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Self-Rescue swim lessons for infants, toddlers and young children. Robyn Kellner Swim lessons for infants, toddlers and young children.

One-on-one, personalized, and focused on self-rescue and success.

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At ISR, the ultimate goal for our students is for them to be safer near water by being skilled to manage the aquatic environment independently. To get to that point, they need to learn in a controlled, positive, and SAFE way. Here’s more about how ISR lessons are designed to keep your child safe:

💦 Prior to beginning lessons, your child's medical & developmental history is reviewed by a team of nurses as part of our National registration process. If need be, this team will issue specific protocols and directives to your child's Instructor to customize their lessons to meet their unique needs.

💦Once lessons begin, establishing breath control is the ISR Instructor’s #1 priority. Even after your child is fully skilled, the student is not submerged for more than 7 seconds in lessons.

💦A review of your child's daily routine is performed before each lesson to help the Instructor adjust the lesson to maximize the learning experience. The instructor will also monitor your child for fatigue as well as keep tabs on their physical & psychological well being.

In a nutshell, safety is kind of a big deal for us 😉 Have questions? Learn more at 💙

Photos from Kourtney's Kause's post 07/16/2022

Photos from Kourtney's Kause's post

Photos from Because of Logan's post 05/30/2022

Photos from Because of Logan's post


So true.

The Float 💕

Did you know that learning to float is an essential life skill for children and adults alike? Everyone can, and should, learn to float!

Not only does floating provide us with a simple way to get access to air while in water, it also seamlessly transitions into a swim. (A swim that your Certified ISR Instructor can also teach your little one when they are developmentally ready!)

Visit to learn more and to find an instructor near you 😊


Children who show signs of being developmentally ready to swim will learn to propel themselves through the water in ISR lessons. We teach them to do this with their face fully submerged, eyes open, moving an age appropriate distance to a nearby wall or set of steps where they can safely rest, breathe, or even get out! Yet we still get asked somewhat often...when will my child learn to SWIM swim? 🏊‍♂️ 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️

We are happy to answer that what you see ISR students doing is, in fact, swimming! It's not head out doggy paddling (so exhausting!) and it's not strokes (most toddlers don't have room for swim meets between naptime and diaper changes anyway!) The face in, head down, smooth swim followed by a float to breathe that your child will learn in ISR checks all the boxes ✅

They can use this swim to enjoy the water recreationally as well as call upon it in an emergency situation, should they find themselves needing to get to safety unexpectedly. Combined with their rollback to float skills it's all they need...and it's pretty amazing to watch!

Visit to find an instructor near you 💙💦


I'm official once again and looking forward to a fantastic 2021!


The success of our mission to prevent childhood drowning depends first and foremost on awareness. If you’re reading this, you know the statistics regarding children around water, but do your friends and family? Please take a little courage and kindness, plus 10 seconds on this Giving Tuesday to share this post or another CAST post the speaks to you. You can also tag a friend. If you have an ISR/CAST story or your own to tell, please tell it today or re-share your story and tag CAST. And if you’re able to give financially, please find the link on our bio. 100% of donations at this time go to ISR swim and self-rescue lesson scholarships for students or to training for new instructors that help us grow the team. Together we are making a difference. for safer swimmers!

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So there is no question as to my authenticity, I am a Certified ISR Instructor. I have been teaching as such since August of 2002. I love my job. And, as I have always said, I don't throw kids in the pool.

Bode Miller and his family urge parents to teach kids water safety 06/24/2020

Bode Miller and his family urge parents to teach kids water safety

Bode Miller and his family urge parents to teach kids water safety Two years ago, Olympic skier Bode Miller and his wife Morgan lost their little girl Emmy in a tragic drowning accident. Now Natalie Morales visits them at their Southern California home, where their younger children are being taught skills the Millers believe could have saved their daughter’s life...

Timeline photos 05/04/2020

Seriously, its time!


We have hit the pause button. If you are a current or new student please check email about delays in our swim schedule. Thank you.


When hail ruins your day 😞

ISR Lessons: Why Only 10 Minutes? 03/03/2020

ISR Lessons: Why Only 10 Minutes?

ISR Lessons: Why Only 10 Minutes? A common question (& frustration) regarding ISR lessons is “Why only 10 minutes?” There are a few reasons ISR Lessons are short & frequent:

Swim. Float. Swim. Repeat. – Adventures in Working Momhood 08/17/2019

Swim. Float. Swim. Repeat. – Adventures in Working Momhood

An excellent analogy.

Swim. Float. Swim. Repeat. – Adventures in Working Momhood Career Family Swim. Float. Swim. Repeat. August 11, 2019August 11, 2019 by Jessica V When Lincoln was 14 months old he successfully completed his ISR swimming test demonstrating after 6 weeks of lessons he could float in the pool while wearing winter clothes, shoes and a regular diaper. It was an in...

Timeline photos 08/07/2019


This mom didn't know just like so many others! Puddle Jumpers are not the way to go in teaching a child to swim. Please know the dangers! This mom traded hers in for ISR lessons! Now her child can swim and float! .


Happy 4th of July!
Enjoy your holiday safely.


The Most Important Way to Prepare Your Kids for Summer!!! 06/12/2019

What to Know to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Water - Katie Couric Media If your family’s heading out to the pool this weekend, you might want to read this important information on how to keep your kids safe in the water. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death in children under 15 and the leading cause for children under 4. Deborah Walson tragicall...


Just a reminder that we are closed this week!


EBB Foundation

Come on out this Sunday and join Miss Scottsdale’s Outstanding Teen at iFight Martial Arts! Learn more about how you can raise a voice for childhood cancer and enjoy a free self defense class! All ages welcome! No experience required. Hope to see you Sunday!


Never fear... the donuts, they are here!


Spring Sessions are open and filling quickly. Have you registered your child yet?



Happy 4th of July!
Enjoy the holiday safety.


First Spring Session is right around the corner !

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She was a little sad Monday when she started her refresher. I guess she just needed the encouragement of her big sis! 😊
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