Grupo Capoeira Brasil-AZ's academy

Phoenix-based Capoeira and Samba academy and performance group under the instruction of Professora Borboleta. Capoeira is a martial art disguised as an improvisational dance, and was developed by African slaves on Brazilian soil roughly 500 years ago.

As Arizona's premier capoeira institution for over 10 years, Capoeira Brasil Arizona prides itself in teaching the style and discipline found in capoeira's historic roots. Along with physical training and conditioning, we teach traditional capoeira music, instruments, and the rich history of capoeira and Brazilian culture. Widely regarded as one of the best martial arts to get you in shape, capoei

Operating as usual

Photos from Grupo Capoeira Brasil-AZ's academy's post 06/14/2021

Edit: please note the location change for Friday.

It is with the deepest sadness that we share that Grupo Capoeira Brasil lost two of our long time students and their mother in a fatal car accident last Thursday.

We will not have our regularly scheduled class tonight. In lieu of class we will be meeting at the academy at 6:30 and caravaning over Encanto pool for a candle light ceremony.

If you are available, there will also be a Celebration of Life Service at Central High School on Friday the 18th from 6-9pm.

Thank you for helping us to honor Ali, Almira, and Courtney and for helping us surround their family with love during this time.


Dont forget... this sunday zoom class with Professor Gaviaozinho at 11am all profits will be used towards helping Capoeira Luanda Chiapas keep their doors open during this pandemic... DM for more info.

Dont forget... this sunday zoom class with Professor Gaviaozinho at 11am all profits will be used towards helping Capoeira Luanda Chiapas keep their doors open during this pandemic... DM for more info.


Lets practice some music!


Capoeira Brasil Arizona

This Wednesday we have a Special class. Instrutor Io io from Mexico will be teaching. Dont miss it. Class starts at 6:30


"Maria Me Prometeu", mestre Edinho - Capoeira Song

It is December! Here is our final song for 2019!

Capoeira song "Maria Me Prometeu" Grupo Raizes do Brasil Oi, um metro de pano é pouco Pra ter moeda no bolso Vou levar pra Maria Ela sim faz do meu gosto COR...

[11/27/19]   Last class before Thanksgiving!
Come train, CBAZ!

[11/23/19]   Um jogo pequeno de Professor Marimbondo Capoeira e Instrutor Ioio. #play #vadiar #CBAZ


Saturday class at CBAZ!! If you missed class today, come to the roda on Monday - wear whites!! #FormandaBorboleta #CBAZ


Great class last night!! Remember Batizado starts tonight!!!! 6:30 in Phoenix at the Academy. Allow yourself extra time to get here. Traffic has been crazy lately.


Zumbi morreu - Capoeira Song

For November we are honoring Zumbi by learning Zumbi Morreu for our monthly song.

Capoeira song "Zumbi morreu" Mestre Bigodinho Zumbi morreu morreu Morreu por traição Ele fugiu da senzala Para a luta meu irmão Zumbi morreu morreu Morreu po...

[10/29/19]   Boa tarde meus amigos! Just a quick post about housing for our upcoming Batizado. If anyone from the group is available or able to host any of our out of town guests? Please leave a comment below. Please list what you have available such as room/s and bedding type (futon, pullout sofa, couch, blow mattress, etc.) if you're able to host a guest/s. Also, please list if you have any pets just in case any of our guests are allergic to animals. If you're not able to host, please let me know if there's anything that you may be able to lend out such as sleeping bags, blowup mattresses, blankets, pillows, etc..? Thanks in advance!


Practicing for Halloween! 💀 🕷 🎃 See you in class on Weds!


Great class tonight! See you for class on Saturday! #keeptraining


Great class tonight! See you on Weds at 6:30! Don’t forget just a few more weeks to train before batizado!


Sai, sai, Catarina (Saia do mar venha ver Idalina) - Capoeira Song

Our October song!

Eh sai, sai Catarina saia do mar venha ver Idalina Sai, sai Catarina - coro Oi Catarina venha ver - Sai, sai Catarina - coro Oa saia do mato venha ver Idalin...


"Capoeira É Defesa Ataque", Mestre Matias - Capoeira Song

September's song!

Capoeira song "Capoeira É Defesa Ataque" Mestre Matias Capoeira É defesa ataque è ginga de corpo è malandragem Capoeira! É defesa ataque è ginga de corpo è m...


É jogo praticado na terra de Săo Salvador - Capoeira Song

August's song!

Capoeira song "É jogo praticado na terra de Săo Salvador" Mestre Suassuna. Cordão de Ouro. Oi meu mano, O que foi que tu viu la, Eu vi Capoeira matando, Tamb...


"Vim no balanço do mar", C. Mestre Primo (Cordão de Ouro) - Capoeira Song

Who has been working on learning our songs the first six months? Here is our song for July, if you have been following along you should now have 7 songs!

Capoeira song "Vim no balanço do mar" Contra Mestre Primo, Cordão de Ouro Vim no balanço do mar la de Angola Vim no balanço do mar la da Guiné Vim no balanço...


Dendê Maré (Ô dendê dendê maré) - Capoeira Song

Happy June! Here is our June song:

Ô dendê dendê maré Ô dendê dendê maré Ô dendê dendê maré Ô dendê dendê maré Pescador já vai pro mar Vai de encontro com a maré Procurando um peixe bom Confor...


"Viola de Waldemar", Boa Voz (ABADA) - Capoeira Song

Our song for the month of May!

Capoeira song "Viola de Waldemar" Boa Voz (ABADA) E, lê, lê, lê, lê, lê! E, lê, lê, lê, lê, lê! Lê, lê, lê, lê, lê, lê! Lê, lê, lê, lê, lê, lê! E, lê, lê, lê...


Post roda music jam


Sinhá Vou Jogar Capoeira - Capoeira Song

April's song!

Capoeira song "Sinhá Vou Jogar Capoeira" Sinhá Vou jogar capoeira lá na Ribeira, lá em Maré Eu falei pra sinhá Vou jogar capoeira Eu falei pra sinhá lá no Ab...


Amazing workshops today with Professora Saehee and Instrutor Quebrado!! Incredible axé! Até a próxima!! #CBAZ #capoeira #CBBurbank #capoeirabatuque 💕


Hope to see you all here this sat. Workshops start at 10


Thank you to everyone who came out for Instrutor Lagarta's class last week and thank you again to Instrutor Lagarta for teaching!


We are so grateful Instrutor Lagarta was able to return to Phoenix to teach class last week! Instrutor Lagarta started training with Professora Borboleta 17 years ago and will always be part of the CBAZ family!


MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!! We have a few exciting events for you to save the date for!

First- Mestre Xuxo is returning to CBAZ for a workshop on May 24, 25, and 26. More details coming soon.

Second- we have set the date for the next CBAZ Batizado for November 16!!! More details and opportunities to help with fundraising to come. We are still selling berimbaus as a fundraiser as well. These are beautiful! Let us know if you want one.


Happy Birthday to our amazing leader, Professora Borboleta (Angelique Marquand Starks)! We are grateful for your leadership! 🦋 🤸‍♀️ 💕


Berimbau faz meu corpo arrepiar (Berimbau, berimbau, berimbau eh) - Capoeira Song

Our March Song of the month:

Capoeira song "Berimbau faz meu corpo arrepiar", Muralha, Muzenza Donate: Facebook: Berimbau, berimbau, berimbau ...


"Maré, Maré", Mestre Marrom - Capoeira Song

Continuing our year of learning a new song per month. Here is our song for February!

Capoeira song "Maré, Maré", Mestre Marrom Facebook: (variação) Maré Maré, Ai meu Deus é Maré da beira do mar coro : Maré Maré É Maré be...


"Sacode a poeira", Mestre Marrom - Capoeira Song

How is everyone doing at learning our January song?

Capoeira song "Sacode a poeira", Mestre Marrom Donate: Facebook: É, sacode a poeira Embalança, embalança, embalan...


January's Golden Rule Student Of The Month - video dailymotion

Great job Aracelli and we love that you shared about capoeira in your interview!

ASU Preparatory Academy's Aracelli Olivia is a world traveler, brown belt in Capoiera, and loves to make people smile. That's why she's January's Golden Rule Student Of The Month!Aracelli BioAracelli Olivia was born at home on Dec 15 2007 without a midwife present; and was 9lbs 4 oz. She is in 5th g...


A huge thank you to everyone that came out yesterday for the Workshop with Professor Pimenta from UCA Oakland!!! We appreciate each and every one of you! Até a próxima. 💚💪🏽 #GCB #CBAZ #UCA #Axé #capoeira


An au army!


Sometimes take downs look like bull riding. 😂 😂 😂

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Lets practice some music!
Practicing for Halloween! 💀 🕷 🎃 See you in class on Weds!
Great class tonight! See you on Weds at 6:30! Don’t forget just a few more weeks to train before batizado!
Post roda music jam
We are so grateful Instrutor Lagarta was able to return to Phoenix to teach class last week! Instrutor Lagarta started t...
An au army!
Kicking off the movement workshop with Professor Pimenta!
Great energy today! Thank you everyone for joining us for our New Year Roda! See you in February for our next monthly ro...
Maculele workshop on November 14th for Zumbi Day. Dont miss it!




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