仙人掌 仙人拳 Cactus Sage School

仙人掌 仙人拳 Cactus Sage School


Big Thank You to Zee. Had a good workout with Kevin and Zee. Then went over to Sitan gym for another workout with Sensei Anthony and his group. Was just myself and Zee but it was an awesome experience Big Thank You to Sensei Anthony for letting us come into his class. Also Sitan Gym for welcoming us into their gym and accommodating us. It was an awesome experience. Would definitely like to try and do it again. Also to the guys in Sensei Anthony's class. For letting us to come and workout with you. Was cool to work techniques with you guys and to randori with you.

Not for profit club empowering our downtown Phoenix community through classical and new martial arts

Not for profit Martial arts organization teaching Judo and Jeet Kune Do in Central Phoenix Arizona.

Operating as usual

Sanshiro the Judoist (Animated Classics of Japanese Literature) 12/06/2022

Sanshiro the Judoist (Animated Classics of Japanese Literature)

Thanks Sensei Butch for sharing this. This animated tale of Sanshiro Sugata, a young man whose life becomes transformed because of judo is largely based on the life and events surrounding Shiro Saigo, one of the first Judo practitioners, and the first of Kanos student's to join the Yudansha

Sanshiro the Judoist (Animated Classics of Japanese Literature) This is a three-part episode of a 1986 Japanese TV series called “Animated Classics of Japanese Literature” and was adapted from a novel by Tsuneo Tomita .Pa...


No Gi Judo for BJJ and MMA - Ankle Picks with Sophie Cox

Here's a clip from Sensei Sophie Cox:


لعشاق حركة الأوشي ماتا

Cactus Sage Schedule Survey 03/25/2022

Cactus Sage Schedule Survey

Hey everyone, I'm looking to reopen classes starting in April or May. Please let me know if you're interested in filling out our community survey, thanks!

Cactus Sage Schedule Survey Hey everyone, if your interested in doing Judo please do me the honor of filling out the following survey so we can figure out what schedule would best accommodate the club going forward


Cactus Sage School on Google

testing out some of our website integration, neat!

Cactus Sage School on Google Attention: We've made some minor updates to https://www.cactussage.org/ regarding our current club meeting schedule and Pricing. Please fill out the survey link if you are interested in joining.

Cactus Sage Schedule Survey 02/28/2022

Cactus Sage Schedule Survey

Be sure to fill out the club schedule survey and interest form, it would help us know the needs of our community and those who wish to practice or visit the dojo. TY- Sensei Rob

Cactus Sage Schedule Survey Hey everyone, if your interested in doing Judo please do me the honor of filling out the following survey so we can figure out what schedule would best accommodate the club going forward



Let's look at Sensei Steve Scott's newest video on core skills and basics.

ANKLE TO ANKLE ANKLE PICK TO ANKLE LOCK CORE SKILLS Here is a basic skill that continues to work at all levels and in a variety of combat sports. This video shows the basics of an Ankle Pick and transitioning ...

Cactus Sage School 01/02/2022

Cactus Sage School

Hello everyone, Happy New Year and happy first Judo club practice of the year ! Please join us this evening at the Dojo for practice, testing, and promotions!

Arizona Aikido
939 W. Camelback Rd.

Cactus Sage School The Cactus Sage School, is a nonprofit martial arts school, providing instruction in the Japanese martial art of Judo, and Jeet Kune Do. Cactus Sage School is dedicated to the advancement and growth of its community through training, coaching, and life enrichment to all demographics.


Choi's same-stance morote-seoi-nage


Let's commit ourselves to the path of gentle self perfection. See you at the dojo, Sundays and Monday evenings 6pm-8pm


The Switch

Schrödingers throw


2-on-1 sumi-gaeshi

How to Sumi Gaeshi with sensei Pedro



One of Sensei's favorites!


Hello everyone! Out of an abundance of caution, the Judo club won't be meeting tonight or tomorrow, let's practice good health and wellness and rest up this weekend instead. Thank you for the patience, we will start practicing again next week!


Friends, It's world Judo day! World Judo day is when we celebrate the birthday of the founder of our school Dr. Jigoro Kano, and his contributions! After exiting the tribulations of 2020 like many of you I felt the need to stretch myself, and so the spirit of judo called to me again, to be of service in some small way. Judo is a martial art, philosophy, sport, and method for navigating life. In judo you practice techniques that instill control over ones body, mind and spirit yet learn of of how gentleness triumphs over strength, and how we all fail, fall and rise again. Like everything in Judo, no technique is happenstance. On the contrary, there is a persistent and gentle strategy, and so to there is also a gentle strategy to this year's world judo day theme: Solidarity! In preparation, I've spoken with local leaders, educators, and workers to get at the spirit of solidarity. What does it mean in our current context of human society and culture. How can we show it ? I've have been writing an article for the Arizona Sun on this very topic in celebration of today, I'll be doing a Livestream and video on the subject later today, so feel free to hang out and celebrate with me, and all the other 50 million judoka around the world

Peace and Prosperity for all!


Happy Birthday Kano O-sensei! Thanks for showing us a gentle a path forward for humanity! Let's rededicate ourselves to the study of Judo and to Dr. Kano's goal of solidarity, equality, peace and prosperity for all.


Great combined Judo / Aiki practice w/ Senseitachi Wes, Tom, And Yoshi!


Sensei Yoshi, and Wes listening intently to the group lesson instructions with our sister clubs in Boulder and Las Vegas ! *Not pictured* is the very sophisticated live stream zoom set up we have ! Super cool 😎 !


A celebration event for Kano Shihan will be underway during the whole month of October in commemoration of his birth, life and contributions to educations, other achievements through Judo. I will try to share what I learn. But be on the lookout as we approach world Judo day! Osu!

- Sensei Rob

【NEWS】 Anniversary of KANO Jigoro Shihan's Birth
Kodokan will celebrate the birthday of Kano Jigoro Shihan (born October 28, 1860), who founded Kodokan Judo and is called "Father of Education and Father of Japanese Physical Education."
He was also an international man who put the most effort into bid for the 1940 Olympics in Tokyo and advocated world peace through sports.
We will invite you to join in the celebration with your family and friends.
☆All events are free of charge.



Judo practice at 7:00 pm, Sunday and Monday. Roll through, osu!




Great practice tonight. Truly a blessing to see the mats full of students; running drills and cleaning the mats as we all did so long ago.

Please come visit us every Sun/Mon evenings 7:00pm-8:00pm at the Agatsu Dojo at:

939 w camelback rd. Phoenix AZ


Hey guys no practice today. Sensei is not feeling the best, so please rest today and we will have practice again next Sunday at 7:00pm.

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939 W Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 7pm - 9pm
Sunday 7pm - 9pm

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