仙人掌 仙人拳 Cactus Sage School

仙人掌 仙人拳 Cactus Sage School


Big Thank You to Zee. Had a good workout with Kevin and Zee. Then went over to Sitan gym for another workout with Sensei Anthony and his group. Was just myself and Zee but it was an awesome experience Big Thank You to Sensei Anthony for letting us come into his class. Also Sitan Gym for welcoming us into their gym and accommodating us. It was an awesome experience. Would definitely like to try and do it again. Also to the guys in Sensei Anthony's class. For letting us to come and workout with you. Was cool to work techniques with you guys and to randori with you.

Not for profit club empowering our downtown Phoenix community through classical and new martial arts Not for profit Martial arts organization teaching Judo and Jeet Kune Do in Central Phoenix Arizona.

Operating as usual



[08/31/21]   Great practice tonight. Truly a blessing to see the mats full of students; running drills and cleaning the mats as we all did so long ago.

Please come visit us every Sun/Mon evenings 7:00pm-8:00pm at the Agatsu Dojo at:

939 w camelback rd. Phoenix AZ


[08/24/21]   Hey guys no practice today. Sensei is not feeling the best, so please rest today and we will have practice again next Sunday at 7:00pm.

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It's time to rededicate ourselves to the 'gentle' path of self perfection. In Judo; mind, body, spirit, uniform, and courage are all you will need. Let's get some exercise and learn throws, pins, chokes, meditation, all in an inclusive and safe environment with me at our new location and hours. Osu!


When: Sun/Mon | 7:00pm-8:30pm
Where: 939 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013

[08/10/21]   Howdy everyone! Sensei Rob here, Today will be our first practice at out new location at AZ Aikido!! Be sure to come by Sunday and Monday evenings, at 939 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013 . I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Pictures of the new space incoming.


Teddy wins bronze!

Olympic Podium +100kg

🥇 Lukas Krpalek - CZE
🥈 Guram Tushishvili - GEO
🥉 Teddy Riner - FRA
🥉 Tamerlan Bashaev - ROC

#Tokyo2020 #Judo #Olympics @olympics @tokyo2020 #UnitedByEmotion @gabrielasabauphotography

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Sensei's celebration of life was Sunday! What a man, he had such gravity. Everyone spoke of his infectious charm, and how he radiated joy for all to feel. There won't be another like Sensei Bob, but we can all carry the light of compassion and love that Sensei brought with him in all things he did. I'm lucky to have spent the time that I did under his care and instruction. Thank you for everything Sensei Bob!

[07/10/21]   New location at 939 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013

New hours to follow, but most likely Sunday and Monday evening for the time being. Spread the word!


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Episode 6: Vision Impaired Judo - Animation x Paralympic: Who Is Your Hero? | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand 06/04/2021

Episode 6: Vision Impaired Judo - Animation x Paralympic: Who Is Your Hero? | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand

The following short video illustrates the restorative and healing capacity of judo, as a therapy for mind body and spirit. It's well worth the watch. My instructor, Sensei Bob was partially blind when I began training with him, and I myself am lifelong visually impaired-- but In Judo we learn from and trust in our bodies, what my eyes could not discern my hands feel with clarity, the feel of the fabric and the weight and energy of the opponent it tells you everything. Training in judo gave me the confidence and courage to fight for/ and help others, to thrive and break past the limitations of my own body.

Episode 6: Vision Impaired Judo - Animation x Paralympic: Who Is Your Hero? | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand This is the 6th installment of a short anime series showcasing the appeal of Para-sports, in collaboration with noted manga artists and popular musicians. This episode features vision impaired judo. Participants fight while gripping each other's uniforms and feeling their opponent's body movements.....


Meet Your Coach - Kosei Inoue

Happy birthday Inoe sensei!


Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki Newaza of Kashiwazaki 🥋 🔥

Now I wanna do some sutemi waza!


Judo Band Exercises 1 High Pulls and Seio

Something to work on during this time at home

Set of exercises to follow at home

[01/09/20]   Hey everyone it's been a while since our last proper update. About this time last year sensei Rob took a position with the Arizona State Senate and this demanded alot of his time to best serve the people of our community, and this ment training and conducting practice had to take a backseat. In addition to this we recently have moved out from the facilities we previously used at neighbor ministrie. So we are currently seeking out a new facility to conduct training in that meets the needs of our students and community supporters. As an aside Sensei Rob was recently appointed to the City of Phoenix's Arts and Cultures commission! What does this mean? Well the take away thus far is that we are learning more and more about grants and funding opportunities for organizations such as ourselves, who conduct performances and educational courses for the community. In the future we hope to use this knowledge to better support our students and ease the financial burdens on students and educators alike so that Judo educational and performance is as free as possible. Please take care of yourselves and be on the look out for our next big update.

carlosmachadojiujitsumidcities.com 12/23/2019

Top 5 Reasons Why In Jiu Jitsu Your Partner's Safety is Your Responsibility

carlosmachadojiujitsumidcities.com Carlos Machado Jiu Jitsu Midcities - Top 5 Reasons Why In Jiu Jitsu Your Partner's Safety is Your Responsibility : Top 5 Reasons Why In Jiu Jitsu Your Partner's Safety is Your Responsibility The relationships you develop with your training partners are some of the most pure you will ever h...


Gimnasio Pedro Fernandez

Learning JUDO 🥋‼️‼️‼️


Judo Club Alzira


Muy interesante 😮


Judo Ne waza

Judo 柔道 Ne waza 寝技 🥋

Fuente: Sadulla Dzhafarov


Judo Ne waza

Judo 柔道 Ne waza 寝技 🥋

Fuente: Carmen Solana Carballo

english.kyodonews.net 03/20/2019

Judo: National team to be known as "Godzilla Japan"

Godzilla! Godzilla! And Godzuuuuki 🎶🥋🦖🗻

english.kyodonews.net In a nod to one of cinema's most powerful monsters, the Japanese national judo team has adopted "Godzilla Japan" as its official nickname, the All Japan Judo Federation announces.

ijf.org 03/04/2019

Ilias Iliadis: The Way to Become a Champion in Life

ijf.org Even if he has retired from the world circuit for a few years, he is one of those champions nobody forgets. All the judo fans have the impression that he was still fighting yesterday. Ilias Iliadis is a legend of judo and a legend of sport. Olympic champion in 2004 in Athens, several times world cha...


United States Judo Association



Shorinji Kempo Demonstration - Mixed Kumi Embu - Kagamibiraki 2019 - 2/3

Channel subscription: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFF4Q8RlfNq45cPDUwE8QA?sub_confirmation=1 Shorinji Kempo Demonstration during the 2019 Kagamibiraki & ...


Gimnasio Pedro Fernandez

Training NE WAZA Judo 🥋⬆️
Muy interesante ‼️‼️‼️


How to master Judo (and life):

Be tidy, be punctual, be studious, be clean, be respectful


We all know that one guy/gal who just can't seem to ukemi.



"My imperfections are inexhaustable...
I vow to overcome them all.
The Dharma is unknowable...
I vow to know it.
The way of Awakening is unattainable...
I vow to attain it."
-- Buddha


Sensei Biggs has all your nutrition and fitness info at Remedy Kettlebell Fitness.

Remedy Top 10 muscle building foods
1. Eggs very affordable complete amino acids profile
2. Beef. Best source of protein and fat to put on serious size
3. Chicken high quality protein packed option, thighs or breast.
4. Cottage chesse. Easy and convenient slower digesting casein prorien source.
5. Fish great source of high quality fats to keep energy levels up.
6. Avacado a plant source of dence nutrients and fats.
7. Whey protein powder. Fast absorbing and convenient perfect for post workouts.
8. Oatmeal low glycemic keeps you full
9. Sweet potatoes anither tasty low glycemic food.
10. Whole grains quinoa low glycemic and complete amino profile


Arizona Freestyle Judo

Videos (show all)

On today's menu, getting competition ready by practicing left handed uchi komi
Practicing our kata after a session of zazen to build mushin no shin and mindfulness. Only practice makes perfect.
Check out this full class, so many smiles! Everyone is working hard. We are bringing Judo Central Phoenix, please join u...
Sean and Lil Jake working on sasae tsurikomi ashi / hiza guruma to o guruma.
Robert's first match
Grand Finals of Robert Nolan's Division
Check out Corey working on his kata guruma
Robert v Ricky pt 3Weak Osoto by Robert countered by Ricky, who took Robert Down. Robert Finished after sliding to the b...
Duck v Jake jrDuckie throwing with sasae tsuri komi ashi,However Jake Jr finished via jujigatame (arm bar)
Robert v Ricky pt 2Practicing the Kouchigari, Ippon seoi nage, katahajime, jujigatame - combo
Robert v RickyPracticing the Kouchigari, Ippon seoi nage, katahajime, jujigatame - combo
Duck v Jake JrPracticing the Kouchigari, improvising harai goshi to katahajime, jujigatame - combo




939 W Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 7pm - 9pm
Sunday 7pm - 9pm
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