Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu

Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu


To be open now is down right irresponsible!!!!
I am super proud to be part of this collaboration with Women of Vision Movement
LIT From Within Studio B
Boheme Salon + Spa - An Aveda Concept Salon
Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu
Fusion Lounge
Cedar Crest Brewing
Brew Craft Coffee
Moseley Family Cellars
Gym's House Strength and Conditioning

In honor of the small businesses that have supported us along the way of our journey; we created a T-shirt fundraiser to help relieve some of their basic needs during the shelter in place mandate. As you know, family owned businesses are what makes Redding culture unique.

We truly have a community that supports local businesses and if we keep this going, we are STRONGER TOGETHER!
Please help us spread the word; proceeds of the T-shirt sales will be distributed to each business mentioned. This is not in competition with the other small business fundraiser campaigns being run out there, but rather an addition to it.
Help us keep our small business community thriving!

Stronger Together - a campaign to keep our small business community strong.


Saturdays Self Defense Seminar in Redding was off the hook! Thank you Mariz Brown for your help organizing, Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu for hosting us, Casey Strohmayer for capturing the moments with your photography skills, and Jakki Garcia and David Garcia Jr. for making the trip to help! Thank you to all the ladies and the two gents that came out to learn with us!
Just got a Facebook message that I am one of your top fans. 🙌🏼 proud of it!
Did you know we have WORLD CHAMPION Jiu Jitsu Fighters, right here in Redding?!? Yep, you read that right 👊🏼 Delighted to be the official recovery spot for Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu . Their next World competition is quickly approaching... Stay tuned for more championships.
BIG WINNERS! Our latest STAY FROSTY SWEEPSTAKES winners are the Alvarado Bros from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu! We had a blast putting these two brothers through the chamber to prepare them for their upcoming tournament.❄️😀 Brothers who freeze together, WIN together! Now the two of them get to grapple it out to see who gets to spend the $100 gift card 😉
Want to win a gift card like these boys?
It's easy- we're giving away $100 EVERY WEEK!
Enter by snapping a photo at our center and tagging us (Instagram: , Facebook: )
or by checking in on social media
when you come for your appointment.
Entries are unlimited and every post counts. Stay frosty, friends and spread the CryoLove ❤️❄️🤗
Big things happened at Americana today. Congrats to Brian and Joe on receiving their brown belts. A big congratulations goes out to our head instructor and brother Andrew Mu Shu Osterlund on achieving the rank of BLACK BELT!!! We are all so proud of theses guys for their accomplishments.
Also thank you to Tanner Rice from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu for coming down from Redding to give these new belts.
Hello everyone , it's been a mad scramble since the Carr Fire hit our neighborhood last Thursday. A day after evacuations we got word that we lost both our homes and everything we owned. It's been an overwhelming experience to say the least. We are feeling so blessed to be flooded with the amount of support and love from our Jiu Jitsu family all over the world. Thank you Rod, Tanner & Matthew at Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu and to all the families at the gym for helping us through these tough times. Kerri, a good friend of ours was kind enough to launch a Go Fund Me campaign to help us rebuild our lives. Please feel free to share with your friends and family. We'll keep you posted as we move along through this crazy process.
https://www.gofundme.com/brown-family-rebuilding-fund @ Redding, California
Daniell Rosch putting in work at BJJ Tour's American Cup. .
Show the ART Amazonas - Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu Jiu-jitsu Videos
Thanks for the awesome seminar at Gracie Arizona! Solid open guard tech to work on!
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is this tanner on the rules page?

Rice Brothers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the premier School in the Redding, CA, area for Brazilian Jiu J Amazonas has the best Jiu Jitsu in Northern California.

Amazonas owner and head instructor Tanner Rice is the youngest and first American to be promoted to Black Belt by Cobrinha. Call NOW to schedule a FREE tour and Private Lesson with one of our certified instructors. (530) 638-9536

Operating as usual


See everyone from tomorrow for our Christmas party ! Bring a dish to share or something you want to drink.


My man Aaron !! congrats homie !!! !!


Extended family ! Love you guys .


Happy Thanksgiving from us to you ! Hope everyone has an amazing day with family and friends !


2022 NO-GI European champion ! Proud of you Bryce! Keep grinding .


That was a fun morning . Thank you and for the 30 min shark tank .


Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 09/22/2022

These two are so cute to watch learn Jiu Jitsu together . Thanks ._.scarlett._.ajj for class . 📸



Life has been extremely interesting the last couple years. Only a few things have stayed consistent and that’s always trying to be the best father I can be , having possibly the best friend group that I’ve ever had having my back and my family being there no matter what . You only have one life don’t be scared of change .


Masters Worlds for a lot of you that competed this weekend under was your first big tournament and all of you fought extremely well and some of you even won. Now you know what it’s like at a big tournament and the level of competition you need to prepare for now . The team looked strong but I know we will be better . It’s just the beginning .


Masters world champ ! We have two masters world champs teaching womens class now !


Private lesson Promotion.
For the month of September I’m giving away 2 free lessons if you buy ten lessons up front regardless if it’s ten one hour long lessons or half hour long lessons . I will also not be charging extra if you have a partner during your lesson that also allows you to split the price between two of you . 10 one hour long lessons ($1000) and get two more for free . 10 half hour long sessions ($500) and get two more for free . DM or message me if you are interested or have any questions .


War then dinner afterwards !


We all want to win and we should always thrive to be better but don’t forget to have fun . 📸

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 08/17/2022

Our No-Gi coach received his black belt last night . He has spent his entire life training martial arts . He’s got a brilliant mind when it comes to different ways of beating people up ! So grateful for his knowledge and friendship .


Let this be a reminder to all of us

In the brief time we all got to enjoy the career of Leandro Lo, we all witnessed passion, intensity, and love for the game.

He showed us what he can do, how he did it, and why he did it.

He has achieved plenty and impacted many of us.

Let this be a reminder to all of us how short life is and to live it the way we want to.

🙏 Rest in Power Leandro Lo 🙏


Start them young! Our little girl is learning fast ❤️🥹❤️.


Nick Gifford received his black belt last night after 10 years . Since day one he’s always been that guy if I told him to go another round when he was dead tired he would do it even if he hated me in that moment he still got up and went another round . From white belt to black belt with me ! Can’t wait to compete again and along side one of my good friends at black belt !


Morning! Let’s get a little better today than we were yesterday .

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 08/09/2022

Some of the most memorable moments in my life happened with Leandro ! He loved everyone but he was always ready to fight if a friend was disrespected or in trouble . You could count on him always having your back . The guy could make cutting weight a fun time ! Thank you for always making the room laugh, thank you for being a friend and an inspiration. I’ll never forget what you did for me and my career . Rest In Peace legend !


was looking stronger than ever this weekend competing at the Santa Cruz open . Next stop masters worlds/ Jiu Jitsu con .

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 08/07/2022

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 08/07/2022

was an absolute inspiration . He was always making everyone laugh and he was a genuine good dude . Thank you Leandro for being one of the greatest ! Thank you for the good times and always kicking the crap out of me . RIP Buddy .

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 07/24/2022

only had three kids go to kids pans this year unfortunately but they did amazing . and ._.alvarado brought home gold and brought home silver . Tiny squad but they got their jobs done . Proud of these three monsters and what they’ll do in the future .

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 07/10/2022

.alvarado_ received his black belt yesterday! Thank you for letting me be apart of this moment and thank you for continuing to guide him. Thank you Mario for all the awesome times through the 13 years we spent together learning the amazing sport of Jiu Jitsu .


Give it another 6 months you’ll see this kid ._.alvarado smashing the juvenile division ! He’s scary to roll with now I can’t imagine what he’s going to be like with his man strength 😳


All Golds today for the kids . That’s a perfect day . Congratulations ._.alvarado
Thank you for providing us with the sickest takedowns and darce chokes . Thank you and for helping coach . Thank you everyone at for preparing all these guys day in and day so we could have this perfect day .

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 07/01/2022

CHAMP CHAMP!!!! won his division and Open class division . He surprised us all in the final with a move he had never attempted in competition and got the submission thanks to his No-Gi coach . Arjuna had 6 fights today winning 3 by submission and 3 by points .

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 07/01/2022

feather weight national champ ! So excited for this monster’s future . Thank you for making him strong and all the people at and for training with him day in and day out to make him great .


What a good time ! Training room was scary today . .


Great first training at . Another one coming up tonight 5pm to 7pm


Another packed 6am . 2445 Athens ave Redding ca . Come train .

50% Off - Kids Promo 06/07/2022

50% Off - Kids Promo

Don’t miss it

50% Off - Kids Promo 50% off of a membership for one month.

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 06/04/2022

It was a blast watching and .tubby show their hard work on the mats yesterday . It’s very bitter sweet only getting on the podium at worlds and not being at the top of it . They didn’t get what they wanted but they worked their ass off for it and I know they will continue to do so until they succeed . You’re both an inspiration.


Rice bros Medford


Great group tonight for our BJJ fundamentals class! Same time, same place tomorrow. Come in and get some 💪

Photos from Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu's post 05/08/2022

You’re awesome .barre you’re my best friend and an amazing mom . Thank you for always being so level headed and caring ! Happy Mother’s Day gorgeous!


$40 dollars before may 21st ,$60 dollars at the door . We will sell out so get in while you can .

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Give it another 6 months you’ll see this kid @marcos._.alvarado smashing the juvenile division ! He’s scary to roll with...
Another packed 6am . 2445 Athens ave Redding ca . Come train .
We aren’t finished yet but we are ready for Monday . The people that came together to make this happen in two days i can...
Their aim got better 😂 and we got two rocks this time . I’m going to save all these rocks for my fish tank . Also if you...
@greg_mmz with that first round arm bar !!! @ricebrosajj_syndicate_ @ajj_syndicate #keepgoing #proudcoach
Story about the worst throw ever thrown . I actually feel bad because this person probably didn’t have a father to play ...
Arm bar from 50/50 . @ajj_syndicate @ricebrosajj_syndicate_ @thearmbarsoapcompany @leao_optics
@christianlongobjj I want be like @renatocanutobjj . This is how it’s going 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ #prayforlongosneck
Works the best with pressure forward . @ajj_syndicate #americanjiujitsusyndicate
Coolest advantage ever scored ? #firemens #takedownsinthegi
Old highlight of grand slam and king of the mats . Missing this more and more everyday . Gotta get some more tournaments...
One of my favorite passing sequences . I used to hate passing as a brown belt now I like to pass more than I like to pla...




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