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Student of the Horse® philosophy is the most current research and understanding of, behavior and co About the Clinicians of Student of the Horse® Horsemanship
Jack and Rich Mervin became accomplished horsemen by the age of 14 after training under their father Dick Mervin and Grandpa George Silver.

In the early eighties they began to travel all over the western states from Salt Lake City to northern Idaho training horses. Meeting up to take on large ranch tasks like the weekend in Hailey Idaho, which consisted of starting 18 head of ranch raised horses ranging from ages 2-6. After a short career as guides in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness the twins joined the military and trained horses on

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[01/13/20]   Student of the Horse, is registered trade mark, #StudentoftheHorse


The First Touch. This is one thing I would teach everyone working with horses. This is something we do every time we make contact. By offering the horse the first touch we're empowering the horse to willing accept our presence in their comfort zone. The horse willingly decides to work with us, from the first day to the last. The first touch even if they wana play hard to catch. Every time we step out of the comfort zone into the working zone and we want to re-enter, we ask for the first touch. This changes the type of relationship we have with the horse. This is something we've found works for us in building our Quiet Consistent communication with the horse. Interested in learning about the Student of the Horse® ((C)) 2000 philosophy PM or contact us our number is in the contact information on this page.

[04/02/19]   Spring is coming, the snow and ice is leaving. We are taking horses in training and offering lessons. The Student of the horse approach is great for all disciplines of riding, from All-round working ranch horses, Reining, cutting, cow horses to competitive gaming and barrel horses, Eventing and Dressage horse. Contact Rich Mervin 208-660-4497 or Jack Mervin 208-651-0482 for information. [email protected]
Student of the Horse, putting horses and horsemanship first.


Visiting with one of our incredible Mentors DR. TEMPLE GRANDIN.


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It's worth an investment in your program to have a trainer. Someone to guide your focus and help you achieve your goals. Because "very seldom do we rise to the occasion, we fall to the level of our training.” ~Archilochu


Do you know where your horses feet are? Part of the Student of the Horse® philosophy has been to identify the consistencies in the horse. THE DIAGONAL PAIR supporting the horse at a walk, trot, canter, through transition's and turns, lateral and back-up work. The DIAGONAL PAIR
is a consistency that exists in every horse. This is huge. If we know where the DIAGONAL PAIR is then we know which feet are coming off the ground, the ones we can change. This helps us as a Student of the Horse® because we can help our horse balance from start to finish.


Where do you stand with your horse? From which zone are you communicating with your horse ?

[01/01/17]   (Jack) I Was given the honor of being someone's Christmas present 🙂. There is nothing that makes me happier than to share my horsemanship with people looking to improve their own horsemanship skills, what a great day working with Student of the Horse® Horsemanship's, Behavioral communication model©

[09/09/16]   With the NRCHA Futurity drawing closer it reminds me of Jimmy Flores Sr.. Sr. invited me up to his place to ride with him one day after we trimmed all the colts and horses, I wish I would have had a film crew with me. We rode colts together working in the hackima. His feel and timing were impeccable. his hands were consistent and precise. It was seven years ago. He was riding 4 year old colt the last grandson of his prize stallion Skunk Face. In the round pen Sr ran the c...
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Student of the Horse, Mervin Performance Horses

Preview of our colt starting video. First training session and ride on a 2yr old.

Colt starting preview first day

[01/20/16]   We're interested in doing some colt starting parties, clinics and workshops to educate horsemen, and women on the Student of the Horse® philosophy if you're interested or know someone who is, forward this and lets get something goingThe format is; you provide 6 to 8 young horses with minimal to some handling a round pen 50'-60' round and an arena.The cost is $300.00 per horse. What we provide is 3 to 4 Student of the Horse® certified trainers, each trainer will ride 2 horses 2x each day over a three day period. Auditors are encouraged to attended at $75.00 for the 3 days or $25.00 each day. The horses are all started using the Student of the Horse® philosophy. If you know of any breeders or a group of owners that would be interested please feel free to forward this post.

[11/28/15]   Winter is here. What do you do to help your horses for cold weather?

[09/30/15]   We have openings for training and lessons. If you want to learn about a new understanding in equine behavior, build a solid working foundation, or build a new foundation with your equine companion, call to set up an appt. for lessons for you or your horse or both. 208-660-4497.

[08/17/15]   Training horses and riding colts shouldn't be about seeing who can make a horse buck and fatigued and ride it. It's offering the horse a better deal. Showing the horse you respect their spatial relationship, boundaries learning from the horse what the horse needs from you, and how to ask. It's not about 1 thing you do to get the horse rode, but the 1000 little things you do to prepare the horse , for trust, confidence, and communication built with Quiet Consistency (tm). By becoming a better Student of the Horse ® 12/21/2014

The Colt Starting Challenge - Describes the Event

We will be hitting the road this year competing in these challenges as much as we can, see if you can catch up with us. What is a Colt Starting Challenge? The Rules of the Colt Starting Challenge. Purchase tickets to see the Event. Enter your horse to be in the Event.

Check out the link above and come watch, learn, join in the party.

[05/29/14]   The Student of the Horse® philosophy is the most current research and understanding of horses and behavioral communication available. I spent 24 years researching and identifying the consistencies of the horse while Developing the Student of the Horse® philosophy. I'd like to share my knowledge with equine enthusiast all over the world and un-complicate the horse and horsemanship. If you would like to get exponential results from your time with your horse you need to know what I know. I offer clinics, lessons in equitation and horsemanship and training. For these services please contact me at 208-660-4497. Let's ride into an adventure together.

This is Coyote, and this is his first ride after 15 min of ground work.

Check out the Kiniksu cutters page for local practice and show info.

[04/10/14]   Nows a great time to get those young horses in training, tune up the trail horses, and get those show horses in training and legged up for competition. Space is limited.

[03/18/14]   Getting excited about spring? Time to start dusting the hay out of your mane, get those horses brushed down and lunged, trotted, legged up. Trotting is the most efficient gait the horse has . Trotting works the diagonals and this balances the muscles, it also the gait where the horses cardio works to utilize O2 most efficiently. Using the diagonals also helps increase the neuro functions in the communication center of the brain. Its time to trot let's get our horses conditioned for the competition, show pen, ranch work, or trail rides.

[02/20/14]   I would like to extend an invitation to all equine enthusiast to visit Student of the Horse page post comments question on riding, training, and shoeing. If you would like to discuss your goals for riding or competition contact me 208 660 4497 12/08/2013

Chyczewski Saddlery

A great Ideas for a life long gift a custom saddle I highly recommend. Custom Handmade Saddles

[11/22/13]   Work shop from ,1-3 . At Ramsey Arena Sat 23 Nov. $ 45.00. To ride $10.00 audit. Problem horses welcome.

[11/07/13]   Improve you performance, and horsemanship, clinic Nov 10 the 1-3 at Ramsey indoor arena on Hwy 53, $45.00. This is a great affordable opportunity to attend a clinic for you and your horse.

[11/05/13]   The Student of the Horse® philosophy let's us learn what the horse needs from us, and to offer these things to the horse the best we can. Its not about making the horse do what we want dictating or establishing a dominant pecking order, its about offering the horse our best side to accomplish goals as a team.

[10/24/13]   I have openings for training and shoeing. If you have a coming two year old November is the month to get their foundation rides on them so they are ready to go in the spring. If anyone has any questions regarding training or shoeing we're here to help.


Student of the Horse

Student of the Horse® philosophy is the most current research and understanding of, behavior and comunication, for performance, training, and education.

[05/03/13]   Spring is here and show season and competitions are coming soon. We have openings, get your horses legged up, tune ups, colts started, or get your show horse ready to go, English, Dressage, Eventers, Barrel horses, Gaming horses, Reining, and Cow horses, make your appointments . Free lessons while your horse is in training. Lessons available for all ages and disciplines. Rich at 208 660 4497 or Jack at 208 651 0482

[03/11/13]   We've got a lot of work cut out for us this year, working colts, training cowhorses, and raising families.should be a great year

[01/20/13]   It's been extra cold recently, providing your horses with extra roughage will help them stay warmer on those cold days and nights. If you don't blanket your horses that's ok. Don't go pet'n and brush'n on em either this breaks the natural insulating factor provided by that extra thick winter coat they been work'n on all year. Enjoy your nice leisurely winter rides, make sure that if you sweat your critter up they are warm and dry before you turn'm loose. Inexpensive fleece blankets make great winter coolers to help wick away the moisture while keeping them plenty warm.

[12/28/12]   If you have a few feet of snow on the ground like we do, make sure your horses have water to drink. A little rock salt or even water softener salt will help them stay thirsty. More winter tips to come.

[08/21/12]   We are planning a group ride at Marie Creek just outside Coeur d' Alene Idaho, this coming Saturday, any of you locals that would like to go. we are planing on leaving the parking lot around 9:00 am would be fun to see all of you that could make it

[08/21/12]   We've been doing some group lessons, it is really fun watching the people of different levels learn from us and each other. There is a general confidence in the group that travels around from person to person, and horse to horse. All the riders are improving their skills and the horses are developing confidence in the riders decisions. The improvements are so fun to watch.

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Rich Mervin putting second ride on a retraining project, this mare has been a challenge, her first ride under saddle was...




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