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Horsebound San Diego is a horsemanship program with western based lessons for ages 7 years and up.


Hello all horsebound friends and family! Unfortunately we are going to have to cancel the upcoming photo shoot with Santa event. I truly regret to say I just can't do it, I've had a lot of things personally going on in my life which is stopping me from being able to hold this event this year. I hate to admit I just can't. Next year's a whole other ball game. I'm wishing you all the most wonderful holidays!


It's that time again! SAVE THE DATE FOR SANTA! We're just getting a jump on our holiday spirit, please save the date for us! More information will be available closer to the date!


Come one come all! Join the Halloween fun and festivities! We are bringing back a Canyonside tradition that has been long awaited, our Canyonside Halloween fun show. All ages and disciplines are welcome!



This sweet dog needs a foster to stay alive. More pics and video in the comments. If you can help, please let me know and I can put you in touch with the family that saved him the first time.

From a friend of a friend:

This is a longshot, but I am desperate, so I’m reaching out to you .
In 2017Jacob saw a dog on PCH. He opened the door to check the dogs collar for identification. The dog jumped in Jacobs car.
He had no id… no chip. Since we had a household of dogs…We vaccinated him, microchipped him and kept him in boarding for two weeks while looking for his family and/or rescue.
His family saw our posted signs and he was reunited.
A week ago, the Bakersfield shelter called me, since he was microchipped to us. They said he was left tied to a park bench with a sign “Taz is a good dog. Please help him.”
I’m devesated writing this .. Taz is now a senior pitbull in an overcapacity high kill shelter. He’s shutting down with depression.
He’s about 10 years old, sweet as pie, raised with a kid.
I’ve reached out to every rescue I can think of and finally Frosted Faces in San Diego. Got back to me this morning.
The director, Kelly Smisek said, “her kennels were full but she would pay for medical care and post on Her website (exclusively for senior dogs) to find him a home…. If I found a foster.
Lori — could you foster Taz?
The shelter, Bakersfield SPCA just sent me current photo. This is all I have to network him. They are overcapacity and I fear he will not make it out of the shelter alive.
He is a trained, sweet, amazing dog. I had him microchipped to me when we found him before - and now I’m trying desperately to help him again.
Current photo/ video to follow and photos from eight years ago when we first rescued him.
He’s amazing dog♥️
Please let me know if you can help .


Enough said.. We are drawn to these amazing animals for a reason.


We have All been there done that!
Let's share some of your "BEST" equine attire stories, or well malfunctions!


(Cell phone lights gave the inspiration for a camp fire)

Students and equine friends alike are getting excited about summer camp sign ups!

AMY HOLMAN will be accepting sign ups in MARCH for ADULT camps, advanced camps and intermediate as well as beginner camps. Please contact her via phone 760-877-4768 or [email protected] for more information.

JO DAVIS is CURRENTLY taking sign ups. Please contact her directly at [email protected] for more information

Check out my list on Amazon 02/27/2023

There have been a lot of people asking about the opportunity to donate money and/or items to the ranch, yet not knowing what is truly needed.
So, there has been a Wish List compiled on Amazon.
The list is made up of tools that the ranch could so desperately use moving forward.
A new Ryobi w**d whacker was donated today, so we are going to stick with the Ryobi brand power tools to keep the batteries and chargers all interchangeable.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
*For Amazon Wish List, tap below:

Check out my list on Amazon


There have been a lot of people asking about the opportunity to donate money and/or items to the ranch, yet not knowing what is truly needed.
So, there has been a Wish List compiled on Amazon.
The list is made up of tools that the ranch could so desperately use moving forward.
A new Ryobi w**d whacker was donated today, so we are going to stick with the Ryobi brand power tools to keep the batteries and chargers all interchangeable.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
🤗See profile for Amazon Link🤗

Photos from Horsebound San Diego's post 02/27/2023

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much."

-Helen Keller

Laughter, fun, and the true feeling of community have exploded at Canyonside.
In just a few short days, thanks to so many wonderful souls, Canyonside has been getting a well needed and deserved makeover. The box stalls are now safely up and properly installed, new isolation stalls are erected, grounds are getting cleaned up, including w**ding/junk removal, and so much more.
The Sun Shines on our happy place once more! We weathered the storm, and now the regrowth is indescribable!

Move over Bob the Builder....We got this!

Photos from Horsebound San Diego's post 02/03/2023

“On Feb 2 San Diego DA issued a cease and desist letter to the attorney representing the Osborne brothers”
Update on the Channel 8 News article.


"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."
-Dylan Thomas

From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank every single soul that has shown support for this cause. It is so heartwarming to see how much a community can band together, how much support and love can be shown in such times of Chaos. To every single person that was able to come today and to the people that tried, you are my heroes. Thank you I don't know what else to say but truly thank you. You have shown that there is hope. I know there were so many that wanted to come and were not able please know without all of your support this would not have been able to come to pass. You are the rocks by which this foundation of change has been layed. We still have a road ahead of us but we are CANYONSIDE STRONG! This family will not break.

Photos from Horsebound San Diego's post 01/31/2023

The Good News: As of this evening, the lights are back on.
THE BAD NEWS: The destruction and dismantling of the Canyonside property and horse stalls continued in the rain today.
(See pics)
Robert and Brandon Osborne have stated to most of the Canyonside Ranch boarders that they are tearing Canyonside Ranch to the ground.
They stated that they are tearing down ALL horse stalls and that they will be taking ALL stall panels with them when they leave.
FYI: NONE OF IT belongs to them.
There are signed documents from the previous lessees of the Canyonside property.
These documents state that all of the stall panels were donated in good faith to the City of San Diego when they, the previous lessees, left the property in 2017.
The previous lessees had purchased everything and wanted it all to stay at the Canyonside property for as long as it continued to be an equine boarding facility leased out by the City of San Diego.

Photos from Horsebound San Diego's post 01/30/2023

Day 4 - Still NO LIGHTS at Canyonside Ranch.
Last night marked day 4 with no lights on the City of San Diego owned property.
Community children having to forfeit their scheduled evening riding lessons.
Boarders that pay for the services, not able to safely visit the property to care for and/or exercise their horses.
The current lessee - Robert and Brandon Osborne - received a 30 day notice from the City of San Diego to vacate the property. Two days later, the lights were shut off and the breaker box was locked.


Thank you to Heidi Farst and all involved

Photos from Horsebound San Diego's post 01/27/2023

Dear Horsebound Family,

I am sorry to report this, but I have to inform you of certain events happening due to outgoing ranch management, Rob and Brandon Osborne. Due to their poor management of the ranch, they are being evicted.  Many of you may seen the post at the barn claiming it is being closed. THIS IS FALSE IMFORMATION SPREAD BY THE OSBORNES. With their eviction, they have become petty and hateful. In a last ditch effort to ruin the barn for boarders and the lesson program, they have turned off the lights. They have shut down not only the arena lights, but the surrounding lights in tack shed areas.  This makes it unsafe to tack up and ride after dark. There is no reason for this other than their sad attempt at revenge. 

The Osbornes claim they can evict all the boarders and Horsebound.  THEY CANNOT. THEY WILL NOT.  The Osbornes issued a defective notice of eviction because they want our barn and our riding school to move. They have threatened to remove the pipe corrals that make up our stalls from the property, even though they don't own the pipe corrals and taking them is a violation of their contract to take them.  It's flat out theft. It would leave us with nowhere to keep the horses secure. 

They can't stand the idea that we are better off without them, that we will be successful and they can't profit off us an longer. So, please have patience with us, with the schedule, while we rally together and get through this. 

If you are as upset as we are by this ridiculous spitefulness, please contact Heide Farst at [email protected] or Erika Ferriera at [email protected] or your local city council person and let them know our safety and welfare are being jeopardized by the Osbornes as long as they are allowed on the property.

We know Horsebound has been a haven for your children, an escape from the cares of the real world, a place with no judgment, where the only expectations are to learn and have fun with the horses we all love. We are going to keep this a safe space for your child. We are going to weather this storm, but we need your help. Please reach out to the City and let them know you stand with us.


"There's a bright spot in every dark cloud." -Bruce Beresford

The sky's will clear, the sun will shine and we will ride again soon. There is beauty to be found even in stormy weather.


Thank you to ALL Canyonside and Horsebound family alike! The photo shoot was a wonderful way to start off the Holiday cheer and bring the community together. A special thanks goes out to our photographer Salome for donating her time and amazing camera skills! To our very own spectacular Santa and elf on the shelf for setting and posing with our equine beauties, our deepest thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this event so special. With out the efforts of the entire Mitchell family these events would not be able to happen.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS and thank you kicking off the season with such a fun event.


Holiday Pictures At The Barn
As of right now there is about a 40%-50% chance of rain on Sunday.
Currently the rain is predicted to show up in the morning hours.
PLEASE check back here for all updated information.
We will be monitoring the situation very closely and will make sure to let you know of any cancellation or time change as soon as possible.
However, if we are forced to cancel the event...we will NOT be able to reschedule for a different day.


Here are some pictures from previous years to have some holiday cheer!


Please come join us Canyonside boarders and Horsebound students for this fun holiday photo event! Sunday December 4th 10:30 am to 1:30 pm!


Hey everyone come show support for our fellow horse community friends! The tack sale supports a great program that does a wonderful service for the community!


With a wonderful summer coming to an end..... we now introduce the new fall school look.... ear bonnets!


WANDERLUST... a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.


Part of summer fun is hanging with you friends on the tail gate of a pick up truck!

Photos from Horsebound San Diego's post 06/29/2022

Horsebound camp cowboy challenge! Working with your horse to bring confidence, problem solving, fun and safety to your ride. The word of the day DESENSITIZING!

Photos from Horsebound San Diego's post 06/19/2022

"Over the river and through the woods..." to fun and adventures we go!
Camp fires... marshmallows.... smiles....horses..... what more can you ask for?

Photos from Horsebound San Diego's post 06/15/2022

Move over Dutto family their are some new cowgirls on the ranch! Thank you so much to Lynn Davenport and the great staff at San Pasqual Valley Ranch for the amazing time!


What adventures can we find!?

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"No journey is too long with the right company."Enjoying the trails in PQ. #horsebound #lessons #trailriding #sandiego #...
"No journey is too long with the right company."Enjoying the trails in PQ. #horsebound #lessons #trailriding #sandiego #...




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