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I'll be in Phoenix, AZ the week of Feb 21st. Any co****le games/tournaments going on during that week?
Visiting West of Phoenix from San Diego. Any place to throw bags tonight?
Come out and support our CAC Girls!!
Let’s help support the softball CAC Girls!
Anything going on Friday night near Phoenix?
Very important question about the Wild West Shoot Out IX: is the Grand Plaza in Vegas going to have UFC 244 on TV on Saturday night! Stockton California’s own Nate Diaz is going to be destroying Masvidal and I don’t want to miss it!
2019 Arizona State Co****le Championships Day 2 Recap of Winners

Thank you all for coming this weekend! This was the biggest event that we've ever produced from start to finish. I first want to thank Erin Colleen, Val DiTommaso, Erin Colleen, Randi, Cassie Goldberg, Alexa Graves, Joe, Jesse and Diego for giving up part or all of their weekend to help make sure this event ran smoothly as possible. You did fantastic.

I also want to thank the 351 different who competed in the 15 different events and to all of the guests who came out to support their players and the event. In all, we crowned 24 different players at 2019 Arizona State Champions. Each one will get a new Championship jersey for their win. Additionally, 66 players won trophies and almost $12,000 in cash and prizes was given out.

I will contact all of the new champions this week to get their jersey size and the name that they want on the back.

Here's a recap of Sunday's winners (See previous post for Saturday's winners)

Champion: Bill Hadley ($400 plus a Championship jersey and trophy)
2nd Place: Tino Mendoza ($300 plus a trophy)
3rd Place: Mike Torres ($150 plus a trophy)
4th Place: Jose Machado ($50)

Champions: Ryan Shugarr and Luke Stedman ($600 plus Championship jerseys and trophies)
2nd Place: Pancho Centeno and Jimmy Tafoya ($400 plus trophies)
3rd Place: Bryan Willis and Jimbo Ketterling ($200 plus trophies)

Champions: KJ Nellis and Kade Stewart ($500 plus Championship jerseys and trophies)
2nd Place: Dan Gaylor and Soon Rasavong ($250 plus trophies)
3rd Place: Chris Stevens and Arizona Jones ($150 plus trophies)

Champion: KY Wilbert (Championship jersey and trophy)
2nd Place: Jose Palencia (Trophy)
3rd Place: Shawn Soria (Trophy)
4th Place: Todd Gable

Champions: Larry Felix and Jose Machado ($200 plus Championship jerseys and trophies)
All players received a Copper Cup t-shirt sponsored by Becky Minks Prdsfnd

Champions: Melissa and Gilbert Guerrero (Championship jerseys and trophies)
2nd Place: Natalie and Tom DeGeorge (Trophies)
3rd Place: Monique Duran and Bill Hadley (Trophies)

Esayas Tsiage at 60' ($450)
I live on the west side of Phoenix and am looking for a set of bags. Please message me looking to buy ASAP
Tier 2: Developing Division Singles is just about capped. I will still accept registrations but you will be put on a wait list. Below is a Roll Call list. If you've paid then you're in. If you haven't paid then please do so by the end of the weekend (6/9). I will open it up to the wait list on Monday. I will also create a Roll Call page and update that on Monday.


Adam Stratton
Arizona Jones
Ashton Koller-maki
Bruce Boelter
Chris Stevens
Chrissy Fitzner
Corina Crume
Dave Fitzner
Jillian Willis
John Castro
Ken Kulinowski
Kenneth Walsh
Kirk Fry
Logan Spencer
Marco Duran
Nathaniel Walsh
Nick Gosiak
Rey Hernandez
Rodger Beaver
Soon Rasavong

Brittney Mata
Chris Aldava
Dan Gaylor
Danny Rodriguez
Eric Aldava
Frank Aldava
Gary Graham
Lou Gonzales
Monique Duran
Go ahead and vote for your favorite ACL Pros to make it to the Pro Invitational on July 5 at National #4. Four teams will be voted in and join the other eight teams who have qualified for a spot.

The $25,000 All Forces Championships are on August 8-10 as part of the ACL Championships (Aug 6-11) in Valley Forge, PA.

I have gotten several questions on the event and how to qualify. You can either buy in directly for $250/team or I can run a qualifier. A couple of things to note if you would like to participate in a qualifier:

1. Anyone who participates in a qualifier should also be planning to go to Valley Forge, PA in August to compete. No point playing in the qualifier if you aren't going to attend the Championships.

2. For local players, I would need six teams minimum in order to run a qualifier. The qualifier could be held at either the Conference Event on June 22-23 or at my Crazy Cash Co****le event on July 13. I should be able to give out one qualifier for every six teams that enter.

3. A valid military ID or DD-214 will be required for verification of eligibility for military divisions. A badge, ID card, or documentation with letterhead from the last active place of employment within the specific public safety division will be required for verification of eligibility in all other divisions.

4. If you qualify, you get five games guaranteed in the All Forces event on 8/8 & 8/9 and then an additional two games for the All Forces Blind Draw on 8/10.

5. You can read full details here - https://www.iplayacl.com/news-media/92.

Bringing people together, one kornhole game at a time. We provide co****le events in Phoenix, AZ. Bo Like us on Facebook
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Operating as usual

Photos from KB Kornhole Games's post 11/27/2022

Congratulations to all of the podium finishers from the Black Friday ACL Blind Draw Regional and yesterday's Friendsgiving ACL Regional event.

1st: Peter Z
2nd: Kevin N
3rd: Greg C

1st: Tino M & Kevin N
2nd: Doug Z & Caden M
3rd: Melissa F & Justin E

1st: Jason A & Daniel M
2nd: Shawn S & Robert G
3rd: Glendon L & Angel H

1st: Michael M
2nd: Cody S
3rd: Daniel J Jr

1st: Michael M & Alex C
2nd: Alan B & Brittany E
3rd: Rick K & Steve P

1st: Nick G
2nd: Nicole K
3rd: Saul F

1st: Nick M & Cale W
2nd: John E & Daniel A
3rd: Tristen S & Nicole K

1st: Don H & Dustin H
2nd: Rose F & Chrissy F
3rd: Nicole K & David P

1st: Bill S
2nd: Merle K
3rd: Augie G

1st: Mariah C & C**t C
2nd: Harold S & David V
3rd: Taryn P & Tyler C

1st: Tony M
2nd: Matt D
3rd: Greg M

1st: Hollie J & Patricia K
2nd: Andrew O & Kordell M
3rd: Jen G & Don A

SnG#1: Robert O & Patricia K
SnG#2: Nick G & Kristi S
SnG#3: Eddie C & Dustin H


Big day today! You can play at your skill level OR higher but remember that you cannot be in two live tournaments at once. So if you are in one event and want to play another be sure they don’t overlap. Ask if you aren’t sure.

As a THANKS to those who registered ahead of time, we will be doing some special drawings today for a chance to win a free drink, meal or maybe some cash!

We will try to get in a two game rounder warm up before each double elim bracket (for doubles at least) and sit n gos for those who get out early.

Singles (four divisions) and BYOP doubles (five divisions). Six players needed for singles to be official. 6 teams for BYOP for it to be official. Full details at https://www.kbco****le.com/friendsgiving.html. Doors open at 11am. (Schedule below)

Saturdays schedule
Doors open

Open Doubles (max 32 teams)
Competitive Doubles (max 32 teams)
Novice Doubles (max 24 teams)

Advanced Singles (max 48 players)
Intermediate Singles (max 48 players)

Competitive Singles (max 48 players)

Open Singles (max 48 players)

Intermediate Doubles (max 32 teams)

Advanced Doubles (max 32 teams)

Sit N Go Blind Draws, if boards available.

Photos from KB Kornhole Games's post 11/25/2022

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now who’s ready to throw some bags?

ACL Regional points available this weekend. Five divisions are being offered today for the blind draw - Open, Advanced, Competitive, Intermediate and Novice. Need 12 players (six teams) in a division for it to be official. If there are less than 12 in any division then it will be consolidated. Those looking to play in the Open Blind Draw players must be listed as Advanced or have a 7.5 PPR or higher. Doors open at noon. All five divisions start at 1pm. Later tonight we will have our Friday Night Lights Blind Draw at 7pm.

Tomorrow we have singles (four divisions) and BYOP doubles (five divisions). Six players needed for singles to be official. 6 teams for BYOP for it to be official. Full details at https://www.kbco****le.com/friendsgiving.html. Doors open at 11am. (Schedule below)

World Cup Soccer today and tomorrow. USA plays England today at noon and Mexico vs Argentina tomorrow at noon.

Saturdays schedule
Doors open

Open Doubles (max 32 teams)
Competitive Doubles (max 32 teams)
Novice Doubles (max 24 teams)

Advanced Singles (max 48 players)
Intermediate Singles (max 48 players)

Competitive Singles (max 48 players)

Open Singles (max 48 players)

Intermediate Doubles (max 32 teams)

Advanced Doubles (max 32 teams)

Sit N Go Blind Draws, if boards available.


Happy Thanksgiving! 🖤


Week #4 of Women's League tonight

Photos from American Co****le League's post 11/19/2022

Photos from American Co****le League's post


World Cup is starting up! One of the biggest sporting events around the world.

Next Friday and Saturday we've got two days worth of events where you can compete and watch the World Cup at the same time.

Friday 11/25 Black Friday ACL Blind Draw (Five Divisions) and USA will be facing off against England in round 2 of the Group Stage.

Saturday 11/26 Friendsgiving Event (ACL Regional) and Mexico will be playing Argentina in their round 2 game.



⭐Women's Random Partner Tourney at 1pm
⭐Random Partner Tournaments throughout the day
⭐Open lane rentals

🏈 NFL Sunday Ticket all day! 🏈

Doors open at 11am.

Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue

Friendsgiving Co****le Tournament 11/13/2022

Friendsgiving Co****le Tournament

Friendsgiving Event

You've celebrated with family! Now it's time to party with friends. Join us for our first Friendsgiving Event at Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue. Singles and Doubles events with five skill level divisions.

See all details at

Friendsgiving Co****le Tournament You've celebrated with family! Now it's time to party with friends. Join us for our first Friendsgiving Event at Hole 9 Yards . Singles and Doubles events with four skill level divisions. This is an...



⭐Back by popular demand is the BOUNTY Tournament. Bring your own partner. Play in a 4 game Rounder to split into multiple divisions. There's a SECRET BOUNTY during the Rounders portion that will be revealed after the four games. That BOUNTY as well as an additional Bounty will be added for the Double Elimination portion of the event. 12 round matches.

⭐Open lane rentals

Doors open at 11am.

Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue


This was a fun one last Saturday with 27 teams so let's run it back for those who missed out the first time and for those who asked to do it again.

🔥Bounty Tournament🔥

✅Saturday 11/12 • 1pm • BYOP • $40/team • 5-6 games guaranteed

✅All teams start in one division and play a 4 game Round Robin

✅A random SECRET bounty is selected prior to round robin.

✅Results from RR splits the field into multiple divisions, each with their own double elimination tournament

✅The SECRET bounty is revealed after Round Robin and remains one of the bounties for the rest of the tournament.

✅The top seed in each division will also be bounties teams for the double elimination tournament.

💲Win $$$ by beating the Bounty Team in Round Robin, by knocking them into the Loser's bracket or by knocking them out of the tournament



⭐Random Partner (Blind Draw) Open Division
⭐Random Partner (Blind Draw) Casual Division
⭐Open lane rentals

🇺🇸Veteran's play for FREE tonight as we honor all of those who have sacrificed for our Nation!🇺🇸

Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue


Thank you to all of the Veterans for your time, bravery, and sacrifice for this country. We are forever grateful for what you've done to maintain America's freedom.

All Veterans get free entry into our event tonight at 7pm at Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue.


Women's Random Partner event - 1pm this Sunday at Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue.

There will also be random partner/blind draw tournaments throughout the day for anyone not competing in the Women's event.

NFL Sunday Ticket on the 36 TVs throughout the venue.



Tonight we start Swap-8 Format. Lots of games and prizes given out to a number of different players.

•Top W/L (w/Pt Differential)
•Top PPR
•Top DPR
•One random winner

This is a four week season but you can pay as you go for this one. $10/week. Prizes at the end of the season for the top players in the various categories.

Photos from American Co****le League's post 11/08/2022

Photos from American Co****le League's post


Corn Dawg Toss 5!!!! is coming up on November 19. We'll be working with the East Side Elves to host their event. This is a great organization that provides comfort to our shelter animals in Maricopa County. They depend on donations to support the animals in the shelter.

Entry fee includes a drink ticket for both players on the team.

This is a perfect event for casual players or those not interested in a big payout. All registrations will go through East Side Elves (see event page below) but you can walk in and sign up the day of the event.

Event page: https://fb.me/e/3MxhHeCmR

If you cannot make it but would still like to support the group, please consider donating something off of their Amazon Wish List - https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/36BB7ZUD3ZZJL/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1



Along with Monday Night Football, here's what's on tap for tonight.

⭐Women's Doubles Week #2 (still time to join)
⭐NEW Singles League Week #1
⭐Open lane rentals

Keep current with upcoming events at hole9yards.com


Black Friday Event!!!!

ACL Blind Draw Regional. 11/25. 1pm start for all five divisions.





Monday's just got a little better at Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue

We are entering week #2 of our Women's Doubles 8-week league. There's still time to join! $50/team.

We've also added a new 6-week Singles League. $40/player for the entire season or you can play on a weekly basis for $10/week.

Plus, Ravens vs Saints on Monday Night Football.



Going to kick off a new format this Thursday at Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue - Swap-8!

Play eight games per night with a different partner each round. At the end of the night, FIVE players will win a prize for most Wins, Best Pt. Differential, Highest PPR and Highest DPR. PLUS, we'll use a number generator to award one random player the final prize.

At the end of the season we'll also have awards for the season leader in Wins, Pt. Diff, PPR and DPR.

You can join at any time for the weekly prizes but you must compete in all four weeks to be eligible for the season awards.

League dates: 11/10, 11/17, 12/1 and 12/8 (no Thanksgiving 11/24)

Something special coming on 12/15 so keep an eye out for that.


🥶 Brrrrr! It’s going to be “Arizona Cold” tonight but the temp is just right in Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue.

Upper and lower division blind draws tonight. $250 added to the upper division pot!

Community Connect: Vol. 4 Issue 1 11/02/2022

Community Connect: Vol. 4 Issue 1

Coming off his 2nd place out of 87 teams, here’s a cool article - Craving the Win - about Caden Mason. Stats on page 26.

Community Connect: Vol. 4 Issue 1 The Community Connect Magazine is a Dysart Unified School District publication aimed at telling the stories of students, staff, and community members who make extraordinary contributions to our community. The magazine has one of the largest circulations in the Northwest Valley. The mission is to pro...


Congratulations to all the winners from yesterday's East vs West vs South Competition. Rumor has it that we might have a North team next year. 😎

Overall Winner: East (154pts)

Open Doubles: Derrick and Moses (South)

Advanced: Shortz and Shawn (East)

Competitive: Melissa and Angel (East)

Intermediate: Elizabeth and Jason (West)

*Payouts will be sent out today!


Thank you to everyone who came out to the East vs West vs South Competition at Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue yesterday. I tried a new format, and like all new things it can use some tweaking to improve. We hope everyone had a great time with the atmosphere and the competition.

🙏While yesterday was an amazing day, today are two events I look forward to all year! A day to show gratitude for the amazing AZ co****le community and the support you give throughout the year.

💰$2,000 in prizes (cash and apparel) will be awarded to the top teams in two separate free entry events (not to mention lots of bags thrown)


⏰12pm: free entry tournament for those who played in 40+ points events last season. Frequent Player Invitational

⏰4pm: free entry tournament for the top 32 in the state rankings last season. Copper Club Invitational

⏰5:30pm: Come watch the Buffalo Bills game with me. Pitcher specials every time the Bills score a touchdown (we might kick the keys with Josh Allen at QB)

🍻Blind draws and free lane rentals for open play all day as well. Anyone not playing (or who has been eliminated from one of the invitationals) can come in and throw some bags.


🍀 Great way to cap off one of the biggest weekends of the season with TWO FREE ENTRY INVITATIONALS on Sunday (plus blind draws open to anyone) at Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue . 🍀

12pm: Frequent Player Invitational
4pm: AZ Copper Club Invitational

Plus there will be blind draws all day long with Sunday Ticket playing in the background. Doors open at 9am with breakfast until 11.

And to finish off the day, come cheer on my Buffalo Bills with me! Who knows...maybe we'll have some specials any time the Bills score. 👀

Check this link if you are unsure if you are eligible for either of the invitationals.


East vs West vs South 10/28/2022

East vs West vs South

Tomorrow! 80 teams signed up so far. East is currently full but if West and South don't fill their spots then those will open to ANY REGION on Saturday morning.

Doors open at 9am (for breakfast) and the EvWvS Competition starts at 10:30am.

If we do fill those spots it'll be first come ON-SITE Saturday morning. Have money loaded in your digital wallet (Gold and Platinum members have ZERO deposit transaction fees to load the wallet). Don't bother messaging us to put you on a waitlist. We want to see your cheery faces when you register.

All details at

East vs West vs South Our 6th annual season opening event has a new twist this year - the SOUTH is now their own region! This is an event you DON'T WANT TO MISS! The East has won every year so far but now have two regions...

Photos from KB Kornhole Games's post 10/28/2022

October ACL Singles Regional Winners at Hole 9 Yards - Co****le Venue

Open Singles winner: Moses Zazueta

Advanced Singles winner: Brittany Ethridge

Competitive Singles winner: Zach Langendorfer

Intermediate Singles winner: Scott Gruber

First indoor co****le venue opens in EV 10/28/2022

First indoor co****le venue opens in EV

This reporter has been following KB Kornhole since almost the beginning back in 2015. Here's her latest article on the launch of Hole 9 Yards.


The article was also picked up in the SanTan Sun News (https://santansun.com/2022/10/15/ev-is-home-to-nations-first-indoor-co****le-venue/) and the East Valley Tribune - https://www.eastvalleytribune.com/mesa-man-realizes-dream-with-indoor-co****le-venue/article_d9ad396a-aec7-502d-bbb2-292b6a6090ac.html

*Note: We don't pick the headlines. 😆

First indoor co****le venue opens in EV Two weeks may not sound like a long time, but when Gilbert’s Hole 9 Yards owners had plans in place for a festive grand opening on Sept. 16, supply-chain issues



In case you missed it earlier in the season, the Arizona State rankings will be calculated a bit different this year. Instead of the state rankings just being a duplicate of the Open rankings, the state rankings only take into account certain events:

1) Your top 15 local events (singles and/or doubles)
2) Your top 6 regional singles and top 6 regional doubles (blind draw or BYOP)
3) Your state championship results for singles and doubles

I haven't usually offered a blind draw regional in the past, mainly because of space and time. We now have both so there will be a Regional Blind Draw each month along with the normal BYOP. You keep the best finish of each month (example: 3rd place in BYOP and 2nd place in Blind Draw = keep the 2nd place finish)

Check your rankings at https://www.iplayacl.com/acl-standings or in the ACL Player app. Top 32 at the end of the season earn a spot in the Arizona Copper Club.

Of course, for those who are not interested in the points, our events are structured so that anyone can play, whether you want the points are not.


Who wants to watch a 45 year old man get chased around by other very large men on one of H9Y's 36 TVs? Ravens play Buccaneers on TNF tomorrow night!

Oh yeah...and we have our first ACL Singles Regional of the season! Four divisions and all four have already meet the minimum size requirement so each division is a GO! Don't fret! Regionals won't typically be on Thursday nights we just ran out of weekends with the delayed opening, the other regional events and the Rocky Point event.

40+ players already pre-registered. We will try to get in a 3 game round robin for each division to seed into a double elimination tournament. Save time and skip the line by registering at https://app.iplayacl.com/find-events/3009/type/reg.

Gold and Platinum members get a $10 discount PLUS no transaction fees when loading the digital wallet.


A modest but important group kicking off our H9Y leagues this past Monday! The female talent in AZ has exploded over the past few years and the future is bright! Melissa and Renee with an impressive 6-0 record to start the season.

No women's league next Monday (Halloween) but there will be a blind draw for anyone who wants to come in. We're still taking women's teams so there's a few weeks left to decide before we kick back off with Week #2 on 11/7.

*Note: I understand Monday is not convenient for those on the West side. Drop a comment and let us know when you could make it? Maybe a Saturday or Sunday women's league after the new year?


Always fun promoting the sport to the mainstream. Thank you to Gina Ramirez, Nicole Kangas, Patricia Kier, Jeff Kangas and Kier for making the trip to take part in the news segment.


👀 The updated Bert Adams Trophy, now including the South Region and the 2021 winner. We are going to need a smaller font when the North is ready to go (next year?).

Is this the year that East gets dethroned? Who do you got?

Remember that it’s limited to 32 teams per region during the pre-registration period. East is full but if spots are unclaimed by West and South then those spots will be available to all regions on a first come basis Saturday morning.

Doors open at 9. Bags fly at 10:30. All details can be found at http://kbkornhole.com/evwvs.

Videos (show all)

Always fun promoting the sport to the mainstream. Thank you to Gina Ramirez, Nicole Kangas, Patricia Kier, Jeff Kangas a...
ACL PDC Pro Gina Ramirez teaching the next generation at Hole 9 Yards - Cornhole Cliniic this morning. Today's session -...
A full slate of events coming up this week at Hole 9 Yards - Cornhole Venue and more getting added each day. Take a quic...
Full recap to come but wanted to thank the 400+ players and all the spectators who came out to the 2022 Arizona State Co...
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