Lake House Martial Art School of Self-Defense & Personal Safety

The Lake House curriculum focuses on the meaningful traditions of the authentic martial arts. It includes technical skills, self-defense, forms, etiquette, courtesy and character development.

We are a comprehensive school of Korean (Tang Soo Do) Karate. We are the "Exception in Education, Experience & Excellence!" Aside from the required martial art skills, we place strong emphasis, and high expectations, on the character, moral and ethical development of each student insofar as it applies to their training.

Mission: At the Lake House we emphasize personal achievement, academic excellence, character development, discipline and self defense over external forms of sport and competition. Students are provided with individual and group learning experiences by a professional and courteous staff with many years of experience. We take great pride in our long standing reputation for quality, honesty and safety in all of our classes.

Operating as usual

Our adult 1ST Class warms up with tossing the heavy medicine ball around among the attending members. In spite of the pandemic, our students and staff make the best of any inconveniences of having to wear masks and observing safe distancing.

Starting NOV 3RD, we will be holding our weekly classes on TUESDAY and THURSDAY Evenings, starting at 6:30PM - The school will be OPEN at 6PM for those who would like to arrive early.

"Thanks" our Black Belts, Noah Felts, Emily Coss, Matthew Rivera, Jessica Sjolander and Bea Valadez, we can provide assistance to our Master Instructors in ways that help and benefit everyone.

We are reminding all of our members that starting today, NOV 3RD, we will be holding our weekly classes on TUESDAY and THURSDAY Evenings, starting at 6:30PM - The school will be OPEN at 6PM for those who would like to arrive early.

We would like to recognize our Black Belts, Noah Felts, Emily Coss, Matthew Rivera, Jessica Sjolander and Bea Valadez, who make themselves available to assist our Master Instructors.

We know that animals are prevalent in Tang Soo Do, and Master Becker often discusses our ability to learn from nature. Another of my passions is dock diving, and two of my Labrador Retrievers jumped in the North America Diving Dogs - Gulf Coast Regional Dock Diving Championships in GA last week. Rusty took 2nd place in the “Elite” division, and River took 6th place in the “Master” division and I found myself reflecting upon what I could learn from them, and how it correlates with the martial arts.

It was clear that neither dog cared about the finish, they simply love the game - any subsequent “ranking” is simply irrelevant to them. Neither dog was disappointed that they didn’t “win” the championship, there was no crying, no negative feelings about themselves... just a whole lot of fun. Much like martial artists, both dogs put in many hours of training to be the best they can be, but even though I enter them in “competitions”, they don’t compare themselves to others.

This made me reflect on our belt testing, and our training in general. We may test with many other people, but at the end of the day we are all just striving to do what we love to do, to the best of our abilities. Master Becker often refers to this as “competing against ourselves”.

I think that we can learn much from dock diving dogs, we’d all do well to remember that in life, it’s the “process” that leads to success. The arbitrary ranking that people assign and judge themselves and others by is simply irrelevant... and... when you’re focused, it shows!
-Master Souza

We have previously announced that our schedule of classes will be changing next month. In orders to avoid any confusion, al our members need to know this last week of OCTOBER the classes will continue to be on TUE, WED & THR.

Senior Master Instructor Joe Souza will have class this WED as he has in the past months. Members are asked to Please CALL or TEXT us regarding their intentions to attend, or miss, any of these weekly classes.

More information regarding next week's schedule will be posted.

"Thank You"

We have announce that beginning in November our weekly will held on TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS. The Wednesday evening class will be cancelled in order to condense our instructional resources and provide more training time for those interested in a longer class. The TUE & THR evening classes will start at 6:30PM and end at 7:50PM. Members needing to leave early are welcome to do so. The school doors will be opened at 6PM on these days.

We will still be requiring masks and other means of keeping our students and staff safe as required by the CDC Guidelines.

We are proud to announce the publication of a new book, by one of our former Master Instructors. This cover picture best describes the purpose and content of his book. Joan and I received a courtesy copy and found the book interesting, informative and inspirational.

We have been told that it is available at Amazon at a reasonable price. We encourage anyone interesting in reading something thoughtful and insightful about, not only the martial arts, but everyday purposeful living.

Congratulations to Joe Cimador for all his efforts in writing and publishing this text.


We will be announcing schedule changes in our classes this week and next. We urge any members who have not be in for practice to show up and be informed. Some classes will be eliminated and others expanded.

This information will be presented before and after each class until the end of October. The new schedule will begin Tuesday, November 3RD.

Our regularly scheduled classes are on TUE, WED & THR Evenings. At the present time our members select certain dates and times that is convenient for them to attend classes. We accommodate guests and visitors in all classes and ask that they contact us at 352-424-1423 by calling or texting for additional information.

Our classes continue with all of the safeguards we can apply to keep our students involved in classes that are interesting, practical and provide longterm benefits.

We encourage visitors to come in, observe and or participate in our program. Provisions are made to help everyone feel welcome and informed about our curriculum that includes classes for children, adolescents and adults.

All our pictures are recent, and show that our active staff and students are enthusiastic about continuing their martial art practices.

We ask our members to call or text [ 352-424-1423 ] to schedule classes, request a change, or notify us if they can not attend at a particular date and time.

We are enrolling new members. Interested individuals are invited to come in, inspect our facilities, meet our instructors, and watch or participate in available classes.

"Thanks" to our Master Instructors, who make themselves available to all of our students, by sharing instructional assignments, and creatively using our space and equipment, we have successfully provide good, quality classes during the extent of this pandemic.

As time goes by, we have discovered new and practical ways to add more of the traditional elements of martial art teaching that allows our students to continues the development of their individual and team skills.

We routinely separate the younger children from the adults during our classes unless there are lessons in self-defense that they need to experience with older members.

In these pictures we have adults, training with masks and trying to keep as much social distancing as needed to keep everyone safe and healthy. We clean all our equipment, facilities, and provide hand sanitizer, during and after any lesson where students might have had any close or remote contact.

Since the beginning of reopening our school in July, and having to implement the CDC requirements for the safety and health of our members during this pandemic, we have introduced new and innovative teaching techniques.

This small selection of 4 recent class pictures represents only a few of our students and staff engaging in the lessons of karate insofar as they relate to practical self-defense. We will be posting more, similar but different, pictures of the people who attend our classes and support our school.

We want our Tang Soo Do students to know and understand, that if they aren't willing to stand up for, and defend others, then the karate skills and strength they've acquired, mean nothing.

Our senior staff and assistants line up in the front row just before formal practice begins. Each Master Instructor, and all Black Belts, will receive instructions and directions for the particular class. We try to provide quality individual, and small group, lessons during every training event.

All this is made more difficult due the necessary requirements we have regarding the use of masks, and keeping reasonably safe distances between staff and students. However, we know the karate practice has never been easy or convenient, so we continue to make the required efforts.

Even our youngest Back Belts, take time and make the unselfish effort to help new, less experienced, students learn and apply the basics of fundamental techniques.

Here, 1ST Degree Black Belt, Emily Coss, spends a practice session with a newer member who's trying to learn the correct ways to punch and kick, and if done wrong, could potentially hurt and injure a novice.

This recent picture of three of our Black Belt Assistant Instructors, all wearing masks like modern Ninja's, shows a dynamic energy that makes the authentic practice of karate so compelling for individuals interested in athleticism, action and technical effectiveness. These elements connote a desire to excel and be proficient in Tang Soo Do and Self-Defense.

Here, L>R are: Emily Coss, Tyler Porter and Bea Valadez, each making us all proud of their skills and potential.

Our weekly classes are continuing as scheduled. We still require our members to let us know which, and how many, classes they are interested in attending, or when they might not be able to be there. This helps us accommodate all of our staff and students.

Please CALL or TEXT -> 352-424-1423 and Master Instructor Joan, our Coordinator for Student Affairs, will help with any new appointments or changes. THANK YOU!

One of our very talented Tang Soo Do students, Kayla Mys, was recently recognized at the Senior Night Ceremonies for Wesley Chapel High School in Pasco County. School Officials acknowledged her skills and contributions throughout the 4 years she was a member of the Volleyball Team.

We also learned she was accepted to the University of Central Florida and Florida Southern University! We believe that the kinds of commitments she's made to her school, team, and the practice of karate, will serve her well, long into her very promising future. "CONGRATULATIONS" Kayla!
We are so very proud of you!

All of our students and staff know that practicing Tang Soo Do with the current pandemic restrictions isn't easy. Yet we know that those who do, have the "real stuff" that make them true martial artists. No one ever said, Karate is easy!

If any member is unable to attend this class, or would like to know if there are any openings, Please CALL or TEXT: 352-424-1423
"Thank You"

Mrs. Bea Valadez, who passed her Black Belt Test months earlier, after joining our school in 2014 "just to learn some Self-Defense," is now one of our most dependable Assistant Instructors.

Bea very rarely misses class, and always contributes to the dynamics of whatever the Class Instructor is providing for our members. What all of our Master Instructors say, is that Bea might look harmless enough, when not in uniform, but if anyone is capable of defending herself it is Bea.

Every serious Tang Soo Do student knows that they can be only as strong as their foundations in the Martial Arts. The best way to make good, and improve, that kind of strength is by constant, regular and disciplined practice.

Master Souza will be assisted by 2ND Dan Tyler Porter, and backed up by Master Instructor Sharon LeCroy. Any student not able to attend this class is asked to CALL or TEXT: 352-424-1423 in advance. THANK YOU!

One of our very talented new Black Belts, Matthew Rivera, demonstrates a double front jump kick for one of our junior students. Another Assistant Instructor, Emily Coss, observes the lesson. They frequently "team teach" for our younger members.

We are very proud of these young and enthusiastic Black Belts who have made extraordinary efforts to achieve and maintain their Dan Ranks.

Photos from Lake House Martial Art School of Self-Defense & Personal Safety's post

Our Staff of Master Instructors and Faculty of Assistant Black Belts, recently recommended the testing and promotion of this junior student after the exceptional efforts and progress she's made in learning Tang Soo Do. We accidentally overlooked publishing this picture showing her receiving the Certificate for Brown Belt last month, making her new Rank official.

We would like to note [aside from not posting the names of our junior students] that this young student takes extraordinary responsibility and sets above average example of good behavior, so much so, that we frequently ask her to help with new members within her age range.

Consequently, like all of her junior classmates, we celebrate her achievements and will continue to encourage her during these times of uncomfortable and inconvenient karate practices of having to wear masks and be socially distant.

We recently presented one of our younger students with his 1ST Tang Soo Do Certificate from our school. This amazing young boy has continuously made persistent efforts to learn and understand the basic techniques of karate. Although we previously posted pictures of him receiving his Orange Belt, it is the Certificate of Rank that makes his promotion official.

NOTE: we do not publish the names of children in our school for privacy purposes.

We hope all of our members found creative ways to enjoy and relax during the Labor Day Holiday. A reminder that we will be continuing our regular weekly practice and classes according to our advertised schedule. Any student needing information or having to change the appointments they've made for their training, PLEASE CALL or TEXT: 352-424-1423

At our school we have had to make teaching and curriculum changes that adhere to the CDC Guidelines during the current coronavirus pandemic. This means we require face masks, social distancing and routine deep cleaning of the school and our training equipment.

In this recent picture we have modified some of our teaching to help our students get physical contact with objects that help them experience the effects of blocking, punching and kicking, by using these soft coverings on our hard wood training devises.

Reminding all those who signed up or our WEDNESDAY 7PM Class, that Senior Master Instructor Joe Souza will be conducting the lesson, with the help of 2ND Dan Black Belt, Assistant Instructor, Tyler Porter.

In addition to all of the safety and CDC recommendations we have implemented at the school, Master Souza recently installed UV Lighting in both of our Air-Conditioning Units.

It is our hope and request that all of our members, and any visitors, observe the guidelines of wearing masks and keeping appropriate social distancing. THANK YOU!

Senior Master Joe Souza will be conducting his regular WEDNESDAY Evening Class starting at 7PM. All members who made appointments for this Date & Time are reminded to attend, and support, the school and the unselfish efforts of our instructors who make themselves available for these lessons.

Thank You!

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