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We offer daily high energy fat burning boot camp sessions, individual nutritional coaching, and a encouraging, fit & fun community.

Be awesome and inspire awesomeness! At Fitness4ward, we give our San Diego members the best work out we can. With high energy boot camps and nutritional coaching, we can help everyone achieve their goals regardless of their fitness level. Become a part of our fitness family and get ready to change the way you think about working out!

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Whatever your 100% looks like.. Give It!

But want to know the number one☝🏼skill in life that will actually take you where you want to be?

The skill of not giving up. That’s it


The KEY to getting lean and feeling Amazing!

Losing 10, 15, 20 lbs or more is the most common goal I hear from people...

It’s the number one reason people start their journey in fitness - it's a great goal.  

And... Summer is around the corner and I can already hear it "I want to look leaner and more toned for summer, oh and I want it in 2 weeks"

Unfortunately for these people, they will probably never see the results they want.

Losing weight - any amount of weight takes strategy and consistency. Nothing miraculous.

That's why I love seeing our members crush it in their goals and tell me how grateful they are for the program. 

This is our member Manuel, he has lost 45 lbs!
Some of the comments we got when people saw his transformation were comments like:

"Wow! He looks 10 years younger"

"I wish I could do that"

"Dang that's a different person"

"He's killing it!!"

I love hearing it all.

Manny came to us last year with the desire to lose some fat and get stronger.

He ended up losing something like 20 or 30 lbs in the first several months and loved the results and the strength training. 

He could have quit after losing the weight.

He could have been happy with 20 to 30 lbs of fat loss.

But he knew that he found something that was worth staying committed to.

He is now 45 lbs down and closing in on a 6 pack for the summer and 3x stronger than he was when he started in the gym. It's the first time he has ever experienced anything like this.  

The great thing was that he didn't do anything extreme to get there.

He stayed committed o working out 3-4x a week and followed the dietary strategies we give out in the gym.

Simple and Powerful.

It's a wonderful feeling to get the result you want so badly.

But the best result is who you become after accomplishing such an awesome goal. 

You become someone more powerful and in tune with who they are.

That's what we help you with here at Fitness4ward.

Let's get it this week and if you need anything we are here for you in the gym 🙂


It’s a new week
You’re alive
Life is good
Keep your eyes forward not backward!

It’s time to crush your goals.

No matter what you’ve been through or where you are in life...

Remember that LIFE IS GOOD and you have the opportunity to make it even better by improving yourself.

Photos from Fitness4ward's post 04/14/2022

Meet our outstanding member Monica!

When Monica first came in, her main goal was weight loss. She accomplished her 40lb weight loss in less than a year.
Weight loss is fantastic... But then what?

She continued to train, get stronger, fell in love with strength training, and see her body transform by adding Fitness4ward to her daily routine. It quickly became part of her lifestyle.

She participated in our Fitness4ward Summer strength Olympics, in which she CRUSHED, setting new personal record numbers and supporting all of her teammates.

In Monica's words:

"Fitness4ward is more than a gym … the coaches are fantastic and genuinely care about the improvements I make - both in form, function, and diet. I have made friends that share the same commitment to a healthier and stronger/ leaner lifestyle. Although we're in different walks of life, we have pushed and challenged each other to show up, work, and be better versions of ourselves. Several of us completed a Spartan run this year together, and I'm grateful for the encouragement to push myself and get out of my comfort zone.

F4W is where we come together to work hard, be the strongest version of ourselves, and have fun. Come join us!"
- Monica Fleming

⚡So what are you waiting for?
Come take your Fitness4ward!

DM us or click on our site to claim your free trial week now!

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💪🏼 Want your physique to yield better results? Eat more protein!


Protein is one of the most essential components of muscle development, bone density, and muscle mass.

✔️An effective & consistent strength training program combined with a higher protein diet improves body composition by helping retain lean mass and reduce fat mass.

🚩Don't forget to save and use these easy high-protein lunch or dinner ideas!

Hope this helped!
- Adriana. C
FItness4ward's Nutritionist & Health Coach



I am proud of YOU for coming to the sessions and crushing your workouts!

The consistent action toward your goal is WHY you are successful!

This week I want to talk about being motivated...

I remember never being motivated to work out when I was a new lifter.
I always had an excuse for why I didn't have to get in a workout.

My workouts were junk - my results were junk.

No motivation, no focus, and no results.

Until someone pointed out that it wasn't motivation, I lacked, but I lacked the proper environment. I lack the people around me who would push me and inspire me to be better.

When I started to surround myself with other people who worked out regularly and who didn't need the motivation to workout that is when my results shot through the roof

That is when I realized I don't need motivation!

Because of the days when you feel the most tired, sore, and unmotivated, you know you can count on a solid community to keep you moving forward.

Keep taking your fitness forward!

If you missed today's workout, make sure to get it in tomorrow!


You don't need motivation. You need the right environment...

Crush it this week!


Wanna get stronger lifts? Train your glutes🍑

Training your glutes isn’t ALL about the aesthetics side of it.

If your goal is to develop strength and continue getting great numbers on your squats and on your deadlifts, strong glutes are often the key drivers of force here. 

A great example are the world's best sprinters, if you take a look they have some of the best-developed glutes. Any sport that requires you to generate a lot of force in a short period of time, will more often than not, require firing from your glutes.

Training your glutes also helps you reduce risk of injury while you lift.

Your glutes enable hip abduction and external rotation, which severely reduce the occurrence of a knee valgus when squatting or rounding of your lower back when deadlifting.

The stronger your glutes are, the more efficient they will be in doing these functions.

At Fitness4ward we program each workout and exercise with a purpose behind them: Physical aesthetics, Strength, Conditioning & Healthy joints!

Take Your Fitness4ward

Photos from Fitness4ward's post 03/21/2022

Tom and his son Will have been members at Fitness4ward for over 10 YEARS!!

Tom told us that one of his favorite things about Fitness4ward is the people & environment, he said it feels like he’s going to work out with his friends every day.

“ The best motivation is a positive environment, Fitness4ward has the best fitness environment and people. “ - @tom.hekman

Thank you for your dedication, positive attitude, and the energy you bring to our sessions and members, we are so grateful to have you and Will!

Members like you are what makes our gym such a special and welcoming place, and for that, we are forever grateful.


Some people want it to happen,
some wish it would happen,
others make it happen. - Michael Jordan

Today I hear this quote and it made me think about when some of our long term members first came into our gym,

they wanted the results, they saw how complete and well structured our workouts and gym is, they got excited about the progress they were making,

They got excited about all the things they were learning, so they stayed consistent and committed

Years later they’re still our members, yes they made their goals happen but they also fell in love with the progress and made it a lifestyle, now they can’t live without it!



Become a Warrior & Join Our Army!

Take Your Fitness4ward

Watch this reel by on Instagram 02/10/2022

Watch this reel by on Instagram

It’s PR Week 🔥🔥🔥

Watch this reel by on Instagram sickickmusic • S!CKMIX Part 5


It’s Chest Day! 🔥

It's that day of the week, for some people it's every day of the week...Chest day!

A day where we come together, push heavy stuff around, and give ourselves a nice natural boob job 😂

🔺Here are some tips for the bench press that will help target the chest more effectively.

✔1. When laying on the bench with hands on the bar, keep the shoulder blades back and chest popped out. This will help properly engage the chest with a minimal shoulder strain. This is a must for people with anterior deltoid issues.

✔2. Keep your thumbs around the bar for safety. I have seen people who grip the bar with an open grip have the bar slip out and drop on their neck and chest. Let's try and avoid that by being cautious. Also, if you have wrist pain, try and keep the knuckles up toward the ceiling with minimal break in the wrist.

✔3. Keep the core engaged, it doesn't necessarily need to be on the bench itself but squeeze the stomach as hard as possible during the movement.

I always suggest this technique during all movements anyway!

💯These 3 cues will help increase your badassery on the bench.

Try them out and let me know what you think!


Will is such a great example of the mentality we have in our gym!

Show Up
Be Consistent
And Improvement is Guaranteed!

Thanks Will for always showing up and giving your best mentally & physically!

We appreciate you!


At Fitness4ward, we give our San Diego members the best of ALL worlds...

Our workouts are designed to get you in the best shape of your life. We program our workouts by focusing on a different muscle group everyday utilizing (HIIT) high intensity interval training, strength training, olympic moves, calisthenics, endurance & conditioning in our sessions. We also offer 1 on 1 sessions, nutritional coaching and so much more! We can help everyone achieve their goals regardless of their fitness level. Become a part of our amazing fitness family and get ready to change the way you think about working out!

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