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Thank you for all the incredible training to help me ride 545 miles!!!
Last workout of 2018 beating my time by almost 1min!!!
I stopped for a long lunch (I packed a sandwich and munchies) and a long pitstop to eat homemade brownies...otherwise I would have beat 6hrs :)
102 miles done. Thank you for your training!!

102 miles done. Thank you for your training!!

102 miles killing last year by 1.5hrs!!! Thank you for the training!!!
Because Damian swears by it
Friday workout totals for 1 hour with Damian.

Fitness, Food, Flexibility, & Future

Operating as usual


❓ Have you played around with the Trap Bar before? (AKA Hex Bar)

💪 I love all deadlifts, and each variation brings value and purpose.

👉 A hidden feature with the Trap Bar Deadlift is the high and low handle option.

👀 Take a peek at my video again.

🏋️ You’ll see a high handle position in the first clip and a low handle position
in the second.

😮 Most Trap Bars come with this flippable versatility.

👉 I suggest starting with the high handle position first. (higher = easier due to less mobility required and pulling distance)

👉 Progress to the low handle setup eventually. (lower = harder due to more mobility required and pulling distance)

👉 If you lack the ability/mobility to perform a regular barbell deadlift with notable form, or simply want a new kick-butt lower body exercise, enter…

🙌 The Trap Bar Deadlift

1. Choose your handle position and weight

2. Stand in the center of the bar, stance about hip-width apart, like a classic deadlift. Toes can be slightly turned out, stances will vary depending on the individual.

3. Hinge at your hips, with a bend in your knees (more knee bend for this movement).

4. Grab the middle of each handle, eyes straight ahead, chest slightly up.

5. Engage your glutes, abdominals, and lats and feel like all these “units” are somewhat tight and braced before you lift.

6. Drive your feet straight into the ground, standing straight up.

7. Push your hips down and back, and return to starting position. (Bracing your body again may be necessary before lowering)

📝 Note: Deadlifts have a s**t-ton of nuances.

Breathing, bracing, taking slack out of the bar, hinging, and many other cues can be helpful.

Too many cues can also confuse the hell out of you.

I’ve seen it with my clients over years of training.

Keep your mind focused yet your thoughts simplified.

Don’t let your ego get in the way.

😎👊 Save this post for when you need a reminder.


If you’re trying to feel and look better 👇👇

Ditch anything you might be doing in the overrated list.

Stop fasting and starving your body of necessary nutrients.

Stop putting 20 fu***ng grams of fat in your coffee.

Stop doing stupid ass juice cleanses and detoxes to “rid your body of toxins.”

Have I done these things in the past?

I sure have. 🤦‍♂️

The underrated items are ones you have heard plenty of times before…

AND they work like a charm if you’re ready to put in the work.

Are you getting to sleep by 10-10:30pm about 85% to 90% of the time?

Sleep = hormonal change = recovery, weight loss, and glorious amounts of energy.

Do you sit down for your meals 85% of the time; fully chewing your food while relaxing?

Chewing = digestion = satiation = weight loss, recovery, and fu***ng glorious amounts of energy.

I think you get the point here.

Slow down.

Meditate for 5 easy minutes every other day.

Go meet a friend for coffee and socialize.

Eat real food most of the time.

DM me for more info on how to live a healthy lifestyle without feeling restricted. 👊


Bye-Bye Shortcuts

Summer is pretty much here folks.🌞

The “I have two weeks until my cruise” focus or the “I have one month until my wedding”type of thinking does not lead to long term success.

Screw those unhealthy shortcuts!

You are capable of implementing simple eating strategies, food frequency, proper nutrient dense calories that suit your daily output, and short/effective workouts.

Remember…your body doesn’t change in a month, unless you are starving yourself under 1,200 calories, fasting often, or doing excessive training.

Even then, you may gain weight and become more stressed than before.

If you’re struggling to figure out an action plan and what works best for you, send me a DM and let’s talk! 💪🤠💪


My dad has always been such an easy going guy.

I’m grateful for having a supportive father for many years.

From growing up skiing together or a few of us guys on a white water rafting trip, he’s always up for a great time.

Happy Fathers Day to all of the current fathers, ones who have passed past on, and especially to my dad Fred. ❤️


Whether you’re a wellness newbie veteran…

These long term focus points will deliver you results.

Questions on any of these tips? Pop them in the comments below 👇


🚨🚨Attention! Deep thinking ahead 👇👇👇

Have you ever thought about:

👉What your purpose is?
👉What your cause should be?
👉What is your why?

When you begin to recognize that you desire a deeper purpose in life, you will then become more available and capable for pursuing things that bring you joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Over the past five-ish years I’ve felt somewhat confronted, yet a unique awareness has grown stronger, especially within my career.

I have been craving a more profound experience for myself and my clients. (Also feel this within my regular day to day life)

I feel like my passion has slightly shifted.

I have become much more clear that simply TELLING someone how to eat, sleep, s**t, & exercise is not my passion.

TEACHING someone how to take action, and place health into their own hands is a completely different experience.

I become more fulfilled as a coach when I illuminate a certain path for someone, and they decide to take the road not taken.

Watching someone walk themselves to water and watch them drink brings me delight. (e.g. teaching someone the what, why, and how of eating clean then watching them thrive!)

I enjoy being a catalyst towards helping others get unstuck from whatever icky s**t they’ve been stuck in.

I love teaching over simply telling.

Is health and wellness my only purpose in life?

I don’t believe so.

I often feel that there is something else out there for me.

I’ve thought about volunteering at hospice, working with homeless, or working with individuals who are blind.

I feel this strongly. We shall see what I venture into as I know I’ll be drawn towards something additional.

Enough about me.

I want to hear from some folks in the audience.

What brings you true joy and a feeling of wholeness?

Has there been a direction you’ve been to steer towards to make your heart more complete?

Please drop a comment below and share what’s on your mind. 🤗

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Changing how you eat, the way you look, and learning self care strategies is similar to going on a roller coaster ride.

You will experience twists and turns, emotional highs and lows, and sometimes difficult yet extremely exciting moments.

If you fall into a trap of consistent negative behaviors, victim mindset, shame, self critique, or even perfectionism…I want you to take a step back.

Many people’s journey’s can be extremely painful and challenging, but it can also be extremely exciting and enjoyable, especially when you start to see a hint of progress.

To see that touch of light at the end of the tunnel is powerful.

Noticing a hint of progress will allow your mind and body to stick to the process.

And yes, “s**t” will happen.

Learning how to navigate through the c**a will only make you stronger and resilient as you progress.

Recognize when you do something well.

Acknowledge the fact that you made a new habit stick for “###” number of days.

Accept the fact you just ate sweats and treats, and realize that the pleasure of eating fun foods is important for your journey as well.

When you develop an excited and flexible mindset, health and fitness can be a s**t ton of fun.

Wondering how to achieve this type of mindset? Drop an emoji in the comments and I’ll DM you with more info.


📣 Here are a few quick tips to remember when it comes to your weekly workouts…

✅ DO:

👉 Become consistent.

Consistency is key. It’s one of your biggest foundational factors for establishing results from your workouts.

👉 Reduce your negative monkey mind.

How you speak to yourself is going to either lift you up or break you down.

👉 Pay attention to your body.

During times of stress and exhaustion rest is extremely important.

Rest will help you avoid elevated stress, injury, and overtraining.

The more you listen to your body when it whispers, the less you’ll have to hear when it screams.


👉 Force yourself to keep going when workouts have become painful.

This is a recipe for disaster.

Soreness is different than pain…don’t confuse the two.

Knowing when to modify, change, or completely stop workouts is true wisdom.

👉Forget to breathe.

Implement the habit of nasal breathing as often as possible.

Exercise is a stressor, both good and bad. Breathing, especially nasal breathing, helps mitigate your stress response.

Breathing through your nose brings in approximately 20% more oxygen, helps filter and humidify the air coming in, and lowers your heart rate is a more efficient way.

👉 Arrive without a plan.

I’ve watched too many people walk around the gym mindlessly, bouncing from machine to machine.

Showing up with a plan of action is half the victory as they say.

Grab a tiny notepad or use an app on your phone to log workout details.

Loved this post? Then you’ll love working with me in person. Send me a DM to schedule an initial free consultation.


Racing thoughts and the difficulty of falling asleep may be a common occurrence for you.

Besides nutrition and exercise, overall stress plays a huge role.

Daily ruminating on stressful incidents, family and relationship struggles, work difficulties, or even personal health concerns.

I want you to consider sleep to be a skill that needs to be developed and nurtured.

Stress is going to occur within all of our lives.

Every stressor in life is different of course, some large while others small.

For you to unwind your racing rumination and allow yourself to get into quality deep sleep habits, your new skill needs to be practiced.

It needs to be watered and tended to just like a plant.

Allowing your stress to continue is like pouring gas on a fire; it will continue to burn.

To help mitigate your fire, start developing specific self care routines.

Besides daily and weekly self care routines, I firmly believe in winding down before bed.

I’ve done my own wind down for many years and it feels fantastic to allow my brain and body to slow down at the end of each day.

Here are some tips that will reduce your stress levels and allow your brain and body to get into a stronger state of relaxation…

✅ Dim the lights
✅ Stretch for 20 minutes
✅ Turn off electronics
✅ Read versus TV
✅ Listen to music
✅ Eat a healthy snack
✅ Practice nose breathing
✅ Meditate for 10 minutes
✅ Take an Epsom salt bath
✅ Watch something funny
✅ Write in a journal

If you need help getting your stress levels in check and are ready to create a healthier body and mind, learn more about me by visiting www.damianmotlo.com


Happy Mothers Day! 😂🌸🌻🌷❤️


Happy Mothers Day! 😂🌸🌻🌷❤️

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Have you heard the term “chasing your tail?”

Trying to spot reduce on your body is pretty much the same thing as chasing your ass in circles.

Attempting to get rid of your midsection with ab exercises is a “painful” journey, pun intended.

Crunches, sit-ups, planks, more crunches, reverse leg lifts, more sit-ups.

Sound familiar?

News Flash👇👇👇

Abdominal exercises do not burn belly fat.

Ab exercises play a role in your overall stability & strength, daily functions, internal & external health, organ protection, breath, sports, and many movements of your body.

Ab exercises are not the solution to fat loss.

Abdominal exercises are fantastic, and fun in my opinion.

The people who quickly reap physical results in the midsection are the very lean ones.

Changing your overall body composition is the solution to your midsection madness.

Proper nutrition, sleep, stress management, and then exercise.

>>>Needing help with getting your body swimsuit ready the right way? Let me know in the comment or send me a DM.

“Sorry there’s no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. End of story.” -Morgan Spurlock



Do you become fatigued easily during workouts?

Can’t get through an exercise routine without feeling wiped?

Exercise is a stressor to the body, both a good and bad.

This all depends on how healthy you are internally; your entire nervous system needs to be strong.

Here’s a few tips to implement to reduce workout fatigue and bump up your energy levels during workouts…

👉Nasal breathing takes time to develop. I always tell my clients it’s a skill to train over time.

Mouth breathing = intensity (think gas pedal).

Nose breathing = recovery (think brakes).

Mouth breathing is going to happen when exercise intensifies. Do your best to bring mouth breathing back to nasal breathing.

👉A four week exercise program won’t burn you out as much as doing a different workout everyday, in my experience.

It also allows you to get stronger within a specific exercise, reduces overuse and injury possibilities, and still provides you with the body gains you’re looking for.

👉Having a few drinks the night before a tough workout??


I’m going to be an ass and say…use some common sense here.

Alcohol is a toxin, period.

Choose your alcohol intake moments with purpose.

👉Are you getting into bed past 10:30 on most nights?

It doesn’t matter if you get 8 hours of sleep.

The repair cycles of your body happen during specific hours of the night. Get to bed by 10:30 on most nights if possible.

👉Eating frequency for YOUR daily energy output is key.

I eat 5 full meals about 3 hours apart each day, but that doesn’t mean you should.

It takes time to figure out how often you should be eating.

Your body needs energy.

It needs to have gas in the tank.

Your body needs wood consistently thrown into the fire so it doesn’t peter out.

👉Becoming present to each movement is key to improve focus, clarity, and energy.

As a trainer I see people getting distracted all too often.

Become more present, and your energy investment will raise drastically.

>>>Which technique will you begin to implement? Let me know in the comments.

Photos from Damian Motlo Fitness's post 04/04/2022

Can you recall a time when you weren’t sleeping well?

How did that feel? Like s**t right?!💩

Getting a consistent good night’s sleep is more important than you might realize.

Your health, energy levels, longevity, and waist line depend on quality sleep.

Your hormones are being changed for the better or worse when it comes to shuteye.

Balancing your circadian rhythms is extremely important.

Sometimes the potent “tool” to start eliminating certain major health issues you may have been encountering is sleep.

The four sleep tips I have shared are definitely not new, the question is…

Are you practicing any of them consistently?

✅ Reducing artificial light in the evening helps with your winding down process.

Try to stop using your phone and TV after 9pm.

✅ Increase natural sunlight daily, or use a 250w incandescent bulb, especially for folks who have strong winter months.

This assists you with energy production and helps normalize and stabilize your natural circadian rhythms.

✅ Darkening your bedroom has been “in the know” for some time now.

Take the time to buy some blackout curtains and cover the windows or doors.

Reduce any bright alarm lights or cable modem blinking annoyances as well.

✅ Eating something in the later evening will not make you gain weight.

Don’t believe the hype.

Overeating throughout the day, eating like s**t, and then eating at night….sure, you will definitely gain weight.

Start eating more frequently through the day (whatever that looks like for you specifically).

Keeping your blood sugar balanced is key for not waking up in the middle of the night.

>>>Needing help with improving your sleep habits? Let me know I’m the comments!


You may be familiar with my approach to health and wellness.

For you to obtain sustainable weight loss, you need keep these in mind…

✅ Maintain a balanced approach to eating

✅ Exercise and rest are both equally important

✅ Self care is key

I used to overdue exercise.

The more the better! 😬👎

I used to be neurotically strict with eating.

My overly healthy habits became unhealthy.

Don’t fall into the trap of “you must burn it off” or “no pain no gain.”

A balanced approach means…

SOME intense exercise
SOME moderate exercise
SOME very low key exercise
SOME fun foods
SOME healthy foods
SOME late nights
SOME meditation
SOME restful sleep (well maybe more then some)
SOME mindless Netflix binging.

You get the idea.

What item do you need to commit to this week for yourself?

🌵 ❤️

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