the COVID 20(lbs) off” or “ I just don’t feel good” or “ before Covid I was so fit!”

Well spoiler alert! Pay attention and be ready!! GCF in conjunction with Alysia Smalling, LMT will be going big for YOU on Black Friday!!!

It’s time to turn the tide and regain your physical health which always improves your mental health!!!

If you want to beat the rush and ensure prime scheduling go ahead and call !!
Alysia at 480-2496057
Katie Romero Stumbo at 480-200-4632

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🥇Priority! A word I have been fascinated with this week! I learned that it was a word that came into being in the 1400’s meaning to come first, something that is more important than other things or dealt with first.

🏅It was not until 1900s that it was pluralized 🤯 that blew my mind. Like we do as humans we change things to fit our story, bend it for our purpose and our will ! Again 🤯

🧐Can more than two things come first? The answer is no not if we want to do them well!

👊we make one thing in our life a priority and every thing else should be to achieve and support that one priority!

👊 I want to be a great wife and mother!
That is my priority! But In order to do that I need to

🥑eat well to feel to well and have boundless energy

💪Workout to calm and soothe my mood to be loving and patient for my family

🏋️‍♀️Work hard to provide for my family

👩‍🎓Advance my knowledge to gain understanding and wisdom to help guide my family.

🧐You see one priority with lots of steps to achieve that said priority!

🧐what is your intentional priority? Do you have the steps in place to achieve your priority?

💪👊 If you are ready to determine your singular priority and set your SMART goals to achieve them and need a tried and true road map to achieving your goals it’s time to call GCF for your goal setting appointment😃👊 yolo don’t let it get away from you!

*pictures of time with my family (some of them , the cool ones 🤣😉)

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Tried a new dish for dinner tonight and it was a hit 😃👊 with the WHOLE family 😆 *insert happy dance*

is one of my favorites 🥑 beautiful delicious food the typical home cook can make!!

Katie Stumbo 2 Bio 11/01/2021

Katie Stumbo 2 Bio

💪Now more than ever is IMMUNE system a hot button topic🤯 who knew it was every going to be so controversial?

💪 Regardless of all other factors the fact is there are things we can do daily that support a healthy body strong and ready to fight any germs we come in contact with!

😳It is also true that there are things we do daily that break down our immune system and open up our defenses to getting sick.

💪👊 check out this video that is #2 in a video series I did for Christown Bible study on staying healthy in this season!


Katie Stumbo 2 Bio

Katie Stumbo 1 10/31/2021

Katie Stumbo 1

👊💪I was approached over the summer to do a no frills, practical healthy living video series for a local bible study!

👊💪Here is the first of the series! The lady that is editing and polishing these videos has done as amazing job! I will be sharing them with you all over the next few weeks! These are great tips to help ease us all through the holidays🥂


Katie Stumbo 1


Enjoy your week as Katie makes her first attempt to summit the highest peak in the continental United States 😃🏔👊

🧐Make Katie proud and post pictures and comments below on how you are staying active while she is out of town 😃👊


💪👊Get ahead of your pain NOW and sail through the holidays looking and feeling your best!

💪👊Hello Friends, You may wonder sometimes why I talk so much about pain, how to manage pain and how to avoid pain. What could Katie know about pain or managing it? Let me tell you about what I know about pain.

💪👊 For the full article on Katie Romero Stumbo discussing pain follow the link 👇


Call today to schedule!


😀Happy Monday!!! Get after it this week👊

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Thank you Danielle Walker's Against All Grain for so many easy delicious options in your wonderful cook 📚

Leek, asparagus, prosciutto quiche for breakfast for the rest of the week💖🤤 straight from her delectable paleo recipes to eat well and feel great cookbook!!! I snuck a bite and I can’t wait to get up and eat in the morning 🤗

And for dinner Whole30 zuppa Toscana from


👩‍🍳 man I have missed my kitchen!!


👊Happy Friday!!!

👊 Friday means Pre-Hab…. So you don’t have to rehab 🤯 These ladies work hard all week crushing goals!! Fridays we take a different approach, we protect what likes to break most. Shoulders, necks, back, knees. We take care of all the intrinsic stabilizers so that week after week they can KEEP crushing goals!

👊ssshhh don’t tell anyone else but this ties for my favorite hour of the week!!!

👊 Work hard, play hard!!!!

👊Call to reserve your spot in class today!!!!


Hey y’all!!! Alysia Smalling, LMT , Courtney Fuller owner of Nutrition Thyme RD and Katie Stumbo owner of GCF are teaming up to bring you one heck of a fun patriots day event!!!

Follow this link https://runsignup.com/Race/CA/Anywhere/PatriotDayRun to sign up for the 5k! Share and tag GCF for the donation portion of your registration to be matched by GCF to the First Responders Children's Foundation

Then come join us for running/walking or sauntering on 9/11 at 8:30 am!

Katie Romero Stumbo will lead a pre event warm up and stretch

Alysia Smalling will lead us all in a post event recovery and stretch

nutrition Thyme RD will be providing patriotic themed post race refreshments!!

It’s going to be a great day! Come out and bring your friends! Drop me a PM and let me know you are coming so we can make sure we have enough refreshments!!!


🧐To go to the gym or not go to the gym? What a dumb question!

🥇just look at that smile! She looks like a model to me 🥰That’s the smile of victory! That’s the look of 40 lbs lighter, new knee, better mobility, much less pain!
Diane chooses correctly 3 times a week and boy do the results speak for themselves!! Nice job Diane on a journey gracefully traveled!!

“Katie’s commitment, attention to detail, care and concern for others transcends her classroom “ Diane Schoolitz

🧐Are you ready to start your journey? Contact Katie and get started today!
Www.goconquerfitness.com and fill out the contact me form!


Who’s hungry? Besides 🙋‍♀️😆 I’m always down for some good grubs!! Please help me in welcoming Courtney with Nutrition Thyme RD

Nutrition Thyme RD is a personal chef service that specializes in customizing weekly meals for you!

For the month of August if you call and say you saw Courtney on GCFs page and receive 20% off 2 weeks of chef services! (623) 826-5252


🥴🤕“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you will never have to hear it scream”

👊💪It’s never to early to start working smarter not harder. Work with your body to ensure strong fluid safe movements.

👊💪 Call Katie at 480-200-4632 to reserve your spot in Friday morning Pre-hab class!


🧐Do you know the right things to do but are just not doing them?

🧐 Are you ready to learn how Katie can help you accelerate your fitness journey ?

🧐Would you like to surround yourself with people who have achieved what you want and to be constantly motivated by them?

🤓Then be smart , be like Kerri! You can be smiling and loving life just like Kerri!

“Katie and Go Conquer Fitness helped me out of a real slump after the Covid19 lock down. I had become depressed and gained a lot of weight. Katie's workouts and coaching helped me reach my diet/weight goals and climb out of the slump in 5 months. If you are arguing with yourself about signing up, remember that you are worth fighting for. I highly recommend Katie; she can help you! “

💪👊Pm me to start your journey to health and wellness today!


👊💪 Monday motivation! Motivation without dedication is nothing.

💖 Down 41 lbs, 20.5 inches and sporting a brand new knee doing 90 Degree weight bearing bends 🤯👊💪

That’s what motivation paired with dedication can do!
Life is hard
Surgery is hard
Recovery is hard

👍💪But it can also be great! When you attack the problem with a great attitude, dedication and motivation the journey will be more joyful!!! I mean just look at that smile 😃 That smile says VICTORY to me☺️

💖 Diane Schoolitz you have fought hard and over come so many obstacles this year! I’m so very proud of your persistence and dedication! You make it look so easy!

🧐 Are you ready for real change? Pm me today to start your journey to health and wellness!!!
Or visit www.goconquerfitness.com and fill out the contact me form today!

Katie is no stranger to Pain

Hello Friends,

You may wonder sometimes why I talk so much about pain, how to manage pain and how to avoid pain. What could Katie know about pain or managing it? Let me tell you about what I know about pain. Ill go top to bottom not chronological.

Cervical spine-

Years of aikido and shinkendo, break falling and rolling. The years of wear and tear on my cervical spin from martial arts alone is significant.

Videos (show all)

Join Go Conquer Fitness and Alysia Smalling in participating in the Patriot Day Run to benefit the First Responders Chil...
Who’s hungry? Besides 🙋‍♀️😆 I’m always down for some good grubs!! Please help me in welcoming Courtney with Nutrition Th...
Spring has sprung and with that is Mother’s Day!! And we would like to wish all the e mother’s out there a wonderful Mot...
Meet my new friends from AZ IV Team  as I get a super charged energy IV!! *call 6025108179 to schedule your at home comf...




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