Shorei Ryu Karate Studios -NM

Shorei Ryu Karate Studios -NM


Are you open regular schedule this week?
When you reopened im going to sign up
Adrian’s challenge #4
During a 1 on 1 at Veterans Park with our amazing Sensei Dwight Bossong. Thank you
Patrick's horse stance challenge!
Danna's planting challenge.
Diego's planting challenge.
Diego's planting challenge
Planting tomatoes 🍅
Good on Y'All!

Multiple true Okinawan traditional karate classes available to all ages, In person and virtual learning

Operating as usual


What’s happening this week…. Exciting Week!!


3 SIGNS PEOPLE Can't HANDLE Themselves.. Do YOU do This?

Pretty good video. Check it out!


Don’t forget dojo fam!
ALL students are invited to attend both seminar classes next week with me .
Please try and come both days as I will be covering a different subject each time.
I also would love to meet get to know everyone.

Motivational Muse on TikTok 05/04/2023

Motivational Muse on TikTok

Watch. What’s your thoughts?
I agree fully.

Motivational Muse on TikTok Schools are not designed to keep boys engaged and motivated. We must find new ways to educate our children that allow for greater creativity, innovation, and exploration.

Photos from Shorei Ryu Karate Studios -NM's post 05/03/2023

Congratulations to Arya Price and Mikey Chavez for an amazing job at their last karate tournament! Both coming home with first places.
Great job in representing Shorei Ryu Karate Studios. We are super proud of both of you!!


Shorei Ryu Karate Studios recently moved into a new location!
Please see below for details on our new location Grand Open House

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Today we lost one of the greatest Karate legends, Sensei Fumio Demura. (The Real Miyagi). Condolences to the friends and family.
He will be greatly missed.


Don’t forget. Online Pre-registration only.

Register on line if you want to attend. Cost more at the door.


All 5 Shotokan Heian Kata


Letter for Parents.

Photos from Shorei Ryu Karate Studios -NM's post 04/20/2023

Happy Belated Birthday to Sensei Alex Turchick of Shorei Ryu Karate Studios -NM
She has been a blackbelt student and Instructor with Shorei Ryu Since 2019.
Thank you for everything you do Miss Alex. You are essential to the success of our Karate family, and we pray you stay with us for years to come.


Why Boxing Destroyed Karate


Why ALL Karate Styles Are FAKE

Photos from Shorei Ryu Karate Studios -NM's post 04/04/2023

A big congratulations to our Rio Rancho Dragons, as they received their USAMA National Point Champion awards! Well done team! Shihan Jin and Sensei Bossong are extremely proud of all your hard work and efforts. Keep it up!


Ms. Jennifer G. and Kai J. sporting their well earned and deserved hardware. Proof, that karate is not just for kids. These ladies are amazing and dedicated martial artists.

⛩Shorei Ryu BlackBelt Club enjoying the nice day with good hard class ⛩
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⛩Shorei Ryu BlackBelt Club enjoying the nice day with good hard class ⛩
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Flashback from a couple years ago. Out side class enjoying the rio rancho traffic lol

⛩Shorei Ryu BlackBelt Club enjoying the nice day with good hard class ⛩ #riorancho #shoreiryu #shorei #karate #shuri #blackbelt #grandmaster #roberttrias #trias #master #burleywagner #okinawankarate #traditionalkarate #sportkarate #selfdefense #kidskarate #adultkarate #kobudo #chanbara #kata #kumite #pkc #usama #sparring #takedownsparring #tds #miyagi #shoreigoju #goju #shoreigojuryu

Photos from Shorei Ryu Karate Studios - IL's post 03/27/2023

Photos from Shorei Ryu Karate Studios - IL's post


SAVE THE DATE! MEKA is proud to present the 2023 New Mexico State Championships! Join us Saturday, May 6, 2023 at Highland High School in Albuquerque, NM. More details to follow! 🥋👊💪

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2023 Bushido Open.
Sorry for late photos. Way to go team!!
Time to get ready for World Championships!
Good luck to James Schoor as he represents Shorei Ryu Karate Studios -NM and his Sensei, Kim Jin Shihan.
If anyone else is going and competing please contact or see Sensei Dwight Bossong when you arrive in Indianapolis. Good luck all!!!


Your Shorei Ryu Karate New Mexico and Illinois Blackbelts. Over 150 years of experienced combined.

Photos from Shorei Ryu Karate Studios -NM's post 03/22/2023

Best of luck to Shorei Ryu Karate Studios Bradley Dragons, Illinois State Team as we head to USAMA Grand Nationals Indianapolis. Go get ‘em young warriors
Our Illinois state team is as follows:

Forrest Clifford
Ozzy Clifford
EJ Clifford
CJ Bossong
Timoteo Chavez
Xander Christensen
Sunaina Bossong
Sensei Dwight Bossong


Happiest of Birthdays to Shihan Kim Jin today! May you have an amazing day sir!
And to everyone else a Happy Happy St Pattys Day


It’s here again, it’s time to get ready for the big event of the year!

Photos from Shorei Ryu Karate Studios - IL's post 03/13/2023

Congratulations 🎉 to Shorei Ryu Team in illinois

Black Belt Hall of Famer Demura Marks 75 Years in Martial Arts 02/27/2023

Black Belt Hall of Famer Demura Marks 75 Years in Martial Arts

Black Belt Hall of Famer Demura Marks 75 Years in Martial Arts Two-time Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame honoree Fumio Demura marks a rare milestone anniversary this weekend as he celebrates his 75th anniversary in martial arts. The renowned karate and kobudo instructor's Genbu-Kai organization will be honoring his achievement at a banquet in Fullerton, Calif.....

Photos from Shorei Ryu Karate Studios -NM's post 02/21/2023

⛩️Congratulations 🎊 to Xander C. for winning Triple 👑 at USAMA Illinois State Championship “land of the Lincoln classic” in Momence IL.
🥇in Kata, 🥇in Sparring and 🥇in Weapons.⛩️

xo.lexxie on TikTok 02/11/2023

xo.lexxie on TikTok

Tournament flashback! Mr James going hard at Nationals!

xo.lexxie on TikTok I'm posting it all 🥰 no scheduled posting today


10 Japanese Words Everyone Misunderstands in Karate 🇯🇵

Book Your Group/Corporate Rate | Marriott International 02/11/2023

Book Your Group/Corporate Rate | Marriott International

Book Your Group/Corporate Rate | Marriott International Welcome to the Indianapolis Marriott East! We offer complimentary in-room guest Wi-Fi and access to our pool, business center and fitness center. Please note that parking is at a cost of $9 per night. Cancellations must be received at least 72 hours prior to arrival or be subject to a penalty of 1 n...

A Little about the Sensei!!

Here at Shorei Ryu Karate... not only will you learn the Traditional Okinawan art of Shorei Ryu, and Shorei Goju Karate, you or your child will learn discipline, self worth and respect, physical fitness, agility, coordination. Most that continue with a martial art show significant in grades, and behavior and respect to others.

Head Instructor Sensei Dwight Bossong, has been studying Shorei Ryu Karate since 1989.
He is a 5th Degree Blackbelt in both Shorei Ryu and Shorei Goju karate.
Sensei Dwight, is a multiple World Champion in Professional Karate Commission (PKC), United States Association of Martial Artists (USAMA)... Has trained and taught in both Japan and the United States.

Sensei Dwight is also a former U.S. Marine, Ordained Christian Minister, and a licensed foster parent. He is Married to his beautiful wife Sunaina of 6 years. He volunteers in the community often to help unfortunate youth and homeless.

Sensei Dwight is committed in keeping the tradition of Traditional karate alive.
When Grand Master Robert A. Trias first brought karate to the United States in the 1940s, in the form of Shuri Ryu, formerly called Shorei Ryu, and Shorei Goju, tens of thousands of Dojos or Karate schools have saturated every large city in the U.S. That being said so many forms of karate or martial arts have been developed by practitioners who believe that their art is better than another, mixing multiple forms or styles to create that “Ultimate Style”
China and Japan spent hundreds, possibly thousands of years perfecting their art of Karate and Martial Arts by years of practice, and passing down their knowledge to their predecessors... to continue the true Art of Bushido (Way of the Warrior), and Karate (empty Hands)

Sensei Dwight is determined to keep tradition by keeping the Art of Shorei Ryu (shuri-te) alive. Shorei Ryu is translated as the “Style of Inspiration” Shorei Ryu is a very disciplined style that incorporates very low stances, hard punches, hard kicks, and blocks that are dually used as counter strikes or attacks. We also focus on muscle and body conditioning, keeping fit, eating right, and living a Zen way of life.

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2020 4th of July
Sensei "D"s  At home Daily Challenge done.
SRKS First online Zoom Karate Class
Mat Chat With Sensei "D". Going live MONDAY!!
Student of the Year 2019 Diego S. KAZT Channel 32 Spectrum Television Interview
Pre-Skillz 4-6yr old youth Program Now HERE!!!




4131 Barabara Loop SE Unit B1
Rio Rancho, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 4pm - 9pm
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Saturday 12pm - 3pm

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