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Barbara - Today's OG WoD Good Times for “Barbara” (estimate) – Beginner: 50+ minutes – Intermediate: 40-49 minutes – Advanced: 30-39 minutes – Elite:
Did we just get shutdown?
I am looking for a family to host Elin, who is 17 years old from Sweden who loves Crossfit and hiking! :)
I had NO CrossFit experience when I started over 6 months ago. I was just tired of working out and not seeing results. That won’t happen here. Classes are tough, but the results you see are amazing. The coaches are both informative and supportive! They work with you on anything and everything! Sol CrossFit is definitely a gem and I highly recommend it!
Great and inspiring group of people. Never will make you feel amateur but will always challenge what you think you could do!
I love Sol CrossFit. I’ve been a member for years and will continue to be a member. The equipment is always updated. The coaching is excellent. It’s clean and well managed. And I love the people I get to workout with. Can’t say enough about Sol.
Sol is a great community with great coaches. I know every time I go in I am going to get a solid workout.
Great community... Great training facility...Great coaches👊🏼
Hey! Following up on our email about the workshop invitation for you and your coaches. Let me know if you have any questions! Here's the link:
Hi Guys! Sunshine Acres is a children's home in Mesa, AZ and they can use your help! Ohana Natural Medicine is the acre's exclusive medical practice to take care of the kids and it is run almost entirely through donations. They have been entered into a contest through 1st bank to win $20k for businesses providing for the community. But they will only win if they get votes! The youtube video below tells more about Ohana's story and the link below will take you to a site where you can vote for Ohana once per day until Nov 15th! Share this post with everyone you know to help the money end up with the kids on Sunshine Acres!
Hey Sol family! I am now taking clients for customized nutritional meal plans. Every plan is designed to fit the individual lifestyle, food preferences, activity, and metabolic state. All plans also include bodyfat testing, in addition to weekly weigh ins and measurement tracking. My rates range from $35-100 per month. Let me help you reach your weight goals! Please reach out to me for any questions by email: [email protected] or phone: 602-334-5281
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Find out how our commitment to excellence in fitness has propelled us to become the preferred crossfit gym in Phoenix for both newbies & veterans alike.

Operating as usual

⚡️“Discipline weighs ounces. Regrets weighs tons.”
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✨Member Highlight✨

Tracey Hanna, the true OG!

“I started CrossFit in Northern CA in 2010 during the middle of training for a marathon. At that time, I ran and did yoga, but heard good things about CrossFit and hoped the cross training aspect would make me a faster runner. I was TERRIBLE at it and incredibly weak. But I loved it so I stuck with it.
In 2012 I moved from the Bay area to Phoenix and joined a local box, where I met Lance. When Lance left that gym to start Sol I became one of “The O.G.s”, a small group of members who began the gym with him. We worked out in his garage for a while then in a temporary space before settling into the current location. After nearly 11 years of CrossFit I’ve done things I thought I would never do -- back squat my body weight, kip a pull up, climb a 20 ft rope, stand on my hands, and perform a toes-to-bar. And everyone who works out with me knows about my love of burpees…
As far as improving my running, I ran my fastest half marathon in 15 years in Spring of 2019. I might have beaten that record in 2020 were it not for COVID. I still do yoga and my planks and balancing poses are stronger than ever. My PRs might not be what they once were, but I am so much stronger than I ever imagined, both physically and mentally.
Over the years Sol has not just been my gym, it has been a large part of my social circle. I can honestly say most of the friends I’ve made over the last 9 years in Phoenix in some way are related to the Sol family.
I can’t imagine how my life would be if I had walked into a different gym!”

We are glad you walked into our gym!💪👊

🔹Join Sol for a free 2-week trial!
👉Link in bio.

Stronger Together💪

Here are a few of our awesome members! Through these tough times Sol is always here for guidance and support. As a community we are stronger together. Sol welcomes you to be part of our family.

Partner WOD, “We got this!” 👊💪

Snatch your shirts today‼️🏋️‍♂️

Join our partner WODs on Saturdays 7am, 8am & 9am. Don’t worry we won’t snatch your partner. 😂
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Everyone is a badass!👊🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

$30 Shirts now available at Sol CrossFit

Shirt design by @clau.dia.santana
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What’s your favorite flavor?


Caribbean Pineapple🍍


Caribbean Pineapple🍍
Miami Strawberry 🍓

Available at Sol CrossFit $3 @nocco

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“Horns forward. Chains on and crushing it.”
– Dwayne “The rock” Johnson

➕FITAID helps you train hard & recover clean‼️

➕Glucosamine & Quercetin
➕BCAAs, Glutamine
➕Green Tea Extract
➕Omega-3s & CoQ10
➕Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium

Available at Sol CrossFit $3

Do your squats. Drink your water.💧

• Ultra purified 5X UV filtered
• A proprietary electrolyte blend provides 2X more electrolytes than leading electrolyte-enhanced waters
• An alkaline pH of 9+ helps balance and restore hydration

💦AQUAhydrate 1L bottle water available at Sol CrossFit $2.
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A one hour workout is 4% of your day. No excuses. Get it done.

Flashback @adri1053
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3-2-1 and coach yells out TIME!

What you do next says a lot about where you are mentally and how you finish the WOD....Leave it all on the floor.💪
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“I have the universe on my chin.”

🔅Chin Stand🔅

A very advance level, uses the strength of the shoulders, upper back, lower back and abdominal muscles.

💫Join Ashely’s yoga class on Sundays at 10am in person and via Zoom.

🔥💙Team Blue!
🔹Ladies Flowy Racerback Tank
Get fit with a soft, comfort fit racerback with shirring at seam.

🔹Men’s Jersey T-Shirt
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New ladies mauve crop tops. Grab yours today.

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🔥🖤Sol’s Tees & Tanks
2021 we are ready for you. Are you ready for us?!

“Some days it’s not about health or building muscle it’s just therapy.”

👊Men’s & women’s training apparel. Available at the gym. $25
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Refer A Friend 👫👭

Give one of these cards to a friend or family member so they can join in your love of CrossFit. When your friend brings in the 2 week pass you will be entered into a raffle.

Free 2-week trail for new members!
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100 Day Nutrition Challenge
Start date: January 25, 2021
Members: $99 | Non-members: $599

Take Control on Your Own Health!
This option offers more recipes and extensive online courses on carb cycling and counting Macros. Whichever option you choose you will learn new habits to make 2021 a year of personal growth. Sign up for this journey today.

- An InBody weigh in and weigh out
- 100 Recipes
- Grocery list
- Coaching Q&A weekly in the fb group
- Private Facebook group for accountability and to share recipes/ideas/motivation
- Optional online carb cycling course to do for the challenge
- Online course explaining counting Macros
- Hack your environment for healthy eating mini-course
- Receive a 30%-40% discount on ALL supplements
- Additional outside hiking and mountain bike workouts with Coach Lance
- End of challenge distanced obviously
- Winner for each category (male and female) will be determined by % body fat lost

Sign up begins: January 8, 2021
Schedule InBody test the week of Monday 11-23
Hosting a Q & A in person and on zoom Friday 22 @ 7:15pm
Start date: January 25, 2021

🔹To sign up or coordinate a time for the InBody test please email Linda Manywounds at [email protected].

6 Week Nutrition Challenge
Start date: January 25, 2021
Members: $30 | Non-members: $199

Don’t Make Resolutions. Create Habits!
Start this year with a challenge to feel good, help lose weight and gain more strength! Whatever your goal may be, we can help. We’re here to support each other and learn new habits to make 2021 a year of personal growth. Sign up for this journey today.

- An InBody weigh in and weigh out
- 6 week recipe book
- Grocery list
- Coaching Q&A weekly in the fb group
- Private Facebook group for accountability and to share recipes/ideas/motivation
- Hack your environment for healthy eating mini course
- Receive a 30%-40% discount on ALL supplements
- Additional outside hiking and mountain biking workouts
- End of challenge distanced obviously
- Winner for each category (male and female) will be determined by % body fat lost

Sign up begins: Friday January 25, 2021
Schedule InBody test the week of Monday 11-23
Hosting a Q & A in person and on zoom Friday 22 @ 7:15pm
Start date: January 25, 2021

🔹To sign up or coordinate a time for the InBody test please email Linda Manywounds at [email protected].

Food Drive @ Sol CrossFit for St. Mary's Food Bank.
Donate from January 1-15

Let's have some fun with our donation!
For every 5 donated items you will receive a "Drop and Give Me 5 Burpees!" coupon.

Hide these anywhere in the gym or strategically place them for a member.

Have fun & let's donate!
*Boxes are displayed all around the gym.

What’s your 2021 New Years Resolution and/or Goals?
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Don't miss out on this great deal!
$60 for 1 month unlimited CrossFit classes!

E-mail Lance [email protected] to coordinate purchase.
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Merry Christmas Everyone! We hope you have a great day with your family and friends!💪


During this holiday season — find your reason to exercise.
Happy Holidays 2020...(German Christmas commercial)

Great exercise commercial!

Damit Sie sich um das kümmern können, worauf es im Leben wirklich ankommt.

🎄Holiday Class Schedule🌵

🎁Christmas Week
Monday Dec. 21st - No 6:15pm or 7:15pm

Tuesday Dec. 22nd - No 6:15pm or 7:15pm

Wednesday Dec. 23rd - 5am, 6am, 9am, 4:15pm & 5:15pm

✨Thursday Dec. 24th Christmas Eve - 8am & 9am
✨Friday Dec. 25th Christmas Day - CLOSED

Saturday Dec. 26th - 8am & 9am

Sunday Dec. 27th - No yoga

🍾New Years Week
Monday Dec. 28th - No 6:15pm or 7:15pm

Tuesday Dec. 29th - No 6:15pm or 7:15pm

Wednesday Dec. 30th - 5am, 6am, 9am, 4:15pm & 5:15pm

✨Thursday Dec. 31st New Years Eve - 8am & 9am
✨Friday Jan. 1st New Years Day 2021 - 8am & 9am

🌀Hurdler Pose🌀

• Improves balance
• Strengthens core and arms
• Stretches hamstrings and groin

Your triceps, biceps, and core muscles are used to hold your body in the arm stand.

💫Workout your core and arm strength with Ashley on Yoga Sundays at 10am.
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Sol CrossFit 2020 Holiday Happy Hour!🎄🍻🍸🍕

We celebrated the holidays and the final weeks of this tough year with drinks and pizza at Pomo Pizzeria Biltmore.

Great times with the workout family!
#happyholidays #holidayseason #partytime #holidaywithfriends #fitfam #fitjourney

Get on a bar!

🔹New members can try Sol for $60 of unlimited classes for one month PLUS a free two-week trial.

🔹Purchase this $60 gift certificate for yourself or a friend.

DM us for more information.
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🎁Gift certificates available this month!
They make great gifts for those in your life that you want to give the gift of health to this year.

🎁One month of unlimited CrossFit classes for just $60!
New members only.
E-mail Lance [email protected] to coordinate purchase.
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Join. Train. Get it back.

Covid Safety

-Temperature checks
-Hand sanitizing
-Pre- and post-workout equipment cleaning
-Workout stations
-Zamboni floor cleaner

🔹First 2 weeks FREE. Link in bio.🔹
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🍁Thanksgiving Holiday Class Schedule🍁

Wednesday Nov. 25 - Day before Thanksgiving - No 6:15pm or 7:15pm

Thursday Nov. 26 - Thanksgiving Day 🦃 - 7am & 8am Only

Friday Nov. 27 - Black Friday - 7am, 8am & 4:15pm
#happyholidays #crossfitholiday #fitness #turkeyfitness #haveasafethanksgiving #solmates

You don’t always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it’s perfectly ok, and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back, and do nothing.”
- Lori Deschene
💫Yoga Sundays at 10am with @ashley__bean
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✨Member Highlight✨

Jess Varney

1. Why did you decide to try CrossFit?
At the start of this year, I would never have imagined myself as a CrossFitter. Like everyone else, 2020 has been a challenging year. I had trained to run the Rock and Rock Arizona marathon in January but I had a foot injury that caused me to pull out of the race. By the time I had recovered, all races were cancelled for the foreseeable future. Quarantining alone and working from home (with my cat) had me desperate to get out of my house, and a friend recommended that I try to find a CrossFit gym for the sense of community. I was immediately welcomed by the friendly coaches and members at Sol, and now I could not imagine my life without CrossFit.

2. How is having a CrossFit coach changed your workout or fitness results?
Growing up, I wasn't very athletic, I wasn't at all coordinated, and I was deathly afraid of the ball. I found my way on to the cross-country and track teams, but that is basically the only form of exercise I have ever done. I lifted weights a tiny bit as a member of my college track team, but only for "injury prevention." I was a complete newbie and warned the coaches at Sol that they would have to teach me everything about weightlifting. The coaches taught me how to perform movements safely and over time have challenged me to increase my weights. They know that I am stronger than I think I am and give me the confidence to try more than I thought I was capable of.

3. How has doing CrossFit affected your health and/or life?
Without a doubt, CrossFit has been the best thing that has happened to me this year. When I started CrossFit, I was at a major crossroads with my personal life and my fitness. I was scared that CrossFit was going to be really hard, but I had spent years doing the same thing and not seeing progress. I was also shy and struggling with feeling isolated in quarantine/working from home. I didn't want to feel stuck anymore. The CrossFit community has been incredibly welcoming, and I have already made so much progress. I can't wait to see where this journey will take me.

4. What is your favorite CrossFit movement?
That is a tough choice because I love cardio but I always feel like superwoman when I am lifting a weight over my head 🙂

5. What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?
I would say to start your trial right now! I understand how hard it is to be shy and start something new, but it's a great opportunity to grow as a person. My favorite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt:
“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Answering your questions has made me feel kind of emotional 🙂 I can't say enough about how positive CrossFit has been for me. The first half of 2020 has been full of heartache. I trained for a marathon and couldn't do the race. I discovered that my "best friend" was cheating on me (during a pandemic!!). And I couldn't even see my people- my coworkers- or go home to meet my nephew because he's a preemie and can't risk getting sick. When I came to Sol, I said I wanted to get kinda muscley. Inside, I wanted my sore muscles to distract me from my broken heart. But I realize now that what I wanted was to do something that was going to challenge me and change me, and CrossFit has definitely given me that.

You’re doing a great job Jess! 👊

🔹Join us for a free 2-week trial!
👉Link in bio.
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🚨Reopening the gym update🚨
Sol CrossFit
Sol keeping clean




3647 E Indian School Rd, # 106
Phoenix, AZ

General information

Class Times: Sunday: 10AM-Yoga Monday: 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9AM, Noon, 4:15PM, 5:15PM, 6:15PM and 7:15PM Tuesday: 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9AM, Noon, 4:15PM, 5:15PM, 6:15PM and 7:15PM Wednesday: 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9AM, Noon, 4:15PM, 5:15PM, 6:15PM and 7:15PM Thursday: 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9AM, Noon, 4:15PM, 5:15PM, 6:15PM and 7:15PM Friday: 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9AM, Noon, 4:15PM, 5:15PM, and 6:15PM Saturday: 7AM, 8AM and 9AM

Opening Hours

Monday 16:15 - 20:15
Monday 05:00 - 13:00
Tuesday 16:15 - 20:15
Tuesday 05:00 - 13:00
Wednesday 16:15 - 20:15
Wednesday 05:00 - 13:00
Thursday 16:15 - 20:15
Thursday 05:00 - 13:00
Friday 16:15 - 19:15
Friday 05:00 - 13:00
Saturday 07:00 - 11:00
Sunday 10:00 - 11:00
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