We offer group personal training with an emphasis on individual attention to form and needs. Get the energy of a class but with the attention of a private training session.

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Who? Who has more REAL lat pull downs than we do…? No one. No one has more than EIGHT lat pull downs. Not trx’s or bands (both fine, but both easy to find Anywhere). We invested in the best stuff out there - to get the most out of you. Come in for your first FREE session. DM for more info.


@roguefitness 50 calorie challenge was literally the hardest thing I’ve done in 10 years. Took me to a place I haven’t been since my Paid Racing days. Loved it & Hated it. But this… 500 calories is more my style. I like endurance sports for some [email protected] Up reason :) It was sunny here in Diego so I figured let’s go outside & have some fun. Come in and beat it and get a FREE week of training. Make your workouts fun 🤩! Get outside and change sheet up.


That freeMotion V squat for Reps is no joke. Heart rate through the Roof. Love it!!


@thegymsd is the best way to end the week. Felt good and went for a 225 PR x 8 on bent over rows. Been awhile since I used the but I’ll be using it more. Barbells LOOK cool but don’t offer the stabilization of a smith. Both have their purpose though. Ended with 30 minutes of intervals on the Have a great weekend everyone!


That’s it… Beat 3000 meters in 11 minutes or less and you get a free month of classes. Come in and prove it.


Every damn workout @thegymsd is amazing. If you’ve never been…. GO!


Starting a Hypertrophy phase. The hardest part will be the waiting between sets. I Hate sitting around. But it’s a necessary evil with hypertrophy. Come in for your first session FREE. We have solo sessions, classes, corporate wellness, and online training. DM for more info on any of these.


Group Classes are very popular these days but they all look the same. Super high heart rates on a boring treadmill, an hour of TRX, some crunches… sound familiar 🍊 and CF 😴😴. Boring. Start adding some Real strength into your program. Every day, every class… always different. Come see for yourself with your first FREE session. DM for Any questions at all. San Diego, CA 92121. See you soon!


Constantly Uncomfortable. That’s the way it Should be. If it’s Easy - it’s Your fault. A simple 25# plate should be able to wreck you if Focus on what your doing. Stop talking in the gym. Put the phone down… and work. If I’m sweating More doing Shoulders than You are with Cardio…… someone’s sandbaggin’


Ok, that was a challenging morning workout. 20 minutes of stepmill and then burry 10 minutes on the ski. Something about hearing your heart rate over your screams ☠️. Just feels so good! Awesome way to start a Saturday morning. Hope you have a great weekend - DM me for more info on the studio or your free week.


Cardio (like all workouts) should be fun. Hard, but fun. It’s up to You to dig deeper every time. Come in for a Free Class and see what it’s like. Cardio, Strength, And Core in every session. Never the same class twice. DM for more info. First session FREE.


Pull-ups are one of the Very best overall back exercises for strength & conditioning. It’s a big compound movement with a lot going on. But variety is Always key. These are from @dustyhanshaw08 and are Awesome. They take the swing / momentum out of it so we don’t look like a crossfit moron. All the attention is on the lats. Brutal piece. Can add a barbell to the hips if needed. DM for your first FREE session and come try out all the fun stuff we have here.


Hotel workouts can be tough when you have to improvise and make do. Think creatively. Know the motions & angles of what you need and make it happen. Two easy ones: 1️⃣leg extension machine turned into a standing hamstring curl and 2️⃣ any flat bench turned into a prone leg curl. Stop making excuses and get after it.


Goblet squats are a beast. Lots of focus on the entire quad & erector muscles. Don’t be afraid to Work the lower back… it’s a muscle too. When you Don’t work a muscle or a movement that your chances of injury are higher. Keep the shoulders pulled Back and Down. Eyes forward.


Saturday morning cardio. Love It. Cardio in the SUN… yes, please!! The SkiErg has been my go to. Full body. Have to stay engaged the entire time most other cardio pieces. 30 minutes on here is like a 90 minute run. Low impact. It’s perfect. Come try it out if you haven’t already! First Session is always FREE. Private sessions, small group, and classes… even online. Get out and enjoy this San Diego Saturday Sun ☀️


Stability Ball Chest Press. I actually prefer the ball over the bench as it allows me to use the hams / Glutes / low back before even doing a chest press. It seems as though it should be More unstable but I feel Better than a bench because I’m in control of the movement more. Likely won’t be able to go as heavy (based on difficulty & the balls weight limit) but they feel So much better. Offering Private sessions / semi private sessions / classes M-F. First session is FREE. DM for more info. Thanks guys. Happy


Some reciprocal training… fast transitions, no wasted time, balance and core in both of these tried and true exercises. The band DeLoads her on the way up to allow her to feel what she’s Supposed to feel - THE BACK, not arms! Then the band adds a stability component for shoulders and core work (I hate that word 🤦🏼‍♂️). Stay on the toes, lean forward, and push OUT not up. Slowly. @carylreinsch has come a Long way and I’m excited to see what’s next. DM me for a FREE group class. All other spots are 💯 full, sorry. Sessions start at 6:30AM and end at 7pm daily. We have showers available also.


Leg day @the_dragons_lair Took a road trip and decided to hit one of the New old school gyms. Home of @flex_lewis and @flexatronrhoden and many others. If your in the area - it’s worth the day pass. Just bring an extra scoop of Pre.


It’s a Little warm here in SD but we Still have to get the work done. If we can do it And get some sun, even better! Short cardio session post workout but that 10 minutes packed a punch 🥊 🥵 is my new favorite thing. Been using it for years but now it’s a regular piece for me. If you’ve never tried it - come in and try it out!


The health and fitness industry has lost one of its Very Best ambassadors this weekend. John Meadows was an amazing icon for the sport of body building. He changed the way I workout and thusly the way I work… so many people hate me for showing them John Meadows’ version of something seemingly simple. Always Loved his videos - when a new one came out… THATS what I watched with lunch or dinner. You will be missed dearly John.


HIIT. What is it? Most trainers aren’t knowledgeable in this field. They say 1 minute on / 1 minute off … or something to that effect. No. Very much No. HIIT means 100% effort at whatever your doing. Then, when you can’t do 100% - you 🛑 STOP✋, not slow down, not do burpees, nothing. You get your Heart Rate down enough to be able to do what you just did Again. And again. Usually about 10 or so BURSTS 💥 You should feel like a 🚎 bus just hit you…. Ten times in a row. That’s HIIT. Anything else is just circuit training and intervals. That’s not Bad, it’s just not HIIT. Ps: if you are using dumbbells or barbells - not a HIIT workout. Come into PluriMetrics Gym for a free workout and see what HIIT really feels like. it’s basically 🤩 with some ☠️


Upper body day means lots of BACK training. We do far too much chest and anterior shoulders all day at work - slouched over in Horrible posture. Let’s correct that with some upper and mid back work 2-3 times a week! Come into PluriMetrics to see how you can get better posture and a better 🍑 at the Same Time!


@carylreinsch kicking ass 9 months post surgery. She’s come a long way and made Huge gains in balance and strength. Very proud to have her as part of the Pluri family. Looking forward to the future


Justin wanted a little challenge so he came Back in the PM and smashed 6000 meters on the in 22 minutes. Awesome work ethic and dedication. This is what it takes. Stop making excuses. Get sh*t done. DM me for your first free session at our new private studio. Classes and solo sessions available.


A few pieces from Classes have both strength and conditioning every day. Stop paying to run on the for 30 minutes 😴 💤 and get your 🍑 in better shape with proper strength and conditioning. First session is always so DM us for more info.


Monday Morning Workout. Squat Rows are an Awesome way to get the metabolic rate up while getting strength training in there too. Drop in for your first FREE session. DM me for details on class times and prices. Brand New studio in West Mira Mesa.


It’s national chest day! Keep the transitions from one exercise to another as Simple as possible. Likely using the same weight , lever arms, & footing … in addition to the obvious strength training - we get some metabolic work here from the lack of rest. Control the cables as they pull your hands back on both exercises. Can be done easily with bands at home too. DM for a free training session in our brand new studio OR online training with 100’s of videos like these.


Twenty Minutes of Accidental Cardio. Yes, accidental. I was putting it away and said WTF, why not get 20 min in… 🤮 🥵 Awesome way to end a too! Stop in for a Free First Session in San Diego and give it a try. DM for more info.

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It’s all about the posterior chain. Keep the force driven to the heels for more glute and hamstring activation. We don’t focus on barbell work here at PluriMetrics but it Is still fun to feel some weight sometimes. is always the bestest day! Come in for your first free session. Normal class rates are just $15. DM for more info.

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