Blake Barrel And Rifle

Precision drilled and single point cut to provide a completely stress free barrel. Precise twist rates and 6 groove rifling provide exceptional accuracy.

Operating as usual

Photos from Blake Barrel And Rifle's post 03/18/2022

A new barrel made for a customer after UPS trashed and then lost the last one. Sorry for all the delays Bradley!

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A Cerus XL converted to an XR after gun was completed. We have developed methods to where we do not chip any of the existing clear coat finish.

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The new 30 cal, 10 twist with the 30 BBM and 215's seems to show some promise. A little pair firing at 1000 yards today at Ben Avery.

For the ones that haven't tried our barrels yet, you might be missing out...

Photos from Fclassproducts's post 11/13/2021

Photos from Fclassproducts's post

Photos from Blake Barrel And Rifle's post 11/09/2021

Getting a zero on a new barrel.

Photos from Blake Barrel And Rifle's post 11/01/2021

Blake Barrel and Rifle, Rifles take two mulies side by side yesterday at 600 yards. One is a 280 AI on a 1917 Enfield action with a 29" barrel. The other is a 7mm Blake Maximum with a 29" barrel. 3 generations of Blake's shown and also the husband of the granddaughter of Bob Blake who started Blake Barrel and Rifle in 1966.

Photos from Blake Barrel And Rifle's post 09/26/2021

We’d like to congratulate some outstanding shooters from last weekend representing Blake Barrels.

Jason Cohen won the Santa Fe Long Range in Raton, NM with a 1181-51X. This consisted of 2 days of shooting all at 1000 yards in very difficult winds.

David Gosnell took runner up in the combined aggregate for the Santa Fe Regional and Rocky Mountain Palma with a 2228-97x.
He impressively also won the second day of the SFLR only dropping three points the whole day with a 597-31x.

Bryan Blake won the Rocky Mountain Palma aggregate with a 1075-40x. Also the overall combined aggregate for the Rocky Mountain Palma and Santa Fe Regional with a 2241-75x.

These shooters showed great skill navigating their way through 38MPH wind gusts as Raton has some of the trickiest winds in the country.

Great shooting guys and thank you for representing Blake Barrels.

Photos from Blake Barrel And Rifle's post 09/26/2021

Congratulations to Phil Bossaller for winning the Louisiana State Long Range Championship last weekend. Phil Bossaller being in the master class was able to out shoot all competitors in the high master class winning the overall aggregate.

Phil has been shooting our barrels for a while now and we are proud to have him representing us!


Water cooled...

Fire form 100 rounds of ammo in less than 3 minutes...


284 Shehane

Finalizing some Shehane dies...


Shooter Eric W "breaking in" his latest 30 BBM barrel at 800 yards today. I've always told people that I have taken brand new barrels to national events and people always say you gotta have hundreds of rounds on a barrel before you can do that. Just more proof that is not always needed if between barrel to barrel with our consistency of our barrels, you can put the same load and let her eat the x ring. Nice shooting Eric!


Brett Collins shooting a 10 shot group with his 6mm BRA with his Blake Barrel. Nice shooting Brett!



Another XR ready to go together for one of our very loyal customers. We all come from painting concourse gold show cars, so laying perfect clear on wood is not much different 😀.


We have been rigid reaming for awhile now. You will never get a straighter, more concentric, more coaxial chamber any other way. Reamer and chamber so dead on size that if you stick the reamer in the chamber after chambering, the reamer locks up tight. The days of floating reamer heads are long gone.

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Congratulations to Katie Blankenship for putting a hurting on everyone at last week's 2 day 1000 yard Agg. In 2 days she only dropped 3 points! She is an incredibly talented shooter and glad to have her a part of team BBR/FCP. She put a 6 point gap on the next highest shooter. She shoots the 7BBM very well!


Shooting 5 shot groups in the 0's is always fun! 7 BBM.


New innovations

Photos from Blake Barrel And Rifle's post 01/09/2021

Took this in on trade and it had a shot out barrel on it. We re-barreled it with one of our premium 8.5 twist, 32" long barrels. Chambered in 284 Shehane with a .313 neck and . 260 free bore, back to back national winning tuner installed also. Defiance action, jewell trigger, McMillan ZR stock. Can outfit with a vortex golden eagle. F Open rig with no wait time. We have our custom seating and non bushing sizing dies too.


Blake Barrel and Rifle took 2/3 top three spots in the 1000 yard Arizona state championship this weekend. Tim Vaught and Bryan Blake. Both using the 30 BBM cartridge. The second highest score in all of 1000 yard f class history was shot also. The 10 in there was just outside x ring on the right in holding 5 ring +- conditions. There were 3, 30 BBM's that shot cleans. Glad that BBR could be represented on the podium. Congratulations to Dan Bramley also on his win. The 200-19x was brass turned on the neck turner and Berger bullets. For those that don't know. This means that 23/24 shots hit a 5" circle at 1000 yards


Three different guns testing at 1000 yesterday.


Hunting season. A little vintage mixed with a little modern. 7mm BBM, German Mauser action. Leupold mark 4 scope. 12 spiral fluted 29" barrel with titanium brake, timney trigger. 180 grain bullet at 2920 fps.


5 shots to foul in the clean to the bone barrel and 5 for record to check accuracy after fouling. 1/2" tall, less than 5/8" wide. At 500 yards. That'll work!


Testing Mohsin's new FTR gun. Showing potential.


Mohsin Nawaz FTR gun all finished up. Features a Cerus Rifleworks FTR stock, Borden Accuracy BRM, Bix n Andy Trigger, Rad, Fclassproducts Championship winning tuner, Pair of Blake Barrel And Rifle 308 Win Barrels. Gun with FClassProducts Bipod kit weighs 15.1 LB.


Cerus GT

A Cerus GT in 308 Win heading to a sheriff to use in police competitions.


Cerus FTR.

A Cerus FTR heading to Mohsin Nawaz.


Cerus XR

This one has some awesome colors



The AUTODOD is ready for orders! Here is a video showing the simplicity of the functions.


What an amazing year for Andrew Cyr! Blake Barrel and Rifle equipment, barrel and our first FTR build we ever did takes another National Championship title!!! Two years in a row in two different categories! Andy has been shooting FTR for a few years, not in a real serious manner. This year he has buckled down and became an excellent wind reader and shooter! Very proud of him. Andy was actually the very first customer we had when we got into the business and has been a very loyal customer and friend. He believed in our barrels from the very beginning and stuck with us through the upbringing of our products. Andy won by a whopping NINE points to second place! Andy is always up for using our "different" ideas on barrel configurations and can almost bet no one at the F class Nationals had the twist rate he was using... Very proud of you Andy, that's a lot of gold medals!!!


Have a couple FTR rifles for sale we took in on a deal. The yellow and black one is a 308 with 150 rounds, shot a 198-12x at 1000 recently. The grey one is a 223 with 1600 rounds. Rifles were owned by a very good and meticulous shooter. They are both currently brux barrels. We will rebarrel them to Blake barrels if they don't sell soon. XIT stocks, black and yellow one had the stock and bedding work by Alex Sitman. Here's a chance to get you two great shooting turn key setups ready to go with no wait on a builder. Both are defiance single shot actions, vortex golden eagle scopes, etc. PM us for pricing.


The target shown is the same barrel that shot the group in the 0's, shot at 600 yards after tuning the barrel I put on last Tuesday. 15x's on that target.


Proud to be a sponsor of the USA Rifle Team 2021. We strive to do anything we can, to help the USA win the gold in 2022 at the FCWC.


Lapping machine.

This is one of the lapping systems we made. We measure and datalog the force pulled and pushed on the lap to ensure straightness and uniformity after all measuring and such has been done by QC. This method is a lot more consistent than hand lapping. With hand lapping, you exert an un-coaxial force on the lapping rod and "bell mouth" the ends of the barrel. This ensures a dead coaxial force along the barrels bore. We program the speeds, number of cycles, etc to ensure very consistent barrel to barrel results.

We started using this system earlier this year. About the time out barrels started doing well at matches all over the country, coincidence? I think not...


Congratulations to Andy Cyr, he put a hurting on the FTR guys and even had higher x counts than a lot of the open guys this last weekend at the roadrunner regional championship at Ben Avery in Phoenix. We built this rifle two years ago and he's been hammering. XIT stock with a borden BRM action. Nice shooting Andy and congratulations on your win!!


Breaking in another 30 cal Blake Barrel. Anytime a magnum shoots in the 0's on break-in is a nice feeling!

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Water cooled...
284 Shehane
Cerus GT
Cerus FTR.
Cerus XR
Lapping machine.
Jason Cohen's newly finished 30BBM with a Cerus Rifleworks XR stock, BAT Machine Company Inc. Nuevo mated to a 30 cal. B...




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