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At The Physio Fix, our goal is to provide top quality, affordable, 1-on-1 physical therapy services to anyone, both local and worldwide. At The Physio Fix, our goal is to provide top quality, affordable, accessible physical therapy services to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

We use a comprehensive initial assessment to identify impairments in mobility, flexibility, strength, and functional movement patterns to create an individualized physical therapy program based on you, your sport, your injury, and your goals. From corrective exercise and rehabilitation to injury prevention and sport performance programs, we offer a plan for every person and every budget, and we'll even offer remote services for your convenience. Call us today, and let's get you moving.

Operating as usual

Heyyy everyone!!

Now that the dust is starting to settle, it’s time to celebrate the opening of my new facility!!

I am having a grand opening party this Sunday, November 1st from 4-7pm!!

Everyone is invited to join in! We’re going to have games, raffles, and a taco truck!!! Please RSVP and reach out to my assistant, Cassie, if you have any questions or want to sign up for the team events ahead of time!

You are also welcome to participate in the raffle if unable to attend! Call or email Cassie at 602-675-0325 or [email protected]!!

It’s true guys, InstaRehab is not REAL rehab. Real rehab isn’t quick & sexy and it definitely cannot be categorized in neat little boxes of exercises that fix X or fix Y. Real rehab is messy & unpredictable, it takes time & includes a lot of mistakes, frustrations & ups & downs. Not everyday is a good day with my patients, and I DONT ALWAYS know the answers. Since every patient is unique and their situation is unique, this makes rehab extremely hard to generalize like most rehab posts (mine included).

#Repost @hannahmoves
If you are a consumer of health information through social media this is especially important for you.
Social media is a tricky space: there is at least as much bad health misinformation as there is evidence-based good information. At face value it can be very difficult to discern the difference.
But that isn’t what I’m talking about. Even the most well intentioned rehab posts on social media AT BEST only show you snippets (usually all the positive ones) and generalities of a REAL rehab process, and seriously lack individual context. And I’ll be the first to admit: I DO THIS TOO.
You see, when you scroll through social media and see stuff like: ‘Low Back Pain Rehab Exercises,’ ‘Communication Tips’ ‘Exercises for _____ pain’ ‘4 Reasons you’re in pain’ etc. these might have some relevance clinically to SOMEBODY, but may NOT have relevance to YOU or your individual situation.
Rehab needs to have an individual assessment, an individual plan, and individually catered information: based on your lifestyle, your history and your own knowledge and goals etc. More importantly, there needs to be FOLLOW-UP and CHANGES made if things aren’t going well.
Looking up general exercises online and ‘trying them’ for your ______ problem is NOT rehab, and it never will be.
Here are some other very real aspects of rehabilitation that rarely if ever get shown online:
Mistakes and failures. (We’re all perfect online didn’t you know).
Clients who show up for one appointment but never come back.
Mountains and mountains of paperwork and charting.
Education and communication that doesn’t go well.
Frustrated clients in a flare up.
This list goes on.

🚨Weekend Hip Flow🚨

🔑Being flexible and bendy is great, but having control of your full range of motion should be the ultimate goal!

👉🏽Rarely these days do I prescribe static stretching to improve someone’s mobility as I’ve found out over the years that static stretching is not the best use of your time & it doesn’t translate well into functional movement.

✅Active mobility techniques like these improve range of motion while also gaining better muscular control of this new range!!! Ultimately, we want to improve our usable range of motion. That’s what matters!

This creates a neuromuscular response that allows our body to feel SAFE into greater ranges of motion and keeps ligamentous stress at bay.

💥Dynamic 90/90 Hip Complex💥

I have broken this down into 6 steps:
1️⃣Lunge backwards
2️⃣Cross other leg behind and sit on ground in 90/90 position
3️⃣Pivot to other side
4️⃣Lean over front leg
5️⃣Pivot back around
6️⃣Bring back leg forward and stand back up

🔥All it takes is 10 minutes a day to take care of your joints! Doing this routine consistently will really make a difference in how you move and how you feel! So give it a try and let me know what you think!!!🔥

💯Tag someone who could use more mobility!
❤️ Like & save if you found this helpful!
⬇️Post questions or comments below!⬇️

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Here’s a friendly reminder that you don’t get what you wish get what you WORK FOR.

👏🏼Stop looking for shortcuts.

Losing weight takes time, gaining weight takes time, building strength takes time, improving mobility takes time...things take time!!!!!

💥💥💥Use my code “thephysiofix” to save you some money on my favorite nutrition app that literally makes my life so much easier and will help get you that body that you want!
↪️The app is called #rpdietapp from @rpstrength!💥💥💥

💪🏼Doing the work IS the shortcut!

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So many belts to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for you?

You read this amazing post by @rorimegan_prs (& give her a follow too!)
Is your back pain or peeing problem caused by your belt?!
You heard me! .
We are all different shapes and sizes and our belts need to be appropriate for our body to be most effective.
Width, thickness, and buckle type can all play into:
1️⃣ your ability to set and/or maintain a neutral low back position
2️⃣ how comfortable you feel in the start position of the deadlift
3️⃣ pressure on your internal organs or bones!
This past Sunday I ditched my belt because every time I moved into a flat back position I was getting pain in my SI joint. I took the belt off and the pain went away. 🧐 what gives?! It was early Sunday morning and I had eaten a large late meal that was sitting in my gut and I also hadn’t had my morning 💩. Basically I was too CROWDED with all that and the belt so this put a lot of pressure on my low back. .
Maybe this isn’t what you experience.
Maybe you’re crushing your ribs or hip bones ⏩ bruising & not getting the belt tight enough. ‼️switch to a 3 or 2.5 inch belt.
Maybe you’re peeing 💦 yourself once you put the belt on ⏩ try a smaller belt (drop from 13mm to 10mm, 4 inch to 3 inch, or even change the buckle type from a prong to lever (less bulk up front)).
The situations are endless and if your belt is the problem there are so many options to adjust!
Swipe ⏪⏪⏪for a few belting guides. Not the end all be all but definitely a place to start to help you find the right belt for your body and your lift!

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Scottsdale Health September 2020

I am honored and humbled to be featured in Scottsdale Health Magazine’s September 2020 issue talking about my role as a Physical Therapist and business owner. If you want to read the full article check out page 44/45!

🙋‍♀️One of my jobs as a physical therapist is to educate patients about recovery, which includes a little education on the importance of sleep and proper nutrition to aid in tissue recovery.

🤦‍♀️The majority of patients I work with (especially the kids) aren’t getting enough protein in their diets. I love this chart because it has so many protein options for those who are constantly on the go.

💥Since we are on the topic of nutrition- let me tell you about my favorite app: the RP Diet app!

💥One of my favorite things about using the #rpdiet app is being able to choose whatever you want to eat. You literally have the ability to choose any of these protein options and manyyyy more (plus you can scan barcodes!) then the app tells you exactly how much to eat to help you reach your goals.

💥With the #rpdietapp you never have to give up your favorite foods and you can still lose weight!

If you want to get in on the awesomeness of the RP diet app, just download it from the App Store and use my code “thephysiofix” to save you MONEYYYY! You won’t regret it! You may regret not getting this app sooner!

Protein Options By @maxnottfit

✅ A good amount of foods have protein in them, but the crucial aspect in achieving your optimal intake is in consuming foods with especially high amounts of it, but with lower amounts of other macros ⬇️

👉🏼 For example, lean chicken usually has somewhere around 20g of protein per 3-4 oz, typically with no carbs and very little fat...

🙌🏼 Almonds are also somewhat high in protein. BUT, would I substitute chicken in my meal with almonds because of that reason? 🤔

👎🏼 Probably not, because not only are they not as high in protein, but they're also extremely high in fat, making them less ideal, since I'd rather use those calories on other foods 🍩

💯 The idea of this chart, which is not ALL-inclusive, is to show you how wide of a range you really have in choices for protein. There’s protein options for everyone!

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I don’t know about you, but this routine looks amazing to me so I had to share!!!

Repost @roxannegan_
These blocks are my best investment at only $24/ pair. I always see people struggling with mobility and tight back, and here’s a sequence I’ve designed to release tension and stiffness in the upper and lower back, or to open your shoulders if you wanna practise handstands/ CrossFit movements like snatches & overhead squats.

Really, stretching can be done lying down, like you see here. Hold each position for 1-3 min. If you can deepen the stretch, try having the blocks at the highest height.

Hope this helps resolve some of your everyday issues.

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I’ve been saying this for years!

“If you want an excuse to operate on an athlete just get an MRI. Same w labral, partial cuffs and so on.” 👀

Things take time to heal. How long? Depends on severity and area injured. This information is important to discuss with patients as it helps to set appropriate expectations for the rehab process.

Here’s some super helpful info that you’re going to want to save!


🤕When an individual sustains an injury, one of the first questions asked is, “How long will it take until I am back to normal?” When an unexpected event such as an injury disrupts our quality of life, naturally we want to return to our full functional capacity as soon as possible. The difficult part of injuries is that there are certain components of them we are unable to control, such as our age, the type of tissue that was injured, blood supply to a specific tissue, and the extent of damage that was done.⁣

🙌However, what we can control is enhancing our understanding of tissue healing, and how to optimize healing times by avoiding factors that could slow the normal healing process.⁣

🔥Progressing from the inflammatory phase to the maturation phase of tissue healing begins with a short period of protection of the injured site, followed by early mobilization, and eventually optimal loading with an eventual return to full, functional capacity. As stated previously, the time spent in each of these phases as well as the specific actions you may be taking will be different depending on the type of injury you may have.⁣

‼️It’s important to note that different tissues heal at different rates! And more importantly, the severity of the injury also impacts the length of recovery. You’ll notice that the range of healing times is quite large! So please - respect that you may recover faster or slower than your friend with the “same injury”. Even more so, a grade I hamstring strain you suffered a year ago may heal at a different rate than a grade I hamstring strain you just suffered yesterday! There are so many factors that go into recovery - but a good understand of tissue healing timelines is definitely the place to start!⁣

➡️Shoutout to @dr.caleb.burgess and @theprehabguys for this post! @ Phoenix, Arizona

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

Challenge accepted. Thanks for the nomination @hndeuts @23artflow @leftie24 @shelbycobra1960s @baptistepoweryogaphoenix

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🍴Protein is extremely important for recovery (especially when you are recovering from an injury) so this is a topic I literally discuss with every single patient of mine. Gotta make sure they are eating enough and fueling their bodies for success!🍴

If you want to make things really easy on yourself I recommend getting the RP Diet App or downloading the ebooks / templates from @rpstrength. They are offering 20% off their ebooks & templates today & tomorrow & you can save more money with my code “thephysiofix”.

Thanks for digging through the research and making this post @dr.caleb.burgess & @doctorgfit 👏🏼
📌We all know that eating adequate protein is important for muscle gain, recovery, and even fat loss
⁉️But how much is enough to eat per day?
📚We decided to dive into the research and provide some clarity based on the requirements of different types of athletes as well as sedentary individuals
🔍As you can see, the recommended amounts vary based on the amount of energy and muscle building/maintaining requirements in different sports/activities
🚫So, as with exercise prescription, taking a generic "one-size-fits-all" approach in regards to advising the appropriate daily protein intake of different individuals with different goals and demands is far from optimal
💯With that being said, an overall daily protein intake in the range of 1.4–2.0 g protein/kg body weight/day (g/kg/d) is sufficient for MOST exercising individuals looking to BUILD or MAINTAIN muscles mass
⬇️check out the "Key" below to help you determine your own daily protein requirements
🔹1 kg = 2.2 lbs (approximately)
🔹Fat-free mass: refers to the mass of all of your body components except fat. It includes your body's water, bone, organs and muscle content
🔹Fat-free mass can be measured by hydrostatic weighing (gold standard), skin fold calipers, or several other less accurate methods.
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I’m excited!



I am teaming up with one of my favorite companies @team4kor to give you all the chance to win 3 amazing products of theirs & 2 awesome programs by me!!!

This means there will be 5 total WINNERS!!!

The products in this giveaway are:
💛A CUSTOM month of programming by me which includes a video visit (can be used for rehab or training purposes and you can gift it to anyone or keep it for yourself!)
🖤A free program of your choice from any of my pre-made online programs. (Instagram course also up for grabs here)
❤️ 4KOR Long Fabric Band Set (2 bands)
🤍 4KOR Percussion Gun (carrying case included!!!)
💙 4KOR Fireball Mobility Set (3 balls)

To enter is EASY! Follow the steps below:
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💛Giveaway ends Sunday, July 19th at 7am Pacific Time!
💛Winners will be announced later Sunday in my stories!

Good luck!!!!

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Recently, my friend @victorthephysio asked me and a few other industry innovators to film our favorite stretch for each body part.

Together, we’ve curated a quick video to take you through a FULL BODY stretch routine 🔥🔥

Thank you @docjenfit @vinnierehab @victorthephysio @rehabscience @dr.giardina.dpt @thephysiofix @benjamintorresdpt @susie_squats @drjessicapt @dr_jacobdpt for being a part of this epic collaboration! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

📥 Be sure to share this with a friend who could use a good stretch!

#physiosofinstagram #physio #rehab #dailystretches #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #physiotherapy

If I could give you ONE piece of advice on training & recovery it would be this:


😴Rest when you’re tired.
🍽Eat when you’re hungry.
🏋🏻‍♀️Modify the damn exercise.

It’s okay to skip a workout, change the workout, take a nap or eat those extra calories your body has been desperately needing‼️

🎉This is especially important when returning to normal training programs post quarantine!!!

My advice:
1️⃣Begin slow, don’t try to be a hero and jump right back to full training with the same intensity you were doing before quarantine.
2️⃣Build your foundation- this means incorporating “rehaby” type things, some mobility work, some unilateral strengthening, and I hate to say it, but do some dang cardio!
3️⃣Make simple changes to your diet and begin tracking what you are eating to see where you can improve. I recommend using the RP diet app, it is a game changer for me and so many others and it slowly adjusts your macros week to week so no crash dieting and it allows you to build healthy & sustainable habits long term!
↪️Use my code “thephysiofix” when you sign up to save you money!
4️⃣Get more sleep. 8 hours folks!

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