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Orangetheory Fitness Phoenix-Central


Love the central phx coaches and staff! Thanks for encouraging to stick out all 8 days of #hellweek2020
Is this studio staying open?
Are you going to open May 15, I hope???
Does anybody remember Christina? I took my first ever OTF class with her in January 2016! She’s awesome and on the national home workout this Friday!
Anyone know what happened to the workout for today? Does it get replaced each night? Already removed today’s workout and shows 3/26?
Is it possible to get the at home work outs from a website? I have them on my phone but would like them on a bigger screen on my desktop.
Doing the home workouts is just not the same as the in studio workouts but I am doing them. Stay safe OT coaches, OT team and all my OT friends. See you soon!
Big shout out to the staff for working me in today. Bigger shout out to Lauryn for being awesome! Not sure what it is but you push me to give it all I've got, thank you👍
Thank you to Beau who is always willing to solve issues right as they occur!
I like the bright orange polo shirts. Where can I buy one?
Favorite part of class today: Coach Jenny singing to "Jenny, Jenny...867-5309!"

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading high intensity training gym. Our innovative workouts make us a health studio that you will see results at.

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading fitness gym near you. It offers group personal training workouts based on high intensity interval training that blend cardiovascular and strength training. Call our Phoenix, AZ fitness studio today!

Operating as usual

Orangetheory Fitness Phoenix-Central updated their address. 04/07/2021

Orangetheory Fitness Phoenix-Central updated their address.

Orangetheory Fitness Phoenix-Central updated their address.


It’s happening! Mask optional classes will soon be available. Our schedule will be updated as of Monday, April 5. When you book your class on the app it will indicate whether a mask is required or optional for that particular class time💥

It’s happening! Mask optional classes will soon be available. Our schedule will be updated as of Monday, April 5. When you book your class on the app it will indicate whether a mask is required or optional for that particular class time💥

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To all our members and team members! 🧡✨

As I sit down to write this announcement a million thoughts, memories and emotions come over me. So many of them that it has taken me a few weeks to come up with the right words to say. It is with a very heavy but happy heart that I have decided to move back Colorado within the coming week so I can spend more time with my family.

For those of you that know me, you know that I am a pretty quiet and shy person at least at first. I've always tried to let my actions speak louder than my words. So for me, finding the best way to show my overwhelming gratitude and appreciation in a few paragraphs is extremely challenging. But I am going to do my best!

My journey with Orangetheory Fitness started almost eight years ago. And I absolutely LOVED every minute of it! I loved the energy it brought into my life. I loved the amazing workout's that challenged and strengthened not just my body but my soul. Most of all, I loved the incredible PEOPLE it has brought into my life. People who were at first complete strangers who are now and forever will be my family.

To our all our past and present members- Please keep pushing forward toward your fitness goals! You have a team of amazing individuals at each studio who want to help you continue and succeed on reaching your fitness goals!
It has been my honor to be part of your fitness journey! I will cherish the countless memories of sweaty workouts, of all the different OTF challenges and the infamous hell weeks that kicked our asses. We all were pushed to our limits and we succeed together! To you all I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!

To my fellow team members I truly love and appreciate all of you! I have thousands of memories that I will hold so close to my heart. I can’t wait to see you all grow and do amazing things with this team and this company.

To Bobbe, Mike and Brooke. You have been my inner circle, my rocks, my family. Your love and support for me and our team has always been unparalleled. ❤️

Please keep in touch and I look forward to seeing you all under those orange lights again very soon!
Duke and Hazi will miss you all too!


-Jojo, Duke and Hazi 🧡❤️

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OTF Central Phoenix Fam! As our studio continues to rebuild and grow, we are excited to add new classes as demand grows! Check your app today to book these 10:00AM and 10:15 classes!


Central Phoenix listen up‼️ Meet your new Head Coach Maddie! Maddie has been with OTF Camelback Colonnade for almost 4 years and is so pumped to bring you energy, passion and love to your classes everyday! She’ll be in the studio starting this coming week. Congratulations Maddie! We are so excited to have you! 🧡🧡🧡 @maddie.shepherd


We’ve all spent a great deal of time online lately. And while it’s tough to get the same exhilaration from online classes as in person, we’d love to know what your tips are for getting the most out of online workouts? Did you have a special place dedicated to your workout? Did your dog or cat or kids cheer you on? Share your stories with us! 🧡❤️


Let’s uncover the JOY in our lives as an OTF CommUNITY! What did you do lately to create joy for someone else? ✨Was it buying a coffee for the people behind you in the drive up? Was it simply smiling with your eyes really really big? 🌟 Tell us something joyful you did or that happened to you so we can all enjoy it together! 🧡💛🧡💛


No excuses‼️ Come workout with us outdoors! Book online now! 🍊🍊🍊


Now that our doors are back open and classes are underway, we’d like to take a look back and ask our OTF members what you did to “stay strong” during the last few months? And we mean strong physically and mentally! Please share your stories with us for inspiration!


You know the best thing about our OTF family? We think you all are just amazing inside and out. Not only are you physically stronger with each OTF visit, but we know your mood and mental health benefit as well. There is a lot of change happening every day around us…and the way we relate to that change can help us live better lives. Next time you meet someone, remember to look inside that person and you’ll find their true strength. And try it in the mirror too ;-)


So excited to be open again for in studio and outdoor workouts! We are so glad to have you back! If you have any questions, please let us know. We want you to feel comfortable in your workouts well…not too comfortable…you gotta sweat after all!


When COVID-19 came on the 2020 scene and OTF had to shut down for what seemed like an eternity, we never felt like we lost our sense of belonging to our members. We know that a good part of what we do at OTF is create COMMUNITY. A place where we belong together, getting more out of our lives through physical and mental fitness. We are UNITED in welcoming all people to embrace our purpose of helping people live longer, more vibrant lives. We sure love our CommUNITY. And know that it is even stronger after having been physically apart. Welcome Back.


Even though the studio is open you can still catch us outdoors starting this Friday the 28th!! Sign up now online! Any member can take these workouts! #noexcuses


WE.ARE.REOPENING‼️ This Tuesday, August 25th, 2020! A few NEW things to know...
•All memberships will be active as of Tuesday! If you would like to extend your freeze please email or call your home studio. We will do our very best to get back to everyone within 24-48 hours!
• Masks are REQUIRED before, during and after class.
• Class capacity is limited. However, capacity will be updated as the state metrics allow. Please prebook your classes. Classes will be available as of tomorrow morning!
• We will NOT be taking walk-in class sign ups due to the limited capacity and new state guidelines for reservation based only classes.
• Class start times have changed slightly to allow for 60 minute classes and 30 minutes to deep clean after.
• We will continue to provide outdoor workouts. More details to come!
• Our schedule will change as the conditions around us do! We will be flexible and receptive to make necessary changes as we navigate the next few weeks!

As always, we are extremely grateful for all our members and team members! 🧡🍊 We can’t wait to see you on Tuesday!


Stay tuned! 💥☀️💥☀️


Get your brag board and timer ready. We are back with an Orangetheory At Home Challenge Edition— the 500 Meter Challenge. It’s 10 exercises, 50 reps each.... and all as FAST as possible. Check out our feed to view the full work out.


400 classes down, A lifetime to go! Join us in celebrating Lisa from @otfsprings for crushing this milestone achievement. This #TransformationTuesday is dedicated to you, Lisa! It’s members like you who have the power to lift us up and show us what #morelife is all about. Keep doing what you’re doing-you’re an inspiration to us all? And we couldn’t be more proud to show you off!!!


We’ve seen thousands of you kicking it into gear in our studios across the world. Momentum is an amazing thing. While you push ahead, why not dig deep and think about why you started? It could be to become healthier, be more active, gain confidence or simply be part of an empowering community. No matter the reason, it all comes back to living a longer, more vibrant life. It’s something we promised to help you do. So let’s go. Let’s keep moving forward, whether it’s in the studio or doing and #OrangeTheoryAtHomeWorkout.We’re here to lead you-and cheerlead you. Tag a friend that needs a bit of inspiration today to power their whole week ahead.


For years, many of you have referred to us as “Orange therapy”. That time of the day where you’ve been able to set your brain to neutral, follow your coach’s lead and let your body do the work. While the world has been in “All Out” pace right now, your health has never been more important to us. Exercising regularly lowers the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers and obesity. It also improves your mood and decreases the risk of depression and anxiety. So whatever you do, don’t lose sight of exercising regularly and getting a dose of Orange therapy in. Our studio has implemented new safety protocols that would make the CDC proud. And, you can also stay active with our daily Orangetheory At Home workouts. Let’s balance health and safety, together.
#Orangetherapy #morelifecycling

[07/18/20]   Orangetheory Fitness Central Phoenix apologizes for an earlier post that suggested we take the current pandemic lightly or minimize the importance of everyone understanding the health risks. What was accidentally shared had been previously posted on an internal discussion group as a thought-starter for franchisees who want to answer member questions about the preventative health benefits of exercise and fitness.

It was not our intended post. Let us be clear, we support our elected leaders who are navigating the uncertainty and the media that are trying to keep the public informed.

Our Medical Advisory Board has been reviewing a wide range of research on how to provide maximum benefit for our members while minimizing their risks. They continue to guide our efforts and review all claims about health and wellness. This discussion thread does not reflect their input.

We want to emphasize that we are not asking or urging members to return to the studio before they are comfortable. As studios reopen, we will continue to share Orangetheory workouts and content on our app and YouTube channel, so that members and non-members can continue their fitness routines in and out of our studios.

Our studio and staff members are passionate about fitness and the benefits of exercise on immunity and health. We are fully aware of the responsibility we have to our members, and employees, optimum safety during this pandemic. We are truly sorry for this error.

Best in health,
Bobbe Ariano


A Special Safety Message From Our Chief Brand Officer

Hey OTF Central Phoenix Fam! Check out this video from our Cief Brand Officer about everything we are doing to be Safer, Cleaner, Better, especially if you haven’t been back in yet!

Ready for your first class back? We’re more than ready to see you. Before you flock to the studio in sheer, utter excitement, check out a special message fro... 06/11/2020

Orangetheory CEO: 'Significant amount of our member base' has returned, feeling comfortable Orangetheory Fitness co-founder and CEO Dave Long on reopening and revamping locations and classes to meet coronavirus standards.


💥We are so excited to announce that we will be REOPENING our studio on May 26th!!💥

With the re-opening of the studio, here are some things you can expect (members please check your email for a more detailed outline):
*We will be following all proper local guidelines
*Smaller class sizes to adhere to the physical distancing requirements
*Deep cleans between classes
*Temperature Scanning before entering the studio
*Additional hand sanitizing stations
*More information to come in the coming days
*We will be communicating with you in the near future on when you will be able to book classes!

Thank you for your patience and we can't wait to see you all very soon!🤩

[03/30/20]   Hey guys, Coach Kev here! FB is having some trouble getting the Live video to load and i don't want to make you guys wait any longer. Join me on IG Live RIGHT NOW and let's get this work!! See ya there Fam!



I made this FB page for the transformation page. I will be posting some things on that page during this temporary closure. Feel free to invite yourself to this page!!

Love Lo


🧡 Central Update 🧡 01/26/2020

OTF Melbourne Bushfire Relief organized by Orangetheory Melbourne

For those wanting to help our Neighbors Down Under - OTF Melbourne has created a gofundme to to unite our global Orangetheory network in lending a helping hand to give aid and relief in the fires currently burning and devastating their beautiful country and wildlife.

🧡Follow the link below to give back 🧡 Orangetheory Melbourne OTF Melbourne Bushfire Relief Hey Orange Nation! This fund has been created by our OTF team in Melbourne, Australia to unite our gl


Waitlisted this weekend?! Never fear! Phoenix, Midtown opened up 3 extra classes TOMORROW with Coach Lindsey & Coach Marshall!! 🔥🔥

1pm, 2:15pm, & 3:15pm are all available to book via the app or giving them a call at (602) 698-1714!

Hurry! These are the ONLY OPEN classes in Phoenix this weekend! 😈


💖Did someone say PINK?!!! 💖

Last Saturday we had our 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Charity Class where we were celebratin’ our member Michelle being 2 yrs breast cancer free! And also sweatin’ for those still battling breast cancer💪🏽

We had our best pink on and rocked the house with 30 folks in class including staff, fellow breast cancer survivors, & members from all 4 of our sister studios!

Together, with our 4 we raised $1,500!!! 100% of those donations will go directly @Don’t Be A Chump! Check For Lump!

THANK YOU to everyone who donated! You all are truly helping to give #morelife by spreading #morelove 💖


You heard right! We are looking to expand our Phoenix Central crew! If you are outgoing, motivated, and love OTF - reach out to us ASAP to schedule an interview!


🚨ROCKSTAR ALERT🚨 This weekend in Austin, Texas our very own Coach Marshall was acknowledged for his insane dedication to OTF. Since his coaching debut in 2014 - the man, the myth, the legend has coached nearly 5,700 classes!

Out of the 1,000 OTF studios worldwide, only 40 coaches are apart of the 5k club, and we all are honored to have him right here in OUR studio! 🥳🧡💪🏽

Make sure to applaud and thank him for all he does to give you the best 1hr of your day!

You all are truly rockin' with THE best!


Burning on their Anniversary 🧡🧡 #CouplesThatSweatTogetherStayTogether #InfinityWorkout ♾


Signed ✅ Sealed ✅ Delivered ✅ School is back in session and your OTF fam was on the move this week to make sure all your donations were sprinkled throughout YOUR community! Here’s to another school year 👩‍🏫👊🏽🧡👨‍🏫

#orangetheorycentralphoenix #morelife #morelove #orangetheoryfitness #back2schooldrive2019


“Don’t stop me now...” 🎶
Huge shoutout to our amazing member, Paul, for killing his workouts and crushing 13 pounds in just two months!

#TrustTheProcess #ImprovingEveryDay #OrangetheoryFitnessCentralPhoenix #OTFCentralPHX

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Get your brag board and timer ready. We are back with an Orangetheory At Home Challenge Edition— the 500 Meter Challenge...
For years, many of you have referred to us as “Orange therapy”. That time of the day where you’ve been able to set your ...
Waitlisted this weekend?! Never fear! Phoenix, Midtown opened up 3 extra classes TOMORROW with Coach Lindsey & Coach Mar...
Guess who is back for one night only!!
No Birthday BURPEES for the 6:00 A.M. crew, instead we rocked out SALLY!!! Happy Birthday Charles!! 🥳🎉 #Orangetheoryfitn...
Hey team! Here is your Template Tuesday breakdown from Regional Coach Marshall! 🍊👍🏼Gotta keep those triceps nice and tig...
Rockin Christmas 🎄 Eve the only way we know how!!!
From here at OTF Central, we would like to extend the kindest thank you to all the members who participated in our 2018 ...
Adopt a Family Success! 🧡🎄🧡
LORNA JANE Activewear IN THE HOUSE!! Here in the studio until 11:00am!! 20% off when you purchase 2 items!!
Day 1: The Burpee Ring Don’t get behind, join us for the first day of Hell week to get your 5 of 8 done!




742 E Glendale Ave, Suite 172
Phoenix, AZ

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