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Independent comprehensive PILATES Instructor at several valley studios. Patti Mehl is the owner of Mindful Core in Surprise, Arizona. Her studio includes a Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Exo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel and Ped-a-Pul.

Patti is a Third Generation Pilates instructor with over five years of experience. She is a Balanced Body University certified Mat Instructor, and BBU comprehensively trained in Reformer, Chair, Cadillac/Trapeze, Barrels and Small Apparatus. In addition, she recently completed a year of intensive training through the Personalized Pilates Apprentice Program under Legacy Teacher Trainer, Katrina Foe in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Photos from Mindful Core Pilates's post 09/10/2021

Photos from Mindful Core Pilates's post

Mindful Core Pilates updated their phone number. 02/27/2021

Mindful Core Pilates updated their phone number.

Mindful Core Pilates updated their phone number.

Mindful Core Pilates updated their phone number. 02/06/2021

Mindful Core Pilates updated their phone number.

Mindful Core Pilates updated their phone number.

Mindful Core Pilates updated their address. 02/06/2021

Mindful Core Pilates updated their address.

Mindful Core Pilates updated their address.

Photos from Benefits of Better Breathing's post 01/25/2021

As an anatomy nerd, I would love this!

tomwaldronmovementtherapy.co.uk 09/19/2020

Spinal Curves & Back Pain (Is There A Relationship?) — Tom Waldron

This picture is unfortunate because the author is talking about kyphosis and lordosis not scoliosis, but the article is good info.


tomwaldronmovementtherapy.co.uk The lordotic and kyphotic curvatures of the human spine has been an area of debate for decades. The ideal global and segmental degree of curvature at the spine is a primary focus in many therapeutic and movement modalities, especially the modalities that focus on posture. Allot of what we consider


The Neuro Studio/Pilates for Neurological Conditions

Pilates is wonderful for people with Parkinson’s and MS, as long as you are working one-on-one with a comprehensively trained teacher with continuing education that specializes in these conditions. Please reach out if you or someone you know would like to try a Pilates Private. 623-249-0441

Today @mariskabreland is showing us a great exercise to introduce and improve the movement of your shoulder blades. At the Neuro Studio we talk a lot about scapular (shoulder blade) stability and the ability to move your spine and arms, BUT remember you can’t stabilize something that is locked. So add in some movements for your blades and see how that changes all your movements of the upper body and your walking!!
🧠 Please note that moving those blades ain’t easy so start small and think it should be a “casual” glide not a forced movement. 🧠
If you have MS, like Mariska, it is easy to lose focus on your upper body and only focus on the legs and feet, but upper body weakness can also directly effect your gait cycle. If you need some help finding connection to your shoulders and the rest of your upper body, join The Neuro Studio’s Online Studio and enjoy a FREE 14 day trial (link in bio): https://online.theneurostudio.com/
We have an entire section dedicated to your upper body:
➡️ Just click on “Library” at the top of the page
➡️ Click on “Workouts” or “”See All” in the right corner
➡️ Find the “Quick Fixes: Upper Body” section and have fun!!

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Golfers, Athletes, men with chronic back pain, etc.: Pilates is great for men to develop strength from the inside out, increase flexibility and body awareness.


Mindful Core Pilates


Mindful Core Pilates's cover photo


I ❤️ referrals!




Miss my athletes! #mindfulcorepilates


Pilates with baby on board! #pilates #pregnacyworkout #mindfulcorepilates


#alwayslearning #classicalpilates #homework

si.com 02/11/2020

Reasons why all athletes should do Pilates


si.com A list of all of the benefits of Pilates, including better flexibility, trunk stability, injury prevention and athletic performance.

[01/27/20]   Who can relate?

vogue.com.au 01/06/2020

The 100-year history of Pilates: from niche workout to global fitness phenomenon

vogue.com.au Vogue looks back at a century of Pilates – from prisoner of war camp workout to global fitness phenomenon that shapes the bodies of dancers, supermodels, Hollywood stars and millions of others the world over.


OPTUM Central Phoenix Community Center - Pilates (modified with chair)
Mondays at 11am


פילאטיס מכשירים בפתח תקווה - אור פרסמן

Pure beauty in movement! #Corkscrew

(🎥 @ineliagarcia)


Pilates Nerd

Now that Barbie has knee and ankle joints, she appreciates her Pilates even more! Happy Teaser Tuesday ♥️
(Up next, her spinal flexibility!)


Millenia Pilates & Fitness


Pilates Nerd

When the teacher says SIDE KICK KNEELING & you’re thinking...I know a variation of the PLANK when I see one 😂 (see what we did there🤣 🏴‍☠️) #pilatesplanks


When you’re doing Down Stretch your instructor says “imagine you’re the bottom of a rocking chair”. 😱😱😱

This 1800s Skeleton Rocking Throne


Pilates Nerd

- Short Spine Stretch -
Wish all the exercises could be seen this way...
Thanks @uptownpilates for the image ❤️
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collective-evolution.com 11/14/2019

Scientists Show How Gratitude Literally Alters The Human Heart & Molecular Structure Of The Brain

collective-evolution.com Gratitude is a funny thing. In some parts of the world, somebody who gets a clean drink of water, some food, or a worn out pair of shoes can be extremely grateful. Meanwhile, somebody else who has all the necessities they need to live can be found complaining about something. What we have today is [...


I love this quote!

An architect designs a home building on a strong foundation, using quality materials that will hold up over time, making his design pleasing to the eye while maintaining a stable structure behind what the eye can see.

A strong foundation can be the relationships that keep you grounded (ie. friends, family, faith). Your materials are the food you eat, taking care of your health & wellness, and fitness such as Pilates.

The structure and design are your mind, body & spirit. Your body will show the difference (no matter it’s size or shape), and more importantly, you will feel the difference, and hopefully live a long, healthy and happy life.

[11/13/19]   I’m thankful for all my clients and the wonderful friends I’ve made teaching Pilates. What are you thankful for?


Hi Pilates lovers! 😍😍😍

I haven’t used this page since I had my own studio in Verrado. Now that I’m working at several studios in the Valley, I’m relaunching Mindful Core Pilates as a forum to let everyone know where I will be, growing my online presence as an independent contractor, and sharing fun and educational Pilates articles and posts.

If you are in Arcadia you can find me 5 days a week at Studio Verve Pilates on 32nd & Indian School Road.

I’m at Bird Dog Pilates on Tues and Thurs afternoons/evenings downtown on Central and Portland, just north of Roosevelt (with free parking).

I also have availability at a beautiful studio space in North Scottsdale that I rent from the amazing Physical Therapist, Leah Darling.

To schedule a session call or text me at (623) 249-0441 or email me at [email protected].

Please share! Pilates is for everyone!


Mindful Core Pilates


The New York Pilates Studio

A great quote by Joseph Pilates


Re-Bodhi Personal Training & Pilates Studio by Kelly

Biomechanically the pelvis and shoulder are linked. This is what is referred to as a Myofascial sling.

The hamstrings starting from the tibia then insert into the Ischial tuberosity. This then continues along as the Sacro-tuberous ligament and then through the thoraco-Lumbar fascia. This then continues to the Latissimus dorsi which then inserts into the opposite scapula and humerus.

Therefore your Hamstrings actually attach to your arms!!!

So....if there is tension through this sling caused from a rotated pelvis, then the infraspinatus (a muscle on the scapula) can go into spasm and so prevents the biomechanical function of the shoulder. This is a common cause of shoulder injuries.

In order to reduce risk of shoulder injuries the pelvis must be in good biomechanical shape.

Therefore if you have shoulder pain, then you will need to have your pelvis assessed.

I'm really not going crazy if I assess your pelvis before looking at your shoulder!

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Call 623.249.0441 for more information or to schedule your first session. http://mindfulcore.com via ripl.com
Paula performing the Swan with the roller. Earlier this week we worked on the Spine Corrector. Today was about incorpora...
http://s.ripl.com/neqv89  Call me at 623-249-0441 to reserve your spot #health #wellness #aromatherapy #mindfulcorelivin...



Personalized One-On-One Pilates Comprehensive Training
Pilates Reformer & Chair Duets
Tower/Mat Classes



Phoenix, AZ
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Bird Dog Pilates & Fitness, LLC Bird Dog Pilates & Fitness, LLC
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Phoenix, 85003

Inspired Pilates for everyone!

Evolve Pilates Evolve Pilates
42211 N 41st Dr. Ste 149 Anthem, AZ 85086
Phoenix, 85086

Evolve Pilates is a Pilates studio in Anthem, AZ. being Anthem’s very first Pilates studio. A beautiful bright and open space offering group reformer classes that are suitable for all fitness levels. We are open 7 days a week with a full schedule!

Club Pilates Club Pilates
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Club Pilates Arcadia offers private training and reformer-based Pilates classes that incorporate TRX, Barre and more. All levels welcome!

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Corrective Exercises Workshop Corrective Exercises Workshop
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Rates per session: Private Session $80 per hour $45 per half hour Duet Session: $45 per person per hour $25 per person per half hour (*Sorry, due to demand, there are no packages available).

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