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Malden-Pine City Gun Club

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A little late on a few of these pictures. But thought I'd share some. We've got my youngest son hanging out with grandpa in between shoots. Then have my oldest who decided to pick up trap shooting this year, out on the line shooting. And recently this weekend my grandpa made a trip over from the Tri-Cities to come shoot a round of wabbles with us! Had 4 generations out on the line tuffing it out through the wind and hail!
Early registration is OPEN!
Was an beautiful day for the last practice shoot. Can't wait to start the league next weekend! Also may have found my new favorite event to be Wobbles! Also Jonathan Sutter the game is still on!
Fun times at Malden-Pine City Gun Club. Kelli Jo not only shot out Daniel (her hubby) but her dad (Mike)too.
ED HAYES shell strikes again. MIKE Melcher Sam Melcher Kathy Hayes Schmick Randy Schmick
With our ATA shoot being this Saturday, we are gathering Saturday morning at 9 am to load houses and spruce things up. Please come and help if you can. 😎
What a great and very fun shoot today. Thank you very much to everybody that had a peice of todays shoot in them. Very well organized and went very smoothly. You have an awesome gun club. Looking forward to the ATA event at the end of the month. God bless you all!

MPCGC is a Spokesman Review and Camas Prairie Trapshooting Association member club located between Malden and Pine City in Whitman County, WA.

Operating as usual

[11/16/20]   Well, it looks like the virus got us again. The Gov has put us on a four week hiatus from indoor gathering. With the colder weather we would be needing to be inside, needless to say. With that being said, the Board has agreed to take a four week break. Our next shooting day will be Sunday, December 20. Hopefully, we can start gearing up for the Winter League, which should start on January 3, 2021.

[10/28/20]   Thanks again to all that supported us Sunday! Your the best!

I just have to share my recipe for dinner last night. I used my “guaranteed win” punch to bring home some chops and bacon. I ended up have to eat four punches. Anyway, check this out.

Brown the four chops, in olive oil of course, and set to the side. Mix one can of cream of mushroom soup and an equal amount of sour cream (light). Add 1/2 pound of sliced fresh mushrooms. Add chops and simmer to desired donness. Serve over wide egg noodles with green beans on the side. This is a food group and new hunting camp recipe! 😉

[10/26/20]   Thanks to all that turned out for our Pork Shoot yesterday. Even though the wind and cold made things a bit tough, we had a great time.

It’s that time for our weekly shooting to move from Tuesday’s to Sunday’s. Having kept a fairly steady schedule for the past six months, ole Don here needs a short break. The club will remain closed until Sunday, November 15th and will open each Sunday at 10:00 through December. In January, we will move to our Winter League schedule, opening at 9 am through the winter league starting on January 3, 2021.

[10/22/20]   Did you know...... avid trapshooters have 25% less stress! Hmmm... But, gun club presidents have 25% more! 🥴

FIVE Days and we will be shooting for meat! It appears it’s gonna be a bit chilly but nice and clear for some great competition. So break out the long underwear and come on down! Breakfast and lunch available and as always, Free Coffee.

[10/05/20]   MARK your calendars!

We will remain open on Tuesdays each week through Oct. 27th. We will move to Sunday’s beginning Nov. 8th, opening at 10 am through December.

Note: We will not be open Sunday Nov. 1st so that we can support the Spangle Meat Shoot.

Also note: Our Meat Shoot is Sunday, Oct. 25th!

So there you have it! Things are going well as we move toward our Winter League in January! 😉

The results are in and our benefit 50/50 shoot brought in over $5,500 for our member and good friend Todd! Wow!

On behalf of our club and Todd I want to thank all those that attended. We had 79 shooters! People were actually having to park on the highway! I hear there used to be shoots that big at our club in years gone by, but that’s the biggest I I have seen since we joined. Thanks go to our club members and those from other clubs that helped and made this such a success. I especially want to thank my wife Nancy for her cashiering efforts. She has been working the last two days straight crunching numbers to ensure everything was correct. We will be sending out checks this morning. 😉

And last, I want to thank Wilber Ellis for catering and Palouse Empire Pest Control for the great donation. We will be sharing half of the food donations with the Malden/Pine City Relief Fund which brought in over $700.

Good Job You All!

Photos from Malden-Pine City Gun Club's post

[09/28/20]   Wow! What an amazing weekend at the Malden/Pine City Gun Club! Here we are, between two very small towns that burnt to the ground three weeks ago, and we are able to hold a trap shoot to give to those that lost so much! I must say, that other than special things that happened with my immediate family, have I had as rewarding experience as happened today! Our trapshooting community rose to the occasion to take care of our own.

I want to thank our club members and the members from other clubs that worked so hard to make it happen. You all are the best! And, thanks to everyone attended and made this an event to remember!

Pictures will be coming.

Now then, heads up! We will be doing our fall meat shoot on October 25th. Stay tuned you all!

Good Morning!
Things are shaping up nicely for our 50/50 shoot on Sunday! Yesterday, as advertised on KXLY, we received masks, for those wanting to wear one, sanitizer, and gloves. All safety precautions to make our shoot a safe and fun event are being taken.

As previously mentioned, this shoot is now a benefit shoot for our good friend and Board member, Todd Deckard who lost his home in the Malden fire. All proceeds will go to help Todd get back on his feet.

In addition to the Sunday event, we would like to invite fellow shooters to join us tomorrow afternoon and evening to dry camp for the night and/or shoot some great white targets under the lights! Shooting will begin at 7pm preceded by a bring your own meat BBQ and a potluck side dish. We will shoot games and whatever anyone wants to shoot. Also, if you feel so inclined, we have the wood splitter out there and you are sure welcome to come out earlier to help put up our wood for the winter and take care of some other chores. 😉

[09/21/20]   Just an update on the club. We are full steam ahead for next Sunday’s 50/50 shoot. There have been some concerns about the road to the club being closed. In a call to the Sheriff’s, and on their road map, the road coming down through Malden is open. I do understand that the grain elevator fire in Pine City is still burning and there may be some closure there. So, an alternative route around Pine City may be in order.

We are still planning on opening the club up Saturday afternoon for those interested in bringing their RV and spending the night. There are no hookups, so it would be dry camping. However, the club house will be open all night to use the restrooms. Looking forward to shooting a few white targets that night.

On another note, we are opening the club this Tuesday at 4:00 for some shooting and loading trap houses for the upcoming shoot. We also have some other chores to take of, so come on down! 😉

[09/11/20]   By unanimous vote of our club members, ALL proceeds from our upcoming 50/50 shoot will go to Todd Deckard, who lost his home in the Malden fire. I cannot express enough how proud I am of our gun club! Our heart goes out to Todd, and Tator too.

With that being said, we look forward to a great shoot and encourage you all to join us.

[09/08/20]   Just got home from the club. There’s something to be said for having gravel all the way around the building. The fire burnt right up to the driveway on the south side of the building, up through the trees to the west but stopped at the parking lot, and through the grain field up to the gulley out in front of the traps on the north side. We dodged a bullet for sure. We drove down to Pine City and the devastation is incredible to say the least.

Please note: we are without power so our work night is cancelled tonight. Also, the club will be closed next Tuesday, Sept. 15th, but will reopen on Tuesday the 22nd, followed by our 50/50 shoot on Sunday, Sept. 27th.

[09/08/20]   Just got word from from my on-seen, trapshooting, son-in-law that the Malden /Pine City Gun club survived! But our hearts go out to those, including one of our own, that were not so lucky. It’s times like this that you really put things into perspective. We can rebuild a gun club, but others have to rebuild a life! In talking with other members, we will put the wagons in a circle, and take care of him, as other clubs have done. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

[09/08/20]   As you may have just heard on the news, fire has come to our area at our club. They just reported that the town of Malden is an 80% loss. One of our members has lost his home. No word on the clubhouse yet. Please keep us in your prayers along with others that have been impacted, particularly the firefighters. 😢

Spokane Gun Club Inc

THIS INFORMATION IS NOT CORRECT. UPDATED INFO TO FOLLOW....Due to COVID 19 restrictions and concerns for the safety of our members and guests, Spokane Gun Club has canceled all competitive shoots for the remainder of 2020. The Club remains open to members and non-members for practice shooting. Looking forward to the new year!

[08/26/20]   Things have been going very well at the club each Tuesday with a nice turnout to shoot including several new shooters. Social distancing protocol has been very well complied with and everyone is having a great time.

Please note: the club will be closed on September 8 & 14 as we prepare for our Fall 50/50 shoot on September 27th, which I will publish next week. With that being said, we are planning a work night at the club on Tuesday September 8th to cut, split, and stack firewood, as well as accomplish some other chores. Please carve that into your schedule.

We look forward to seeing your smiling faces, and work gloves! 🤣

Washington State Trapshooters Assn.

After a lot of discussion and weighing of options it is with deep regret that the W.S.T.A. board of directors has decided it is not in our best interest to hold the 2020 state championships. We are dedicated in our efforts offer a great state shoot program in 2021. This was a very hard decision to make, but with all the uncertainty about what we could do in the state of Washington in regards to crowd size and the logistics involved with moving out of state on short notice this was the only solution viable. 2019 high average teams will be recognized during the 2021 state shoot and as stated before target requirements for 2020 high average team requirements have been dropped to 500 targets per event as it has been hard for many shooters to attain targets. You will have until November 1st to shoot any A.T.A. targets you can to get your 2020 target requirements. Thank you to all of the shooters in Washington for your patience and understanding. Let's make the 2021 target year the best ever.

[07/20/20]   Just another note since there are still some flyers out there. Our ATA registered shoot, scheduled for this Sunday, July 26th, is cancelled! ☹️

[07/18/20]   Well Gang, I’m afraid we have fallen victim to the virus once again. With the new State mandate of restricting gatherings in phase 3 counties to 10 people, we have to cancel our ATA shoot next Sunday, July 26. Several of us have put quite a bit of work into preparing for it, but there are just things that are out of our control. Thank you all for your support and as Grandma Millie used to say, “this too shall pass.” ☹️

[07/15/20]   What a great night at the Club! Lots of friends and Lots of 25s, and perfect weather! As we are gearing up for our registered shoot on the 26th, everyone was pitching in to get the trap houses ready, the targets in order, and even pulling a weed or two. If anyone is looking to go “safely” camping on July 25th, the night before, and shoot some targets, come our way! I think some white targets may in order! 🙃

[07/08/20]   It appears that our club page may have been hacked and an unauthorized political post was made. Should anything of that nature appear on your Facebook, please know that it against our intentions for our page and we are working to keep our page clear of things of that nature.

[07/06/20]   Awesome turn out last week! I am very impressed with how disciplined we are with distancing! No, this is not a paid political announcement! 🤣. We are at it again this Tuesday at 4. Ya’ all (that’s Eastern Oregonian for all of you’in’s) come and get your guns off! Anyone shooting a 25 gets a free cold beverage!

[06/24/20]   Now that we are home...... I just want to say, on behalf of our gun club, how proud I am of Brad Bowman! On Sunday at Orofino, as I’m sure you have seen or heard, Brad posted a 100 straight on his singles and a 99 on his handicap! Being on that squad, I was so excited watching this happen that I didn’t care much about my own score! Obviously (that’s my excuse this time)! I saw Brad get into the “zone” and knew great things were about to happen! Congrats and great shooting Brad!

Just a reminder to our trapshooting friends. We are open on Tuesdays at 4 till done, and comply with social distancing. Look forward to seeing you!

[06/10/20]   Awesome day at the club! Our friends from Spangle showed up and we had a blast (no pun intended). Fletcher and Chatwin, both saying “we haven’t shot in three months,” went straight right out of gate! Damn show-offs! 🤣. Jerry Newman and family, Mike and Connor, did some fine shooting from the porch with Mike giving them a lesson in the end! Good job Mister! It was really good to see our own members Neal, Gene, Ed and Eric McDonald and son and others. People got fooled by the weather thinking it was gonna rain and didn’t come out. Fooled you! It was great! Looking forward to next week!

[06/08/20]   Hey trapshooters, Whitman County is in phase 3 now, so let’s get our butts out tomorrow afternoon and shoot some clay targets! We open the club at 4 and shoot till our shells are gone! Also, anyone on my squad that gets a better score than I do, gets a soft drink on me! We are still $4/round and youth shoot for $3. And, if that’s not enough, you get to see ME! 🥴

Please note: we practice social distancing. 😉

Malden-Pine City Gun Club

WANNA GET AWAY! The Malden/Pine City Gun Club is alive and well! Just a short 35 minute drive south of Spokane through the beautiful Palouse. The club is located half way between Malden and Pine City, eight miles southwest of Rosalia. We have moved to our summer schedule which is Tuesdays from 4:00 until done. New shooters and visitors can shoot at club member prices through the remainder of this year which are $4.00/round and youth are $3.00. We are shooting singles, handicap, wobbles, and doubles.

President’s Challenge! Anyone shooting on my squad and gets a higher score than I do, I will buy them a soft drink!

Please note! We follow social distancing practices. Sorry, no group hugs. 😎

[05/14/20]   WANNA GET AWAY! The Malden/Pine City Gun Club is alive and well! Just a short 35 minute drive south of Spokane through the beautiful Palouse. The club is located half way between Malden and Pine City, eight miles southwest of Rosalia. We have moved to our summer schedule which is Tuesdays from 4:00 until done. New shooters and visitors can shoot at club member prices through the remainder of this year which are $4.00/round and youth are $3.00. We are shooting singles, handicap, wobbles, and doubles.

President’s Challenge! Anyone shooting on my squad and gets a higher score than I do, I will buy them a soft drink!

Please note! We follow social distancing practices. Sorry, no group hugs. 😎

Here is something to smile about!

Don't miss this one!

[04/14/20]   Good Morning Ya’ll! I trust everyone is hanging in there and getting trough this crazy time. It’s been a great opportunity to get things done that I have been putting off. Shopping from home has gone well and we have gotten to know our FedEx and UPS drivers well! 🤣.

It sounds like there is a Glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. As they look at ways to ease back to some into normalcy, I have a feeling that one of the less invasive things that could be done with great impact would be to lighten up on some recreational activities like golf, hunting, fishing, and yes, even trapshooting. With that being said, I have been working on ideas to help us stay safe, yet enjoy our sport should that happen. With the warmer weather we should do as much as we can outside of the clubhouse like squading, buying tickets and using ice chests for our beverages. We will need to hold a club meeting at the earliest opportunity, which also can be done outside. When we get the green light, I see us starting on a Sunday followed by going to our Tuesday summer schedule.

These are just some thoughts I have had and I ask all of you to give me your input and let’s have a plan ready to get back into our sport. Thanks for your help. 👍

[03/23/20]   Hey there fellow club members! I do hope you are dealing with life these days and are staying healthy. We are suffering from severe sports withdrawals and are in the early stages of LOTS (lack of trap shooting)! I did get some 22 shooting in at the cabin this weekend and that helped a little, but not quite the same without your smiling faces. When we break out of this we need to have some kind of welcome back shoot and get caught up. Again, I do hope you all are doing well and finding positive ways to cope with LOTS. 😉

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