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Operating as usual


More R2R training!


How to do Strength Training at 91 Years Old - https://mailchi.mp/cb0921705c79/strength-training-at-91-years-old Hannah says her fitness journey helped her be a candidate for and recover from a hip replacement and heart surgery.

Photos from Longevity Personal Training's post 03/06/2022

Another great hike at Picacho Peak! Thanks everyone who came out!


I give you 4 suggestions on how to change your daily walk so your body feels like it's training and not doing the same old thing every day - https://mailchi.mp/5c69512839a2/change-daily-walk

Photos from Longevity Personal Training's post 01/21/2022

Paddleboard in the morning. Hike in the afternoon. Beach life does the soul GOOD!!


Prepping for the Canyon!


DAMM! I soooooo needed this! Can't get it on Sunday so gotta get it when I can. Have a fun weekend everyone! Get OUTSIDE!!!!


The 21st Annual Picacho Peak Hike is on Sunday, March 6th. Joine us. 📢🔆👣 - https://mailchi.mp/ee2ad60cf5db/19th-picacho-peak-hike-longevitypt-5697285


What rain?? GET OUTSIDE!!!


Where else would I be? MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone!!


Still need a gift for a loved one? Consider a gift certificate for personal training from Longevity PT. Happy Holidays! - https://mailchi.mp/3ed951655322/happy-holidays-from-longevity-pt-5692229


THE ONLY Magic Pill.


RIGHT ON!!!!!!


Nichole turns 37 today. I couldn't be prouder.


And now for some very needed grounding.

Photos from Longevity Personal Training's post 10/11/2021

Humphreys Peak Hike 2021. What a spectacular time of year to hike this mountain.

Photos from Longevity Personal Training's post 09/26/2021

Probably the last 10 miler before Humphreys. 68 degrees and a steady light rain made for a refreshing environment.

It's not your age that's slowing your metabolism, new research says. Here's what to do 09/26/2021

It's not your age that's slowing your metabolism, new research says. Here's what to do

It's not your age that's slowing your metabolism, new research says. Here's what to do It's a generally accepted belief that as you age, your resting metabolism slows — especially over age 40. Not true, says an August study published in the journal Science. Fitness expert Dana Santas shares four science-backed ways to boost your metabolism.

Photos from Longevity Personal Training's post 09/20/2021

After 3 days of music the highlight comes Sunday afternoon with the Allman-Betts Band. Can u guess who is who. Not only some originals and classic Allman Brothers but they brought the house down with the Dead's Shakedown Street. The place was ROCKING! Allman Bros music tradition looks to be in good hands.

Photos from Longevity Personal Training's post 09/16/2021

After 8.5 hours on the road. I have arrived. Telluride is such a cool town. Now. Onto 3 days of some kick ass Blues!


Here it comes!


Our Reschedule of Annual Humphrey's Peak Hike on Oct. 10, 2021 - https://mailchi.mp/be7464bb5ff8/annual-humphreys-peak-hike-on-july-21st-5644933

Photos from Longevity Personal Training's post 09/05/2021

The desert sure has greened up from the rains we've been getting. Got 10 in today. Back to training for Humphreys. Rescheduling to 2nd Sunday in Oct. Notice will go out this week. Now onto meal prep. So that I control what goes in my mouth. NOT outside influences or even my own desires.


Let’s cut right to the chase. Carbs make you hungry. Yes, it is a vicious cycle especially if you are concerned with your weight - https://mailchi.mp/d594256e631d/accountable-5641005

Photos from Longevity Personal Training's post 08/29/2021

My typical Sunday morning hike is a 7 mile out and back on the Gateway Trail. I had been hearing about this on the news but interesting to see. I counted 330 of these caterpillars (yes I did) on just half of this hike this morning. Wow. Must be some particular time of year for them. Happy Sunday everyone!!


Adios SD beaches! Now the long climb out. Off to get me some Bubba's!


View of Picacho Peak coming up from Tuscon. Very different from the angle coming down from Phoenix. With all of the rain this past month we could be in for a spectacular showing of wildflowers when we hike it next year. Hope to see YOU at the top in March.


I know same pic. But you can't take the pic if you don't hike the mountain. 7miles 2572' elevation gain. 2hrs 14min. What are you doing today to exert yourself physically? ....now get your ass up and get out the door!!!


Lunch! Yes. Pure and simple. No need for sides or anything else. Why muck it up with extras? My 2 coaches tell me I need more protein. I must abide!!.....No worries. I've got 2 pints of ice cream waiting in the freezer. The Weekend is HERE!! Go get ya some!!


Are You Accountable? - https://mailchi.mp/ae6e3aae31b4/accountable - When you go to sleep at night and close your eyes. You are the only one there. Such is life. You may share your life with many others. And those “others” may change as life rolls on. But your actions are your own. Yours and yours alone.


Meal prep done for the week. Top shelf.. From left to right. Chicken breasts, rib eye, eggs & chicken thighs. Bottom shelf. Strawberries and grapes for after dinner when I get home. How do you prepare nutritionally for the week?


Grandkids Cash & Karl 3. Nuff said.


Yes. It's am. And yes just because you're on "vaca" doesn't mean your fitness is on a "vaca". Go get ya some!


And there we are! Once a year is never enough to spend time with Karl and his family. To have Nichole with us is truly a bonus! Off to the shore tomorrow.


And there she is. Once a year makes it even sweeter!


Good to be back! Let the cheat week begin! Pretzel already in hand.


10 miles in before 930. That's how we ROLL! Last training hike before Humphreys in 2 weeks. See you all there!

Photos from Longevity Personal Training's post 07/04/2021

HAPPY 4TH Everyone! Still prepping for Humphreys at the end of this month. Pic #2 - take care of your puppies! They're your children!

Photos from Longevity Personal Training's post 06/27/2021

Prepping for Humphreys at the end of July. Hope rain comes soon so they open up the forest. Get out early!


Sometimes you just get it right.


Annual Humphrey's Peak Hike on July 25th, 2021 - Details on how to join are inside. Click the link: https://mailchi.mp/f3db8016ad43/annual-humphreys-peak-hike-on-july-21st-5349641

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