Desert Palms Equestrian Center

Desert Palms Equestrian Center


Michelle, I am busy working and this message comes across from Next Door in Cave Creek. A mother is looking for riding lessons for her young child. I just wish you to know that I truly credit you for helping us raise two fabulous human beings. We started with you when Olivia was 3 years of age. She was anxious, yet loved horses. You took on her fears and built her confidence. Olivia now is a sophomore at ASU, with tons of friends, social interactions, and great grades. Her sister Allie followed, she is super athletic. You pushed, yet nurtured her to become a very compassionate young woman and talented rider. I hope any parent of a young child will ride with you. You are a change maker. Your talent in riding and caring for humanity changes lives.
How breathable?

Can you blow feathers through your boots?!


Love your horse, let it breathe

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Thank you.
Happy Saddlebred Sunday!
Yesterday we went to play with horse obstacles and then ended up coming home with this beauty. We’d like to officially introduce Absolute Courage. He’s a nineteen year old recently retired show horse who definitely earned the life of leisure. Thank you to everyone at Desert Palms Equestrian Center for trusting in us and our aftercare program. We promise to take good care of him.
Obstacle course day at Desert Palms Equestrian Center was a huge success and we’re already planning round 2. The horses did great and the kids had a blast. Mom’s and dad’s even joined in on the festivities and that’s what today was all about. Getting out and doing something different with your horses. A big thank you to Michelle McVey Haisch for opening up your facility to us and Marcia Everett for being such a gracious host. We’re looking forward to the next time.
We also came home with another little surprise which we’ll share tomorrow.
The newest addition to our horse family, Atlas is learning to navigate the obstacle course without wanting to jump over everything. Noodles are still a challenge but he ground ties on the scary tarp like a champ.
This coming weekend we’re excited to be sharing some of our easy obstacles with the clients at Desert Palms Equestrian Center. It’s a great way to come out and play with your horse while learning to work together as a team.
You're invited to Easy Street Galleria to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Saturday 9/10 4-7pm. Meet Equine Fine Art photographer, Jody L. Miller and see her amazing work!
Hey there, if any of you guys are showing tonight or tomorrow morning let me know!! I'll take pictures and videos.
This is the best barn you could ever want to have your horse at!!
My horse is so happy and healthy here! Michelle is so SWEET and cares so much about the horses and me as Poppy's owner as well. I am thrilled that I found this oasis in the desert... Desert Palms!
Our advertiser/sponsor of week is Desert Palms Equestrian Center! Be sure to register your young ones for their intermediate camp on 6/22-25!
YAY Madison. . . and Michelle!!!!!
Just saying hi from your neighbors at Creative Developments! We LIKE and support our Tempe neighbors and hope you will LIKE us too at: Let us know if we can ever be of service.

USA World Cup Coach instructor. Instructor from very beginners to advanced. Michelle has had many c

Operating as usual



Photos from Desert Palms Equestrian Center's post 04/12/2022

Congratulations to Savannah Harris on a great show at Four Reel Farm.
2 wins!!!

SHR Issue – 3/28/22 03/31/2022

SHR Issue – 3/28/22


FREE MOVIE TICKETS TO “Spirit Untamed” to the people who share with their friends to like Desert Palms Equestrian Center! Send PM to Michelle Haisch to let her know.


Movie Pass Giveaway posted on! Head there ASAP to enter!!


SPIRIT UNTAMED | Official Trailer

I have 4 tickets to giveaway to Spirit Untamed if you rate us on Google and Like out page. Send me a message that you did both. A code will be sent to you to be able to watch this at home.

A Beginner's Guide to a Saddlebred Horse Show — Showring Sidelines 02/22/2020

A Beginner's Guide to a Saddlebred Horse Show — Showring Sidelines

A Beginner's Guide to a Saddlebred Horse Show — Showring Sidelines Being in the Saddle Seat industry, it can be really hard to explain why we love our sport so much. But the struggle is even more real for horse show newbies. For them, it can be borderline impossible to actually turn up to a horse show and figure out what’s going on. How did they decide who won th


Desert Palms I'm Electric for sale.


📣 News Flash: The Young Riders Stars Team 🇺🇸 has won gold at the U.S. Saddle Seat Invitational Test Event in Las Vegas! Canada 🇨🇦 earned silver.

More news and photos to follow


iJust doing what everyone else is doing. Fixed my blocked posts. I wondered where everybody had been! This is good to know. It's ridiculous to have ### amounts of friends and only 25 are allowed to see my posts.
I ignored this post earlier because I didn’t think it worked. It WORKS!! I have a whole new news feed. I’m seeing posts from people I haven’t seen in years.
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Timeline photos 09/29/2019

Our 6 month old, Ringo Starr, taking a nap on this cool day

Photos from Desert Palms Equestrian Center's post 04/11/2019

Welcome to the world Sir Ringo Starr by Call Me Ringo and out of Strand of Pearls! High trotting boy with tons of energy!


So excited to have Michelle McVey Haisch with us for a clinic this weekend!


Happy Friday!


This is the most adorable interactive pony.

The 2019 Budweiser Superbowl Commercial Is Here!! 01/28/2019

The 2019 Budweiser Superbowl Commercial Is Here!!

The 2019 Budweiser Superbowl Commercial Is Here!! The 2019 Budweiser Superbowl Commercial is here featuring their gorgeous Clydesdales! It's simple, it's elegant, and it makes me wish I was right there with them. Enjoy the commercial below! 2019 Budweiser Superbowl Commercial I look forward to this commercial...


Come to sunny Scottsdale! Ride with Gayle Lampe!
Go to the Scottsdale Arabian Show to watch and SHOP! Contact Michelle McVey Haisch for nearest hotel deals


About the American Saddlebred


So true!! Especially our wonderful instructors Jane Hart Becker, Lauren Cierra Riggins, Kellyn Cameron, Jenn Rash!!

Timeline photos 12/29/2018

Timeline photos

"Breathe deep, because no one will ever understand your love for that "horse smell" or the peace it brings your soul."

Photos from Desert Palms Equestrian Center's post 12/21/2018

Photos from Desert Palms Equestrian Center's post

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28410 N 44th Street
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 6pm
Tuesday 8am - 6pm
Wednesday 8am - 6pm
Thursday 8am - 6pm
Saturday 8am - 6pm

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