Rock Star Boot Camp

Rock Star Boot Camp


These Rock Stars put in some work this morning!! Thanks for hanging with me!!!

➖➖➖⚫️ 💥 ⚫️➖➖➖
Watch out for Vinny today afternoon campers!!! He was on the prowl this morning!!! LOL
I miss my RSBC workout and missing my workout friends. Just doing some yard work and hiking North Mountain occasionally.
I have all the equipment I need. Best white elephant gift EVER!!!
Anyone have experience with a standup desk? I can't take sitting 8+ hours a day and my back is killing me. Thanks!
It's Back! Join me tomorrow at 7am or 8am for TRX! Tomorrow we are taking it back to the basics, focusing on core and stability. And, for those familiar and ready, I have a few tricks up my sleeve...
I miss my breakfast burritos! Can anyone suggest a healthy alternative for tortillas?
Is there regular 6.30am camp tomorrow (Friday)?
The sign of a great workout is being fatigued and sore in places you didn’t know there was muscle. Rockstar nailed it today.
Thanks, Curtis. Tonight's full-body, "heavy s**t" program was right up there as one of the better workouts over the past few years. I am sure that many others appreciated it also.
Hope we can do something similar/same more often.
If you are unsure about the power of committment to transformation look no further. Many of you have seen and followed Brittany's progress. I was privileged to witness this defining moment as she crossed the finish line in her first Spartan Beast which completes her first (but not last :) ) Spartan Trifecta!!! 13+ miles, 31 obstacles and 2000 feet of climb. Very proud that I could share the experience. You can change your life with amazing trainers like Curtis Hoekstra, Mindy Hunt and Peggy Niana . Be like Brittany. Be awesome. AROO!!! #RSBC4Life #OCRAthlete #MaketheHappyLife #Spartan
Today's workout was no joke, but the most important thing I take out of it is how much you enjoy what you do Curtis and the ambience you create at Rock Star Boot Camp, there's where you get the real results. Thank you!!! Fit & Healthy Page: Rock Star Boot Camp specializes in 40 minute total body challenges that are scaled to every fitness level.

This program is designed to increase endurance, sculpt lean muscle and scorch body fat in less time. Included are TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Training, Spartan Race training and fat loss/conditioning intervals to produce fast results and break the cycle of boring, ineffective workouts.

Operating as usual


Rotations and heavy metal. Trying to get those GAINZ for the summer!


Dropping cardio bombs at RSBC Winded Wednesday today!

And that includes your version of the ‘people’s elbow’ 😂

Rock Stars - come get some.


Yo Rock Stars - congrats on a great job with today’s workout. That was a little tough. 😉

But let’s not live in the past - let’s look to the future for some cardio on RSBC Winded Wednesday, shall we?

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 04/05/2022

Everyone had a fun time today at RSBC. *Keep in mind, your definition of fun might be slightly different - and that’s ok. 😂

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 04/05/2022

One of these wall sits is not like the others. 🤔 🤷‍♀️

Rock Stars - let’s get some. 🙂


Rock Stars - do not forget, RSBC Kickboxing workout at 7am this morning, exclusively at the warehouse.

Come join Cindy - it’s gonna be good!

Free to members, fifteen at the door for guests.

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/31/2022

Yo Rock Stars - time for more real talk.

So many ‘food’ companies simply don’t give a sh*t about your well-being or long term health.

They just don’t…so it’s up to you to pay more attention to what you’re eating.

Look at the Doritos example below…

they literally include everything they shouldn’t.

It’s a pure nutritional void…there’s no value, there’s no reward…just damage.

Damage to you.

Damage to your mind.

Damage to your mental capabilities.

Damage to your body.

Damage to your waistline.

Damage to your muscles.

Damage upon damage…but hey, at least they got you to buy their crappy chips, right?

That’s all - so that’s my message today:


Rock Stars - do better and be better…we love you and want you to live your strongest life, feeling and looking your very best. Ya dig?

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/30/2022

Feed me for the GAINZ…4 organic eggs, onions, jalapeños, salsa and little red potato.

Might get crazy and add some air fryer organi bacon, 🤷‍♀️

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/30/2022

Stay primal.

Ditch the junk.

Grass fed sirloin steak from the air fryer tonight for the GAINZ.


Brussels at lunch with the wifey - yum!

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/28/2022

Rock Stars…you NEED to be properly hydrated!

Grab some free lemons at the warehouse and make your own hydration drink asap!

Adjust these amounts as you desire.


Get those nutrition GAINZ! Spaghetti squash and meatballs.


Yo Rock Stars - we are about to get back work.


A little post workout, midday snack —

It’s not the most pretty or fancy - but it works.

Avocado toast with egg, let’s get those GAINZ!


Rock Stars - here’s some real talk.

Get properly hydrated BEFORE you need to be hydrated, ya know?

That means a daily and plentiful dose of electrolytes infused water…so when you wanna do something (play a sport, walk, hike, workout, etc) you are prepared.

Simply sipping on water during your workout isn’t gonna cut it.

You’ll survive, but you won’t thrive…it’s all in the daily plan leading up to your activities.

Adding lemon, sea salt, raw honey to your water would be a good start.

Do it.

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/25/2022

Fabulous RSBC Friday Mad Mixer…

Diana decided she was going to be eternally grateful for all the Rock Star leg training she has received...look at her leg GAINZ! 🙂

In addition, Brittani pressured Pete into doing more push-ups, loading him with a sandbag AND chains around his neck. Poor Pete. 😂

Tell your friends, share the good news about camp - we are ramping up some more awesome workouts for your spring/summer results!


RSBC Throwback Thursday is the jam - let’s go get some.

Rock Stars…mount up!

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/23/2022

Yo Rock Stars - welcome to the all new RSBC Primal Playground Winded Wednesday Cardio Party!


Spring is here and summer is close…let’s pair some badass RSBC workouts with some badass nutrition choices.



It’s really her, past Rock Star camper Thayna is back!!

After over 4 years, we are excited to see her back on track at RSBC - show time, baby - let’s go!


Yo Rock Stars - the temperatures are climbing…stay hydrated with plenty of electrolytes or workouts will start to end like this. 😂

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/15/2022

What an amazing start to the week at RSBC!

Since it is Pi Day, we had Monique and Lynda sharing a 3.14% calorie burn increase due to their dramatic and intense pink color coordination.

Nice work, ladies!

However, I still feel key lime pie supersedes pecan pie - but hey 🤷‍♀️. 😉


It’s all in the rotation. It’s all in a circular pattern…even another iteration of the new RSBC logo. 🔥


Yo Rock Stars - 2 quick things for your Friday!

Today’s 430pm session of the RSBC Mad Mixer wraps up the latest raffle ticket challenge (we have summer raffle coming to stay tuned for that)…

and today’s workout is a FIVE ticket Friday!

We draw for prizes today, no need to be present to win (although you are welcome to come watch the drawings live…we will record the drawing and post!)

Next…come to RSBC Saturday Kickboxing at 7am tomorrow morning at the warehouse - free for campers, ten for guests.

Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble!

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/11/2022

2 of those most powerful foods around…get some!

Take care and feed your body well, Rock Stars - it’s important.

We ❤️ you guys - let’s get those GAINZ!


Feeling cute - might mess around and launch a new RSBC logo, 🤷‍♀️ 😂

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/10/2022

The verdict is in…newly placed RSBC trainer Cheri is AWESOME! 👏 👏 👏

Cheri has been at Rock Star Boot Camp for about 10 years, which means she understands the culture, effort and consistency it takes for results.

She brings kindness, strength, motivation and a real sense of care for your training success.

Come see her in the afternoons!

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/10/2022

Absolutely awesome new RSBC Winded Wednesday going on today!

All skill levels and abilities, all shapes and sizes working side by side, motivating and inspiring each other - complete Rock Star domination!

And Brittani even wore her Green Bay Packers football pants for extra motivation today. 😂

Don’t forget to join Cheri tonight for the 430pm/530pm sessions - it’s gonna be glorious!


Super nutrient dense snack today…organic air fryer asparagus.

Turmeric, Cajun seasonings, garlic salt/pepper…crispy and delicious!

Rock Stars…the latest RSBC Raffle Ticket Challenge ends this Friday and a new air fryer is one of many prizes up for grabs. Who’s gonna win?


Here’s something you probably already know:

Heart disease has been/still is the greatest cause of death in America.

Here’s something you probably already know as well:

Much of the risk of said disease can be reduced with 2 things.

1, properly designed physical fitness training.

2, changing your diet and lifestyle to include better nutrition and hydration.

Rock Stars - do your job and take good care of yourself.

We will see ya soon at camp.


Never skip leg day.

Never look like you skip leg day; no one wants to look like they skip leg day.

So don’t skip leg day.

Rock Stars - another great week coming. See y’all soon!

Photos from Rock Star Boot Camp's post 03/06/2022

Highlights of a very delicious weekend so far. Rock Stars - see you guys soon!


Rising with the sun, ready to win the day.

We love you Rock Stars, have a great Friday!

Don’t forget we still have a 430pm session this afternoon and TRX tomorrow morning at 7am.

Regardless, see ya back on Monday!


It’s been a very exciting week at RSBC - lots of sore legs, cardio and satisfied customers. 😂

The RSBC Friday Mad Mixer is here 530/630am and 430pm - and don’t forget Power Peggy is back with an all new TRX Saturday 7am workout tomorrow!

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