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Flat Creek Rods


BWO Spinner
#16 - 4 doz
#18 - 4 doz

BWO Parachute
#16 - 4 doz
#18 - 4 doz

Yellow Humphy
#12 - 4 doz
#14 - 4 doz

Adam para Hivis
#12 - 4 doz
#14 - 4 doz

Adams yellow
#14 - 4 doz

Adams Female
#16 - 4 doz

Elk hair caddis Black
#12 - 4 doz
#14 - 4 doz
#16 - 4 doz

Elk hair caddis olive
#12 - 4 doz
#14 - 4 doz
#16 - 4 doz

Elk hair caddis Brown
#12 - 4 doz
#14 - 4 doz
#16 - 4 doz

Elk hair caddis Tan
#12 - 4 doz
#14 - 4 doz
#16 - 4 doz

Adams irresistible
#14 - 4 doz
#16 - 4 doz

Indicator spinner Trico
#18 - 4 doz
#20 - 4 doz

Pale morning Dun
#14 - 4 doz
#16 - 4 doz
#18 - 4 doz

Parachute brown Haze
#10 - 4 doz
#12 - 4 doz

Sulphur Dun
#16 - 4 doz

Sulphur Spinner
#16 - 4 doz

Foam Tailed Klinkhammer orange
#12 - 4 doz
#14 - 4 doz
#16 - 4 doz

Parachute purple Haze
#12 - 4 doz
#10 - 4 doz

Parachute purple Haze sparkle
#12 - 4 doz
#14 - 4 doz
#16 - 4 doz

Total 164 dozen ready to ship = US$574.00

Shipping $60.00
Total Total $634.00

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WhatsApp 254721206825

Custom Fly Rods Handcrafted fiberglass and graphite fly rods by Ben Casarez.

Operating as usual

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 09/22/2022

A few quick shots of a sweet little 7’6” 4wt graphite rod that’s leaving the shop this week.

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 09/17/2022

We have been fortunate to see some beautiful sunsets over the last few weeks.

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 09/04/2022

Family time in CA!❤️


Got to spend a few hours today with this fine Morgan 3wt and a classic Hardy made SA reel.


Small stream dreams… RGCT, McFarland 3wt, and a Hardy reel.

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 08/22/2022

Another happy customer! Scott finally picked up his classic Sage LL 7114! # sageflyfish


New Mexico sunsets……..


Sunday cork sort

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 07/28/2022

This sweet little 6'6" 3wt Kabuto is shipping out to a new customer in Connecticut! When Chad Wilde reached out to me about building out this Yasuyuki Kabuto blank he wanted a simple build with colors similar to the hemlock trees that line the brooks he fishes in the northeast. The wraps are Gudebrod dark green, gun smoke, and dark brown. A spalted maple insert with Lemke hardware and a Joe Arguello agate round out the build. This was a fun build to plan out and watch come to life! A special shout out to Curtis Bayer for the connection!


Last fall I spread my dad’s ashes on the top of Tres Orejas overlooking Taos and the gorge. Tonight as Aimee and I watch the sunset over Tres Orejas and Cerro Pedernal, I can help but think my dad is watch over us!

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 07/09/2022

Here are a few more shots of this classic Sage LL. This 7'11" 4 weight is a dry fly dream. I've had this blank in my inventory for many years and planned on keeping it. However, one of my long time customers was trying to find a classic LL and we worked out a deal. I'm sad to see this one leave the shop but know it will be going to a good home! The details are as follows: reel seat insert is Texas white oak, snake brand guides, beautiful agate by Joe Arguello, all wrapped in Gudebrod nylon. Thanks for looking!


High country weekend!


Sneak peek at an original Sage LL that will be finished up this weekend!

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 06/21/2022

Beautiful day on the water….

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 06/18/2022

Had the pleasure of delivering this McFarland 4 wt to veteran Sean Green today! Thank you to @awolangler @wes_gonefishing and @terry.wallace.750 for making this happen.

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 06/06/2022

Through a collaboration with AwolAngler, Wes Dyer, and Terry Wallace, this McFarland 7'6" 4 wt is headed to Veteran Sean T. Green! I'm thankful for the community of anglers here in New Mexico and for the chance to partner with Wes and his team at Awol Anglers!

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 05/18/2022

Gotta love when a fresh batch of cork arrives from Portugal!

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 05/05/2022

This unique pair of CTS Quartz 7’6” 7 weight glass rods is headed to Texas. What makes these rods special is that they are one piece! The redfish better watch out! @flyfishinbassman


Plains of San Agustin. Happy Earth Day!

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 04/04/2022

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 04/04/2022

Time to visit an old friend…..


Lovin’ the full flex of this McFarland Classic! @castalineflycharters

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 02/24/2022

Another rod is ready to fish! This beautiful 8’6” 5wt McFarland ‘Classic’ is staying with me. I built this rod as a dedication to my dad who passed away last year. The seat is a shop turned piece of honey mesquite. Pearsall chestnut wraps and a Struble ceramic stripping guide round out this build.

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 02/22/2022

This beautiful NOS Tom Morgan 8’ 4wt is headed to Italy! Red silk, dark nickel hardware, and great agate tie this glass rod together.

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 02/06/2022

Finished up this beautiful 7’6” 4wt Kabuto! Bamboo seat, clear wraps tipped in rose, and a sweet agate to match. My customer is picking it up tomorrow.

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 02/04/2022

Luckily, I have just enough Pearsall’s to wrap this McFarland!

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 01/30/2022

This week’s adventure took us to the top of one of the beautiful mesas in the Jemez valley. 1200’ elevation gain. Had to make a few casts once we got back down! # newmexico @kcwirth


Finally have a nice batch of cork!


Love it when a new build starts to come together. This NOS Morgan 8’ 4wt will be headed to a new customer in Italy!

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 11/05/2021

Just finished this beautiful Fisher Original Graphite 4wt for fly tying master Eli Gonzales. This classic blank was finished out with a shop turned Olive Wood insert, cigar grip, and burgundy wraps. Enjoy!

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 08/24/2021

It’s been a busy summer but I’ve managed to finish up a few rods. This McFarland GTX 7 weight is headed to Texas where @flyfishinbassman will put it to good use chasing reds on the coast! Lemke hardware, Ritz grip, and a Black Pearl Recoil stripper are all wrapped up with some classic Gudebrod maroon. Can’t wait to see this one in action!

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 07/01/2021

This beautiful Winston BIIt 4 wt is headed to Grand Junction, CO. @fishfocusphotography Marble wood insert, agate stripping, all wrapped with Gudebrod dark green thread finish out this classic build.

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 06/24/2021

Two Kaboto’s and a Morgan hike into a stream…..

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 04/17/2021

Another fine rod is headed out the door. This 9’ 6wt Livingston Rod Co blank is made from their unique YS glass. The elk antler reel seat and beautiful Struble ceramic guide add some nice touches to the rod. The wraps are red silk with tan accents. Thanks for looking.

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 04/02/2021

This sweet Epic 888 kit build is headed to a repeat customer in Tennessee. It will be a great rod for some Low Country reds this summer! Clear silk wraps with black tipping.

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 02/25/2021

Here are a few shots of a recently finished 11' 3wt nymphing rod. Features include a bamboo seat, gold wraps tipped in red and black, and a custom fit flor grade grip. It's headed to it's new owner and will hopefully it will catch a few fish this weekend! Kevin Charles Wirth

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 02/21/2021

My customer gave me an entire elk antler to make a reel seat for his upcoming Livingston YS rod. This was a fun project for the afternoon. I plan on making a few more seats from this antler!

Photos from Flat Creek Rods's post 01/26/2021

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for building on Tom Morgan blanks. Perhaps it was Tom's passion to seek perfection in all of his rod designs and builds. Or the simple elegance of the burgundy colored blank. Or how one can get lost in the rhythm of casting, when the goal isn't to catch a fish but to slow down, to become connected to the rod. This blank was purchased in 2014 from Tom. I recall visiting with Tom on the phone about the struggles he was having getting the color just right on his glass blanks. He ask me to be patient as he was confident he would solve the color issue. Sure enough, a few months later, a batch of blanks arrived at my door from Montana. Since then, I've build most of them out for customers but saved a few for special builds. Last year as I worked with Gregg Flores @wheretheriverruns on our video, many of our discussions were around the virtues of glass rods. When Gregg said he'd love to have a glass rod build by Flat Creek Rods, I knew I had the perfect blank for him. This NOS Morgan glass 7' 3wt will be well suited for the small streams of Northern New Mexico. The specifics are as follows: shop turned Texas mesquite reel seat insert with Lemke slide band hardware, Snake Brand lite wire guides wrapped in red silk, and of course a beautiful red-banded agate made by Joe Arguello. The flor-grade grip was turned to fit Gregg's hand. This rod was a joy to build. Enjoy!


If you are looking for that special Christmas gift this year be sure to check out the Available Blanks page: https://www.flatcreekrods.com/available-blanks/. Blanks by Tom Morgan, Kabuto, McFarland, Fisher, Winston, and Sage are ready to be built. We also have a ready to fish Kabuto 8'5wt under the Featured Finished Rods page. Check it out! Contact me when you are ready to order!


This Sage RPL 7 weight is finished and headed to Alaska! Gudebrod brown thread accented with tan give this build a classic look. The olive wood insert joins a Lemke downlocking seat with a small button butt. Thanks for looking!


Another Kabuto is ready to fish! This 8′ 5wt 3 piece translucent Kabuto e-glass features dark Snake Brand guides wrapped in red Fuji Ultra thread and tipped with black silk plus an agate stripping guide from Joe Arguello, The shop turned flame-kissed bamboo reel seat insert and black downlocking Lemke hardware with a button butt finish out the rod. This rod includes an aluminum tube and rod sock. $600 shipped in the US.


In less than 24 hours Where The River Runs will premiere the short film of Flat Creek Rods. Be sure to tune in to see the amazing film work of Gregg Flores!


Where The River Runs Amazing macro photography work!!

Have you ever wondered how your rod guides are attached to your fly rod? During production I got to capture @flatcreekrods wrapping guides onto a glass rod. It was super cool! Notice the precision of the wraps. No overlapping threads. It’s a meticulous and tedious task but obviously needs to be done right to make sure your guides are secure. You’ll get a better feel for this process in our next short film due out September 14 at 5 pm in our you tube channel. Link in bio!


A week from today will be the premiere of the story of Flat Creek Rods! Gregg Flores of @wheretheriverruns showcases his brilliant storytelling and photography skills with footage that captures the why behind Flat Creek Rods. Be sure to follow Gregg’s page and check out his other films! From Gregg’s post- Allow me to introduce you to Ben Casarez. Fly rod builder out of Rio, Rancho New Mexico. Ben owns @flatcreekrods and is the subject of our next short film! Here’s the backstory... A few months ago, I was chatting with @truchacabra about small stream fishing for New Mexico Cutts and the best gear for the job. Toner told me he had been giving a new rod a whirl. A 4 or 5 foot (ish) fly rod made from the top end of a fiberglass rod. When I asked him where he found a rod that short he said his buddy Ben custom-made it for him out of his home shop in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I was intrigued. A fiberglass rod builder based in New Mexico? I wanted to know more. I found Ben on IG and asked if we could chat. After an hour phone call, I found out he’d been building rods since 1997, had fly fished all over the US, and even did some guiding for @thereellifeflyshop in Northern NM for a few years. I asked Ben if he’d be willing to me tell his story and luckily, he was all for it. A week from today, we’ll be premiering Ben’s story on our You Tube channel. I hope you can catch the premiere with us LIVE at 5PM Mountain Time! Link is in our bio. I’ll be sharing more images from production this week and a little behind the scenes content as well! Thanks for tuning in and thank you @flatcreekrods for letting me share your rod building story with the world.


I'm excited to announce a new project I've been working on with Gregg Flores at Where the River Runs. Gregg reached out to me several months ago about telling the story of Flat Creek Rods. We've had a great time putting this all together and have become fast friends through the process. The story will premiere on Sept 14th. Follow Where The River Runs to find the link to the story. I also want to send a special thanks to @take_me_fishing and Vamosapescar for helping make this all possible!

We’ve been hard working on our next outdoor adventure story and I’m excited to announce it will premiere September 14 on our YT channel. Ben Casarez builds fly rods out of his home in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. In this story, you’ll get a glimpse at Ben’s rod-building process and hear him share his rod-building and fishing story. It’s a great one! You’re gonna love it. Click the link in our bio to set a reminder. If you watch the premiere with us, we can chat live throughout it. Can’t wait to share @flatcreekrods story with you all! I also want to offer a very special thank you to @take_me_fishing and @vamosapescar for making this project possible. Please give them a follow and support their work. 🙏🏽


Here are a few shots of some recent builds that have left the shop. First up is a Fisher Original Graphite that is ready for some action up in Alaska. Second is a baitcaster headed to Texas. Enjoy!


Here are a few shots of a Kabuto 8053 I finished and shipped to Virginia last week. A flame-kissed stacked bamboo insert, darkened slide-band seat, Arguello agate, and silk wraps round out this build. My customer liked the look of my last Kabuto build but wanted a thinner grip and a slide band seat. If you are interested in a Kabuto rod for your collection I have a finished rod (8053) and several blanks in various sizes and colors in stock. Thanks for looking!


Finished up another Steffen that just shipped out to a new customer in Virginia. This 8' 4/5 wt was finished in a more traditional style: red silk wraps, simple dark nickel slide band seat with an almond wood insert and dark guides. Enjoy!


#100 is finally finished. This 8' 5 weight brown Kabuto e-glass features Snake Brand guides wrapped in white silk, tipped in red and black. The stunning Arguello agate stripping guide ties in nicely with the red and black tipping. The seat insert is a shop turned flame-kissed stacked bamboo with Garrison style Lemke hardware. Complete with rod sock and aluminum tube. $625 shipped in the US. Thanks for looking!

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Nate getting it done on the Frying Pan!




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