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Our September issue is on stands and online now. It's loaded with great articles and some big news. Echo has a new owner — Aequalitus Media (look for a separate post about this exciting change). Former owner Bill Orovan bids adieu in this latest issue. Additionally, meet the Arizona Democratic Party LGBTQ Caucus, learn about how Krewe of Hope is offering COVID-19 relief, and find out about actor Joey Pollari's (of Love, Simon fame) new record, and plenty more. Thank you to the writers, designers, and photographers featured in this issue. And, of course, a giant thanks to our readers! Head over to and dig in. Buddy Early Grace Quest Shelly Talsma Everson Niki D'Andrea FitPro, LLC Tom Reardon Timothy Noel Rawles Tuesday Pugsly Mahrle Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen David-Elijah Nahmod, Author Jeff Kronenfeld Terri Schlichenmeyer
The Cockettes were a legendary performance troupe from SF that formed in the late '60s. You'll find original member Fayette Hauser on the cover of our latest issue - on stands and online now. Ashley Naftule chats with her about her new Cockettes book + more. Ashley also talks to Mary Ann Cherry about her new book on gay rights pioneer Morris Kight — that's one of this month's Web Exclusives. If you're not feeling well and need medical attention, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tom Reardon talks to two local telehealth providers who want the LGBTQ community to know about their services. We're feeling San Francisco this issue — Jason Kron chatted with another subversive performer from that area, Peaches Christ, about all sorts of things. Shelly Talsma Everson got together with Elena Joy Thurston to learn about her new organization, the Pride & Joy Foundation, where the mission is to build safety and awareness among the LGBTQ community and its allies. Timothy Noel Rawles has a convo with Drinks with Destiny, a Detroit drag queen who is providing video entertainment that features cocktail-making. Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen shares his personal history, along with pics from multiple photoshoots, with local drag performer Kyle JoAnn Michaels Chavira. Buddy Early outdid himself with this month's Not That You Asked column. + so much more. Thanks to FitPro, LLC, Tuesday Pugsly Mahrle, Jeff Kronenfeld, David-Elijah Nahmod, Author, Grace Quest, Colby Tortorici, Kimberly Blaker, Terri Schlichenmeyer, and most of all ... YOU!
So is this a partner challenge
I'm checking in as a phone-a-friend for Tamara Cohen. Day 14 - Monster; 2 Points
Got conned into visiting rep city for Loren Hughes in the FitPro, LLC 30 Day Challenge. Killer workout and 2 PTS ✅
HILLS AND THRILLS for you, Molly Rozelle Klopfenstein!!!🏃🏻‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🥇

Empowering our clients to reach their goals in fitness and beyond. Whipping Phoenix into shape one ounce of sweat at a time. NO EXCUSES. JUST RESULTS.

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Photos from FitPro, LLC's post 05/01/2022

This group of Phoenicians is READY for the Grand Canyon in t-minus three weeks! Everyone rocked it today, I’m so proud, counting down for another hit of that Canyon magic in 19 days 🏜✨


I don’t like the pain, I really don’t. But I love the results. So many things that you want are on the other side of that discomfort… PUSH. ☀️🔥


Your half-ass bullsh*t is what’s killing you.

Your half in, half out.
Your sometimes on, sometimes off.
Your inability to plan.
Your racing incessant unfocused brain.
Your disorganization and nonchalant attitude.
Your weak sense of discipline and inability to follow through with what you started, TO THE END.

If you have a problem: f*cking commit to fixing it.

If you want a goal: f*cking commit to hurdling any and all obstacles until you achieve it.


I don’t like the cold, I don’t like getting up early, I don’t love putting in long hours, I don’t like a lot of things but you bet your ASS that when the pressure comes on during the key moments I will rise to the occasion. Every. MF’ing. Time. Until the end of time. Count on it. ❤️‍🔥

LISTEN B*TCH! You get one life, one chance, one opportunity to LIVE. Why are you wasting your time being afraid, doing the minimum, barely squeaking by?


Or… continue with that lukewarm wishy washy average stuff.

I understand that life is a balance. I understand you can’t go hard all the time in all the things. But guess what? Sometimes you NEED TO GO HARD to achieve anything in this life.

Step into your power and choose something different.


I mean, I could come up with some deep spiritual quote or lyric to put with this picture…
Or I could be honest and say sometimes a girl just wants to take a pic sprinting next to a big ass cactus. Ya know? 🌵


‼️ The most important cue you need for lower body lifting:




… by working on your weaknesses.


Hear me out though.

Every single new personal training client I work with is very clearly either a “thinker”, or a “doer”.

Thinkers do a lot of things well, they:
✅ learn technique quickly and pay attention to details
✅ have good body awareness
✅ don’t injure themselves or overtrain often

And doers also have their strengths, as they:
✅ can go hard and have intensity in spades
✅ can be counted on under pressure
✅ tend to be dynamic performers that can achieve great results


Thinkers also:
❌ will never fully reach their potential because they’re afraid
❌ have perfectionistic and rigid tendencies
❌ typically don’t do well under pressure

And doers also:
❌ have sh*tty technique
❌ have atrocious body awareness
❌ often end up overtrained and injured because they aren’t paying attention

So, the 🔑 is to learn which one YOU are; and then push yourself to embody the other.

Thinkers need to trust themselves and push harder.

Doers need to slow down and start giving a sh*t about technique.

🧐🧐 which one are you? I would say I was probably a thinker at baseline, I love technique and precision… but I think going hard is so f*cking fun and sexy that I’ve definitely become a doer too. You gotta be BOTH!


The game of heat running is one of my favorites. It’s such a tightrope of precision and efficiency… the heat will magnify any weakness in recovery, intake, or technique. I also love how the heat requires total surrender and acceptance - the more you squirm and fight and bitch about the heat, the worse it gets. You humbly accept the discomfort and the challenge, and breathe and keep. Moving. FORWARD. 🔥☀️🔥



Stop f*cking looking for the shortcut.

The shortcut doesn’t f*cking exist.

Want a hard body? It takes a LOT of hard work.

Wanna go fast? Wanna go long? Wanna get strong as hell?

Get in line. Pay your dues.

It takes most people YEARS.

If you want it faster than that, be prepared to go absolutely all in and to turn yourself inside out for it. I’m talking hours per day, every single day, for a while.

❗️Great achievement requires great sacrifice. Period, end of story!

That’s my favorite thing about fitness.
You can’t buy it.
You can’t fake it.
You can’t force it.
You can’t shortcut it.

You have to EARN IT. Day in and day out, through the ups and downs, through the fears and doubts and setbacks and difficulties YOU RISE TO THE OCCASION OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER.

It’s not easy and it will never get easier.

But it IS worth it.

Let’s get to work.



The most important cue you need in lifting upper body:



💥 it’s like the car crash we can’t look away from.

It’s those sh*tty barbell rows.

Y’all, you are gonna HURT yourself swinging all over the place like that.

Barbell rows are the hardest rows in the book. Don’t even go to them until you have good scapular control, good wrist/pull mechanics, can “break the bar” (look it up or tell me you want a separate video on it), and can keep your spine neutral.

❌Go heavier than you can handle. Looking at you, Bro.
❌Flex wrists when you pull. Pull from the BACK not the arms.
❌Swing your neck all over the place. Keep it STILL.
❌Let your hips cheat and swing. Keep them STILL.

It’s a toughie! Make sure you’ve got the basics down before you go after this one.

But once you’re ready… oooooo nothing sexier than a good strong tight barbell row. ❤️‍🔥🔥

200% – FitPro, LLC 03/13/2022

200% – FitPro, LLC

Want to lift like a badass?

Want unshakeable confidence in the gym that you not only know what you’re doing, but that you’re strong as hell AND getting undeniable results?

Want sculpted, tight arms and chiseled abs you’re proud to show off?

Look no further: my all-new 200% program will get you stronger, leaner, and meaner than before – all for less than $3/workout!

We’re not slashing calories, and we’re not slaving away on endless cardio; we’re lifting heavy-ass weights with great technique and pushing our performance to the next level with superior programming designed by a strength expert.

This program is JAMMED with value, like never before! Your entry fee includes:
🎯8x weeks of expertly designed workouts (ALL SKILL LEVELS), including load/de-load instructions
🎯5x gym-based workouts/week (OR at home w/ dumbbells+bands)
🎯MINIMAL REST – packing in as much heavy lifting into each session as possible with supersets
🎯Daily core+arm blasts to sculpt everyone’s favorite beach muscles
🎯NEW: free copy of my Daily Fitness Bible – my top secret, never-before-seen, must-do’s for optimizing daily performance
🎯Full nutrition setup: calories, macros, supplements, and more
🎯LIVE nutrition Q+A in first week to solidify diet plan
🎯Recompose your physique with expert calorie strategies: enough calories to fuel kickass workouts, but enough of a deficit to lean out along the way
🎯Technique coaching via remote video – this alone is worth thousands $
🎯Nationwide participation
🎯Each exercise in the app has a video explanation and demonstration by Tia
🎯Keep these workouts forever! Work at your own pace. Use some now, or some later
🎯Private Facebook group for accountability and support

For just $111, the value here is INSANE. The components alone are worth the fee, let alone the workouts themselves and the support from me thru the 8 weeks. Elevate your fitness game to the next level TODAY.

⏳DM or email me to get signed up now, and lock in that bonus Q+A call! See you in the program… 💪🏻💯💪🏻

200% – FitPro, LLC 200% Double your strength while you chisel hard arms+abs in just 8 weeks – for only $111. Get stronger, leaner, and meaner than ever before with my smashing new program >> *results may vary HOW IT WORKS: Want to lift like a badass? Want unshakeable confidence in the gym that you not only know what...


Stop f**king around with what’s important to you.

If you want it, you NEED TO GO ALL IN.

No more of this half-ass bullsh*t. Want 50% results? Then yep, 50% effort works.

📣 Nothing great was ever achieved with balance and moderate effort. 📣

-Attack the goal. Today. Right now. Not next week.
-Trust themselves under pressure.
-Not overthink it. Just DO IT.
-Put in the work and the sacrifice over and over and over for months and years before they expect the payoff - none of the quick fix crap.
-Never give up. It’s that simple. Never, ever, ever, say die. We FIND A WAY.
-Hire a coach or professional to fast track their success. Winners invest in themselves.
-Always and forever keep evolving, keep striving, keep reaching, keep dreaming about the next level.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get to WORK.

Pssst… wanna work with me for a killer price? My all new 8wk program is coming this weekend and you won’t wanna miss it… see you there!

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