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Join a free webinar at 7 pm ET today and get the top 7 nutrition and lifestyle strategies for menopausal relief😅


Me.No.Pause!! Find relief from frustrating symptoms and start feeling better 💗 Join us for a webinar today at 7:00 pm ET-


Get Menopause Relief! Webinar today at 7 pm ET!! Click here: to hop on the call😀

Did you know the lead up can be up to 10 -15 years of pre-menopause (beginning to shift out of our reproductive years) and we are post-menopausal for the rest of our lives?!?!

We will address menopause symptoms and solutions to lose belly fat, improve energy and mood, relieve hot flashes, improve sleep, reduce joint pain, etc, etc!!

If you are ready to focus on you and start feeling better, use link in my bio to get solutions!! Hope to see you tonight!!


Join a free Me.No.Pause! Webinar to learn the top 7 nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help you thrive through the menopause transition and beyond! September 14 at 7 pm! Go to to learn more and sign up!


This is your time to thrive!! Me.No.Pause! Taking one step at a time and showing up for ourselves at this confusing and not talked about time of life, we can find incredible freedom in, through and beyond this season of life 💗


This isn't your mother's menopause, said a client recently during a strength training session💪🏻 I hear over and over from clients that their tried and true weight management protocol is no longer working for them. There is a reason and in the Me.No.Pause! health coaching program we uncover why and what you can do to support your body and feel better in this new season of life🍃


Sleep is one of the four pillars of health and well-being through the menopause transition!

Lesson #6 of the Me.No.Pause! health coaching program takes a deep dive into diet and lifestyle to improve sleep through the menopause transition. Use link in my bio to sign up for a FREE webinar on September 14th at 7:00 pm EST to learn the top 7 nutrition and lifestyle strategies in menopause.


Do you view transition as an obstacle or an opportunity?! Many times, I can toggle between the two. Focusing on possibilities for growth and change helps me to take a step into those unknown spaces of possibility. Sometimes it feels like I am holding my breath and jumping into a pool of cold water, but when I come up for air, I am refreshed and invigorated and newly equipped to take on what is in front of me.

Me.No.Pause!!! Join us and step through and into your space in this new season of life. It is your time.


🥺Anxiety can show up as an uninvited visitor in life. It may be a condition we have struggled with for years or a more current response to chronic stress.

In module #6 of the Me.No.Pause! Coaching program we discuss why it may be showing up tenfold through the menopause transition.

😳The shifting and decline in our reproductive hormones, signals a sort of shut-off to some of those protective mechanisms that helped us to cope with stress in our younger years.

😅 In this 12-week coaching program, we uncover what is happening with your hormones and what you CAN do naturally to feel better through this new season in life!!

You will understand
✅what is happening(?!) and
✅get solutions to work with your body, rather than fight it through restrictive dieting (ie, counting calories, points, carbs, etc) and/or overexercising, which the science is finally supporting the fact: It does not work in menopause.

🧘‍♀️How we eat, move and practice mindfulness can help us to shift those hormone levers and feel better in the process!! Add these foods into your meals this weekend to crowd out some of the processed foods you may be used to eating 🥑


The food we actually consume is secondary to everything else in life that feeds and nourishes our body, mind and spirit. The "12-week MeNoPause! coaching program" will help you discover and integrate how to put together your unique roadmap to feeling better through the menopause transition and beyond 💗 If you're ready to stop obsessing over every calorie on your plate and start enjoying your meals again, take a moment to see what's inside my new 12-week program before spots fill up! (Link to program details in bio)


Speaking of blood sugar and insulin resistance in menopause, here is a favorite, quick, delicious and super easy meal to start your day or have mid-day to satisfy your hunger cravings.

I know this may not be what you are craving, but it is going to satisfy your hunger needs as far as combining protein, fat and fiber, and help you keep blood sugar levels in check and not to mention help you feel energized! So give it a try and let me know!

You could double this recipe, depending on activity and nutritional needs:)

1. hard boiled egg (double
2. 1/4 of a sliced avacado
3. brocolli sprouts and some arugula (optional)
4. salt and pepper to tast

Enjoy! Use link in my bio to learn more about natural solutions with exercise, lifestyle and nutrition in the menopause coaching program! Get a new roadmap to help you feel better!!


Love this low-sugar, protein and fiber packed, small meal option for break-fast or a mid-afternoon snack pre-workout! To learn more about nutrition in menopause click link in my bio!


When we regulate blood sugar on a more consistent basis, our energy stabilizes, we lose excess fat and stop craving unhealthy food.

But how do we do this??

The Me.No.Pause! Coaching Program uses exercise and nutrition to help you make lasting change as we navigate this new season of life and feel your best mentally and physically — next session begins September 7th! Click link in my bio to learn more.


"What do you eat when you're on vacation?" A client recently asked me...

Before I answer, I want to emphasize that we are each unique in where we are in discovering how to balance our hormones and find what works to feel our best through the menopause transition and beyond...and I teach this in my Me.No.Pause! coaching program...

So, yes I enjoy the occasional trip to get ice cream or share in a desert. I enjoy new food experiences and not sticking to any "strict" eating schedule. But there are a few elements of my "usual" eating routine that I do follow:

1. Overnight fasted exercise. This may be a walk, jog, bike ride or some type of morning movement. I will follow my body's hunger cues, usually eating my first meal around noon.
2. Make my first meal of the day a combo of protein, fat and fiber (pictured: 1 slice of a toasted piece of my fave homemade bread from Gluten Free Society, "Warrior Bread" plus 1/4 avocado, 1 hard boiled free-range organic egg, some greens and a tomato slice 😋Not pictured: yellow watermelon slices 😋😋and 1/4 of a giant homemade coconut chocolate chunk homemade cookie from a bakery.
I always start my meal with protein, fat and fiber to help stabilize blood sugar levels and keep insulin in check... I will then avoid snacking in between meals and (today) head to the gym to lift some weights before eating my dinner. This sets me up to stay on my path of metabolic health, even though I may enjoy a few indulgences!

We are meant to enjoy and celebrate life AND food can be enjoyed😀 It has taken me years of learning my path and what works for me. If you could use some help (more of a fast track!) in this area and want to experience food freedom, reach out and let's talk!! You can take that next step and use the link in my bio to connect with me!


How are your happiness hormones?? In the 12-week! Coaching program we address why these hormones decline alongside estrogen and progesterone through our midlife transition, but most importantly we look at what strategies work best for you, one step at a time, to start feeling better and experience an abundance of joy in body mind and spirt- for real!! So many women who have completed the program have experienced a health transformation and experience a new sense of true happiness within 💗 🌸


Inflammation is at the root of all dis-ease in the body. In the Me.No.Pause! 12-week health coaching program we look at the what, when and why we need to eat more anti-inflammatory foods and crowd out those foods and behavior around food (not food groups!) that no longer work for our bodies at this stage of hormonal change. Click link in my bio to learn more!


Are you trying to fit a square peg in a round hole? We all want answers (and quick!) to solve our health problems.

But does it work long term?

Is this something you can be comfortable with for the long run or is it a lose-weight-quick diet?! 

These DIE-ts (not a typo!) ALWAYS have a boomerang effect no matter how well they work in the short term :(

In yesterday’s MNP! coaching session, we discussed how to incorporate an intuitive eating plan for each woman on the call using feedback that works for each woman where she is on her health and wellness journey!

Focus on the thing(s) that work FOR you.
Here are some ways to make your routine simple:
1. Choose the simplest results-getting actions, 
2. Make sure those actions work with your lifestyle & schedule,
3. Include activities and/or food you enjoy, and
4. Consider working with an expert to keep you focused & accountable, and
5. That also has a streamlined program for PROVEN RESULTS.
The most important thing is that you choose actions that help you stay CONSISTENT!

Reach out to get support and accountability to create your personalized health and wellness roadmap through menopause and beyond! You are worth taking care of!! Use link in my bio to learn more.


In Lesson #5 of the Me.No.Pause 12-week health coaching program, we address how stress impacts our physical, emotional and mental health and well-being. I share a new and doable roadmap to relieve stress-related symptoms with natural solutions to begin feeling better and oh yeah- lose the belly fat!

😓Stress is inevitable and as we go through the menopause transition, with progesterone on the decline and cortisol on the rise (at the wrong times), along with blood sugar imbalances, you may be in a constant stress state which, no matter what you do, will continue to increase fat accumulation around our mid-section.

Enter in Frustration!!!! 😩

✅Click link in my bio to sign up for a free webinar to get my top 7 nutrition recommendations if you are entering, in, or through the menopause transition and want to learn how to manage symptoms using natural solutions.

Welcome to Kristin Fitness

Kristin DiDomenico is the owner of Kristinfitness, a personal training and health coaching business based in northern Virginia. She is an AFFA certified personal trainer and certified holistic health counselor. For the past 20 years, she has been training, educating and motivating people to live their best life through her personalized health and fitness programs.

Kristin became a health and nutrition counselor to help women improve their eating habits and break cycles of addictive and emotional eating in order to develop and maintain a healthy weight and a positive relationship with food. She received her health coach training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Kristin offers individual and group health, fitness and nutrition coaching for busy female professionals and moms, both in person and online.

Kristin is also the author of DYING TO BE ENOUGH.

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