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Pilates teacher with more than 30 years experience offering private, duet and group sessions.

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Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 May your day be filled with love, joy, kick ass football, and great food! Thank you to all of you who have made our little studio the success that it is. I’m so grateful for you and your trust in me. Go Raibh Maith Agat (Irish for thank you very much ☘️)


Happy Halloween! Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the ride!

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One of the things I love about our group classes is the community we’ve built together. I love that my peeps encourage each other, laugh, cheer, and even hold each other accountable! Compass classes do require prior work with me to ensure I set you up for success. That’s the other part I love too, training and coaching my clients up so that when you hit that class, you are ready. Ready to work hard, understand how the same exercise teaches you something different based on the apparatus you’re learning it on and that there is a connection between all of it. And then we loop in your goals and we keep pushing the line so we’re always achieving. Pilates meets your body at where it is today. So if you’re looking for a community, functional exercise, athletic movement, a coach mentality from your teacher, and basically working hard and having fun: then come on over! We’re waiting for you.


Couldn’t be more excited than to finally be added to the Garden Road Center marquee and to have my name on the door. So much gratitude is filling my heart because while I know I was brave to move forward with my dream of having my own studio, it took a village of support to help me get there. I was never alone. thank you to Julie and Josef for all their hard work in helping me with design, production and installation! You guys are awesome!

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The Stability Trainer PRO is a multifunctional device designed to challenge stability training, improve joint health, strengthen feet and ankles, and tone the entire body.

The wood board is suspended by heavy-duty springs and allows the board to swing in all directions from side to side, front to back, and up and down.

So why is it in my Classical Pilates studio? Because Pilates exercises can be done standing and when added to the Stability Trainer I find it increases a clients awareness, balance, control, and precision in movement.
Also, it’s a fun and challenging tool that even my ballet teachers love! Every time comes in I always find her challenging herself on it. Watching her move thru her ballet positions is fun 🤩 and I encourage her to do more each week. Keeping her feet and ankles strong is important to keeping her dancing in the future!


When your “work” daughter comes to visit you at your new studio location, you make her do Pilates while you visit! And since she’d never been on the Pedipul, you do that too. 😉 There are certain apparatuses that can quickly connect clients to specific connections in their body. Arm on back is an important one for women because we don’t always learn this growing up. I am to change that! The latest studies show that women between the ages of 40-60 are the highest demographic to experience shoulder injuries, we must look at what’s missing. So while and I can laugh and talk together when we catch up, I can start working with her now to understand her body better and while it’s important for her to stay strong with her arms connected to her back. Love you, my work daughter! I’m so proud of you for chasing your dreams and excelling in your workplace gym! Go take the world by storm, baby! I’m always here cheering 📣 for you!

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People often ask me a variety of questions about Pilates. Most of those questions come down to one core thought process: can I do Pilates? This is what I know to be true and this philosophy is the foundation of the way I train my clients: Pilates meets your body at where it is today. And will continue to meet you regardless of sets backs, injuries, getting stronger, or advancing in your practice. My client here is in her early 70’s. I believe she turns 71 this year and she can manage the short box series like a beast! This will help her to continue to be independent as she ages, providing an excellent quality of life. Moving the body is important, it’s equal to happiness. If you feel stuck, if you feel frustrated, limited, please remember it takes an average of 39,731 steps to run a marathon. Step one starts now! Step one starts today!


There is nothing more satisfying than working with a client who is new to Pilates and teaching them how to connect to their body and movement practice in a way they’ve not done before! From injury to recovery then to rebuilding, it takes a commitment to rebuild but it is possible. If you show up, I can take it from there.

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Waiting on one more tower to arrive and then will put up both towers over the mats. Will be adding a tower/reformer class to the schedule in the mornings and evenings. Still keeping the Compass group class on schedule though! Clients benefit from the exposure to the Cadillac, PediPole, and ladder barrel exercises so much! The benefit of all these classes is that I keep them small, 4-5 clients per class. This way they get more personalized feedback and learn more quickly as well as being mindful of any injuries or limitations. Plus it builds this really great community where they get to know one another and root each other on! I love all my people! They inspire me, make me laugh, and I am grateful that I get to teach them Pilates!


Duets are back in the studio! YAY!
Duets sessions are custom tailored workouts for you and a partner. Similar to a private 1:1 session but double the fun!
And while some folks have a spouse, bestie, daughter/son, or friend that they can partner with, sometimes schedules don't always aligned. Sometimes you might want to partner with another GRP client for your duet session.

Today I've added a sign up sheet inside the studio for you to put your name, best days and times you'd like to do a session and I’m looking to get people paired up! So next time you come by the studio, sign up and let’s get you a Pilates buddy!

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Things are coming along nicely! Is it weird that my wall of hardware makes me so friggin happy?!?!?! 🤣 It’s the wall of my craft. Clients are already being so sweet and so excited for Big Studio. Thank you for the orchids !! They brighten up that little corner. Still more big changes coming each week. Equipment will shift around the room as new pieces arrive. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on this wild ride. Off to Home Depot again and may be Target. Definitely At Home Store and Amazon deliveries. Plus a bit of Gratz and Balanced Body in there too! P.S. funny story: I’ve already locked myself out once today. 🙈 hahahahaha!

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And so it begins! Friday night and we’re packing up Little Studio and moving to Big Studio! We’ve got this down to a science.

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And then this happened today!


Anyone who knows me well knows I grew up watching Bruce Lee movies on Saturday mornings. I have been a fan of his ever since! I believe he was a wise individual at an early age, and maybe that’s how it is for those who die young. They are this bright star 🌟 for a moment, share deep wisdom about life and living and then they are gone. Sometimes we can get caught up in the mundane of day to day and it’s probably why I’ve always been drawn to work that varies so much so it can feel like no two days are the same. The body is an amazing machine. But it has some quirks! Like some bodies show up for their sessions and until it can get consistent thru Pilates training it’s as though a different body shows up each time. Clients can feel extremely frustrated by this. I like to explain that the body in the morning is not the same as the body in the evening. And as soon as we accept this, get consistent with our practice, a lot of what we hold on to begins to leave the body. We start to really live. Don’t let more time go by before you develop your practice! You need nothing more than to show up, commit to the work, I’ll take care of the rest!

2 Private Pilates Sessions 02/03/2023

Hey, peeps! Happy Friday! I hope you're day is going good.

Just wanted to pop on here really quick and let you all know that I am participating in a live online auction for Love Your Feral Felines, which is the wonderful non-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to giving cats and kittens a second chance at LIFE!

Here is the link to the general auction if you'd like to see the items available to bid for:

Here is the link to the item I donated for the auction: you can put in a bid for this!!! It is 2 60 min private sessions. (if you're a virtual client, these can booked virtually)
Happy Bidding!

2 Private Pilates Sessions Auction item '2 Private Pilates Sessions' hosted online at 32auctions.


Happy New Year’s Day!

To have a great year you must start with a great day. 365 opportunities to make that happen.

Here’s to looking forward to the new year!


From our home to yours, may your day be happy and light! Merry Christmas and happiest of new years!

A Smidge A Day Podcast by Katy Rose 12/07/2022

Recently I was asked by Katy Rose to come on to her podcast, a smidge a day, to discuss Pilates as a movement practice, what it is, how I teach, and what Pilates is at its base. We had a great time discussing the importance of listening to your body, diving deeper into the narrative we tell ourselves, and sometime bucking against it!...

A Smidge A Day Podcast by Katy Rose Recently I was asked by Katy Rose to come on to her podcast, a smidge a day, to discuss Pilates as a movement practice, what it is, how I teach, and what Pilates is at its base. We had a great time…


Are you looking for live online group mat Pilates classes?

Are you interested in small class (max 6) so you get individualized feedback in a group dynamic?

When businesses shut down and we discovered the new norm of working out from home, I put together these classes to help my clients stay consistent in their Pilates practice.

I never stopped! Not when we opened back up, closed, open, close again, and all the things in between! I thought, nope! I love my peeps and because I continue to offer sessions virtually/online I am able to help more people, regardless of where they live.

Mat Pilates is a wonderful way to work out from home when you have little to no equipment.

Pilates is more than stretching. I think because a lot of the exercises have the word stretch in them (single leg stretch, double leg stretch, tendon stretch), if you look at it at face value you could be mistakenly lulled into thinking its more stretch than work. But the word stretch is actually work! Anyone who does Pilates on the regular can speak to how challenging it can be!

So if you find yourself struggling with low back pain, tight shoulders, inflexibility, lack of mobility, or simply struggle with being consistent in your practice, sign up for my online classes. We address all this and more plus you get a great community of clients who will welcome you with open arms! And accountability is a big thing we do!

So come join us for an hour of fun and work, feel better and stronger now vs waiting until January!

Classes are M/W/F at 8am/PDT. Sign up via my website at or DM me and I’ll send you the my online booking link to sign up via PocketSuite.
See you in class!

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I was recently asked to be a guest on A Smidge A Day podcast with the wonderful Katy Rose! Excited to share our episode where we discussed Pilates as a movement practice and what that means specific to healing, corrective work, functional exercises and more. You can find her podcast, which focuses on making small doable changes to your health over time, on Spotify. Thank you for the fun chat!


Wishing all a wonderful, happy and safe Thanksgiving Day!

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Congratulations to Rick and Leigh! Scott and I are so happy you found each other and begin this next season of your lives together. What a fabulous night! We had so much fun, love, and great food and wine! LOL! And I may not always walk away with a ton of photos or videos when I’m at a wedding or other types of celebrations, but I’ll do my best to catch a few. Why? I’ve always been a live in the moment kind of person.


From now until January is the time when we get busy with holidays, work, family and all those other obligations we have. In order to stay strong, healthy, sleep good, you’ve got to prioritize yourself. How do we do that? Make a commitment to your practice. Set a Pilates goal of at least two sessions a week. Schedule those sessions for this week. You’ll feel better, I promise. For me, what works? I’m in the gym boxing again and making the commitment to two training and conditioning sessions a week. Pilates on all the other days. Why? So I CAN box! So I can train! It’s not putting myself last.


It’s October, people! That means the next few months get a little crazy 😝. Don’t let the holidays get in the way of your practice.


Words of encouragement! Sometimes we all need that. 😆


Looking for a virtual class for you Labor Day workout? I got you! I’m teaching an 8am/PST virtual group Pilates mat class, via zoom. Want to jump in? DM for the booking link. Or head over to my website .com and click “Book Now”. You’ll find my PocketSuite link to book yourself into class. Then I’ll email you the zoom link. Easy-Peasy! Get it, get you Pilates workout on, and then get on with your holiday!


Quick reminder to join myself and for our Pelvic Floor physical therapy and Pilates education workshop is next week Saturday 9/10@ noon.

Spreading the word on pelvic floor education, what is it, what’s normal function and what isn’t, when to seek treatment and how Pilates works to keep your floor functional. This is a great workshop for literally anyone with a pelvic floor.

Are you an Pilates instructor or teacher and want to understand more of the anatomy? Come to the workshop! Learn how you can help your clients within your scope of care-instruction.

Are you pre-natal, post-natal, have questions about your own health and wellness? Come to the workshop! You know I’ll have snacks 😉

Plus!!!! If you’re not in the San Diego area, no worries! We are offering a live zoom option. Seats are limited so if you want to attend, don’t miss this opportunity by waiting to purchase your ticket.

Click the booking link below to purchase your ticket to the workshop.

See you at the studio!

Gratz Pilates - "I Just Want to be Great." 09/01/2022

This is a great video about 3 different athletes in 3 different stages of their careers and how the work of Pilates is for them.

As a teacher who has worked with these types of clients as well as dancers, I can absolutely tell you, Pilates is integral to your foundations. And if you take the work you learn in Pilates into everything else you do in life, you will do all things with better connection and control.

Gratz Pilates - "I Just Want to be Great." Gratz Industries proudly presents a new documentary video, “I Just Want To Be Great.” story by Nicole Smith, proprietor of Core Love Culture Pilates studio, ...


Mastery by George Leonard is our next book in GRPilates Book Club where we are a bit more of a casual no stress or pressure kind of book club. LOL! Purchase by the end of August and start reading. We will meet via zoom/studio to discuss, have fun, and snacks! I chose this book because regardless of what you want to do better, we all have some interest in something. Whether we want to improve our relationships, our Pilates practice, a sport or hobby you’re engaged in, doesn’t matter. This book goes into depth of what it takes to commit to mastering with intention. So if you’ve struggling with creating habits or consistency with something in your life, maybe this is the book for you to jump in on! Join us for this one book, for some books or all of them, everyone is always welcome. Let me know in the comments if you plan to join for Mastery!

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This week’s schedule is up! So many benefits to taking my small virtual group classes:First: accountability! Anyone can ...
Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 to one and all! May your day be filled with love, joy, and happiness!




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