Arizona Aikido Fall Mountain Camp

We are no longer holding a Fall Mountain Camp in Prescott, AZ. We usually do a seminar at the dojo in Phoenix. Watch our Website for information:

Operating as usual


Blackbird Martial Arts

Today I got the sad news that my friend Claire Conway passed away. For as long as I can remember, Claire was practicing Aikido in Tucson and helping others on their martial journey. She was the kindly dojo "grandmother" who had an encouraging and wise word for all. Our paths first crossed about 20 years ago, and I remember her as an ambassador for the arts who worked tirelessly to bring Aikido to generations of excited practitioners. From kids to seniors, Claire worked quietly to ensure that all had a good experience. Her assistance and administration allowed her dojo to thrive, and she planted many seeds of budo--and of compassion--that will last far into future.

Claire never sought to be "budo famous." She didn't seek out rank or titles or recognition. She sought to further Aikido, selflessly and tirelessly. Tucson martial arts are much better for her efforts, and we are all much poorer for her loss. I will miss her very much.

Thank you, Claire, for your influence and example.


Arizona Aikido Annual Winter Seminar

This photo is from our last seminar with Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan in December 2019, when we were still able to get together, i.e., before the COVID-19 pandemic. THIS year, we'll train with Ikeda Sensei virtually! Our Annual Ikeda Seminar will be held December 12, 2020, via Zoom! There will be two sessions, one from 10:00 a.m. to Noon (MST), and the second from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (MST). The cost for the seminar is $35.00. Register via Paypal below.

If you need to register with a check, please make it payable to Arizona Aikido and send it, along with your email address, to: Arizona Aikido, 2416 S. Mulberry, Mesa, AZ 85202.

Ikeda Sensei has been teaching weekly classes on his approach to internal power. This seminar will also focus on internal power. This is an essential skill, whether you are a beginner or an advanced Aikidoka.

All proceeds from this seminar go to Ikeda Sensei.

We hope you'll plan to attend! We look forward to seeing you online!

Download a flyer here:

Please register here ( for the Ikeda Sensei Zoom seminar. The cost for the seminar is $35. You'll need to enter your email address and name. We'll send you a link for the seminar before December 12!


Arizona Aikido Annual Winter Seminar

Our Annual Winter Seminar this year will be a set of Zoom sessions with Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei on Saturday, December 12, 2020. Details will be forthcoming shortly! SAVE THE DATE!

This photo is from 2018... when we could actually train IN the dojo!

Fall Seminar 2019 with Jim Alvarez Sensei 09/26/2019

Thanks to Ron Casner for the photos!

Thanks to Ron Casner for the photos!

[09/23/19]   Many thanks to Jim Alvarez Sensei for a wonderful seminar this past weekend (September 20-22, 2019)! Congratulations, also, to Ron C. for a great test and promotion to sandan (third degree black belt)!


We are just a couple of weeks out from our seminar with Jim Alvarez Sensei! It's a good time to preregister at!

Fall Mountain Camp has transitioned to a Fall Seminar at the dojo! Join us September 20-22, 2019, for a seminar with Jim Alvarez Sensei from Aikido of
Livermore-Shinrei Dojo. Alvarez Sensei is a 6 dan training with Aikido Schools of Ueshiba. More information and online registration is available on our Website: http;//

[02/05/19]   We no longer do a Fall Mountain Camp in Prescott, but we still have Ikeda Sensei in Phoenix! Look for him to be here December 6-8, 2019!


Here's another memory from Fall Mountain Camp. This one is from 2004, 20 years into FMC! We were still having a pretty good turnout for camp. (Note that Ikeda Sensei will be in Phoenix December 7-9, 2018 for our annual Ikeda Seminar - information at

[10/15/18]   Well, Fall Mountain Camp is now a memory. Here's a photo from 2011 and yes, that is Mary Heiny Sensei with her back to the camera...

[09/18/17]   Arizona Aikido's Fall Mountain Camp 2017 is in the books! Thanks to Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan for a wonderful camp! Thanks, too, to all who attended!

We began going to an annual camp in Prescott in 1984 after the death of our dojo founder, Jon Mamoru Takagi Sensei. Our then new Chief Instructor, Tsuneji Sakakibara Sensei, felt it was important for us to get away from the Valley and reconnect with our roots, to begin our recovery from the loss of our previous leader. Through the years, we have had the opportunity to train with many different senior instructors. Our first camp was focused only on local instructors – Sakakibara Sensei, Ralph Pfleger (Rafa Mithuna) Sensei, Tom Haines Sensei, Joel Levert Sensei, Ben Mancini Sensei, and Gene Nelson Sensei. In 1985 we were able to host Fumio Toyoda Sensei from Chicago. He and Takagi Sensei had formed the Aikido Association of America and we were a part of that organization. Over the next year, Sakakibara Sensei decided that, with the consent of the dojo membership, we should return to a connection with Hombu Dojo in Japan. That was accomplished by affiliating with the United States Aikido Federation, headed in the Western Region by Kazuo Chiba Sensei who had also taken the name “Taiwa Kigen” Chiba when he became a Buddhist priest. That year, 1986, we had planned to have Frank McGouirk Sensei as our featured instructor. Because of a bit of poor planning on our part, our sister dojo in Tucson had planned to feature Frank Doran Sensei for a seminar on the same weekend. Realizing that trying to have both seminars would be a disaster for both of us, we asked the two Franks if they would mind doing a joint seminar in Prescott. That was acceptable to them, so that is what we did, held the first “Frank & Frank” Seminar.

Over the years we know we’ve had other well-known sensei teach at Fall Mountain Camp – T.K. Chiba Sensei, Bruce Bookman Sensei, Coryl Crane Sensei, JoAnn Veneziano Sensei, Glenn Brooks Sensei.

Within a few of years our beginning, we settled at Emmanuel Pines Camp with Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei as our featured instructor. Each year we held a Saturday night banquet at the Hotel St. Michael, with music and dancing. We evolved from Fall Mountain Camp to Fall Bridge Camp and added other instructors – 2009, for example, featured Mary Heiny Sensei, Tsuneji Sakakabara Sensei, Kirk Fowler Sensei, and Judith Robinson Sensei, in addition to Ikeda Sensei. In 2010 Mary Heiny Sensei returned, as did Sakakibara Sensei, along with Lia Suzuki Sensei, and Sifu Roger Fenneman. In 2012 George Ledyard Sensei joined us along with the instructors from 2011. In 2014 we returned to single-instructor format for camp, still featuring Ikeda Sensei. In 2015 we moved our Saturday night banquet from the Hotel St. Michael to a catered dinner in the dojo at Emmanuel Pines Camp. We did the same in 2016, but in 2017 we moved the banquet back into Prescott at the Gurley Street Grill.

That brings us to the conclusion of our Fall Mountain Camp. We have decided that this camp no longer works for us in the manner we had envisioned, so 2017 was our last camp! We plan to continue our very long relationship with Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei, who will be back with us in December 2018 in Phoenix. Please watch for details of this seminar.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years as we trained each September in Prescott! We hope you’ll continue to support our dojo as we move forward!


We are just ONE week out from the start of our Fall Mountain Camp in Prescott. Get full information on our Web site: You can register online there as well. Arizona Aikido, a member of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, is a community-run school dedicated to the study of the martial art of Aikido


Arizona Aikido

Our annual Fall Mountain Camp is just two weeks away! This will be our last Fall Mountain Camp at Emmanuel Pines Camp. We have not decided what will replace this camp, but we will continue our training with Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei, probably in Phoenix. If you can attend this camp, please make it a priority to do so! You can register online for the camp here:

Additional information is available on our Web page here:

We hope to see you in Prescott! Arizona Aikido, a member of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, is a community-run school dedicated to the study of the martial art of Aikido


Get a Fall Mountain Camp flier here:


Fall Mountain Camp is just over one month away! You'll find complete information on our main Web page - - or go directly to the online registration page - This is our 34th Fall Mountain Camp! Don't miss it! Arizona Aikido, a member of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, is a community-run school dedicated to the study of the martial art of Aikido

[06/30/17]   It's HOT in Phoenix, but Fall Mountain Camp will be here before you know it! Start making your plans NOW to attend this great event! Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan will be here in Arizona September 7-10, 2017! We'll have more information and online registration available before too long.

[02/01/17]   It's almost time for our Annual Winter Seminar! Dates for this year are February 17-19, 2017. Yoshi Shibata Sensei will be our featured instructor. Check it out on the Arizona Aikido Annual Winter Seminar page or on our Website:!

[09/12/16]   Yet another Fall Mountain Camp is in the books! Thanks, Ikeda Shihan, for a great camp! Put September 7 - 10, 2017, on your calendar so you'll be ready for next year's Fall Mountain Camp! Keep up-to-date with Arizona Aikido here:

[09/10/16]   Today is Saturday, September 10, 2016. You still have time to participate in our Annual Fall Mountain Camp. Just come on up to Prescott, Arizona! Directions are available on our Web site:

[09/08/16]   Fall Mountain Camp starts tonight! You can register AT camp. Just come on up for whatever days you can make it! If you want to use a credit card to pay, you can still register online at

[09/05/16]   Fall Mountain Camp starts THIS Thursday evening! Time to get your registration in! Complete information at:

If you aren't able to preregister, come on up anyway! Stay for the whole camp or do one or two days. We have room for you!


Arizona Aikido

Today we are just one week out from the start of Fall Mountain Camp with Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan! Time is short! Register now here: You'll find complete information available on our Web site: Arizona Aikido, a member of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, is a community-run school dedicated to the study of the martial art of Aikido

[08/25/16]   Folks, we are getting down to the wire! We're just two weeks away from the start of our 32nd Fall Mountain Camp! Register online today on our Web page:


Arizona Aikido

Arizona Aikido's annual Fall Mountain Camp will be held at Emmanuel Pines Camp in Prescott, Arizona, the weekend after Labor Day, Thursday evening, September 8 through Sunday noon, September 11, 2016. Our featured instructor is Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan.

Some sessions will be taught by local Arizona senior instructors.

Information on cost and online registration are available at:

Download a flier from:

Download a map of Emmanuel Pines Camp here:

Weather information for Prescott is available here:

If you need transportation from the airport to Prescott, check with us first. If we can't find a ride for you, check airport shuttle services here: . Rental cars are also available at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix.

If you are staying at Emmanuel Pines Camp, you will need a sleeping bag or sheet, pillow, blanket, towel and your toiletries. We have a limited number of linens available for an extra fee of $10.00.

Or you can look for other lodging in Prescott here: Please note that Emmanuel Pines Camp is not within walking distance of any lodging in Prescott.

Please bring your jo and bokken. We do have a limited number of weapons for those who are unable to bring their own.

Information about Emmanuel Pines Camp is available here: The camp does not have information about this seminar, so please do not contact them about it.

Directions to Emmanuel Pines Camp are available here:

Many people take the opportunity while at camp to check out historic Prescott. Whiskey Row is a popular area that is easily accessible on Friday evening or on Saturday evening after the banquet. Check information here: Additional information about Prescott is available from the Prescott Chamber of Commerce here:

The Grand Canyon is about 130 miles from Prescott, a 2.5 hour drive, and is also a popular spot to visit while you are here. You'll find more information here:

All of these links and information are available also on our Web site: Arizona Aikido, a member of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, is a community-run school dedicated to the study of the martial art of Aikido

[05/30/16]   We are just over 3 months away from Fall Mountain Camp with Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan!

[05/17/16]   Time to start planning for our Annual Fall Mountain Camp! September 8-11, 2016. We'll be at Emmanuel Pines Camp again this year and our featured instructor will be Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan!

[02/26/16]   Start planning right now to attend the Arizona Aikido Fall Mountain Camp September 8-11, 2016!

[09/14/15]   Great camp with Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan! We're sorry if you missed it! Put next year's camp on your schedule NOW! It is always the weekend after Labor Day. Next year's camp is September 8 - 11, 2016.

[08/12/15]   With Fall Mountain Camp less than a month away, we decided to post some photos from last year. Take a look at the album for 2014... And don't forget to register online!

[04/07/15]   Arizona Aikido Fall Mountain Camp 2015 begins September 10, 2015 and runs through September 13, 2015! Make your plans now to attend!

[09/08/14]   We had a great camp! I'm sorry so few people were able to attend. Ikeda Sensei gave us the really deep, dark secrets of Aikido! You'll have another chance next year!

[09/04/14]   If you didn't preregister for camp, don't let that stop you from coming! Just come on up and register at camp! We'll have room for you. 09/03/2014

5 Day Weather Forecast for 86305 -

The 30th Anniversary Fall Mountain Camp starts TOMORROW, September 4, 2014! The weather forecast says we are expecting scattered to isolated thunder storms this weekend, so it might pay to bring some rain gear. While training is inside, you'll spend some time moving from the Pine Lodge to the dining hall and the dojo. You'll find Prescott weather information here:

We can't take your credit or debit card AT the camp, but you can still register online via Paypal here:

If you didn't preregister, don't let that stop you from coming! You can register at camp. We'll have room for you! Rain or shine? Be prepared with the most accurate 5 day forecast, complete with highs, lows, chance of precipitation and more from


Do you want to know what the planned schedule for the Fall Mountain Camp is? You can check it out here:

The schedule is always subject to change to meet unforeseen needs, but this is it as of August 29, 2014! 08/27/2014

Arizona Aikido

OK, folks! We are down to just about one week away from the start of our 30th anniversary Fall Mountain Camp! This is always a fun camp. You won't find better instruction than that provided by Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan. Everything is included with this camp - housing, meals, training! You can't beat it! Four days of training at 5,000 feet elevation! Go ahead and register! You'll be glad you did.

There's more information and helpful links on our home page: Arizona Aikido, a member of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, is a community-run school dedicated to the study of the martial art of Aikido


Questions about Fall Mountain Camp? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here:

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