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Peregrine - Zeagle Express

Shearwater does it again Place your orders at [email protected] Retail $450 Embark On Your Adventures - It's A Big World Let's Explore It The Shearwater Peregrine Is A Dive Computer For Beginner To Expert Divers. Features • Full Color 2.2” LCD Display • Rugged Rubber Bumper • Rated To 120M / 390Ft • Air, Single-Gas Nitrox, And Multi-Gas Nitrox Modes • Simplified...

Aquatic Adventures Of Florida

Ok Lets get Back to Diving 2017. We will be getting a dive schedule published shortly but for now here are some up coming dives for January 2017
14th Saturday Ginnie Springs $30
21st Blue Grotto Day and ** Night Dive ($45 day + Night $25)
22nd Devils Den $38
**28th West Palm Beach (AM, PM and Optional Night) $65 each trip

* *Requires pre-registration, sign up before Jan 18

Interested? Call us at 813-788-6476

Please Explain the Basics! - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI We’re taking you back to the basics in this one. Does your team know all of the gas laws backward and forward? These are a necessity to keeping your team safe and preventing injuries. Tony Pietrantonio, a commercial diver, public safety diver, supervisor, and instructor helps us take a closer look...

Aquatic Adventures Of Florida

Time to get out and Dive> Night Dive in Boynton Beach aboard Loggerhead Charters Date 24 June 6:30 pm for 7 pm departure. $70 two dives (tanks not included). 6 seats available
Dives are a wreck and a reef. Divers must wear facemasks before, between and after the dives. Two dive lights, whistle (surface signalling device), SMD and glow sticks. To make reservation call 813-788-6476

Scientists to explore mysterious Lake Huron sinkholes The billions of years old microbes found in the sinkholes may hold the secret of how Earth went from inhabitable to habitable, sustaining plant and animal life.

Dive Site Silfra in Thingvellir National Park, Iceland - DIVE.IS - Silfra

Anyone Interested? Silfra is a fissure between two continental plates with over 100m visibility underwater. Silfra is Iceland´s most famous dive and snorkel site.

[05/25/20]   Jupitor Dive June 6 Interested 4 spots left 8 am charter. Give us a call 813-788-6476

Diving After COVID-19: What We Know Today Read this before returning to diving after a COVID-19 infection

Straight vs 45 Degree Magnified Viewfinder for Underwater Shooting If you're doing a lot of shooting or going to a particularly amazing dive location, you may be considering a magnified viewfinder. But you may be asking yourself which one to get, or perhaps why you even need one. Here's the lowdown on what a 45 degree or straight magnifying viewfinder can bring to....

Proposed Rule for Sanctuary Expansion | Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Building on more than 30 years of scientific studies, NOAA is issuing a notice of proposed rulemaking to expand Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. The proposal would expand the sanctuary from 56 square miles to 160 square miles to protect additional critical habitat in the Gulf of Mexico...

Disinfecting Scuba Equipment

Watch as DAN's Risk Mitigation Team goes live to teach you the importance of effectively disinfecting your scuba equipment. We'll also discuss ways you can p...

Recreational Dive Equipment is NOT Suitable for Public Safety Diving Missions - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI!__5668 Do you know exactly what gear your team should be using? Do you know the WHY behind the need for public safety divers to use specialized gear? The answers to both of these questions paired with the proper training are the keys to keeping your team safe in the water.

Suunto D5 software updates Update your Suunto D5 software regularly to get the latest features, performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Which Dive Computer Do I Get? - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI!__5650 Are you a new diver looking to purchase your first dive computer? First off, congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of scuba diving. Second, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about buying a dive computer: the different types, what to look for and so much more.

[03/25/20]   Looking for something to do at home? How about taking that scuba course you have always talked about. We have lots of specialties that cab be completed in the safety of your own home. Contact us today to get more information> 813-788-6476 or [email protected].

4 Creative Uses for Backscatter in Underwater Images By Lorenzo Terraneo An underwater photographer has to worry constantly and continuously about avoiding backscatter. It is a very rare opportunity to be lucky enough to dive in clear water, free of suspended particles and far from sandy seabed… Because of that, every time we “fire” a strobe lig...

Suunto EON collection software updates

Suunto Update EON Dive Computers

This update brings some changes to the Suunto Eon Core

Suunto Fused RGBM 2 algorithm update. Suunto has listened to consumer feedback and now the Fused 2 (same as on the Suunto D5) provides better for those wishing to deep air dive and those doing repetitive diving. It is also now allows the dive to select the style of ascent they wish to run; continuous (on a curve) or stepped (10ft stepped stops). Suunto has also removed the 15ft safety stop from long decompression required dives.

Log Book Enhancements. New features added to log views enriching information and how it is presented. Meaning analyzing dives becomes easier showing average depth, CNS and OUT levels as well as personal dive settings. While using the Eon Core with a Suunto Tank Pod it will also show the development of your gas consumption and SAC rate.

Additional Language to the Suunto Eon Core. Traditional Chinese is added to take the total language support to 18.

Full connectivity to the Suunto App. A digital log book that lets you relive and share your best experiences. Connected your Suunto Eon Core to the Suunto App via Bluetooth, allowing all divers to share and explore new depths.

Faster and Easier Way to Update your Suunto Eon Core

Software updates will move forward to being facilitated by SuuntoLink. SuuntoLink is a desktop software available for OS and Windows that keeps your device up to date. Customization continues to be done via DM5. DM5 will also support this update. The link below is for the update: Firmware updates for Suunto EON Core or EON Steel bring new amazing features, performance enhancements and bug fixes to enrich and improve the experience with your dive computer. Update the software regularly for the best experience.

Dive In With Jill Heinerth | Getting Bent | Episode 4

In the final instalment of Dive In, Suunto Ambassador Jill Heinerth discusses her experience of getting ’hit’ with Decompression Sickness (DCS) twenty years ...

DAN | Insurance

Recently you may have heard that some DAN insurance plans are currently unavailable to divers age 70 and over. Unfortunately, this is true. Last year we were notified by the underwriter of our Guardian Plan that the plan would no longer be available to people over age 69. We found this to be unacceptable. Therefore we created new dive accident insurance plans that will be available to all divers, regardless of age.

Here is where things stand today:

In January DAN launched new dive accident insurance plans that provide better coverage with fewer restrictions; among these plans is a new Guardian Plan that is available to people age 70 and over. Today these plans are available in 39 states. For members in the remaining states, except for Washington and Vermont, we offer other dive accident insurance plans that do not have age limitations.
The Guardian Plan is the only dive accident plan currently available in Washington and Vermont, and thus DAN dive accident insurance is currently not available to divers age 70 and over in those two states.
Once DAN’s new dive accident program is approved by the insurance regulators in your state, all divers (including those 70 and over) will be able to choose from three plans: Guardian, Preferred and Master.
In the interim, residents of all states, including Washington and Vermont, can still be DAN members and can still purchase DAN trip and travel insurance, regardless of their age.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will provide updates as more information becomes available.

To learn about the dive accident insurance coverage available in your state, go to or call DAN Member Services at +1 (919) 684-2948, Option 3.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate your patience as we work to make dive accident insurance available to all divers.

The DAN Team Insurance exists to protect us against unpredictable expenses. We insure our cars, our homes, our health and our valuables. Doesn't it make sense to insure yourself against the unexpected while you enjoy your favorite recreational activity?DAN provides access to different insurance plans to meet the...

Dive In With Jill Heinerth | Diving Physiology

Suunto Ambassador, pioneering cave diver, explorer and author Jill Heinerth talks about Diving Physiology in Episode 1 of this four part series. Be better eq...

Aquatic Adventures Of Florida

Lets give a big congrats and a welcome to the scuba lifestyle to our newest divers. Cody, Daniel, Tiffany, Kayla and Derek!

Aquatic Adventures Of Florida

When we service your scuba cylinders and fail them here is why!

Amphos 2.0 - Zeagle Express

BIG SAVINGS! Sherwood's First True Watch Computer Is Sure To Be A Diver's Favorite. The Amphos Is Sherwood's Newest Addition To An Already Strong Lineup Of Dive Computers. Sherwood's First True Watch Computer Is Sure To Be A Diver's Favorite. This Watch Computer Display Is Based On The Intuitive Wisdom3 Format,....

WWII destroyer located by Paul Allen’s research vessel is deepest shipwreck ever discovered The late Paul Allen’s ship-hunting team aboard the Research Vessel Petrel has reached record new depths with its latest discovery. Vulcan Inc. released footage Wednesday of the deepest shipwreck ever…

David Fleetham's Tips on Housing Assembly & Maintenance Ambassador David Fleetham is one of the most published underwater photographers of all time and has shot hundreds of magazine covers with his Ikelite housings. So he knows a thing or two about how to set up his gear and ensure that he comes back with the shot and not a fancy bucket of water. Tune in...

Shearwater NERD 2 for Public Safety Diving: Safety & Efficiency

Shearwater's NERD 2 has been in use with the Renton Fire Department Water Rescue Team in emergency situations. Firefighters Chris and Brandon talk about how ...

“Slow down young fella” — Attitudes in Technical Diving - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI It’s no secret that diving comes with risk. However, we increase that risk when we attempt to move our training forward too soon without practice and patience. It’s hard to be patient with ourselves in the age of social media when we see other advanced divers posting incredible photos of deep wr...

ABC Landline

In the middle of this cow paddock, there's a hidden world. 😮

This world-class sinkhole attracts divers from across the globe. Imagine stumbling on it as you plough your paddock!

Join us every week on Wild Rides, where we explore Landline's most exciting stories. Watch the full series on Youtube: 📱

Charlotte County FL, News

Megalodon Tooth? 🦈 “Okay so yesterday while swimming... well more or less “rolling around in the ocean” (it was too rough to go out far at all) a man within 5 feet of us brought his hand up out of the water..... (remember we were all rolling around cooling off). He said something weird cut me... and he picked this up!!! I said OH MY GOSH that’s a huge sharks tooth. He didn’t know what it was until I said that. Christopher McMickle said you should have kept your mouth shut and let him chunk it back so we could have went after it, but I didn’t. lol I have to say it was meant for this man to find this rarity and since he said he would have never known what it was he let me take it for a few and take pics of it! I was in total awe of this massive thing. I couldn’t imagine this coming at you with any force much less a mouth full of them! Really really reminded me just how big God is and how small we really are. It was razor sharp and super heavy too!!Found at Myrtle Beach SC on 7/22/19!”

📷 Stacey McMickle

Aquatic Adventures Of Florida

In water or Just Slow Air/gas fills: PSI-PCI Articles

I recently received a copy of a note written by a Mike R. who says he knows his physics and therefore knows that using a wet tub when filling cylinders is beneficial. When just looking at physics we can all pretty much agree that heat transfer is far greater in water than in air. Coldwater divers concluded that fact long ago without any physics classes. However, claiming one law of physics justifies placing dive cylinders into typical dive store water tubs during fill as is still done at some air stations, simply isn’t the right thing to do. Fred Calhoun, writing in the Nov/Dec 1988 issue of NAUI NEWS, addressed the dry fill/wet fill issue accurately and in detail. Fred’s article is still distributed by PSI in its publication SCUBA CYLINDER REPRINT FILE. The PSI, Inc. textbook, INSPECTING CYLINDERS also explains how the tub fails to achieve what its promoters desire.

Water tubs often contribute to overfilling. There are a number of laws, industry policies and common sense that relate directly or indirectly to the use of water tubs and must be considered when filling cylinders. For example, it is illegal to overfill cylinders. Chilled water tubs can contribute to overfilled cylinders as can careless operators who think overfilling is alright as the water bath will drop pressure some. The Pressed Steel Tank Co. states “PST can provide no assurance that cylinders which have been subjected to over-pressurization are safe to use”. Further, structural damage during overfill is cumulative and irreversible. Hydro tests have been shown to be unreliable in detecting fatigue damage for overfill; therefore, even those overfilled cylinders which have passed hydro test may suffer a leak or rupture.

Many fill station operators (FSO) don’t know when, by law, a cylinder is full. Each DOT or ICC authorized cylinder must have a legible service pressure marking. A cylinder is full when an accurate gauge shows the marked service pressure at a temperature of 70 degrees F. Many air station gauges are seldom or never tested to assure accuracy. A cylinder filled slowly (as all cylinders should be) in chilled water will actually be overfilled when allowed to come to a higher ambient temperature. It will be difficult to defend an air station with a policy or reputation for overfilling cylinders. It is worth repeating, water tubs often contribute to overfilling.

Reported Water Tub Benefits
Several perceived benefits to using a water bath during fill are offered by tub proponents.

They include (1) cooling allows more air in the cylinder, (2) cooling allows faster fills, (3) the water will absorb the energy of a ruptured cylinder, (4) the tub itself provides explosion protection, and (5) the water bath provides cylinder cleaning.

Relating to benefit numbers one and two above, cylinders, when filled at the industry recommended fill rate of 300-600 psig/min, do not get hot. They may be warm but usually the temperature of the water is too close to the cylinder increase (about 100 to 110 degrees F. maximum) that the exchange rate is slow and low. We don’t want more air in the cylinder than is allowed by law. We don’t want fast fills, beyond the industry standard, if for no other reason, than cylinders will get warm and such practice makes the air station un-defendable.

The whole water tub thing began in the mid 1950’s when we knew very little about cylinders and their care. Steel cylinders got warm during what we now know to be fast fills. We didn’t know about prudent fill rates, and we often ignored the service pressure limit. Cylinders were filled quickly, removed from the water promptly and very little actual in-water temperature reduction took place. Then along came aluminum cylinders with walls nearly ½ inch thick.

The aluminum cylinders didn’t seem to get as warm. That was because although we still filled quickly, the heat generated within the cylinder took much longer to transfer to the outside. The water bath cylinder was removed from the water and sent on its way, long before the fast fill generated heat could be dissipated into the water.

What about the perceived benefit that the water bath will absorb explosive energy? There simply is not enough water between the FSO and the exploding cylinder to have any measurable effect whatsoever unless of course the tub is a nearby swimming pool. But, surely the tub itself will provide protection. Not true when you look at a great many of the water tubs in use today. Plastic garbage cans are used as well as sheet metal buckets of one sort or another. The energy within a full, exploding cylinder is so great, well over one million ft. lbs of potential kinetic energy, that all these containers break up and contribute shrapnel to injury and property damage. Even concrete block barriers usually disintegrate.

Ok, well at least a water bath cleans away harmful salt deposits or other contamination. Once again the facts don’t support this view. Most tubs used in dive stores today and fortunately there are fewer each year, do not regularly have the water changed. Fresh water is often added to make up for that which has evaporated or been spilled out onto the dive store floor but no total exchange. Consequently, contaminates left by one cylinder remain there for the next and the contamination level increases over time to where the following cylinders are bathed in contaminated water. Don’t forget that water puddle on the floor where customers or employees might slip and be injured. OSHA will not treat the store owner kindly.

Water Gets Inside
The greatest concern for water baths when filling cylinders is water entering into the cylinder. With water, metal and the ample oxygen in compressed air, cylinders can be damaged dramatically in a very short time. A study conducted by the University of Rhode Island revealed that under adverse conditions, a steel cylinder with a small amount of salt water (remember the fill tub may contain contaminated water) could be in danger of exploding within as little as 100 days. In a perfect facility, tub water does not enter the cylinder but, in many tubs, water is allowed to enter the valve aperture as well as the fill whip connector. Those water droplets are pushed into the cylinder.

The reader should note that in the above paragraph I referred to a perfect water tub system. A very few do exist, reinforced concrete and steel tubs serving both to hold water and as a blast shield. Cylinders placed into the water cannot drop below the valve aperture, fill whips can’t reach water level. It has a drain that is used often. Of course the fill station should be away from customers. Even this perfect water tub for filling is un-needed, although any true blast protection is a very wise investment. Nowhere else in the gas industry are cylinders routinely filled in a water tub.

High-pressure cylinders should not be filled in water tubs because the perceived benefit, when the laws and industry policies are followed, is negligible. There is real potential for overfilling cylinders, injecting water into the cylinder and developing a false sense of security that the bath somehow protects the FSO. Air station personnel deserve real protection. To that end, they need to be educated, have a safe air station and only fill cylinders that have been inspected by trained visual inspectors and hydrostatic re-qualifiers.

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