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Granite Mountain Archers


Hi - a couple of questions... Where is a good place to shoot and to find a bow, and I have a friend with a couple of pre-teen daughters - so where is a good place for kid's instruction?
Thanks Bunches!
Shooting sharp sticks with great friends....what a great way to spend a Sunday!
*UPDATED* Please continue to share additional shoot info with us!! We don't want to miss any!! We can go shooting every single weekend this summer!!! 😄😄

Hey archers! Happy summer! And you know what that means ... 3D shoots galore! Here's what's coming up if you haven't been keeping track:

June 8-9 (this weekend!): 2019 Max Hamilton 3D Archery Shoot in Flagstaff with Flagstaff Archers

June 9: HMABC June Shoot in Sierra Vista with Huachuca Mountain Archers and Bowhunters Club

June 14-16: Mormon Lake 3D Archery Shoot south east of Flagstaff with Full Draw Bowhunters

June 22-23: GMA 3D Shoot in Prescott with Granite Mountain Archers

June 28-29: Sunrise 3D Extreme Archery Shoot Out at Sunrise Ski Resort

July 4-7: Sunrise 3D Shootout at Sunrise Ski Resort

July 13-14: Outlaw 3D Shoot in Prescott with Granite Mountain Archers

July 14: HMABC July Shoot in Sierra Vista with Huachuca Mountain Archers and Bowhunters Club

July 19-21: 2019 Bowhunter Happening at Mormon Lake with Arizona Bowhunter's Association

July 27-28: 28th Annual Rim Country Bowhunters Shoot just south of Clint's Well with Rim Country Bowhunters Association

August 3-4: VSA Indoor Classic in Kingman with Inside Out Archery -Kingman

August 17-18: Big Game 3D Shhot in Prescott with Granite Mountain Archers

If you hear of any more, be sure to share them with us! We will also try to post reminders about upcoming shoots the week prior, but put them on your calendar too! Don't forget to share your pictures with us if you go to any of these events!

Happy summer shooting! 🏹
If you are an AZ archer or live close be sure to head out to the Granite Mountain Archers for the “AAE Mike High Classic” on May 19th & 20th!!!
Hi I was wondering when you might have the scores posted? Have a great day!
This is the second time I have gone to the club and the gate has been left open with no one there. Please remeber to shut the gate. Thank you.
Hi we will be visiting Prescott this next week my husband and I are recurve shooters from Washington State we were wondering if your range will be open, and if you know of any 3d shoots coming. We sure look forward to meeting you. Hope to see you soon Mary Webster great pictures, we are also bow hunters.
What are the dates of your shoots for 2017?
Greetings. Needing some assistance. My wife and I recently moved to Prescott and are both interested in taking up archery together. However, we don't have an idea of where to go, how to get started, or who to talk with to help get us going. Any advice and a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Much Thanx.
I turn 80 tues and love to come over to the park area and set and shoot my bow just love it let me no when I have to pay again ok
Arizona antelope with a Scott Tarlip disguise... Looks authentic doesn't it!!!
Hello Granite Mountain Archers!! Who wants to win a trip to Disneyland? I will be at the archery shoot this weekend selling raffle tickets if anyone is interested, just look for the bright yellow poster! tix are 1 for 5$ or 5 for $20. THank you!!

Granite Mountain Archers, providing Prescott area archers with an outdoor shooting facility since 19

The purpose of the Granite Mountain Archers “is to join together, in good fellowship, dedicated archers of the Prescott area who are interested in competitive archery and bow hunting, and who are enthusiastic in their support of organized archery.” Further, the Club is interested in promoting archery to all people that have an interest in joining the fraternity of archers. Our members have a treme

Operating as usual



SAVE THE DATE - GMA Annual Meeting
Click the link below for more info.

SAVE THE DATE Saturday February 4, 2023 @ 10:00AM ANNUAL MEETING


Saturday, Jan 28 in Cottonwood.
Hosted by Rim Country Bowhunters Association

Granite Mountain Archers 3D Series 1st Leg 01/07/2023

Granite Mountain Archers 3D Series 1st Leg

Registration is open for the 3D series.
Archers 55+ should register in the appropriate class with senior pricing to receive the discounted price, you need not register in the "Senior Classes" to receive discount.

Granite Mountain Archers 3D Series 1st Leg Come participate in the Granite Mountain Archers 3D Series 1st Leg on March 11 with me.


We at GMA want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!
We are excited for 2023, and want to bring some fresh and new experiences to the archery community.
Be sure to visit our website at and check us on Facebook for up to date information.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.
Be sure to check out our website. Registration opens Jan 01 for the 2023 3D series.


Meeting Saturday, Feb 04 at 1000 we will be meeting at the range this year. Membership available as well as renewals. Renewals for current members should be going out at the end of the month.


Reminder to all members and guests. Do not shoot targets using crossbows!! If you are in need of sighting in your crossbow, you must use the sand pit on the practice range and bring your own target. Our targets and bales are not designed to withstand the impact, and the bolts cause damage resulting in expensive repairs or replacements.

Thank you!

GMA | Granite Mountain Archers | Prescott 11/29/2022

GMA | Granite Mountain Archers | Prescott

Official Rules for the upcoming 3D series have posted. Visit our website and select the 3D series tab, and the link (paper clip) near the bottom of the page.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

GMA | Granite Mountain Archers | Prescott Granite Mountain Archers is an archery club and range located in Prescott, Arizona.


We want to wish you all a safe, healthy, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Members: Please use the year round 3d course at your own risk until the work parties early next year have taken place. Most of the targets are worn out and may allow arrows to pass through.


Our friends in Blythe are having a night shoot. Payouts to top male and female.

November 12!!!

GMA | Granite Mountain Archers | Prescott 10/21/2022

GMA | Granite Mountain Archers | Prescott

Exciting news.
Buckles for the 3D Series have been ordered. Rules and format are being finalized. Information will be available on our website in the weeks ahead. Registration to open early January.
Registration will be available online.

Be sure to visit our webpage.

GMA | Granite Mountain Archers | Prescott Granite Mountain Archers is an archery club and range located in Prescott, Arizona.


Here’s the cliff notes for our upcoming 3D series. We are planning to open registration early January and get the rules uploaded to our website before year end.

Update: We revised the age of the BHS class to 55+ and added a known class for the 55+.

Entry fee is $40 per shoot date


As our 2022 season comes to an end, we want to leave you all with something to look forward to. Something exciting, and new.

You, the shooters have spoken, and we have listened.
Mark your calendars.
We bring to you………..


Congratulations to the winner Zach Hodges on going undefeated in the GMA 100yd Broadhead shoot this weekend. Second place goes to Troy Hodges …. Great shooting.
Must run in the family.

Thank you all that came out to participate and for supporting us.

We hope to see you all again next year.

Now let hunting season begin. Best of luck to all!


Congratulations to Brenda Lord and Chris Levai!! They are our Big Game Night shoot winners.

Photos from Granite Mountain Archers's post 08/14/2022

We wanted to try something new this year, bringing the night shoots to life. Thank you for all that came out to to shoot w us. We have had fun offering this to the shooters and hope to do so again next year.


Bring your hunting set up, three arrows equipped with broadheads and your skills!


Members only. Join us Saturday August 13th for our annual end of the year BBQ. It is here we get to visit, laugh, and discuss the upcoming hunting season with each other. We will fire the grill up and have it ready at 530 pm. Be sure to bring your own meat. Club will provide sodas, water and the sides such as chips, potato salad, salad, and the usual condiments. Feel free to bring a dessert you care to share. After we are all full and happy, be sure to stick around for the night shoot. It will be our last for the year. We gather at dusk (around 730) and begin shooting at dark (around 8pm). The night shoot is open to the public and spectators are welcome.


Raffle item at the Big Game fun shoot, Prescott Az. Sat & Sun August 13&14.

30 0z Canyon Cooler tumbler.
Keeps your coffee piping hot, or your cocktail & water ice cold.

Powder coated.

Raffle winner has choice of color.

Hope you can make it out, fun for the whole family. Shoot Is open to public!


One of the raffles for the upcoming GMA Big Game fun shoot.
Open to public and encourage all to attend.

Two packages Montec M3 broadheads, 100gr. valued at $100

Donated by
Hunter’s Choice Archery
Located just off Hwy 69
8708 AZ-69
Prescott Valley, Az.

Stop in and say hi.
Zach and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable; able to assist w all of your archery needs.


100 yard broadhead shoot
Sunday August 14 0900
Hunting rigs only. NO target setups.
20$ entry
Shoot three arrows
Double elimination
Cash payout

Bring your hunting set up, no less than three broadheads and your skills. Sunday, Granite Mountain Archers 0900.


Our last shoot for the year. Get ready for hunting season and have some fun.

Exciting raffle items

Dry camping available

Night shoot Saturday, gather at dusk and start shooting at dark.

Broadhead shoot is Sunday 0900 double elimination.


Congrats to last nights GMA night Shoot Winners.

Trysta Castro top female w a 119
Zach Hodges top male w a 174

Thank you all for braving the threatening storm and coming out to shoot, the temps were great and we didn’t get rained on.

Hope to see you all again next month for our last nigh shoot of the year, Saturday August 13th

HOME | GMA 07/19/2022


Help needed!! Members, we need range duty covered Thursday July 28, 4pm - dusk.

This is an easy way to fulfill your working membership. There are just a few opportunities left this year …

Please message us or register for range duty using the website and clicking the range duty tab.

Thank you in advance

HOME | GMA Granite Mountain Archery Range is located at 3755 Willow Cr Road Prescott, Arizona. The range sits on approximately 64 acres and the terrain on the range offers uphill, downhill, and level shooting.


Thank you Cameron Hanes and AAE Archery for the generous donation; raffle item includes Cam Hanes Mountain series stabilizer, CH wrapz, and CH logo vanes.

The item will be available during our Outlaw shoot this weekend July 23 & 24.

Cameron Hanes is an American author, bowhunter, endurance athlete, and social media personality. With a passion for hunting the wild, pure backcountry and a love of the written word, Cameron’s greatest love is bowhunting the remote wildernesses of the West and Alaska.

The motivation Cameron Hanes has is magnetic to hunters, and non-hunters alike, who read about and watch his undertakings. He has been featured as the keynote speaker at many annual bowhunter banquets, hosted TV shows, been featured in TV commercials, self-published two books, produced DVDs and has released a line of popular hunting/fitness clothing.

Be sure to check out the website for more information.


Another great raffle item for our July 23, Outlaw shoot. We want to thank NockOn and AAE Archery for the generous donation.

Nock On Custom Archery.

John Dudley, professional archer and bowhunter, founder of Nock On archery brand. Nock On is known as the premier online source for archery tips, instruction, and education for any wannabe archer or bowhunter.
The Nock On brand includes Nock On Tv and Nock On podcast.
Visit the website, to get access to “School of Nock” courses on:
learning to shoot
technical and tuning
bow builds
product reviews


Attention all club members.
Help needed!!!

We are in need of registration help Saturday Noon-2pm July 23rd for the Outlaw shoot.
We also need to fill the following spots for the August 8/13 & 8/14 Big Game shoot, Saturday 6am-8am, 10am-Noon and Sunday 10am-Noon.

This is an easy opportunity for members to fulfill your membership work requirements before year end.

Lastly, we have a range duty opening Sunday August 07 from 1pm-6pm.

You may sign up through the website under the “range duty” tab or message us w the date and time you request.

Thank you in advance.


Coffee anyone?
Here’s a sneak peak at one of our raffles for the upcoming Outlaw Shoot, July 23rd.

Photos from Granite Mountain Archers's post 07/08/2022

Our next night shoot will be Saturday July 23rd at Granite Mountain Archers. Public welcome!
Be sure to come out and sign up during our Outlaw Shoot the weekend of July 23rd. On-site camping available. We have some exciting raffle items… be sure to check our page for sneak peaks leading up to the shoot.
Look forward to seeing you all there.


Only two shoots left this year.
Be sure to come join us July 23 & 24. Open to the public.
Our night shoot will be "stadium style" with targets set at various yardage. Trad shooters, you spoke and we listened. We will be adding targets for you guys & gals, at more appropriate yardage to help level the playing field.

Look forward to seeing you all there. Be sure to bring your friends and family!!!


Thank you to all the archers that came out this weekend to join us for the GMA Fun Shoot. Despite the heat and the winds we had had a great time.

Scores are listed below

Peewee - Noah Downs 332
Cub - Easten Huddleston 361
Female Open - Brittany 382
Hunter Female - Kristina 420 and Valeria 385
Senior Female - Susie 310 and Joanne 181
Trad - Charlie Young 310 and Jimmy Allen 289
Hunter Male - Ben Huddleston 402 and Trenton Forrest 201
Male Open - Chris Downs 423, Wes Mueller 400, and William Lacey 344

Mark your calendars, our Outlaw Fun Shoot will be the weekend of July 23rd. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Photos from Granite Mountain Archers's post 06/12/2022

Thank you to all that came out to join us at GMA last night.
Congratulations to Susie and Zach for being the top female and male shooters. Payouts are split between the house, male and female. Winners each took home 75$

A lot of fun was had and we are looking forward to next month.

Night shoots are up to 15 targets of random yardage. We gather at dusk and begin shooting at dark. $15 to participate.

Our next one will be Saturday July 23rd. Bring your friends and family, spectators are welcome.

Photos from Granite Mountain Archers's post 06/07/2022

The future of archery lies within the youth of today.
Making friends and memories.

Granite Mountain Archers Youth Tournament 2022

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One of the raffles for the upcoming GMA Big Game fun shoot.Open to public and encourage all to attend.Two packages Monte...
Coffee anyone?Here’s a sneak peak at one of our raffles for the upcoming Outlaw Shoot, July 23rd.




PO Box 11002, 3755 Willow Creek Road
Prescott, AZ

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