Sniper’s Nest LLC

Sniper’s Nest LLC


I just got home for Elite Ordnance. They installed a new 3.5 lb Timney trigger in my AR-15. Great people, and great service!
Mike Garrett at Elite Ordnance on 3217 East Shea Blvd suite 3
We consider each customer as a family member who deserves nothing but the best. Come by and visit Mike Garrett, Scott FlwrDude and Zak Gutierrez
Do you want a WHAM BAM! thank you MAM !! Shop at Elite OM make all your dreams come true !!
Thanks Mike she loves it!! Go pick yourself up a gun!!
I did not know about the clean up, went there to fire a new AR I purchased. Stayed and helped clean up the trigger trash. Nice to meet you Mike and your son.
A nice shop. New ownership made this location worth your time. Couldn't even call the previous store a gun store. I don't like shopping online, I like to touch and feel my products and they had the floating rail system and accessories I could only find online and I was about to go spend twice as much for the parts elsewhere...
Looking for a 300 Blackout upper assembly guys, be visiting again soon!

Sniper’s Nest is family owned by a 28yr vet. We serve the valley with the best prices on ammo, gun Sniper’s Nest LLC is a veteran and family run business.

We pride ourselves on supporting local communities and providing the best customer service in the industry. With our home base located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, we are dedicated to protecting the American way of life, and stand tall in support of the second amendment. EliteOM DBA Sniper’s Nest was founded in early 2013 with one concept in mind; bring quality products, since the onset of EliteOM w

Operating as usual


Rise Up, Red Sea ❤️🤍


Feeling hot? Come by the shop and see the cool cash prices on guns! 🇺🇸 🔫 🧊

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After a long 4th of July weekend, the girls are more eager to sell some guns!
Come by and talk to Mike about shooting long distance and training!!🔫🇺🇸🔫🇺🇸

Your one and only mom and pop shop!🇺🇸🔫


Check out these new lowers we got in, they are flying off the Shelves like hot cakes!

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Scopes both LOCALLY OWNED!!!
$715 on SAVINGS!!!

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What do you all think?
Canik v. G***k?

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Your new to shooting long range and hunting?
Come by and talk to mike he’s been long range shooting and hunting for 20+years!!!
He will answer all your hunting needs!!!!
You’ll learn from the best

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Remember to SUPPORT LOCAL and VETERAN OWNED! 🤝🇺🇸 🔫
Come by and say hi to Mike the 28yr vet of AF!

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After a busy Friday and Saturday work day,
Left- Nova and Right- Daphne slept all day Sunday to recover! 🥱✌️

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Couple things in today!


AR14s starting at $539!!!!


FOR SALE!!!!!!

SIG SAUER 4.5-14x50
Sierra 3BDX W/ KILO 1400BDX


Come by on this nice Friday!!!






Sniper’s Nest is Veteran Owned by the one and only Mike Z. Garrett 28yr. Air Force Vet! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Almost $1,000 in SAVINGS!


FREE Ta**us G2C with 1 box of ammo

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Winner will be disclosed Christmas Eve @ 1pm, please watch Facebook live for announcement, you’ll have until January 3rd 2022 to pick up your PRIZE.

Conditions may apply, must be able to pass background check and must be a ARIZONA RESIDENT.
Happy Holidays!

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Photos from Sniper’s Nest LLC's post 06/11/2021

NEW/USED guns coming in almost weekly pistols, rifles, shotguns!!


If y’all didn’t know we handle Class 3 items! Therefore if your thinking about acquiring some Class 3 items come by and ask for Mike the owner! He knows all the info and guidance for you and your next toy!



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If your new to hunting and want to know from a expert!? Come by and ask Mike the owner at the shop!

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We got a big order in of AMMUNITION!!!
Come by and check it out!!

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Just stocked back up on HOME DEFENSE 9MM!
Swipe left to check out these SHOTGUNS under $400 with LIFETIME WARRANTY and this Marlin 30A 30-30!!! 😳🥳😎

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Come check out a our NEW pistol and rifle inventory, optics and our accessories and parts!

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World War II captured guns, in stock!!
Come check them out while supplies last!


Looks like Q was by the shop?

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Come check out our inventory on our handguns and rifles!!!!
Before sleepyjoe takes them!


Couple guns came in stock today, hurry up and come get them before there gone!!

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Guns are selling like hot cakes this is a third of what we have that’s still for sale!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

1. Canik TP9SFX Warren Tactical
2. EAA AK-12 Tactical
3. Girsan MC1911 DLX
4. Magpul D-60
5. PMC .40SW
6. PMC .45ACP
7. PMC 5.56
8. SAR K12 Sport
9. R***r 57

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Our newest ELITE OM employees, are getting VERY exhausted from selling guns and ammo!


Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas 🎄 and New Year 🎉!
As of 1/4/21 our Transfer fees are $20 for CASH $25 for CREDIT/DEBIT


We will be open Christmas Eve🎄 from 10-5:30, Christmas Day we’re close!, Saturday the 26th we are open again from 10-7pm, come say !


Come check out restock on on new and used that’s never been shot!


We have HOME DEFENSE 9MM and .40SW

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Come check out our inventory on accessories, magazines, and gun parts!


Come check out this FN FNX-45 chambered in .45ACP!!


S&W is on top of it with

Photos from Sniper’s Nest LLC's post 12/04/2020

Come check out our INVENTORY on AMMUNITION!! 💯👍

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You can say this weekend hunt was a success!

1. Double lung shot 75 yards.
2. Double lung shot 100 yards
3. Double lung shot 200 yards
4. Double lung shot 175 yards
5. Double lung shot 200 yards
6. Double lung shot 200 yards


We will be CLOSED TURKEY DAY-Sunday 26/29


If you love M1 Garand you have to come check this one out it’s super clean!


Come check out this FAL chambered in .308!!!!
It’s a beauty 🔥🇺🇸🔫


We got some 7.62x39 ammunition!!
Who ever comments or DM’s me of what it says FIRST gets a free box of ammo!


We will be open on Veteran’s Day!!!
So come by and hang out with the crew!


Yep that’s right we have a Scar-17s Heavy chambered in .308!!!!


We got 600+ rounds of 5.56!!!


Just got some 5.56 Green Tips!!

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Check out these new lowers we got in, they are flying off the Shelves like hot cakes!
Couple guns came in stock today, hurry up and come get them before there gone!!#sleepyjoe




3217 E. Shea Blvd Ste. 3
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 12pm - 7pm
Tuesday 10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 7pm

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