STRIDE Fitness is a premium indoor running studio that caters to clients of all ages & fitness levels

STRIDE Fitness is a heart-rate based total body HIIT workout accessible for all. Combining interval training, endurance-based training and strength training in a unique program format designed for both walkers and runners.

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Meet Head Coach Theo from and how he is inspiring the Dallas community, one step at a time! As we celebrate and honor Black History Month, we are honored to amplify and highlight the voices of our STRIDE Fitness community.

“Running is all about community. Running is hard, and the one thing runners do have is community. The run space does not look like me, and my goal through STRIDE Fitness and ZFT is to inspire more people of color to embrace distance running and add to the run community. I feel deep down I have been able to do that but my work will never be done. Happy Black History Month!
I have been with STRIDE Fitness now for just a little under 2 years. I never thought I would be doing something like this in regards to coaching at a studio of this nature. Especially being a head coach, I never envisioned that. The STRIDE experience has taught me a lot for the better and I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization.
My favorite part about coaching at STRIDE is watching our members get better. It sounds very cliche, but I have seen so many members who started out as walkers become runners. It is something that motivates me to make an impact on every person who walks through that door in Addison! Continued in Caption >>>

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Birthdays and Milestones are our favorite things to celebrate!!

Congratulations and let’s keep the party going 🙌🏽


Finish Line Challenge Week 5! Challenge tip of the week: Remember your WHY! Remember what motivated you to start this challenge and be proud of the steps you have made forward! Whether it was to become stronger, add movement into your busy schedule, or to crush a marathon - You are CRUSHING IT and you are almost to the finish line! Tag your studio to drop some love

Set sail with STRIDE 🚢 This is your weekly reminder to make sure to join the challenge in the STRIDE Fitness app! That is how you qualify for a chance to win a Princess Cruise!


At STRIDE Fitness, we want to improve your fitness journey. We utilize in-studio heart rate monitors to track your heart rate and calorie burn. You can monitor your stats throughout class via our STRIDE Stat monitors, as well as delivered to you in your post-class data on the STRIDE Fitness app. Our certified STRIDE Fitness coaches coach to the heart rate zones in each class from the lightest zone to the zone where your endurance thrives!

Don't have a STRIDE heart rate monitor? Lock in a STRIDE Heart Rate monitor at your local studio

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💕 Celebrating YOU makes each STRIDE better than the last!!

Happy Birthday and Congratulations friends


Time to partner up for the Partner Workout! Encourage, motivate, push each other to finish the class strong. Start Together, Finish Together!


You're a HIIT 🩷XOXO to all of our STRIDE pack!


Happy Galentine's Day! Send this to your besties to send them 💜🩷🧡


The tread is better together! Showing up for yourself, rooting each other on, and being able to catch up after class - we love HIITing our STRIDE together! ⬇️ Tag Your Workout Besties to show them some love 🩷

You can send your friends a FREE class through the STRIDE app or by clicking on the link in our bio >>


WEEK 4 of the Finish Line Challenge! STRIDE pack - how is your challenge going? We only have a few weeks left until we cross the Finish Line - You Have Got This!

Want to enter for a chance to win a Princess Cruise? Be sure to join the challenge in the STRIDE Fitness app and complete your classes to be automatically entered for a chance to set sail on a Princess Cruise!


Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with our Lunar New Year Workout
Happy Lunar New Year!


Celebrating Black History Month - this month and always! Honoring and amplifying amazing black voices from our community. 💜🩷🧡


Jacklyn! Happy 50th class 🎉 From Chicago ➡️ San Diego - your journey has been incredible and we are so proud of every step taken!

Keep up the amazing work 🤩 join us in showing Jacklyn some love in the comments ⬇️


It's Minute Madness! On the minute, every minute! Join us in class for this fan favorite.


You started your day on the right foot! Cheers to another year of greatness 😁


Milestone Monday: crushing your 25th STRIDE class!

Drop some love in the chat for Sabrina from

STRIDE Pack: what milestone are you stepping towards?

Thanks Coach Theo!


Finish Line Challenge Week 3! You are halfway through the Finish Line Challenge! Set sail with STRIDE 🚢 This is your weekly reminder to make sure to join the challenge in the STRIDE Fitness app! That is how you qualify for a chance to win a Princess Cruise*!

Halfway Challenge Check In - How many classes, miles towards your STRIDE Finish Line have you crushed?!

*Official Rules in the Link in Bio!


Time to CLIMB! Let's conquer our incline and hills today with The Climb workout!


Friday vibes with our STRIDE pack 💯

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STRIDE Heart Rate Zones and how it applies to YOU!
Inspired by

🩶 ZONE 1 - very light
Percentage: 50-59%
Color: Grey
Benefit: Training at this intensity will boost your recovery and get you ready to train in the higher heart rate zones.

🖤ZONE 2 - recovery
Percentage: 60-69%
Color: Black
Benefit: Exercising in heart rate zone 2 feels light and you should be able to go on for a long time at this intensity.

🩷ZONE 3 - aerobic base / moderate
Percentage: 70-79%
Color: Pink
Benefit: Working out in heart rate zone 3 is especially effective for improving the efficiency of blood circulation in the heart and skeletal muscles

🧡 ZONE 4 - threshold / hard
Percentage: 80-89%
Color: Orange
Benefit: Heart rate zone 4 is where the going gets tough. You’ll be breathing hard and working aerobically.

💜ZONE 5 - anaerobic / maximum
Percentage: 90-100%
Color: Purple
Benefit: Heart rate zone 5 is your maximal effort.


Celebrating the strength, resilience, and triumphs of black history. Embrace the past, empower the present, and shape a future rooted in equality. ✨💪🏽


STRIDE HEART STRONG: Inspiring movement, one step at a time. February is Heart Month and we are spotlighting the amazing benefits of taking classes at STRIDE for your HEART. ❤️ According to being more active can help people think, feel, and sleep better, and perform daily tasks more easily.

❤️150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigrouos-intensity aerobic physical activity
💪🏽 2 days a week of muscle-strengthening activites of moderate or greater intensity and that involves all major muscle groups

Taking our most popular class, the COMBO will crush your weekly goals to be more heart healthy!

Brisk walking at least 2.5 miles per hour is an example of moderate-intensity aerobic activity
Running in class counts as a vigorous-intensity aerobic activity
Bottom line: Move more, with more intensity, and sit less. ❤️

Time to HIIT our STRIDE!


Today is National Backwards day, so we are getting into the BACKWARD spirit with this themed workout!


As the first month of 2024 comes to an end, this is your sign to try your first STRIDE class for FREE! Click on the link in bio to book into class >>

STRIDE Fitness is a treadmill-based interval training workout, combining cardio and strength training.

Our classes are built for all fitness levels.

💪🏽 Build Strength
💪🏽 Relieve Stress
💪🏽 Get your steps in
💪🏽 Burn Calories
💪🏽 Boost Your Mood
💪🏽Build Your Endurance

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Milestone Monday: Celebrating milestones from your first class to 250 and beyond! Every step you take, every rep you crush, be proud of how far you have come 💪🏽

What milestone are you pacing towards? Drop in the comments ⬇️


Thank you .potion for making our Monday Magical with your ☕️

🗣️Members, you get 10% off when you come from your STRIDE class ☕️ 🥐

📍690 W B St, San Diego, CA 92101


As the first month of 2024 comes to an end, this is your sign to try your first STRIDE class for FREE! Our classes are built for all fitness levels and we have a fun calendar of events lined up for you once you lock in a membership!

Click on the link in bio to book into class >>

Benefits of taking class at STRIDE include:
💪🏽 Build Strength
💪🏽 Relieve Stress
💪🏽 Get your steps in
💪🏽 Burn Calories
💪🏽 Boost Your Mood
💪🏽Build Your Endurance


Thank you .moko for bringing the spice 🌶️ to SALSA 💃 SUNDAY


It is WEEK 2 of the Finish Line Challenge! STRIDE Pack, How was WEEK 1? Drop in the comments your progress towards your personal Finish Line ⬇️ P.S. This is your weekly reminder to make sure to join the challenge in the STRIDE Fitness app! That is how you qualify for a chance to win a Princess Cruise*!

*for the official challenge rules, head to the link in bio >>

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SATURDAY (S)MILES with Coach Payton sprinkled with unforgettable milestones ✨

Congratulations on 200 classes Natasha - it’s been a provide to watch you transform!

Congratulations Natalie on your 25 classes! We look forward to celebrating many more

Congratulations Omid! 100 classes came quick - can’t wait to celebrate your next milestone 💪🏽

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Just a reminder, that You are Crushing It! Keep Going! Tag or send this to someone who needs to hear this.


Our first STRIDE Sixteen of the 2024! Time to see how far you can go in 16 minutes. Walk, Jog, Run through our STRIDE levels- this is your pace, your space.

Photos from STRIDEFitness's post 01/26/2024

STRIDE IS Health! Meeting member Jose & his STRIDE journey at . Drop some love in the comments for Jose!

“STRIDE and I crossed paths thanks to my colleague and friend, Elliot Kase whose enthusiasm for STRIDE convinced me to attend my first class in September 2019, and I have been hooked since. While the COMBO classes at STRIDE are excellent, I confess a preference for “THE STRIDE” and “ULTRA STRIDE,” simply because they push me to my sweaty limits!

What I truly love about running at STRIDE is the energetic feeling I get after my workout, the welcoming friendly staff, the pristine facilities, the top‐notch Woodway treadmills, the heart rate monitors, the motivating class music, and the camaraderie among STRIDE members. However, STRIDE’s greatest asset are the incredible instructors who motivate me to perform my best with the great energy that they bring!

Since practicing at STRIDE, I was able to increase my outdoor runs to 6 to 8 miles per run and also led me to run my first half marathon with no plans on stopping there! Other benefits included: the lowering of my resting heart rate, better sleep, losing weight (I have lost about 10 lbs since joining) and overall sense of wellbeing that comes with consistent exercising.

Perhaps one of the most rewarding outcomes of my STRIDE experience is the influence I am having on my son Nicolas. Seeing my son Nicolas take up running and transforming from a non‐athletic youngster to a marathoner has been one the best highlights of my STRIDE experience since I directly attributed it to him seeing me how much I have enjoyed STRIDE. He recently completed the 2023 Los Angeles Marathon in a respectable 5:30. Watching him cross that finish line, I could not help but feel that STRIDE has enriched not just my life, but my family’s as well.” 💜 Jose, STRIDE Fitness Member

Continued in Comments >>>


Opposites attract! For every hill, we will do the opposite set with speed - are you ready for Opposite Day workout?!

Photos from STRIDEFitness's post 01/23/2024

Congratulations to Coach from who was voted Best Running Coach! Drop some love in the comments for Coach Christina! ⬇️

“I love STRIDE because it has provided a space where we’ve been able to build a group of people who are passionate about supporting each other as we all work towards our individual goals. We come from different backgrounds, with varying levels of fitness and exposure to running, but we’re able to find community in our shared experiences at STRIDE each week as we all progress towards objectives that we get to individually define.” 💜 Coach Christina

Photos from STRIDE's post 01/20/2024

CONGRATULATIONS 🎊 milestone after milestone, we couldn’t be more proud of this group!

🎊 Breeza Apartments joining together for a workout

🎊Kate hitting 50 classes

🎊Saloni and Sundeep with 25 classes - glad to be your home@gym away from home 🙌🏽


POV: crushing your first STRIDE class! STRIDE Pack, what is your advice for first timers coming in for their first class? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Photos from STRIDE's post 01/18/2024

Welcome to the 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ club Taylor and Kristen!

Here’s to 200 classes of hard work and dedication ✨💪🏽💕


✨Happy Birthday Fernanda ✨

65 years young and signed up for her 4th Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon! Let’s go Fernanda!!

“Movement is Life” -Fernanda T.

Photos from STRIDE's post 01/17/2024

More post race photos from the Carlsbad Half 🌊 💨

✨ Ryan with his 18th half marathon!! Wowzers Ryan! Congratulations on ringing in another half 😊

✨ Riya with back to back Carlsbad races — keep the tradition going 😀

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STRIDE is a premium treadmill studio that caters to clients of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re walking or running, our STRIDE Certified Coaches and state-of-the-art Woodway Treadmills will empower you to achieve your mental & physical goals. #WalkJogRunTransform

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✨ Trainer Tip Tuesday 👟Coach Chase provides 3 EASY tips for training in warmer weather 🏃‍♀️🏃Questions? Tricks of your ow...
Happy 200th class to Cara and 50th class to Nicole and Emily! We partied yesterday morning for 75 minutes! Whoop 🙌🏽 Way ...
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