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Is there class today? -Eric
Free to good home. Up to 75 lbs of weight. 3 jump ropes.
Cleveland High School won NM Cross Country State Championships yesterday and I’m proud to say my son Cody did an amazing job (he is first on left)!! Came in 3rd on the team, 16th overall. Thanks to Coach Brant and Coach Joaquin for individual coaching this past summer at EnchantFit! They worked on upper body and core strengthening to help his finishes-it worked! He was the only sophomore on the team, and can’t wait for more conditioning next year pre-season.
Fat Thor & the Hammer
Paul Kohman
Miss you guys! But joined a Crossfit yesterday in Vienna. Nice people. Girl power cleaned 180 this am....so I am a bit intimidated! Haha!
That one time Jaclyn Bogue tried my preworkout and low key was acting like she was on speed! 😂
I really enjoy folding over every time I sneeze. Thanks Enchant FIT CrossFit for reminding us to work on our core!
How’s everyone feeling? 😂🤮
Let’s see what pleasure and pain is announced!
Even though I have shamefully failed the last few WOD’s, may I kindly request to keep them coming? Today’s WOD is also scrumptious!  Lil bit of everything. Happy birthday Oss! SHOVEL
What are crossfit parts of the triathlon? Can you point me to the workouts so that I can train? Thanks!

We provide a positive environment for people to support each other as they become the healthiest & s Agility, Power, Endurance, and Cross Training

Operating as usual


Got athletes?

We offer sports specific training!

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You can do more then you think you can!

You can stop drinking alcohol 7 days a week.

You can stop smoking!

You can run a mile.

You can do a push-up.

You can do a pull-up.

You can lose weight.

You can sleep better.

You can make changes in your life one small step at a time!

We can help you!

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Many times we all say to each other
"let's just move".

Let's just move and when we are done we will all feel better.

Are we motivated everyday? NO

Do you always want to workout? NO

* But we push ourselves, we show up, we move, because in the end we just feel better.

Start moving today!

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On the courts today at the MAC!

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Let me start running so I get fit, so I can do group classes!

I'll train in my garage until I become fit enough to join!

I'm not fit enough!


What you can do is come in, start moving, and then become fit!


Are you willing?


I show up because I can.

We all have choices. We can show up, put the work in and see results.

Many times the excuses, life, feeling tired, colds, kids, jobs, husbands, wife's, family the list goes on is the daily excuse to not make the change.

But we wait to see you. We like when you walk in the door. We encourage you, we notice when your not around.

We help you make life easier.

Make the change today! Start moving your body.


Take the plunge!!


I want to sleep better.

I want to feel strong.

I want to be fit and move my body easier.

I'm scared!

We hear it all the time. But Fear can destroy the possibility of living a better life.

Feel the FEAR and come in anyway.

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Hey group fitness isn't for everyone, but if you've given it a try and didn't like it, maybe it's because you were at the wrong gym!

The standard to open a gym is alarmingly low, and not every gym owner is created equally.

We all have different priorities, and that's ok. But if you've been to one gym, or even one class, you haven't seen the whole picture.

So if you haven't given us a try yet, maybe you should fix that. It just might change your life!

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That moment that you realize you can do anything.

That moment that you feel proud of yourself.

That moment that you feel tired but satisfied.

Come find your moment with us.

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Great Coaches
Great Members

Come join our community. We care about your health and

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It's interesting but I'm scared.

We hear it all the time.

But we all started feeling like this.

We all had our first day.

We all felt like we couldn't do it.

But we all are doing it.

Believe in yourself.

This will change your life.

Trust yourself to check it out.

It's Free to come talk to us to see if it's the right thing for you.

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You make things more complicated then they need to be.

You want to lose weight = You starve myself.

You want to get fit = You start working out three times a day.

You take things to extreme out of desperation. When in reality all you have to do is show up.

We program the workouts.
We make sure you stay safe.

We help you modify.

We help you hit your goals!

We help you with your nutrition.

We take care of you so you see results!

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Exercise is more then a weight loss tool.

It has to be, otherwise the rountine won't last.

If you look at exercise as front line care for your mental health and mood, an opportunity to cultivate discipline and routine, and the best tool for living longer, looking better, moving well AND feeling "healthy", it all of a sudden becomes *much* harder to skip and disengage.

We can help you get back into a routine.

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Stop procrastinating.

Be all in.

Life is never going to get "less busy".
You have to choose to make time for the things that matter most: improving your quality of life.

We're here when you are ready.

Spoiler alert: You're as ready as you'll ever be. Let's take this next step together.

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It can look intimidating, but once your through the door it's where the magic happens.

You become more confident.

You become stronger.

You get your first sit-up or pull-up.

You learn to squat with
a barbell.

It all falls into place and the fears fall away too.

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Goals. We all have goals. No matter what your goals are, our certified coaches can help you achieve what you thought was impossible.

Body recomposition? We can help.
Build more strength? We got you covered there too.

Wanna be faster? Come see us.

Already fit? Let us help you take it to the next level.

Starting from scratch? We all did, and we can guide you!

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You can do more then you think you can!

You can stop drinking alcohol 7 days a week.

You can stop smoking!

You can run a mile.

You can do a push-up

You can do a pull-up

You can lose weight

You can sleep better

You can make changes in your life one small step at a time!

We can help you!

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One of the biggest misconceptions we hear about our gym: it looks intimidating.

Sure, a lot of times when you walk into a class you see athletes lifting heavy weights, cycling through high reps and big sets. It can be intimidating.

But it's not always clang and bang in here. Not everyone is lifting heavy weights.

Each class is about so much more than the heaviest weight a person can lift, deadlift, squat, or throw overhead.
We all start with PVCs. And we all go back to them over and over again. Every class - from your first one to 500th - starts with a coach intentionally leading athletes of all levels through the finer points of each movement, focusing on technique and form first before anything else. We start with the basics and go back to the basics.

We all start from the same place, so come start something new with us!

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We help busy working adults get results.

Our job is to help you move your body well, start eating better, prioritize your sleep and manage your stress.

We don't we scream and yell at our clients to lift more weight and go faster.

We aren't military instructors.

We are professional coaches commited to helping you improve your quality of life.

We get to know you and we meet you where you are each day so you can make progress slowly, steadilly and maintain it for the long haul.

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Let me start running so I get fit, so I can do it. 🚫

I'll train in my garage until I become fit enough to do the classes. 🚫

I'm not fit enough. 🚫


What you can do is come in, start moving, learn, then become fit!

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Work 🗂️
Bills 💵

The demands of life can cause unwanted stesss. APEX is a safe place to unwind, reset, and focus on you.
It's a 1 hour class. We provide the programming, we provide the coaching.

The results will come!
Take one hour to care about yourself!

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🚧 "I have no idea how to even begin."

🚧 "I'm afraid I won't keep up."

🚧 "I'm afraid I will embarrass myself"

🚧 "It seems to hard"

We hear you. We work with you. We set you up for success.

We teach you, we guide you for as long as you need.

Come speak to us. We will discuss your goals. We will make a plan just for you!


🚨🚨Attention Loma Colorado!🚨🚨

Summer is almost over and we're looking forward to the great weather and fun times!

What better way to end the summer than with fun workouts and a great community to share them with? There are better options than your local planet fitness. We'd love to have you in class with us!

The good news is, we offer a free week to make sure you love the environment! And it's simple. Just come in to any class time and get started.

Remember, APEX Fitness values you and wants to help you meet vour professional goals in several ways, including:
🔵Personal Coaching
🔵Great Programming
🔵Supportive Community
🔵Functional Bodybuilding Class
🔵Multiple Class Times A Day

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
We're here to serve you!


Coach Joaquin just finished up a 3 week clinic with the Figure Skaters of Rio Rancho at the MAC!!


Come check out our Mayhem Programming!


New week coming. How are you going to tackle it?


Choose growth!


Come train with us!


Keep the ball rolling this week!


🔑 to reaching your goals!

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APEX Fam crushed it today in honor of Memorial Day!


Come get stronger!


More than just a gym!


No matter what your schedule, our Apex Fitness trainers have a class for you! If you're interested in functional fitness & want a group to grow with, you might just love it here!


5 best ways to minimize damage below!

Let's talk ALCOHOL on this Friday!

1 Don't go over 30-40g of alcohol
2 Stick to drinks with less calories
3 Keep tasty foods out of reach
4 Stop drinking a few hours before bed
5 Minimize dehydration


Here for all your fitness needs! Group classes, personal training, sports specific training!


Some people perform incredible feats of strength and endurance well into their retirement years. The great news is: You don’t have to bench press 300 pounds or run a marathon to show off the benefits of strength training.

NIA-supported researchers have been studying the effects of strength training for more than 40 years and have identified multiple ways it can benefit older adults, including maintaining muscle mass, improving mobility, and increasing the healthy years of life. Learn more below about these findings from NIA-supported researchers, along with their tips for maintaining strength or becoming stronger as we age.

Age-related mobility limitations are a fact of life for many older adults. Studies have shown that about 30% of adults over age 70 have trouble with walking, getting up out of a chair, or climbing stairs. In addition to making everyday tasks difficult, mobility limitations are also linked to higher rates of falls, chronic disease, nursing home admission, and mortality.

A big culprit for losing our physical abilities as we grow older is the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength, which is called sarcopenia.

However, such average decline of strength and power with aging can be substantially slowed down by maintaining an active lifestyle. While there is no way to fully “stop the clock,” it’s possible for many older adults to increase muscle strength with exercise, which can help maintain mobility and independence into later life.

Strength training (also known as resistance training) is different than aerobic exercises such as running, cycling, or walking. Weightlifting, either with machines or free weights, is one type of resistance training. Other types include using medicine balls or resistance bands, or body weight-bearing exercises such as pushups, squats, or yoga. Resistance training requires our muscles to contract to lift a heavy object against the pull of gravity.



Is SORENESS important for GROWTH? Should you get brutally sore every time or does it not matter at all rather you are sore if you are trying to maximize growth? Soreness can provide some insight into how effective your training is!

1. Getting sore in the TARGET MUSCLE is a surefire sign that you effectively managed to target that muscle when training! If you do pulldowns for your back but only your biceps get sore, it's hard to say if you actually did anything effective to your back. And if you never ever get sore in a muscle, you probably aren't giving it its best growth stimulus.

2. Getting SO SORE that you CAN'T RECOVER from that soreness before you train again is almost for sure a sign you are overdoing it in your training and possibly resulting in net muscle loss over time!

3. Effective training generally will impart some level of
SORENESS, but be totally RECOVERED by the time you train

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