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Phoenix Pilates and Rossiter Center


Deb Lavinksy shared this heartwarming story about her client, Debbie Schwartz:

As a Pilates teacher, people with various conditions seek us out. One dedicated client, Debbie Schwartz, has a unique story. She is a double-kidney transplant recipient and a true inspiration.

“Debbie was diagnosed with diabetes at age 11 and needed a kidney transplant at age 42. Her first transplants were in 2001 (living kidney/pancreas transplant). After two heart attacks and a quadruple bypass in 2012, her kidney was failing. She, fortunately, found another living donor in 2014. She found her way to my studio six years ago and regularly attends my Buff Bones classes.

She says, ‘I feel gently stretched and stronger each time because taking a class with you doesn’t hurt like other Pilates classes due to your adjustments for age and ability. I really didn’t start doing any regular exercise until I had my first transplant. I joked that I didn’t have endorphins! But now that it has become a routine in my life, I think my overall health and the health of my transplants is critical to the relationship I have with regular exercising.’

Debbie especially enjoys the focus on core stability and strength to avoid falls and to maintain overall well-being. She is always willing to try something new to challenge herself and is fearless.”

Bravo Debbie and cheers to you, Deb (Phoenix Pilates and Rossiter Center)!

Want to share your Pilates story? Contact us through a direct message or via email at [email protected]!
Phoenix Pilates and Rossiter Center The Rossiter System

Phoenix Pilates and Rossiter Center for Pain Management, Mobility and Wellness BellaBody Pilates is located in a serene, modern and pristine studio.

The studio is fully equipped with Balanced Body Studio/Tower Reformer, EXO chair, Baby Arm Chair and Cadillac/Trapeze Table. Whether props or equipment are used in your session, the beauty of Pilates is that they are all effective in helping you meet your fitness goals. The Rossiter Stretching System for pain management and mobility is an additional modality offered. Rossiter Stretching is a uniqu

Operating as usual


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Cashew Posture- can you relate? I used to only see this with elderly people. Now I see this posture every single day- from young kids to the elderly.

Ribs resting on the pelvis which makes it harder to breathe. Joseph Pilates called breath “the internal shower”. If you can’t breathe fully your body and brain can’t function at it’s best level. There’s no magic pill for this. It’s common sense.

Pilates can help give you the tools to reverse “cashew” posture. We strengthen your back and open up your front. Teach you how to use your breath more effectively.

What makes me different is that I evaluate your whole body- your posture, how you move, your compensations for example. Build your body awareness and how to incorporate small but important changes to your activities of daily living so you can move with more ease and less pain. After all- I’m only seeing you 1-3 hours a week. You’re on your own the rest of the time.

Does your personal trainer do that? That’s my Pilates difference. I’m available in person and online. Don’t let distance keep you from exploring how Pilates can help you feel and look better. Message me to learn how to get started.


Men benefit from a combination of Collagen Elixir and Hair Revival. It takes 60-90 days to see this type of result. Link in bio to explore our range of healthy products.


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Buff Bones classes now online- Mondays and Wednesdays 9am MT. $15 per class via Zoom. If you’re concerned about osteoporosis or osteopenia- this class is for you! Message me to register and get Zoom link.

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Nothing beats Golden Hour in . Loving the and .
Happy weekend!

Photos from Phoenix Pilates and Rossiter Center's post 07/02/2022

Nothing beats Golden Hour and sunset in . Enjoy your weekend friends!

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Did you know the influencer marketing platform is expected to reach $16.4B this year?!

Take a look at the growth in this graph and tell me that this isn’t a lucrative opportunity👊🏻

While some are out there saying things like “I could never sell something on the internet and put myself out there like that” I’m over here like “I’m about to turn it up and get myself a piece of that pie!”

Anyone can monetize their social media these days and the proof is there that this type of selling is what consumers are turning to more and more over generic ads. All you have to do is find a product you truly love and get going!

Have you started monetizing your scroll yet?! If not- let’s change that! DM for deets.


A lot of people in this industry will talk to you about social selling being a way to provide financial or time freedom but what it’s really about is FLEXIBILITY.

Here’s the definition: the quality of bending easily without breaking or the ability to be easily modified.

THAT is what this is all about. A side hustle won’t necessarily set your free but what it will do is provide you with options so that you can change up your schedule or give you more choices in directing your life whichever way you want it to go instead of snapping under financial stress.

I have the flexibility to:

- travel wherever and whenever

- spend more time with my grandsons

- wake up when I want to

- work as much or as little as I want

What area of your life would you like to have a little more flexibility in?!


Can you imagine this for a second?

You wake up in the morning after a restful night of sleep and choose to get out of bed whenever you want.

You have time to enjoy your cup of coffee, workout if you’d like, meditate, journal, happily help your kids out the door and bring them to school, eat a balanced breakfast that makes you feel good inside, read the news or scroll through your favorite friends’ Insta stories, etc.

Then you think to yourself… what sounds good today?

“Should I start some work because I love to actually do it and it fills my cup?”

“Or maybe I’m not quite feeling into it today and I’d rather head to Target to wander around in my happy place?”

“Or maybe I’d like to sit down on the floor with my child and be fully present with them and play without feeling like I should be doing 8 million other things?”

Whatever it is you decide on, it feels pretty dang amazing that you got to CHOOSE it. No one else got to have a say but you. The day was yours.

Then you lay your head down at night without the stress of debt, without the unhappiness of knowing your alarm will wake you to head to an unfulfilling job the next morning, and without wishing for something more out of life.

Because, my friend, you already have it!

That day is possible for you. It’s possible for all of us and if you find yourself wanting more of choice in that, please reach out. I’m here to help!


Incredible Day 1 at in the books. Fabulous family vacation. A lot of changes since my last visit 15 years ago but also a lot of familiar attractions. 7 miles/15k steps- wow! Tomorrow and . Fueled by and powered by


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Fun Dance Jam class with my favorite Samba Mama
I did a good job keeping up and not getting my feet tangled up with all the hip hop moves. Although Pilates is my thing, it’s important to change it up to challenge neuromuscular patterns, improve coordination and balance in order to have healthy bones and brains as we get older. Thanks to Jason and Danny for inspiring us this morning 👏👏❤️

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Things I’m not into when it comes to NWM:

-Over promising in your marketing
-Cold messaging everyone you know
-Leaders not listening to their downline
-Corporate owners not listening to their field
-Being spammy
-Advice like “fake it until you make it”
-Only ever talking about your company
-Required zoom calls
-Prioritizing busy work over strategy
-Social media burnout
-High pressure sales tactics
-Fixed mindset > growth mindset

The list goes on and one, friends. But I promise, not every company or every leader does it like we do. It’s different here and I’ll show you why!

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Get your summer ready glow on! No more dry, flaky, crepey skin when you add this to your daily well-being routine.



Three different employees stopped to complement me on these cute shoes today. Was there a memo sent out to complement customer’s shoes lol? My feet sure feel good and Swiffer WetJet approves!


Let me repeat this one for everyone way in the back who’s been watching and wondering but can’t quite get the urge to jump off the cliff and get started…


For real, no one’s binding you into a lifelong commitment here. You’re not making a super risky financial move. You’re not signing a waiver to take a rocket ship to the moon.

It’s really not that complicated or even that big of a deal.

You grab some products, see if you like them or not, if so I show you a SUPER simple system to get started, and then you earn some money.

Maybe enough to pay for the products you’re liking, maybe enough to pay for some fun other stuff in your life, maybe enough to change your whole dang life.

But guess what, you’ll never know if you never jump. Stop overthinking it and shoot me a DM. I’ve got you, sis!


05/08/2022 – Your link to Jewish community 05/03/2022 – Your link to Jewish community

If you have a few minutes today- would
you please consider voting for Phoenix Pilates and Rossiter Center for Best of Phoenix Jewish News Reader’s Choice Awards?
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Thank you so much! – Your link to Jewish community Voting Jewish News is excited to bring back our Readers’ Choice Awards. We always enjoy hearing from our readers, but this is a time when we are particularly welcome your feedback as you weigh in and share with us your favorites. Our categories cover everything from your favorite restaurant to ....


My view today at “work”. When I’m home I love to teach Pilates and help people step out of . I also have my online wellness store featuring and can work from my cellphone. I love how I can live my life and serve people anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for anyone who is semi-retired, loves to travel and has no overhead other than what you consume.

Want to learn more? Message me.


Did you know in one day we probably make over 100 choices? We choose to open our eyes, get out of bed, brush our teeth... eat the breakfast we decide on, etc.

The list goes on...

So many choices become second nature to us every day and that's my challenge for you today!

Choose to not give up on yourself and whatever it is you're currently working towards. Choose to give it all you've got and let that choice become so second nature to you daily that it becomes just as routine as putting toothpaste on your toothbrush.

Drop a 3️⃣ in the comments if you're going to go for it with me today!


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You’ve heard this saying before, right?


“Old ways won’t open new doors.”

I couldn’t find it to be any more true in my business. I’ve seen countless people do this exact thing and end up coming up short on their goals and dreams.

They say things like:

"I'll make more time to work on my dreams another night."
"I'll just save more money next year."
“I’ll start working on those skills and better habits tomorrow."
"I'll put the self-development work in later."

Have you ever found yourself saying something like this?

If so, what if instead you said to yourself...

"Let's see what happens when I throw away the excuses and open up new doors by flipping my mindset. I can do this, one day at a time!"

Every day that you intentionally decide to do the opposite of what your “old ways” mind tells you will get you one step closer to a brand new life. And every day that you continue to open a new door will help train your mind to start choosing the new way that much easier!

Let me help you open a new door and show you what your future could look like.


Where are my BRAVO Real Housewives fans? 💗

With a kazillion choices in skincare....Bravo's Real Housewives of Dallas star Jennifer Davis chooses our Collagen Elixir! YES it's that good! Over 50 Million bottles sold worldwide!

This beauty from the inside out shared her journey of living a life being uncomfortable and how our Collagen Elixir has helped her👇🏼

Jen’s words:
“It delivered me from a life of being uncomfortable...I feel like I’m 21 at 44!! Most collagen tastes awful. This is like white grape juice. It’s liquid form…bottled in freezing Scandinavian waters in .5 seconds to avoid oxidation. It’s 90% absorbed which is why it’s helping me so much as opposed to powders/pills 30% absorbed. Grateful I found this.”


McKinsey Report on prioritizing health is a prescription for US prosperity. This should be our #1 national priority.

Five points stood out for me as financial opportunities.
1. The economic costs of poor health
2. The health improvement opportunity
3. The role of innovation
4. The size of the economic prize
5. How to capture the prize

For every $1 invested in improving the health of the population, the United States stands to gain almost $4 in economic benefit.

This is my mission. I found a global company that recognizes this and we are positioned as serious innovators to capture this prize.

Are you open? Is this the right time for you to get healthy? To help improve our country’s health on a large scale? I’m ready to lock arms with you and invite you to join us.


Celebrate smoother skin, thicker hair and longer nails with this Little Bottle of Amazing.



My business partner shared this earlier today and it is such an important mindset shift. It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap, especially with social media. It’s easy to feel less than. Not measuring up. Don’t even get started on appearance- that’s a whole other story! One thing I learned over the years is we are all different people, from different backgrounds and we do things on our own time. Don’t let someone else scare you away from playing big and being successful your own right!

Strength and Stretching from the Inside/Out

Phoenix Pilates and Rossiter Center is located in a home studio in Ahwatukee, near beautiful South Mountain Park. The studio is fully equipped with Balanced Body Studio Classical-style Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, EXO Chair and small props. Whether props or equipment are used in your session, the beauty of Pilates is that they are all effective in helping you meet your fitness goals. As a Certified Rossiter Practitioner, I have all of the tools available to help you become pain-free and more mobile.

Rossiter Workouts are an amazing way to get rid of chronic pain as well as acute pain quickly and effectively with long-lasting results in many cases. As the very first Certified Rossiter Practitioner in Arizona, I am excited to share this incredible system of deep connective tissue stretching with you! We apply weight with our foot to designated areas of your body while we coach you to stretch in different directions. Adhesions from scar tissue, past injuries or current issues release causing your bones to fall into place, creating better alignment and space--all restoring your mobility and eliminating pain. I was skeptical of this myself before I did my first workout and trying it is believing. Unlike a massage or other stretch therapies where you just lie there, a Rossiter Workout involves YOU stretching your entire body and being actively involved and in control of the workout the entire time.

Our clients appreciate the quiet personal touch--a welcome respite from the large reformer-only, loud music, boot-camp style, no pain-no gain "McPilates" studios popping up all over. Sessions are customized for our clients, who range from age 10 to 85, young dancers and gymnasts looking to improve their flexibility and competitiveness to older folks who've completed rehab and want to continue to improve their range of motion and strength after surgery. We have completed advanced training working with Pre- and Post Natal women, Diastasis Recti (male and female), those with MS, Parkinson's, stroke, autoimmune diseases, hip and knee replacements, scoliosis and post-mastectomy. Phoenix Pilates and Rossiter Center also offers special Pilates for Golf packages using strength and flexibility techniques to help shave strokes and add yards to your game.

I invite you to call Phoenix Pilates and Rossiter Center today at 602-318-5068 to schedule your first Pilates session or Rossiter Workout. I can help you become stronger and in the best shape of your life. Whether you’re an Ironman athlete or haven’t worked out in years, Pilates can be customized to meet your fitness goals!

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A Match made in Heaven! #hairrevival and #collagenelixir! Grow and Glow, Hair and Skin are the way to accelerate your ha...
My business partner shared this earlier today and it is such an important mindset shift. It’s easy to fall into the comp...
This medical grade, Korean skin care is the best of the best! It’s ultra LUXE at an exceptional price point. It’s vegan ...
March MatNess Day 5: Rolling Like a Ball
Invitation to Mat Pilates
Free online class Tuesday March 17, 10am PST




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Monday 10am - 5pm
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