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It's not your age that's slowing your metabolism, new research says. Here's what to do 10/06/2021

It's not your age that's slowing your metabolism, new research says. Here's what to do

You know I don't buy the "AGE" excuse!

"The answer is less about age and more about lifestyle. Although your baseline resting metabolic rate may not have changed between ages 20 and 60, the factors involved in boosting other aspects of your metabolism -- when you are not resting -- likely changed, lowering your ability to metabolize fat, maximize the caloric burn from exercise, increase energy-burning muscle mass and get quality rest to enable metabolic processes."

It's not your age that's slowing your metabolism, new research says. Here's what to do It's a generally accepted belief that as you age, your resting metabolism slows — especially over age 40. Not true, says an August study published in the journal Science. Fitness expert Dana Santas shares four science-backed ways to boost your metabolism.

Blue-T Fitness updated their address. 05/03/2021

Blue-T Fitness updated their address.

Blue-T Fitness updated their address.

Blue-T Fitness updated their address. 05/03/2021

Blue-T Fitness updated their address.

Blue-T Fitness updated their address.


Take some time today to plan your week for success. Ensure you have food for healthy meals and make time to move. It’s really that simple.

Take some time today to plan your week for success. Ensure you have food for healthy meals and make time to move. It’s really that simple.

03/14/2021 12/08/2020

How Japanese People Stay Fit for Life, Without Ever Visiting a Gym

When I tell clients to start walking more, I can see the skepticism in their faces. Adding more movement in any form is going to keep your calorie burn up, which is why standing at your desk isn't any better than sitting. We all need to move more. For people stressed or intimidated by fitness culture 07/31/2020

Exercise Can Be a Very Effective Way to Treat Depression. Why Isn’t It Prescribed?

"...regular aerobic exercise is as effective as antidepressants in reducing symptoms of mild to moderate depression. And that’s not just because moving might help you get into shape and feel better about yourself. Exercise actually causes the same structural changes to the brain as antidepressants—neuroplasticity, or creating new neural pathways, and growth in the hippocampus, a part of the brain that’s generally shrunken in people with depression." It does the same thing to your brain as antidepressants.


Foolproof Cooking

If you prefer a creamy salad dressing substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream and make your own. Salad dressings have some of the worst ingredients, including HFCS and other sugars, canola, vegetable, and hydrogenated oils, as well as lots of sodium.

An easy to make, tastes-better-than-mayo, and healthy Greek yogurt salad dressing that you can *pretty much* use on anything.

#ad Made with Stonyfield Organic Greek yogurt, this easy to make dressing is creamy and light. #stonyfieldfarmtour #organicyogurt


Lava river cave
Conquering fears and having adventures. 💙


Saturday morning workouts with me? 🤗
8:30a Tabata & 9:30a Muscle
at MSF Happy Valley


Kale salad is sooooo good 💙
Recipe on my FB page or website.


I posted this recipe 4 years ago, coincidentally made it for the family just today. My mom even said it wasn’t bad 😂 and she’s the pickiest person I know.
Janet 😘

Massaged Kale Salad
Here's my favorite massaged kale salad recipe. Let me know if you try it!

- 1big bunch of kale
- 2 limes
- 1 Tbsp honey
- 1 Tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
- 1 Tbsp sesame seeds or walnuts or slivered almonds
- small handful dried cranberries

Remove stems from the kale and roughly chop the leaves. Massage small bunches between hands, squeeze it and make it as soft as you can and place in a medium glass bowl.

Juice the limes in a small glass bowl, add honey, olive oil and salt and pepper and whisk.

Drizzle over the kale and add seeds or nuts and cranberries. Enjoy!


Happy Independence Day!


*Mountainside classes*
Wed: Carefree Muscle 5:30p
Thurs: Arrowhead Muscle 9:45a
🇺🇸Happy 4th of July 🎇
Sat: Happy Valley Tabata 8:30a, Muscle 9:30a 06/13/2019


💕Hello beautiful!

I have been working on some exciting things over the last few months. One of those is my new website! Today is the day we get to finally reveal it to you.

You can see a little bit more about me and apply for coaching. We will soon also have some free mini-workout videos you can do anywhere.

Soon, I’ll be putting together full workout plans, as well as some additional nutritional education materials, meal ideas and recipes. I hope you find it useful. 💕

👇🏼Tell me what you’re most looking forward to, and what else you’d love to see.👇🏼 You can send me a PM if you don’t want to share publicly. Personal guidance navigating the world of nutrition and fitness. WORKOUT PLAN A coach that personally works with you to help you overcome the biggest barriers to your success. NUTRITION COACHING Teaching you the foods to eat to reach your goals. Your only job is to follow the plan. FOLLOW ME! Take a...


Fiber :: 25 grams/day
Fiber is one of those things we don’t focus on much until a doctor or our gut tells us we need to focus on it more. Don’t get caught off guard by your fiber intake. Aim for 25 grams each day.

Foods with high amounts of fiber are not only fruits and veggies but include whole grains like pasta & oatmeal. And who doesn’t love pasta & oatmeal!?

Fruits: raspberries, apples & pears, bananas
Veg: peas, broccoli & Brussels sprouts, potatoes
Grains: whole wheat pasta, quinoa, oats, brown rice

These are just a few examples of the highest fiber sources in each category and by no means a full list of all the delicious options. You’ll have your fiber adding up to 25 in no time!

And in this case, more isn’t always better. We can feel gut discomfort and bloating if we overdo it on fiber.

As always, if you need help tracking your food just say the word. I’m happy to help!


I wanted to share ideas for including anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. Those who I have coached know about my principle for building a rainbow every week. I do this with my son to ensure he’s getting all the vitamins and minerals he can from nature.

Start with what you know:
R - red
O - orange
Y - yellow
G - green
B - blue
I - indigo
V - violet
W - white (add)

Aim for having at least 2 of each color every week, EXCEPT green, which you want to have extras of, always. So if you think of the rainbow 🌈 just imagine that band of green in the middle is extra wide.

Here are some food ideas to go along with those colors.
R - strawberries, cherries, bell peppers, beets, radishes, tomatoes
O - oranges, bell peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes, acorn squash
Y - bananas, grapefruit, lemons, bell peppers, summer squash, spaghetti squash
G - kiwi, apples, pears, grapes, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, beet & mustard greens, chard, cucumber, kale, peppers, avocado, asparagus
B, I, V - blueberries, blackberries, grapes, purple cabbage
W - cauliflower, garlic, onions 03/08/2019

I'm a Trainer, and If Your Goal Is to Lose Belly Fat, This Is What I Want You to Know

I was just asked yesterday, "how do I lose belly fat but I don't want to exercise?" Walking counts as exercise. Do more of it. Also, this is not going to come as a surprise to anyone--eat more veggies and protein. Did I mention go for lots and lots and lots of walks. As a trainer and a fitness editor, one topic that comes up a lot is how to get rid of belly fat. I know that belly fat may be a problematic area for some, and


How can you be successful with your nutrition/workout goals?

This is by far the most common question I receive. The real answer no one wants to hear is BE PATIENT, BE CONSISTENT. With time & consistency, your work will add up and you will see positive changes. It’s not going to take 30 days, or even 60. And depending on where you’re starting, most of us should expect to give it a full YEAR.

Whatever your goal may be, whether it’s prioritizing workouts, hitting your nutritional goals, or something else entirely, these points are key:

• Choose a long-term plan.
Just like eating 800 kcals a day (see below) isn’t sustainable long-term, neither is a diet that is so restrictive you can’t eat whole food groups such as carbs or fat, grains, etc. I won’t belabor this because you’ve heard it before—make it a lifestyle and it will pay off for you.

• Consistency is #1 (not 💯)
Don’t give up if you make one (or ten) mistake. Every tomorrow is a clean slate. Aim for 50% compliance or better. Think about how worth it your health is to start every day with the intention to move & sweat, and eat nutritional meals. Why wouldn’t you want to start now? You will never get this time back. You are the youngest you will ever be again, and your time on this earth is dependent on your health and well-being.

• Don’t aim for perfection.
Changing your body doesn’t require 100% consistency. Taking small steps to change one habit at a time, over time, will be the smoothest transition to NEW habits and positive behavior change. Aim for being BETTER, not being perfect. Because we can all agree that better is a more realistic goal. Breaking habits and letting go of other behaviors takes time and repetition. Small successes will still build your confidence and provide momentum to keep going!

• Be patient.
Just as behavior changes take time, so does seeing the results of those changes. Don’t expect things to happen right away. Weight isn’t gained in a month (I know it seems that way!) and weight loss isn’t going to be done in a month. Slow, steady results are the most sustainable and also the healthiest. Sure, you might lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks by eating 800 kcals/day. But can you sustain that amount of food forever? Okay, maybe someone can, but I can’t. And if not, the fat will come right back, plus more, compounding the issues.

[I’ll add that there are nutritional deficit issues with very low calories that people rarely consider. There is such a thing as not enough food. You don’t need to punish your body for the choices you’ve made in the past. That can be a very dangerous place.]

• Don’t expect support from everyone around you, at first.
Be subtle when talking about your new habits with family, friends or coworkers. Sometimes people don’t want you to change because it disrupts their life. Who will eat out for lunch with me? Who will have happy hour with me? Who will be my fellow couch potato? People rely on your old behaviors more that you might realize. They might not like these changes at first, but as they see your progress they may decide to join you!

• Hire a Coach
Someone who can guide you and make you accountable. Someone who lifts you up and sees your potential and holds your hand over the pitfalls. Your coach should be team YOU. 03/02/2019

The effect of resistance training on health-related quality of life in older adults: Systematic review and meta-analysis

In case you need more proof that lifting weights/resistance training is good for you Background: Resistance training (RT) is recommended as part of our national physical activity guidelines which includes working all major muscle groups on two or more days a week.Older adults can gain many health benefits from RT, such as increased muscle ...

[02/27/19]   Tell me your number one goal, and why you’re struggling to achieve it.
Either post a comment below, send me a DM, or an email.



🥦 broccoli 🥦

What on earth did I just watch... 😂

Credit: Rocket Surgeons 02/11/2019

Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies Creative pursuits will open up new perspectives and boost your confidence.


Edit: 9:37 PM


Sometimes when our goals gets pushed aside it’s because someone close to us needs us. We slip into the caretaker role easily as daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, husbands and wives. When someone needs us, we become that person willing to help and be there for someone we love. But why don’t we do this for ourselves? Why not ALSO be that person for YOU?

What keeps us from putting the same amount of care into loving and nourishing ourselves? Prioritize yourself? Are we afraid this will make us seem selfish?

Hear me out here. The cliché comparison of putting on your oxygen mask first when the aircraft loses pressure is very appropriate in this case. How are you going to be here, healthy & strong to take care of your siblings, aging parents, children, etc. if you aren’t taking care of yourself now?

Why do we avoid staying active after college/high school? We know it’s just as important to keep moving as we age. Our children learn their eating habits from us, but did you know they also learn to prioritize being active in adulthood.

Each day our lives get a little bit shorter. This is your chance to start NOW and not wait another day. Do it for you, but also do it for your loved ones. Maybe they won’t see the good in it at first, or they will doubt your ability to succeed. But stand in your truth and don’t let the negativity get to you. Once you prioritize your health and start changing your habits, one small step at a time, it will get easier.

As always, let me know if you need a hand discovering your why and making health happen. 💙


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How is your 2019 going so far? Are you focusing on yourself and setting goals to improve things you want to work towards this year? My hope is that you haven’t lost focus on those goals. But if you have, it’s OK.

February is a new month. Why not reevaluate and refocus now? You don’t need a new year, new month, or a Monday to hop back on the goal train. All you need is to want something badly enough.

A healthy lifestyle is something we all deserve. Build those habits now before it feels like it’s too late. Is it too hard? Is it too much trouble? Do you want to be the best you possible? What are you waiting for? Do you need a doctor to tell you to get healthy? Don’t let it come to that.

Take control of your health right now. I know you can do this. I believe in you. 🤗 Now, believe in yourself!


Michael McIntyre Fans

Yep. Who’s with me?

😂💪 11/22/2018

Which Kinds of Foods Make Us Fat?

“Only fat made them fat.” In lab animals, at least, it’s high-fat — but not super-high-fat — diets that lead to obesity. 09/18/2018

A Nobel Laureate Asks What Makes a ‘Disordered Mind’

Create your reality. Love yourself because you are beautiful and deserving of love. In his new book, the neuroscientist Eric Kandel explores the science of unusual brains, locating many of his answers in genetics.

[09/09/18]   Something I’m working on is not basing my self-worth on what other people think of me.
💙 What’s your daily meditation?

[09/04/18]   Alcohol 🍸

Want to kill your gains fast? Drinking alcohol is a great way to negate the effort you’re putting in at the gym and with your nutrition. If you really want to take reaching your goals seriously then you’ve got to take a look at your alcohol consumption. Even one day a weekend of careless drinking 🍻and consumption of needless calories...
🥨 🍔 🌮 🍟 🍕
... can have an impact on your progress.

Spend 3-4 weeks with low to no alcohol and watch closely as you check off boxes on your goal list. Not only will less alcohol decrease fat storage but you’ll go to the gym feeling fresh and ready to push yourself harder in your workouts.

You got this! 07/18/2018

You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With

"Whenever you set out to achieve something, it might come in handy to invest a lot in the tools that you’re going to be using. When one has a goal, one should devote resources to the means one uses for achieving this goal." Losing friends to have a better life

[06/15/18]   What is + ONE thing you can focus on now to improve your own health?


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