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Arizona Storm 06
Arizona Storm 06


Some very talented glove guys putting our products to work. Always excited to see it!

Thanks The Glove Lab!!!
Oh yes 🤘 The Glove Lab
Hello! I sent a PM I regard to glove re-lacing. Thanks.
There are some gloves that shouldn’t be torn apart. This one can tell many stories. It first was my cousins then handed to my brother for a while and then ultimately mine. It has my cousins name on it with marker and my brothers initials branded into it along with my marks. It needed some TLC so I sent it to my friend Chris at AZ Glove Lab to bring it back to life. Highly recommend him and was even able to flare up the glove and add red lace. Check him out!
#AZGloveLab #Yurko #stories

The Glove Lab is a small business that specializes in the relacing, reconditioning, and repairs of Baseball and Softball Gloves. We are based in Arizona, but serve customers nationally.

Operating as usual

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/23/2022

Did you know that I have a thing for simple tan/tan gloves? 😂

I have had this gem for a little while now and finally getting around to breaking it in. I am going to take my time with the break in and enjoy the process over the next couple months.

Thank you @glovecowboy and @ballgluv_papa !

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/22/2022

Love getting a catcher mitt in proper shape. This beauty has tons of life left now that the leather has been properly treated.

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/21/2022

This DATDUDE was drier than the Arizona desert…. Okay maybe not that bad, but it’s amazing how this leather took to the conditioner!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm


Gotta love this Wingtip!

Thanks again @glove_histories! Really loving it!


This mitt feels way too good…. What model 1B mitt is your favorite?

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/17/2022

Such a classic! The SSK ALOMAR. I am a huge fan of a one piece web on infielders gloves. I feel like this web creates a better pocket for feel. Maybe it’s just me - what do you think?

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/17/2022

This Mizuno mitt needed some quick service with summer ball in full swing! Love the way Mizuno’s clean up!

Cleaner and Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/17/2022

Very fun project to bring this custom Boombah glove back to life! Big shoutout to Marcus @gutsnglorygloves for the leather repair work and sewn in thumb loops. New custom web from @flatbillbaseball

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/14/2022

See this hole? See the door behind it with 5 glass windows? Yesterday he took a nice little outside pitch through the net - through the window - through the kitchen - and into the family room…. Glad we have the old school single pane glass!

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/12/2022

Nokona EdgeX - Review

12” “pitchers” model dubbed “Heaven on Earth”
AmericanKIP leather
Glove weight: 24oz

Breaking in the EdgeX has been very easy. It’s was slightly stiff out of the box, but after a few catches the leather has really softened up and the basket web and pocket are shaping up perfectly. The fingers play stiff, the external sewn welting provides great rigidity to the over structure of the glove. The bonded and waxed thread does feel durable - and so far I haven’t noticed any stretching, ripping, or fraying.

The handstall. While it’s comfortable, I can feel the stitching where the fingerstalls are sewn to the palm liner. Not a big deal, but it does get distracting after while.

My biggest gripe with the handstall is the use of cheap traditional pinky and thumb loops. Maybe it’s just me and my expectations of gloves priced $875 - $1800 - but the use of pinky and thumb loops is a major swing and a miss by @nokona. It’s all I feel when my hand is in the glove. Their placement, size, weight seems way off. Is it laziness? Not knowing their customer? Not knowing what their competition is doing? I don’t know… maybe some of each. Be better.

Ok beside the loops - the glove is cool. Would I buy another? Not sure. To be very honest, I prefer the feel and quality of the Bloodline Edge over this EdgeX. The Bloodline Edge needs a revamp on the thumb and pinky loops too!

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/10/2022

Yellow/Gold laces seem to work perfectly on this Mizuno Premier! Love this contrast!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/09/2022

Beauty! Classic camel and black mitt!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/06/2022

I always enjoy the stamping (sometimes printing) that are found on gloves. His one has a few fun ones!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/05/2022

I have wanted a 11.75” @nokona Bloodline Edge since I first saw one. Huge thank you to @express_gloves for such an awesome and smooth deal.

Weighting in at only 20.4 ounces (nearly 3oz’s lighter than my sons A2Kand 2.5oz lighter than his HoH NP) this H-web checks nearly every box of what the perfect glove means to me. The perfect glove for my hand, my feel, my preference. The blend of Japanese calfskin and Full-Grain Steerhide offer a stiff yet supple palm, rigid fingers, and a perfect pocket. The handstall and palm liner have taken the cake with comfort. Hands down one of the most comfortable gloves that I have ever put on my hand.

With a retail price of $500, the buyer/players expectations should be high. But in my honest, unbiased, professional opinion this glove is worth each dollar - especially if it’s purchased with the intention to be used and not shelved. Like most Nokona’s this glove is built to last decades.

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/04/2022

Beautiful red on red Joe Lee 12.25” pitchers glove with suede exterior shell. Excited to get this glove back in the shop in the off season so we can made a new thumb loop for this gem. Thanks again @mr.vangurp!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/03/2022

Just in time for the state tournament! Love how the red pops!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/02/2022

Glove Lab catcher mitts are now available on our website!

33.5” Japanese Tanned US Steerhide - leather is buttery! Pro-Stiff. Offered in both open-back and fastback. $299

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 05/01/2022

This Made in USA Wilson has seen it share of innings! Fun to bring some life back into it! Big thanks to my good friend @reglove for the new web on this gem! Nice work man!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm


Spending some time in the shop tonight reviewing production samples for some upcoming new models! Got some exciting things brewing…

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/30/2022

Couple days ago I posted a reel of this DP15 - here are the before and after photos.

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/29/2022

One of my favorite customs that has come through the workshop over the last few months. Also - PP05 is such an underrated pattern.

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/27/2022

Ever heard of Steele’s? I hadn’t prior to working on this gem. Reminds me of the XLO. Love the eagle palm stamp.

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/27/2022

This Mizuno cleaned up well and is ready for summer ball! I’m a big fan of the wrist strap - super comfy!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/26/2022

This Trevino Trujillo glove is an absolute tank. Built to last and has some thick leather.

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/25/2022

Yellow always seems to pop on freshly cleaned and conditioned leather!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/23/2022

Big fan of how this @rawlingssg turned out! I like that the Red, White, and Blue lacing compliments the USA flag wrist patch.

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/20/2022

Tan laces on a primo burgundy Rawlings is a pretty sight!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm


Double X web: Need to lace the bottom of an I-web with “Double X’s”? Here is how we do it. Hope this helps!

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/19/2022

This Wilson B2 Clevinger model cleaned up well! Glove owner had some specific requests on the disassembly and cleaning they we were able to accommodate to preserve a few features. Turned out beautiful!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/18/2022

Such a beautiful glove! Really enjoy these Wilson VG27 models. Clean up well!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/15/2022

The new colors on the Rickie Weeks make it pop!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/14/2022

Glove Story! I LOVE getting letters like this included with gloves/mitts. Mr. Simmons sounds like a special guy who made a kids day years ago! I hope Mr. Simmons enjoys seeing his mitt cleaned up and ready for the next young ball player to put it to work. If you have a glove story send it to us with your glove so we can share it!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm


We get a lot of parents and players reaching out who need help lacing up a wrist strap. Well, here is how we do it to a “standard” size. There are definitely other ways to lace a wrist strap to a “standard size” as well as smaller sizes that are just as good. Let us know if you have questions.

Parents - if your young ballplayers like all of their knots untied, you will likely need to learn how to make minor fixes in between games and practices. While kids like the look of long laces and untied knots, it can hinder the performance and use of the glove. My recommendation, keep the knots tied. It will keep your glove on the field.

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/12/2022

These blonde laces really provide a beautiful contrast to the burgundy leather on this Primo. This glove is in excellent condition and cleaned up well!

Cleaner & Conditioner: @ballplayersbalm

Photos from The Glove Lab's post 04/11/2022

Got in on the latest batch of Edge X gloves from @nokona - this 12” glove in contracted from their AmericanKIP leather and was dubbed “Heaven on Earth.” I am very excited to get this beauty broken in and provide a more in depth review.

Initial thoughts after unboxing:
- quality is incredible - to be expected from Nokona
- quality laces
- out-of-the-box pocket feels nice from a few pops of the ball - excited to break it in!
- handstall is nice! Comfy.
- packaging and glove bag are a very nice bonus

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