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Timeline Photos 09/24/2021

Great Read by brother Mario!

Something is desperately missing. American Christianity is constantly losing ground to the enemy. You have felt it in church. It is like the scene in so many sci-fi movies where humans face a new enemy and throw everything at them. A frustrated commander yells, “We are not doing enough damage!”

This blog is about the missing pieces of effectiveness—the missing parts that enhance our ability to drive back evil, and we will never acquire those missing parts unless we stop playing games.

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🦅Eagle in Flight🦅

The Servant's Primary Goal | My Utmost For His Highest 03/17/2021

The Servant's Primary Goal | My Utmost For His Highest


To those who have had no agony Jesus says, “I have nothing for you; stand on your own feet, square your own shoulders. I have come for the man who knows he has a bigger handful than he can cope with, who knows there are forces he cannot touch; I will do everything for him if he will let Me. Only let a man grant he needs it, and I will do it for him.” The Shadow of an Agony, 1166 R

Bible in a Year: Deuteronomy 30-31; Mark 15:1-25

The Servant's Primary Goal | My Utmost For His Highest Is my primary goal in life to please God and to be acceptable to Him, or is it something less, no matter how lofty it may sound?




My Faith Votes

PLEASE SHARE, it was a great show last night. Part 2 next week on Friday on TBN.

The November elections are just a month away, and if you’re feeling like most of us, you may need some biblical encouragement amid all the division and cutting rhetoric in these final weeks leading up to the election.

My Faith Votes is presenting a special two-part broadcast event, hosted by our friend Kirk Cameron, on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) tonight, Friday, October 2 and Friday, October 9 at 8/7C.

Kirk will provide insight and much-needed encouragement for Christians across the country. He will be joined by some of today's leading pastors and scholars to discuss important issues facing our nation through a Gospel lens.

Special guests include Eric Metaxas, Harry Jackson, David Barton, Allen Jackson, Franklin Graham, Dr. Tony Evans, and many more!

Check your local listings for the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) this evening to watch this special two-part broadcast. Or, watch the livestream right here on our page!
#praythinkvote #thinkprayvote #myfaithvotes


FQA TownHall

Freedom Quest America Town Hall Meeting Arizona
Constitution Day September 17, 2020
Special Guests;
Jana Jackson, running for AZ State House LD 28
Jim O'Conner, running for AZ Corporate Commission
Shane Krauser, Constitutional Expert / Leadership Coach

The first insallment of Freedom Quest America Town Hall Hosted by: Steve G. Sandoval with friends & guests; Shane Krauser: Constitutional Expert and Speaker ...


Paula Priesse

September 10th – Yahoo News yesterday: “'Deadly stuff': The biggest bombshells from Woodward's new book on Trump” And of course we can expect many more “bombshells” from the swamp rats and their media comrades before the election. So let’s look at their record: 1) PBS 5/19/17: “New bombshells in Russia investigations hit Trump administration” 2) NY Post 4/7/18: “Stormy Daniels’ lawyer hints a ‘major’ bombshell is coming” 3) WA Post 7/27/18: “What Michael Cohen’s bombshell means” 4) Business Insider 12/18/18: “The 20 biggest Trump-Russia bombshells of 2018” 5) NBC News 12/30/19: “'Game changer': Top Democrats say bombshell report shows need for witnesses in Senate impeachment trial” 6) The Guardian 6/16/20: “Trump niece's bombshell book to detail family 'trauma, neglect and abuse'” 7) Yahoo News 6/17/20: “Five bombshells about Trump from Bolton's book” & 8) CNN last week: “Journalist behind bombshell Trump report speaks out” Final “bombshell” scoreboard: Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail & fail! Let’s face it, the only real “bombshell” would be if the corrupt media ever started reporting the facts and stopped being POLITICAL HACKS. P


Michael Land

Deep thought: On the cross, the power of Jesus love took the love of power down! That’s worth thinking about! #onelifematters #reallove #thecross


Michael Land - One Life Matters (Official Video)

My brother and my friend Michael Land has written some great songs! But i told him 3 years ago he would write a song that will change the world!
This is it! "One Life Matters" -this is now our song for our ministry SGS Ministries! We will be hosting him for a concert in October at our church!

Official music video of One Life Matters by Michael Land Get the song here: Subscribe to Michael Land's Youtube channel: https...


America, you are in the middle of DIVINE RESTORATION // SPOKEN WORD OVER THE USA // Christy Johnston

This is a prophetic word that has been brewing in my spirit for months now. We wanted to include in this video, as much as possible, the beauty and diversity... 08/11/2020

This Experience Must Come | My Utmost For His Highest

We are not fundamentally free; external circumstances are not in our hands, they are in God’s hands, the one thing in which we are free is in our personal relationship to God. We are not responsible for the circumstances we are in, but we are responsible for the way we allow those circumstances to affect us; we can either allow them to get on top of us, or we can allow them to transform us into what God wants us to be. Conformed to His Image, 354 L
Bible in a Year: Psalms 81-83; Romans 11:19-36 It is not wrong for you to depend on your "Elijah" for as long as God gives him to you. But remember that the time will come when he must leave.


Republican Security Council

Today in 1936, Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. He achieved international fame and was the most successful athlete that year.
The USA Track and Field's highest accolade for the year's best athlete is still the Jesse Owens Award.
Don Surber of the Charleston Daily Mail writes "He couldn't vote in some states or serve on juries.
"He had to give up his seat to a white person on the bus and most restaurants refused to serve him. His children could not attend the same schools or worship in the same church. And yet Jesse Owens proudly represented America."
After a New York City ticker-tape parade on Fifth Avenue in his honor, Owens had to ride the freight elevator at the Waldorf-Astoria to reach the reception honoring him. For 19 years, Owens was never invited to the White House nor were honors bestowed upon him by Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman.
In 1955, President Dwight Eisenhower honored Owens by naming him an "Ambassador of Sports."
Gerald Ford awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1976, and in 1990, Owens was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by President George H. W. Bush.


Charlie Kirk

WATCH THIS—and remember this when you go to vote in November. America depends on Christians showing up to reclaim their country.

For the FULL discussion and more FACTS to help President Donald J. Trump win in November, Subscribe to The Charlie Kirk Show HERE:


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Why are you praying for protection if you won’t take a stand? The Sheriff of Douglas County, Nevada, Dan Coverley, has a message for his county’s library: “Due to your support of Black Lives Matter and the obvious lack of support or trust with the… 07/28/2020

Unhinged Democrats Say Trump Will Steal the Election RUSH: If you think you're gonna win, you do nothing to taint the result. If you think you're gonna win, you do everything to legitimize the result. You don't do what they're doing.


SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis - Steve Sandoval, Golfer

I hope to swing the golf club again! Looks like I need to get a 3rd back surgery.

WHO'S TIRED OF THE BOGEY TRAIN? START PLAYING BETTER GOLF TODAY! Steve Sandoval is a golfer with a 17 handicap. He's a big fan of the Sw...


Welcome from Steve

As the Politicians TRY to isolate us & keep us under MASK,😷and Divided, The American Patriots must UNITE and connect and come together... -go to


America, you are in the middle of DIVINE RESTORATION // SPOKEN WORD OVER THE USA // Christy Johnston

This WORD is very similar the Lord gave me in 2014. And from there we started and launched
I'ts time for all Patriots, Conservatives and Compassionate Capitalists to UNITE, work together to take back America to God and
His Kingdom! We have 107 days left to the next election! We all must Fast and PRAY like never before my fellow Christian Patriots!
God gave us a kingdom game plan & strategy to Win on Nov. 3. We MUST take back the Congress from the radical left and hold the Senate!
Go to our site, Sign up as a FREE member, download the FREE eBook, and watch the intro

"This is a prophetic word that has been brewing in my spirit for months now. We wanted to include in this video, as much as possible,
the beauty and diversity that makes up the United States of America - and God's purpose and design for her. We pray it blesses you.
We encourage you to share this video with friends and family, let's be aware of the enemies tactics and come together in
UNITY and DECREE God's goodness over the land of the free and the home of the brave"....Christy Johnston

This is a prophetic word that has been brewing in my spirit for months now. We wanted to include in this video, as much as possible, the beauty and diversity...


Mike Nificent

WATCH: This explains exactly what America is going through in 2020. Share this far and wide.
Credit: Joe M. Youtube.


Mike Nificent

The Best short video that explains what is going on with Covid-19, the Obama China Fauci Virus! Please SHARE and keep Sharing! This will open up people's eyes and WAKE people up! -Register new people to VOTE! ...go to 🙏

WATCH: This explains exactly what America is going through in 2020. Share this far and wide.
Credit: Joe M. Youtube.


Meet Daniel McCarthy

Demand Daniel McCarthy for Senate! This is the most important primary race in America!
A Chance to send another fighter like President Trump to Washington DC! This young man
is a true Patriot and Constitutional Conservative! The best I've seen since Ted Cruz!
I endorse Daniel McCarthy for AZ Senate!

U.S. Senate candidate from Arizona, Daniel McCarthy introduces himself, his family and his priorities. For more information, please visit http://DemandDaniel...


Blaze Media

Of only President Trump can watch this video. This says it all. This is a Scamdemic

Once more, with vigor: here's what the data actually says.


Paula Priesse

June 24th – For several days the story that dominated the corrupt media (including ESPN) was that a “noose” was found in the garage of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. Okay admit it, after countless “fake noose” stories you were pretty sure that this one was also BS … but you wisely wanted to wait until the facts came out. Headline yesterday from “‘Noose’ found in Bubba Wallace’s garage was door pull, had been there since 2019, officials say” So here’s a little something for both the race-baiting media and those brainiacs now tearing down statues … from the website Quartz Africa 10/14/19: “Africa has the fastest-growing number of immigrants in the United States, according to a Quartz analysis of US Census Bureau data. The number of African migrants grew at a rate of almost 50% from 2010 to 2018.” Darn “racist” America! Are there still some racists in a country with a population of approximately 325M? Yes. Is America a racist country? HELL NO and this proves it! P 03/26/2020

Gun-rights coalition sues New Jersey governor for closing gun dealers during coronavirus pandemic A coalition of gun-rights activists Monday filed a lawsuit against New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy for closing gun stores and suspending legally required background checks amid the coronavirus pandemic. 03/13/2020

Will coronavirus kill the New World Order? - WND If Sen. Bernie Sanders does not like "millionaires and billionaires," he should be pleased. There are far fewer of them today.


Lance Wallnau

"Be confident that your pursuit of heavenly priorities will be rewarded by heavenly provision." - Lance Wallnau


Rush Limbaugh

The Republican districts look solid. The Democrats, nine of them (up to nine of them) look vulnerable — and, if this happens, then you could say that Trump is on the way to flipping California.


Lance Wallnau

"Some dreams and ambitions have a limited shelf life. Don't fight to win an outdated award or lament a past disappointment. Show up, and take what has your name on it in this season." - Lance Wallnau 03/06/2020

True Evolution Share and inspire one another


Rush Limbaugh

Hey, folks, we have official guidelines now from the World Health Organization about how to talk about the coronavirus. You ready?


Lance Wallnau

"His Company is the only authorized company that can actually displace a gate to a kingdom of this world. If we choose not to engage world systems, by default the enemy wins because the only power that can change that situation is you." - Lance Wallnau


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Donald Trump Jr.

By pass the Media. If just 10 people SHARE this Ad with 10, and they SHARE with 10 down just 7 levels- guess how many people we can reach by days end? = ________________ Million

I am so proud of what my father has accomplished. We love America. 02/07/2020




StonecreekGolf Club
Phoenix, AZ
Other Golf courses in Phoenix (show all)
Golf Ventures Golf Ventures
Phoenix, 85020

Golf Venture's all-inclusive golf tours are designed to achieve the ultimate golf adventure

Raven Golf Club - Phoenix Raven Golf Club - Phoenix
3636 E Baseline Rd
Phoenix, 85042

JW Marriott Wildfire Golf Club JW Marriott Wildfire Golf Club
5350 E Marriott Dr
Phoenix, 85054

Wildfire Golf Club located at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa! Come see what everyone is talking about!

Women's Biltmore Social Golf Club Women's Biltmore Social Golf Club
2400 E Missouri Ave
Phoenix, 85016

Women's Biltmore Social Golf Club was created to introduce ladies who golf in the area and be a vibrant club. It's the perfect club for any female golfer!

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix
10888 N 19th Ave
Phoenix, 85029

Girls Golf of Phoenix: An empowering girls golf program {ages 3-18} for self development & energizing the game of golf {}.

ProKids Foundation ProKids Foundation
401 N 37th Dr, Ste 104
Phoenix, 85009

ProKids was started to inspire and develop young kids through sports by initiating, overseeing, and funding strategic rehabilitative needs and services

Arizona Golf Tee Times Arizona Golf Tee Times

Visit and play the best golf courses in Arizona

The Legacy Golf Club Arizona The Legacy Golf Club Arizona
6808 S 32nd St
Phoenix, 85042

Rated the #1 Public Golf Course in Phoenix by Pristine playing conditions year-round in one of the Valley's friendliest golf atmospheres.

Lookout Mountain Golf Club Lookout Mountain Golf Club
11111 N 7th St
Phoenix, 85020-1176

Proudly recognized as one of the top golf courses in Phoenix, Lookout Mountain Golf Club is the ideal spot for an unforgettable golf experience.

Arizona Golf Instructor Arizona Golf Instructor
12432 South 48th Street
Phoenix, 85044

Golf Instruction/Coaching focusing on Lower Scores! Mix of On Course Playing Lessons and practical practice and training.

Arizona Biltmore Golf Club Arizona Biltmore Golf Club
2400 E Missouri Ave
Phoenix, 85016

Come experience some enjoyable golf in the heart of Phoenix. It's so convenient, why wouldn't you stop by to play a round or just come and utilize the superb practice facility.Website: www.azbiltmoregc.comTwitter:@azbiltmoregc

Ahwatukee Country Club Ahwatukee Country Club
12432 S 48th St
Phoenix, 85044

This Johnny Bulla design set in the meadow lands of South Mountain, this course was designed to reward golfers.