Fast Draw Training Camp

Fast Draw Training Camp


Can I ask here if anyone needs a rig.I have one never used made by a friend I don't use it, but someone needs to it's quality made.38" to third hole,right hand with conchos and stingray holster 175.00 visit my page or send a message and I will get pics to you,don't have any on laptop right now,but I do on my phone.If this is not allowed I will delets it or you can. Thanks.
Great day at The Fast Draw Training Camp.
Debrief yesterday’s shoot, add a little more instruction and a lot of practice.
Much obliged and many thanks to Rodeo Romeo for his time and experience and use of his premier facility

Western Fast Draw Training by Champions
NRA Certified gun safety training
Conceal carry
Indoor revolver training with wax bullets
Passion for protection

Operating as usual


The weather is cooling off some and the swamp coolers are working better.
Had a productive day in the forge today.
Finished up building two blocker targets. SOLD.
Cut our 4 hoof rasps for 4 more pair of spur blanks. Shaped 2 of them and made a bunch of button hangers to install in the next step of the process. When I get the bands bent I will cut out, shape and install the shanks. Then put on button hinges, buttons and rowels.
The first pair was ordered with jingle bobs.




Western Territorial


Some pictures from Triple Crown.

[01/26/20]   No pictures but IronKasst Forge sent out 10 cut out knives for leather sheathes. Will be offered for sale soon. Price points $25 for wood handle knives and up for exotic handle scale materials.
Spring steel forged knives and more cut out knives in the next production run.

All sales will help fund the hydraulic press build for Damascus blade production.

I’ll have photos when the knives return with custom sheathes.


Top 2 Regulators shooting it out for 1st place.
4 Regulators in top 10


Good WFPG Open ISI shoot at the Camp yesterday.
1 Everett Hitch .340
2 Hell on Wheels .318
3 Rodeo Romeo .332
4 QC Carver .350
5 Outlaw Dirty Dan .325

Practice shooters
Hot Flash .429

Everett Hitch and Hell on Wheels split the Rodeo Romeo Bounty jackpot of $35


First jackpot shoot of the year gave plaques to top 3. 12 shooters. 3 people bought into the Bounty on Rodeo. Rodeo saved the bounty so $15 rolls over to next event.
1 ) Muley .328
2 ) Rodeo Romeo .356
3 ) Shady Mike .408
4 ) The Draw .381
5 ) Mayham .374

Out of top 5 Gr**go, QC Carver, Rattlin Rob, Everett Hitch, Yowee, Desert Gator, Dry Gulcher.

Fun shoot. The next one at the Camp will be the third Saturday January 18. WFPG round robin jackpot.


Capm’ Call receiving his WFPG .300 pin earned in the Arizona State Championship 2019 with a .292.

[12/04/19]   Good speed practice tonight with Rattlin Rob Roper and Bryan Moulton (QC Carver)
QC is figuring out his draw to be even faster and more accurate with his speed.
Rattlin Rob Hates .4’s now stringing together .3’s now.
I am figuring out the Ernie Hill Speed holster for more speed and getting it more accurate. When I get it consistent confidence and shooting from trained subconscious will be hard to beat.

One more month to decide Rio Salado Vaqueros Champion.

[11/30/19]   Congratulations to Rattlin Rob. Second place in bracket a with 37 shooters. Well done Rattlin Rob Roper. Regulators had a good day. Cort-O-Whisky second place in bracket B, Muletrain first place in bracket B. Good job Regulators.


Ernie Hill Speed fast draw holsters are the fastest highest quality holster you can invest your money in to perfect your craft.
This week at WFPG Arizona State Championship hosted by Fast Draw Training Camp Kopperhead Kid broke his own world record at .267 with Ernie Hill Speed leather.
Cap’n Call joined the .300 club shooting from Ernie Hill Speed Max leather rig with .292. Equipment does matter. If you want to go to the next level send us a message.


2019 WFPG ISI jackpot shoot mag 7
1. Marshal Cooper
2. Kopperhead Kid
3. Jackass Jiles
4. Muletrain
5. Hell on Wheels
6. QC Carver
7. Holli Day


2019 WFPG Arizona State Qualifier jackpot shoot placings.
1. Marshal Cooper
2. Kopperhead Kid
3. QC Carver
4. Jack as Jiles
5. Brad Quick


2019 WFPG Arizona State Championship placings
Champion Marshal Cooper.
Reserve Champion Kopperhead Kid
3. Jackass Jiles
4. Kodiak
5. Master Gunfighter


2019 WFPG Arizona State newest .300 pin winners
#14 Jackass Jiles .277
#15 Cap’n Call .292


Thursday night rip it practice.

[09/03/19]   "Let me tell you buddy there's a faster gun. Coming over yonder when tomorrow comes. - Let me tell you buddy that it won't be long. Until you find yourself singing your last cowboy song" name that tune?


Saturday Jackpot winners.
1 Shady Mike .391
2 Hell on Wheels .331
3 Muletrain .338
4 Wyoming Ranger .538
5 Desert Gator .585
6 QC Carver .355
7 Rodeo Romeo .339
8 Cort-O-Whiskey .436
9 Molasses .437
10 Rattlin Rob .432
11 Southwest KC .472
12 Hot Flash .494
13 Holli Day .357

Thank you Kurley Kue and Cindy for keeping score and announcing. We appreciate all your hard work.
Thanks to all the shooters that came out to shoot.


Tuesday night training session. Accuracy and speed drills.


ISI practice at the Camp yesterday. Rattlin Rob lowered his average and ISI by .041 and shot his fastest shots with 2 below .400consistently shooting low .4’s.
Dry Gulcher lowered his ISI by nearly .020 as well shooting a few below .400

What is really exciting is our new youth shooters. Dry Gulcher and Yowee’s grandsons, El Fuego and Anthony (alias not decided yet)
El Fuego has been shooting about a month and is shooting low 600’s consistently already. (Grandma is not happy)

[06/23/19]   KK Kid is the Women’s Kansas State Champion.
Congratulations KK. Great shooting. Your in a roll.

[06/15/19]   I keep forgetting to take pictures of our Camp practice.
No jackpot today but had a good practice session.
Hell on Wheels .301
Rodeo Romeo .306
Rattling Rob .401

Had a new youth shooter. Dry Gulcher’s grandson Cameron (no alias decided yet) started out shooting high nines then improved to be shooting high .600’s. He will be faster than Grandma lol.


[06/09/19]   Congratulations to Camp shooters:
KK Kid National Champion
Madame K Reserve National Champion.

Southern Territorial Championship.
Champion Sgt. Buck
Champion Madame K
3rd Holi Day
4th KK Kid
7th Trouble Maker

Yowee 2nd in STC second chance match, 1st in Deputy bracket

Madame K, Holi Day and Trouble Maker all places in top 3 of their brackets and Categories.
KK Kid 4th in category.

Dry Gulcher made it to the second day of competition for the first time finishing 27th.

QC Carver had a good run in both.

Oakie Ed 23rd in Nationals.

Well done. Congratulations all.

[06/06/19]   Good day for Fast Draw Training Camp at the Southern Territorial .
Sgt. Buck Southern territorial Men's Champion
QC Carver 18th place

Women's Southern Territorial Champion
1 Madame K
3 Holi Day
4 KK Kid
7 Trouble maker

Yowee wins 2nd Place in resurrection match.
Congratulations to you all well done.


Must be something to Camp training.


Monday tune up practice at the Camp for Nationals this weekend in Amarillo.

[05/06/19]   Busy day at the Camp today.
Bounty match this morning with 9 shooters.
Snake Oil brought his Girlfriend, his friend and his wife out to check out the Camp after the shoot and ended up shooting for about 4 hours. Snake Oil shooting .38’s and his friend first time shooting Fast Draw got down into the mid .4’s. The girls had a blast. Looks like Camp shooters are growing with some shooters with high potential.
My new neighbors boy heard us shooting and made his dad bring him over to see what was going on. I gave 9 year old Jake a gun safety lesson and let him shoot a few times off the table. I am sure I will be seeing more of that young man.
Reconfiguring the range to put up 6 24” targets for a Loess Hills Paladins bracket match May 18th.
I’m out of loaded bullets now so have to load some for practice tomorrow.
Congratulations to Madame K Oklahoma State Champion.

[04/14/19]   Rio Salado Vaqueros hosted a fun practice bracket shoot today. Camp shooters did very well.
Bracket A
1 Rodeo Romeo
2 QC Carver
3 Muletrain
6 Snake Oil
8 Southwest KC

Bracket B
15 Dry Gulcher

All results will be posted on their wed site for the ones I can’t remember.


Thoughts are powerful. Be carful if what you let wander through your mind.


I am very exited about the Camp shooters progress this year. The Individual Speed Index has proven to be our best training tool yet. Brand new shooters are making faster progress and those shooting for a while have got a much needed boost invigorating improvements.
We implemented this system at the suggestion of Marshal Cooper. Dry Gulcher Casey Jordan will be my pick for Shootist Champion this year. He is on my Range Wars team also.
Yowee has really excelled in this format lowering her ISI from .679 to .634.
QC Carver is getting more consistent and winning more. He also qualified for WFPG last weekend.
Rattlin Rob is steadily improving his ISI every week.
Muletrain Has passed me up and I need to put him back on my hit list.
Hell on Wheels continues to kick my butt.
Very excited about how the Camp training is paying off for all of these shooters.

KK Kid is getting her head in the game and will be even tougher to beat now than last year.

Madame K continues to be awesome.

Sgt. Buck is making himself known and will be someone to deal with this year.

Holi Day has come back to the Camp for mental coaching. It will be fun to watch all these ladies in their division this year.

There are others in the ladies division that are awesome shooters. Past champions and on the verge.
I am hearing and seeing good things about Billie Sue so y’all watch out for her this year. She has the fire in her belly and she is putting it out there telling people about her goals. That’s a big part of her success this year so I would keep an eye on her. She is not a Camp shooter but her scouting report is strong.

[04/07/19]   QC Carver wins Shady Mountain jackpot. Shady Mike 2nd, Rodeo Romeo 3rd


Good WFPG Qualifier at the Camp today. We shoot with Individual Speed Index so if you shoot slower than .020 slower than your average the shot does not count. It makes you shoot your best every shot and levels the playing field to give everyone a chance to win.

1) Yowee .604
2) Hell on Wheels .307
3) Rodeo Romeo .322
4) Dry Gulcher .388
5) QC Carver .344
6) Rattlin Rob .450

QC Carver qualified for WFPG today. Got his patch.


New Camp students Snake Oil and Sassafras shooting some beginner drills. Snake Oil has shot .3’s with close up reaction drills.


Fun shoot at the Camp today.
We had 8 shooters.
Place and fast time.
1. Rodeo Romeo .321
2. C**t McCoy .324
3. Muletrain .329
4. Hell on Wheels .310
5. Old West .347
6. Dry Gulcher .409
7. Rattling Rob .545
8. Yowee .608

This year we are doing WFPG jackpot qualifiers on the first and 3rd Saturday of every month. Every shooter will have an Individual Speed Index that is your fastest time for each round average. If you shoot .020 slower than your ISI (Individual Speed Index) that Shot will be scored as a miss. This will promote constant improvement and ensure you are shooting your best shot every time.

Old West has Qualified for WFPG.

Established ISI.

Rodeo Romeo .332
C**t McCoy .350
Muletrain .336
Hell on Wheels .332
Old West .364
Dry Gulcher .447
Rattling Rob .600
Yowee .635

Videos (show all)

Honey Badger (Women's fast draw record holder) got a chance to train with Thirsty at the Camp today. Now we can see why ...
Col. Hip Shot and Big Sky taking a few warm up shots before the Charity gunfight challenge for Roo tonight.
Big Sky came to Phoenix for work from Montana and started Fast Draw shortly after. His first shots were around low 8's h...
Clay Boy is a brand new shooter started The Fast Draw Training Camp last weekend on Friday shooting .8's and finished up...
Thirsty shooting with Rio Salado Vaqueros 1/9/16#FastDrawCamp




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