Bruce St. James Racing

Bruce St. James Racing


Are you still racing missed you canyon
You racin that thing at ET?
I'm having "Bruce withdrawals" .......
Nutella is not cutting it, any other suggestions?
Will enjoy following your racing!
See you Saturday night!!! Kick ass Bruce!!!
Hey Bruce, here’s a training video on how to pull a slide job. 80 slide jobs, no contact.
What an exciting race last night! Hard racing wow!!!
Hated to see you and Kyle get wrecked in the end of the main, but had you not touched, I’m pretty certain you would have been the winner!
God Bless America!
Hey Bruce will you have t-shirts available tonight at Arizona Speedway? How can I get one without paying the $35 pit fee?
Can't wait for the races to start at Arizona speedway

Home of Bruce St. James (The Radio Flyer) racing adventures! Competing in USAC and ASCS sprint cars The Official page of the Radio Flyer, Bruce St.


Operating as usual




Tell me how big your trailer is without telling me how big your trailer is.

7.5 mpg. Ugh.




Houston, we have a problem.

Photos from Bruce St. James Racing's post 02/17/2022

The Woodland Auto Display logo stands for so much more than an world class car collection.

Richard Woodland has supported racers and racing for decades. His knowledge and passion for our sport runs deep, and it’s not an understatement to say racing, especially on the West Coast, is better off because of his genoristy and wisdom.

I’m proud to represent the Woodland Auto Display, but even prouder to call Dick a friend.

Happy birthday Papa Duck!


A true original.

The world has lost a legend. Behind the wheel, with his words, and a multitude of pranks. We truly cannot express what the loss of Kevin Olson means to the racing community. #GodSpeedKO

(📸 Larry Burnett)


Stop looking at me!


See you there!

Warbirds Wings & Wheels 13 is OPEN for registration - vehicles, swap meet, food vendors, drink vendors, sponsor opportunities. You will want to be part of one of the largest events we have at Estrella Warbirds Museum and Woodland Auto Display. For more details see

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You see "GPS estimated time of arrival."

I see "time to beat".


It is what it is.



Photos from Arizona Department of Public Safety's post 01/27/2022

Thanks for the tip.

(Adds one more vehicle silhouette to my "slam on the brakes" profile)




How to stay financially stable.

Step 1. Don't get into race cars.

The end.


You think you hate it now, but just wait until you drive it.


A wonderful memory from 4 years ago, here at the Chili Bowl Nationals.

Just 3 racers hanging out who have a combined 6 Indy 500 wins among them.

Photos from Bruce St. James Racing's post 01/12/2022

Congrats to Michael “Buddy” Kofoid on his Chili Bowl Nationals prelim night victory!

You may not know that Buddy and I share a few things in common.

We both admired and honor Ayrton Senna…

We both have had Jarrett Martin spin wrenches on our car…

And between the two of us we have 1 USAC National Championship.

We’re practically twins.


As I make my way to Tulsa for the annual pilgrimage that is the Chili Bowl Nationals, I’ve noticed a big change in perspective.

For 20+ years I traveled from the West Coast to Oklahoma and checked the weather constantly, fretting about having warm enough clothes to wear to wear in “frigid” 50 degree temps and marveling at the people who weren’t dressed to climb Mt. Everest… like I was.

One year into Chicago living, and Tulsa is roughly 40 degrees warmer than the Windy City, and instead of packing wool socks and puffy coats, I’m bringing shorts and t-shirts.

I finally”get it”.


It is what it is.

Photos from Woodland Auto Display, Paso Robles, California's post 12/30/2021



Does anyone in our racing community have a relationship, partnership or are sponsored by a trailer repair business?

Our 40’ triple axle is in need of some general maintainence, a few cosmetic fixes and electrical/generator work.

Before I start searching Google, I wanted to do business with someone who supports racing in Arizona.

Thanks in advance, and please tag or share with someone you think can help!



All I want for Christmas this year....

One can never see enough race cars at the Woodland Auto Display located at the Estrella Warbirds Museum in Paso Robles, California!

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Photos from Indianapolis Motor Speedway's post 12/10/2021

Photos from Indianapolis Motor Speedway's post

Four-Time Indy 500 Winner Al Unser, 82 - SPEED SPORT 12/10/2021

Four-Time Indy 500 Winner Al Unser, 82 - SPEED SPORT

It’s been a incredibly sad year for the Unser family. The only comfort I can take is that he and Bobby patched up their relationship before his brother passed in May.

Four-Time Indy 500 Winner Al Unser, 82 - SPEED SPORT Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials confirmed early Friday that Al Unser, a four-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, died after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 82 years old.


In my defense, it was a bit "tight".

Photos from Bruce St. James Racing's post 12/02/2021

The Last Dance - April 12th, 2009 at Manzanita Speedway to The Final Race - November 27th, 2021at Arizona Speedway - ET Motopark.

As I looked around the pits last weekend, I couldn't help but remember that I had competed at the final race for both Manzanita Speedway and Arizona Speedway.

While it's a milestone I'd rather not have seen, I'm thankful to have gotten the chance to fly around these two awesome tracks.


Let me start by saying I know I'm going to leave someone out. I'm sorry in advance.

As Arizona Speedway - ET Motopark closes it's doors, I wanted to acknowledge the people that made that track special and fun.

From signing in at the pit gate to drawing your pill to the push trucks, thank you.

To the DRP Safety Team, corner workers and tow truck drivers, I appreciate your dedication to keeping us safe and dragging my wrecks back to the pits..

We had a few fun announcers along the way, and a couple of colorful flagmen that kept the crowd engaged and the show moving on. Great job!

A track is more than clay, fences and walls, it's the people that make it special and unique. Thank you to all the staff, volunteers, vendors and people who made Arizona Speedway my favorite track.


Plenty of great things have been said about Jonah Trussel and Arizona Speedway - ET Motopark this week, all of it true. His dedication to our sport, the fans and the racers is obvious in everything he does.

As someone who is passionate about sprint car racing and wants to see it grow and prosper, I am thankful for all Jonah has done for our community.

Hopefully, Jonah gets bored quickly and decides to jump back into the racetrack world, but either way, add me to the list of people so grateful for all he did.

Thank you.

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Silver Crown hot laps!
Miracles never cease. It’s ALIVE! See ya tonight at @etmotorpark / Arizona Speedway!#RadioFlyer
A perfect night for racing at Lincoln Speedway! Green on heat 1!
A sight to behold! Jetson Wagon paces the C Main at the Chili Bowl Nationals!
Let’s go RACING! #ChiliBowl
Night 1 of the Copper Classic at Arizona Speedway - ET Motopark with 23 ASCS Desert region sprint cars, 26 ASCS wing spr...
It’s time. Racing tonight at 7p at Arizona Speedway in Queen Creek!#RadioFlyer
Current situation. 😔⛈👎🏻
You’re gonna have to take my word that eventually I passed this guy. We weren’t the fastest on the Nürburgring, but we c...
And now, for some videos of our laps around the Nürburgring! The rush to get on track the minute the gates opened. Check...




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