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Sitting still and watching time pass.

Photos from Sasquatch Killers Club's post 03/23/2022

Found a couple of caves side by side out in the Superstition Mountains. It doesn’t take much to get into wild places in these mountains.


Get up here so you can look around!


How much fun is it to be a part of someone’s first summit?!… it’s the most. The most fun.
Erron’s first summit of Browns Peak.


Little spot up on the Flatiron.

Photos from Sasquatch Killers Club's post 03/07/2022

Same location. Different direction. 15 minutes apart.


Parked and watched the clouds go by at this beautiful canyon.


Open desert and blue skies. Can’t ask for much more.


“There’s something strange and powerful about black and white imagery.” - Stefan Kanfer


An ancient ship anchored in a dry ocean.


Gonna have to park here and stay a while!


Standing on the edge makes you feel alive.


Yes, we both fit in a one man tent. Depending on what we are doing our home away from home varies in size.
This one man tent come with when the adventure goes beyond basecamp or if we may have to crash camp out in the wilderness. We have a three man for regular trips and a large teepee for when we are straight chillin’ in base camp with nowhere to go and no schedule to keep.
Tips on selecting a tent for your next adventure van be found on our website.

#⛺️ #🌵


A couple days in the desert deserves a hot soak in a hot spring.


There are enough wild places in Arizona to make you wonder, “Am I the first person to ever see this? If not, likely, they can be counted with no more than your fingers maybe some toes. Almost certainly, it is the first photographic documentation of its existence.” Wrong or right it’s fun to think about… Have you seen this window before?

Photos from Sasquatch Killers Club's post 02/20/2022

A table very few have sat at.


I could find only 9-10 recorded summits of this mountain since 1987. Only one trip report. It says, take a helicopter.
We took a different and fairly direct route. We wanted to see if it was possible because any way up this mountain is gonna have some sketchy sections. We didn’t make it but we will be back.


Two towers funnel you through the desert on this short but stunning hike in Arches NP.


Fins in Arches National Park.


Layers upon layers of Superstition Mountains.


Quiet meandering streams. Let’s go fishing!


One of the best parts of staring into open spaces is the wonderment. “See that peak over there?… Do you think we could hike it?”
One way to find out… let the planning begin.


Watching the sun fade endlessly thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, on the ADT.


The Flatiron covered in ice and bookends of fire.


Dusty peaks captured by the fading sun.

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