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Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife. You are my rock the one that keeps me sane and positive looking to always better myself.
Thank you for putting up with me all these years.


Picked up another great piece of equipment!
Hammer Strength iso row.
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Yep more new stuff coming in!! And more to come. Wait and see the custom equipment we are having built.
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Yesterday was one of the best training days I have had with clients since I moved back from LA.
Everyone was on time energetic enthusiastic diets are on point progress is looking great. All three girls had separate circuits and killed everyone of them. The four men That I trained yesterday killed her workouts.
The two FaceTime/zoom training clients were on point and looking fantastic.
It feels good to work with quality people they care about how they look.
If you’re going to the gym and confused on what to do or how to go about it DM me to set up your free one hour consultation. ’s fitness#Men’s fitness#5% nutrition#Enhanced#Global formulas#Axe&sledge#mutantnation nutrition#Best trainer#Guaranteed results#


Last night was awesome to watch my training client @jpsaxe perform live!

To see the passion and love for his craft in person is truly amazing! The whole team that puts this show together is incredible!

Training while on tour was a challenge, but we were able to get some sessions in. And JP was looking great! 💪🏻

Photos from SmithPro Fitness's post 07/31/2021

Abdiel killing his back and tri workout this morning.
One arm rows superset with still arm pulldawns .
Mag grip pull down superset with tri push down. Seated cable high rows superset with cable kickbacks .seat low rows superset with smith machine crunch. Always do crunches never full sit up. On decline full sit up put a lot of stress on lower back and lots of tension on the quads .keep the core tight on every exercise.
Iso tension of the core is extremely important.
If you do this you won’t have to focus on a lot of wasted time on your core.
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Photos from SmithPro Fitness's post 07/12/2021

Get ready world JPSaxe is hitting the road. Will be on tour coming to a city near you.
I am proud of the progress he is making. we do FaceTime training three days a week we do our best to hit full body.
Using TRX suspension straps bands and bodyweight exercises.
His progress is coming along fantastically wait till you see him on stage very soon. keep up the good work brother.
Consistency is extremely hard due to album releases talkshows interviews etc.
But his progress is undeniable.

Photos from SmithPro Fitness's post 07/12/2021

Here is Jenn doing a little full body workout.
Jenn works out three days a week doing full body workouts.
We don’t do compound movements all the time it’s too hard on the joints.
Most people want to look fit and aesthetically pleasing there is no reason to put excess stress on joints and ligaments and tendons.
At Smithpro fitness we believe in quality of life training. Smithpro fitness is excepting new clients in Phoenix and online and zoom clients. Will also be traveling to LA for in person training. DM for pricing and booking.
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A little bit of Jen‘s work out full body.
Jen works out three days a week full body workouts.
We don’t do a lot of compound movements that’s too much stress on the joints.
Most people want to look and feel fit there’s no reason for heavy compound movements.
I believe the quality of life training is the best way to go to achieve all of your fitness goals. SmithProfitness is now excepting new clients.
In the Phoenix area and online clients zoom clients.
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Yesterday I lost my older sister Kim. This picture describes the relationship that we had. We were always goofy and had fun together. She’s been battling with depression for awhile. Depression is real. If you are feeling depressed talk to somebody. Don’t be afraid to let them know how you are feeling! If you need to talk you can even reach out to me. Just know that there is always someone who loves you and cares very much about you!
RIP, Kim you will be missed. I love you!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


One of our company shirts worn by @saveyourselfheart


Another in home training with Andrea 👊🏻

•fitness #👊🏻 @ Glendale, Arizona


@saveyourselfheart killin a full body workout today! 👊🏻

• #👊🏻 @ Glendale, Arizona


@saveyourselfheart hitting a full body workout! 👊🏻

• #👊🏻 @ Glendale, Arizona


Just another day in the park training Andrea 💪🏻

• @ Phoenix, Arizona


Another great workout with @ivdvn @goldsgymvenice1 💪🏻 It’s not a trip to LA if you don’t hit Venice Gold’s!

• @ Gold's Gym Venice Beach California


A pleasure getting to meet @bruceecardenas at the Mecca today! Just tried the new @questnutrition Birthday Cake Protein Bars and they are delicious!


@that_andrewjames back at it again after some time off. He’s getting stronger every workout and killin it! 💪🏻

• #💪🏻 @ Glendale, Arizona


Can’t make it to the gym? There’s no excuses! Smithpro Fitness Team members can come to your house! Here is a preview of what one of our programs looks like! Message me for any questions on our In Home Training Programs.


I don’t wear tank tops much to the gym, but I felt like today would be a great day!


3 weeks until I get my buddy back! Right now he’s at a 7 week obedience training.

• @ Phoenix, Arizona


@that_andrewjames doing a little leg & functional training outside! 💪🏻

• #💪🏻 @ Phoenix, Arizona


Welcome @thatspooh_baby to the Smithpro Fitness family. Here she is killing a full body workout! 💪🏻

• @ Phoenix, Arizona


@saveyourselfheart killing a full body workout today! 👊🏻

• @ Phoenix, Arizona


Never losing site of the goal @armanvilleg killing another back & tricep workout! 💪🏻

• @ Deer Valley Village, Phoenix, Arizona


Little leg & shoulder day! Check out the development on @that_andrewjames calves! 👊🏻

• @ North Phoenix, Phoenix


This week on Kyle’s program design we hit legs and shoulders! Kyle putting in the hard work today crushing it! 💪🏻

• @ Phoenix, Arizona


@armanvilleg killing arms today! 💪🏻

• #💪🏻 @ Phoenix, Arizona


Chest, biceps & some core today with @that_andrewjames

• @ Phoenix, Arizona


More pics from the @goldsgymvenice1 workout with @mrvinny & @ivdvn 💪🏻

• @ Gold's Gym Venice Beach California


I’ve been to @goldsgymvenice1 many times before and I never have a bad workout! 💪🏻 Thanks @mrvinny & @ivdvn for the extra push!

• @ Gold's Gym Venice Beach California


It wouldn’t be a trip to LA without going to @goldsgymvenice1! Got a great pump working on chest & bicep with @mrvinny & @ivdvn 💪🏻

• #💪🏻


Another full body workout with @saveyourselfheart

• #💪🏻 @ Phoenix, Arizona


Hitting shoulders & triceps @a_deluna and @stephhing_ hitting back and chest. 💪🏻 Check out this beast of a couple!

• @ Los Angeles, California

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