Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness

Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness


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On the cover: Alfredo Segura, Jr., CEO & Superintendent - New Frontiers Public Schools.

In this issue:

Fin Addict Angler Foundation
Southside's Got Talent
Little Comic
Magik Theatre
Folklores Coffee House- South
Southside Veteran Frank Vasquez
Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness
Michelada Match Winner Bonnie Robles
Master Mixologist Haran Hernandez
The Orlando Cardenas
Entrepreneur Vanessa Morales by Que Retro Arts
Selena's Leather Jacket by Tejano Nation
San Antonio hosted the 1st L'Étape San Antonio by Tour de France by San Antonio Lady Riders (SALR) 🚴🏽‍♀️🚴🏽‍♀️💕
Bean & Chisme by Ana Banda
Celebrate National Salsa Month with Chilé Güey!
National Small Business Week Highlights:
Pup-a-licious Treats
Thoughtful Snacks
Missy Sue & Co. LLC
BoomerHumor Podcast
Texas Vista Medical Center
Conviva Care Center
City Council District 3
San Antonio District 4 Councilwoman Adriana Rocha Garcia, PhD
National Teacher's Appreciation week highlights from:
Harlandale ISD Family
Southside ISD
Southwest ISD
Texas Top Prospects
East Central ISD High School wins Top Portfolio at BexarFest Media Festival
Kid's Korner Writers
Author Millie R. Diaz
Northwest Florida

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My first time working out with Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness and I absolutely loved it!
Morning breeze was perfect and her workouts burn so good! 💪👏👏👏👏

Owner of San Antonios 1st woman owned Mobile Gym & Fitness
Pysique Strength Trainer
on Location, co

Operating as usual


About 20 ish grams of protein

This is my I don't wanna eat but I gotta in the morning go to.


Why is it smart to ditch the scale?

It's not always about how the weight you lose.

Scales can't measure the inches you're losing!
The work you're putting in!
The muscles your building!

If you're working out consistently and learning how to eat, figuring out what your bodies need to reach those goals, don't get stuck stepping on those scales everyday or every week.

Stepping on those scales can lead to unhealthy habits.

Skipping meals

Over training

Losing motivation and can be discouraging.

So reminder

Keep going!

Stay consistent
Dont eat like sh*t 🥰


Vendors wanted for upcoming event!

Message me!



They use it to lift each other up...

Photos from Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness's post 01/23/2023

Monday shout out to lisa!

She's been hitting it hard coming to Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness 5am classes twice a week since September!

So proud of her on continuing her journey and building a sustainable lifestyle.

Of course she also is active outside of Bodybysasha classes.

She loves her zumba, morning walks.

This is your reminder to keep going, don't give up and lastly don't eat like sh*t ❤

Be patient and work for it ❤

Great job Lisa Kings


Mix it up!

Come out have some fun w us at 5am 😝

First class free!


You won't be disappointed! Head out and grab a pizza! Or protein shake!
If you're looking for low carb deliciousness!

You won't regret it!

Located on the Southside!


Anyone else? 🤣
I felt this one

Photos from Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness's post 01/20/2023

How workout out started
How it ended


Love my home gym
1 hr and 40 mins later, damn time flies when ur having a blast.


Bring your kid to work day.



Thank you Total Low Carbs Creations, LLC. For having me on tonight, always a bit nervous w these kinds of things haha but I had a great time!

If you all haven't checked them out!

What are you waiting for!?


Kangoo Jump W Tiffany! Brooster's Backyard Icehouse

Check out her classes!


Ripe bananas or green bananas?

Green bananas have a high amount of dietary fibers and resistant starch, which aid digestion, keep us full for a long time, and help in weight management. They are also beneficial in various stomach ailments, such as gastric ulcers, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and bacterial infection of the digestive tract, according to

Green vs yellow

Underripe bananas are a great source of prebiotics for gut health and FODMAP friendly, while overripe ones contain the highest sugar and lowest fibre content but are rich in potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Fibre, according to sports dietitian Ryan Pinto.

Keep in mind Green bananas don't taste as sweet and are a bit bitter.

Which do you prefer?

What does FODMAP meaning?
fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols
What is FODMAP? FODMAP stands for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols, which are short-chain carbohydrates (sugars) that the small intestine absorbs poorly. Some people experience digestive distress after eating them. Symptoms include: Cramping, according yo


👇 I believe in you!


Fun fact: I ran a 5k that was measured wrong I'm sure, after I got medal I continued running till I got my 3.1 miles 🤣🤣


YOGA W Yoga Liz


Yoga with Weights. It’s fun, empowering, strength building, challenging and starts in a few hours!!

Monday 7:30 pm


A few calendars left!

Pick yours up!

*Message for availability*




I have to get in 7 to 8hrs 🤣

Photos from Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness's post 01/16/2023

So proud of Cindy Kings and Lisa Kings

Cindy was a bit nervous for Southside Fitness Fun

But She did it!!

Sometimes we just need a push!

But the rest is you!

Thank you ladies for always being encouraging and motivating.

Photos from Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness's post 01/15/2023

Southside Fitness Fun Brought to you by Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness at Brooster's Backyard Icehouse

What a great Fitness event!

I want to thank all of our instructors and vendors for taking the time to share their love of fitness w the community!

Keep a look out for the next one Feb 18, 2023!

Keep those New Year's Resolutions, stick to those goals!

Have some fun w us!

Vendors wanted message me for details!

Thank you Live From The Southside Gloria Colunga Zin Gloria Yoga Liz Maria De Los Reyes Cindy Kings Lisa Kings @ Mallory w Morph.thelabel Major Muscle
Tiffany Tavares




I need atleast 8 hrs not only for muscle recovery but also for my sanity 🤣




Pretty much!


You are A lot more than you give yourself credit for! 💕



Don't forget to mark your calendars! 01-14-23


Southside Fitness Fun SCHEDULE is out!

Excited to have a few of the many amazing and motivated women instructors out here doing what they love!

Yoga Liz Zin Gloria

You Don't want to miss out!

12 TO 4PM

Brooster's Backyard Icehouse
815 Pleasanton Rd


Hip Dips- this means your hip bone is located higher than your femur, which causes your muscle and fat to curve inwards, according to women's health.

Caused by genetics and the shape of your pelivs

So no you can't work them out, sorry ladies.

We can't change our bone structure.

Incase you need the reminder:

Hip Dips are normal!

Photos from Body by Sasha Mobile Gym & Fitness's post 01/08/2023

Upcoming event 01-14-2022

Vendors wanted! No vendor fee!

*Fitness and Wellness related*

Message me!




Mhmmm 🤣


Don't forget to mark your calendars! 01-14-23


Southside Fitness Fun SCHEDULE is out!

Excited to have a few of the many amazing and motivated women instructors out here doing what they love!

Yoga Liz Zin Gloria

You Don't want to miss out!

12 TO 4PM

Brooster's Backyard Icehouse
815 Pleasanton Rd


*insert tags*



No classes this week

Feeling under the weather.

See everyone next week!

Stay active!

Get up and moving!!

And for those who are sick as well

Don't beat yourself. Get back on it when you are feeling better!

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Smith Machine and your leg work out.  Make sure to have proper form, watch that lower back. Feet should be in front of y...
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Attention!Time and park change for tomorrow's class. Sunday! This Sunday 8am @Arnold Park
leg day, no weights. #bodyweightworkout
First 530am morning class, good job ladies.Show up Put in the work Put in the time for those results. 💪🏽
Taking it to my local park. @The Greenline No equipment? No problem! Get it done! No excuses. #fitnessmotivation #motiva...



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