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Pragmatic simplified street fighting and combative concepts for streamlined self defense. The choice of NAVY SEALS, DEA, FBI and numerous professionals.

Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Combative Concepts Phoenix Arizona USA


A research organization founded by world-renowned martial artist Paul Vunak in the mid 1980′s centers around Contemporary Jeet Kune Do and Kali. Bruce Lee’s JKD serves as the foundation for PFS which has evolved to include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Thai Boxing. PFS is an extremely effective street fightin

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Our lineage

Our lineage


Our lineage

Our lineage

08/13/2020 03/23/2020

7 Qualities of a Martial Arts Champion According to Taekwondo Legend Jhoon Rhee

[02/12/20]   Uncle Vu's model :
1. Learn
2. Master
3. Functionalize
4. Maintain 01/30/2020

Kobe Bryant & Jeet Kune Do My condolences to all who have lost loved ones in the recent Helicopter crash. By writing about Kobe Bryant I am in no way trying to ignore other losses suffered around the world. My condolences go to all who have lost l... 01/05/2020

The Collected Wisdom of Martial Arts Icon Dan Inosanto Dan Inosanto, first-generation Jeet Kune Do student of Bruce Lee, began studying the art when it was still known as Jun Fan Gun Fu. He is one of the preeminent teachers, and still continues to train to this day.


Dan Inosanto and the Filipino Memorial Bolo Sword

Dan paid a visit to Cold Steel HQ and had some fun while discussing the new Filipino Memorial Bolo.


Congratulations to my teacher Paul Vunak, "Uncle Vu" on his latest book on his life's work. 45 years in the making. Excited to dig in and study what is sure to be a masterclass.


Jeet Kune Do - Rick Tucci demo and explains Jun Fan Jeet Tek

Rick Tucci, Martial Artist & Master Teacher, demos and explains Bruce Lee's Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do (JKD) Jeet Tek.


Be like water my friend.

[01/27/19]   Your mentality is your reality.

[12/21/18]   CWCT = Closest weapon, closest target


Bruce Lee - International

Bruce Lee Hits - The Green Hornet TV. Series 1966–1967

The Green Hornet is a television series on the ABC US television network that aired for the 1966–1967 TV season starring Van Williams as Britt Reid/the Green Hornet and introduced martial artist Bruce Lee to American television audiences as his partner, Kato.

Lee Jun-Fan/Bruce Lee became a major star of martial arts movies, his popularity in Hong Kong, where he was raised (already a star actor since childhood), was such that the show was marketed there as ‘The Kato Show’.The Green Hornet and Kato also appeared in two episodes of Batman titled "A Piece Of The Action/Batman's Satisfaction".

• Van Williams as Britt Reid/Green Hornet – The owner and publisher of The Daily Sentinel and masked fighting hero, who masquerades as a villain

• Bruce Lee as Kato – Britt Reid's partner, who is also the Green Hornet's aide

► Kato (Bruce Lee) .VS. Low Sing (Mako Iwamatsu) /(Dan Inosanto) Stunt Double – Fight Scene – The Green Hornet 1966-67
-0:42 Long Sing (Mako) - Bruce Lee's best friend, the legendary Dan Inosanto was Mako's stunt double.

►Bruce Lee as Kato - The Green Hornet TV. Series 1966-67 – Fight Scene


Jeet Kune Do's Wing Chun roots with G**o Dan Inosanto

G**o Dan Inosanto gives an awe inspiring demonstration of Jeet Kune Do's trapping. Bruce Lee's first Martial Art was Wing Chun and it's influence is abundant...


Gligo night driver

Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto

EXTRA RARE Bruce Lee and Danny Inosanto training at Bruce Lees home 09/25/2018

How Bruce Lee's protégé helped the Dallas Cowboys win a Super Bowl and changed the NFL Dan Inosanto ran a secret martial arts training program for the Dallas Cowboys in 1977. The team would go on to win the 1978 Super Bowl.

[08/10/18]   Private training available. Shoot us a message to begin your JKD adventure.


Our lineage. Bruce Lee, G**o Inosanto, Sigung Vunak. We stand on the shoulders of Giants. So grateful for the gift of knowledge. 05/29/2018

Introducing the World's Greatest Bodyguard - Gavin de Becker and Associates

Teacher, mentor and role model. Thank you for your lessons, example and encouragement. You will be missed sir. For nearly 5 decades, Tom Taylor has protected human life. From patrolling Missouri's madcap rural highways to protecting heads of state in the world's most historic cities, Tom Taylor has lived one hell of a life. 03/12/2018

Grandmaster Dan Inosanto Reveals One Of Bruce Lee's Biggest Secrets (NEW INTERVIEW) So I managed to get my hands on some rare footage of Grandmaster Dan Inosanto talking about one of Bruce Lee's best kept secrets.


Joe Rogan

Skepticism can save your life. Test, test, test. Put "aliveness" into your training and never believe your own press.

Start Monday off with some fake martial arts that would definitely get you shot!
#Repost @mcdojolife
Dodging bullets has never looked so easy


ABC News

CCTV footage shows a Jimmy John's sandwich shop employee calmly reacting to being robbed at gunpoint in Kansas City. Police are still searching for the suspect.


Progressive Martial Arts

Seminar in Rome 2017 , G**o at 80 years in better shape than ever , so much to teach , and amazing to watch , humble man .

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Our lineage





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