Kevins Vintage Bikes and Rustorations

I collect, restore and sell vintage bikes. I personally like to customize old rusty bikes to give a modern or funky look to them.

Operating as usual

Photos from Kevins Vintage Bikes and Rustorations's post 06/15/2021

Photos from Kevins Vintage Bikes and Rustorations's post

Photos from Kevins Vintage Bikes and Rustorations's post 04/22/2021

Photos from Kevins Vintage Bikes and Rustorations's post


Photos from Kevins Vintage Bikes and Rustorations's post


Hub from 1903 is now in use again! I added some stainless strips to the brake discs along with replacing the gear and cleaning the inside well.


Photos from Kevins Vintage Bikes and Rustorations's post


Overnight in rust remover (half-and-half) 😎


Sometimes it’s just worn out 😆


Heavy gauge chrome spokes, NOS replacement axle and bearings and rebuilt rear hub - stops great and these roll SMOOTH


An 1897 Rear Steer tandem rolling again! Sold already but it was fun while it lasted!


Latest wheel build


It’s a reproduction from about 50 years ago - but it was a fun lesson in how not to transport a 52” ordinary 😆


New Project - looks to be 1897 or so Cleveland Lozier Rear Steer Tandem


This bike has been a work in progress for a while now, but I “finished” it maybe 6 months ago.

It was purchased as just the frame, seat post stand, sprocket and crank.

- a little rough shape but it was straight and no bad rust, just no paint left
- paid $300 for proper fenders and wheels and ladies fork
- cut and re threaded the ladies fork
- soon realized I would never afford to restore it, sold the fenders and used the wheels in another bike
- after a year or so I decided to powder coat it
- bought a Harley style eBay fork and realized I can’t turn with that! Nearly gave up.
- decided since it’s just a cruiser I would cut the side portion of the fork stabilizer supports (so far so good)
- I bought the 3” wheels and tires built
- tried many time to match the sprocket and paint it myself (4th time is a charm)
- put an Ichi bike rear cog to allow it to ride skip chain with the original sprocket
- used aluminum billet motorcycle grips and foot pegs in rear for visual effect
- Brooks b135 seat
- for the seat post, I cold bent a solid 5/8 rod from Home Depot on a dumpster, and cut to length, beer can shimmed


Hubs in prep to ride again!


28” Faux Wood Rims - smart replacement for 1920’s and 30’s motobikes!


It’s a bike kinda day


Newly put together - I built the 28" wheels, rebuilt the hubs, covered the seat, cut and re-threaded a ladies fork to fit this bike, custom sized the chain to fit. Its very much a rat-rod still but its cool enough.


Wheel building has been the flavor of the week!


Bicycle Art

Morning Coffee


New 28” rims with rebuilt New Departure hubs - clean!


A few of 2018’s Bikes - here is hoping for many more in 2019!


Spoke em if you got em


Full build - every nut and bolt, hub internal was apart, not sure how I didn’t lose anything. Laced the wheels also!


Brought this 1955 Schwinn back to life - finally learned how to build wheels!


Progress on this Schwinn:


Here is a rare Lobdell seat I just won/bought!


Latest find! Will clean up and make a rider.


Here is one I recently tuned up, replaced tubes and tires and got ready to roll! Cool unique EvanAction fork!


Here is the (almost) done rattle can restore of an X53 who was pretty sad and beat up. I sold the tank to help fund other projects. sad but there were much nicer ones out there that needed it.


When you need to remove rust but keep the paint (Maybe), not destroy the metal and use something ware based: here is a Delta rocket ray base that was pretty rusty in the battery housing...


This is the most intricate headbadge and artistic frame I have owned. Selling for $500 as I'm in too deep on too many projects.


Mash-up custom I made and sold recently.


Made some good progress on the X53 today! It will ride again! Rest has been soaked to best of my ability now to either sand or sandblast!

I didn’t do the welding on the small crack but found a cool dude who did it free and has bikes for sale!

No heat was used.


More SK progress. Hard when you get 30 minutes at a time to work but picking the right tools help. This is a foam drill attachment with small pieces of sandpaper, meant for sanding open edging

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When you need to remove rust but keep the paint (Maybe), not destroy the metal and use something ware based:  here is a ...
Knight Rider - Motobike Tank LEDs





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