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Today we say farewell to our favorite little paradise, Balandra. It has been a magical couple of days.

Only 3 boats here and the water is absolutely crystal clear and warm. A definite must see for all of our boating friends down here in Mexico and Sea of Cortez Sailors & Cruisers in Mexico Rosen

Jay Rosen 2023 Baja Ha-Ha

Photos from Hypnautic's post 02/18/2024

Time to Move On~

It’s hard to believe the adrenaline junkies have completed 4 months of sailing the high seas and it has been quite the journey with no shortage of escapades and tales to share.

Now we are preparing for the next three months of sailing North up into the Sea of Cortez.

Some of our favorite places visited so far include Espiritu Santos, La Partida, Balandra, Chacala, and La Cruz. We also enjoyed La Paz as we had time to explore while we pampered the Catamaran and gave her some loving. We gifted Hypnautic with all new rigging and new cushions around the indoor dining area. She had all of her outdoor cushions replaced while we spent 6 weeks in La Cruz. La Paz also provided us interesting entertainment with their Carnaval, great drinks and MORE tacos and Mexican food.

People have asked what the difference between sailing the Sea of Cortez side of Mexico vs. the mainland side. We describe it best like this, it is like choosing between a sauna or a sandcastle contest! On one side, you're a walking sponge in the humidity, on the other, you're basically a cactus with a snorkel. Either way, it's been a wet and wild adventure!

In all seriousness, the main difference so far of sailing the Sea of Cortez side of Mexico and the mainland side, is the weather. When we were on the mainland side visiting Mazatlan, Chacala and La Cruz, it was very warm and the humidity was between 80-90% every day. It offered tropical green beauty but everything was always damp including ourselves. On the Pacific side, while it is warm, it is almost like a dessert, very dry but the waters are turquoise blue and very warm.

We leave La Paz on Tuesday and head up to Bay of Concepcion with planned visits to Isla San Francisco, San Evaristo Bay, Aqua Verde Bay, Isla Danzante Primera (also known as Honeymoon Cove) Puerto Escondido, Isla Carmen, and Loreto.

As we set sail North, we're prepping for more adventures and plotting our nautical escapades. Get ready for more tales and shenanigans from our salty crew!

Jay Rosen 2023 Baja Ha-Ha Debra Ulmer Rosen

Photos from Hypnautic's post 02/05/2024

Sailing off the coast of Mazatlan, we were in for quite the surprise! As we began our 33-hour journey across the mainland to Pacific side of Mexico, a sudden tug on the line jolted us. Initially dismissing it as a false alarm, we were soon proven wrong when the line went berserk!

Jay Rosen and our friend Dan were grappling with the mystery catch and were in for a long and tireless day. After an intense hour of reeling and meticulous boat maneuvers by Captain Mike, the colossal prize revealed itself—a mammoth Marlin! With bated breath and sheer determination, they hauled in an 8’2” whopper, at a whopping 90-100 pounds—too much for Jay's trusty scale to handle.

The rest of the day was a blur of excitement as we prepped our legendary catch, ensuring that every inch of this remarkable fish was preserved for the tale that would undoubtedly become the stuff of legends. This was no fish story—this was the real deal, a memory etched into the journal of our seafaring adventures!

2023 Baja Ha-Ha

Photos from Hypnautic's post 02/01/2024

Farewell to La Cruz after 6 amazing weeks!

Farewell, La Cruz! It's hard to say goodbye to the incredible people, delicious food, and the laid back vibe. We've learned a lot from this community - patience, kindness, and a total lack of political drama.

We've met some fascinating boating friends, many with Catamarans, from retired doctors to Hollywood sound legends turned sailors. Six weeks allowed us culinary treats of incredible foods - amazing queso birria tacos, margaritas, ceviche, lots of fish and shrimp tacos and of course 10oz filets, ravioli filled with heavenly Gorgonzola cheese, and mind-blowing crème brulee!

One night we even had chef Jay Rosen flambé some tequila shrimp along with some incredible homemade raviolis that he purchased at the artisans market. That meal was one for the books.

While there were many fabulous memories, one of my favorite was the annual Blessing of the Boats, and it was nothing short of spectacular! Witnessing the beautifully decorated Pangas slowly making their way to Bucerias for a day of spiritual blessings and feasting was a sight to behold. Who knew a community could come together in such a unique way?

The daily sunrises and sunsets were like something out of a painting, and one morning there was an incredible rainbow below the sun due to the high humidity. Pure magic! There was no rain but the humidity was so high it created this beauty in the sky.

Now onto new adventures, starting with a stop in Chacala, one of our favorite places and then 30 hour sail north to Mazatlan to meet our friend Dan for an 8 day passage and exploring more of the Sea of Cortez.

2023 Baja Ha-Ha Debra Ulmer Rosen


Photos from Hypnautic's post 01/21/2024

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Crazy Adventure Continues in La Cruz -

We've been living it up in La Cruz for the past three weeks and feel like we've become bona fide residents in this cozy little village! The locals know Cooper better than they know us, and I'm starting to suspect he might be running for a popularity contest behind our backs. He gets called out by strangers everywhere he goes whether in town or on the docks at the marina.

Jay's also become a well known commodity here, getting to know the residents, business owners and even taxi drivers, all by first name. He's practically the unofficial ambassador of La Cruz. And speaking of making friends, Karen and Max from Lusty’s ( a great live music and cocktail venue) have practically adopted Jay as their own, so much so that they even asked him to bartend one night. Fingers crossed they don’t want to keep our chef and crew member permanently!

Our arrival to La Cruz wasn't without its share of drama. After 4 beautiful days of being in the anchorage, we received warning about huge swells arriving in a couple of days and had to beg our way into a marina slip to escape the impending swells of 6-8 feet. Then the watermaker decided to throw a tantrum and being in the marina allows us use of water on the dock. We ordered a new water maker from San Diego expecting it to arrive any day but received notice it is in customs and won’t be released until til we pay a hefty fee of almost $700. These fees cost more than a small island vacation.

From visits to the vet, anti-aging salon, leaving town to find a bank, great restaurants, hair and nail salon, and HUGE artisans outdoor market, to paying customs fees and hunting down enchilada sauce, we've truly embraced the local experience. One thing we have found interesting is with all of the Mexican meals we have had, no plate is ever served with rice and beans. This must be a San Diego thing.

Jay wanted enchiladas one night so we zipped into 5 small tiendas in town looking for enchilada sauce. What an escapade, I thought I could just waltz into a store and buy some, but apparently, that's a good joke around here. Lesson learned: you make the sauce, you don't buy it.

Being here is wonderful and not all chaos and calamity. We're getting all of our original outdoor seating redone, the craftsmanship is so good, and the prices half of what we would spend at home. The sun rises at 8:15am and sets about 7pm delivering the prettiest skies ever. Most evenings we sit outside on the boat and listen to live music on the water while sipping our cocktails or a fabulous glass of wine.

As we gear up to set sail on Jan 31 with our buddy Dan Uptmor, we're planning to hit Chacala, Mazatlán, and Espíritu Santo again on our way back to La Paz. But until then, we'll be savoring every moment in La Cruz, stuffing our faces with street tacos, sipping those margaritas, and dreaming up our grand return next year.

Stay tuned for more misadventures and escapades from the high seas!

Jay Rosen Debra Ulmer Rosen Mike Rosen 2023 Baja Ha-Ha

Photos from Hypnautic's post 12/28/2023

Who’s Really in Charge of This Wild Adventure?

Time to settle this maritime mystery. As it turns out, the answer lies somewhere between the waves and the whiskers!

Captain Mike: " I am the master of this Cat-amaran with my regal but weathered beard and a treasure trove of seafaring knowledge, I navigate the waves with finesse and salty sea stories, ensuring a smooth voyage. (Most of the time)

Princess Mom: "Oh, PLEASE, it's obviously me! I bring elegance and grace to this floating palace”. Decked out in a sparkly ball cap featuring a tiara, she adds a touch of female power to the ship. Rumor has it that she can summon dolphins on command and has an uncanny ability to find the best sunbathing spots.

Jay our Fisherman: "Hold your horses, folks! I may not be royalty, but I catch the fish that keeps this crew well-fed. Plus, I have some pretty epic fish tales to share!" Always the positive force and best cook onboard, every boat needs a Jay-Bird to make the adventure even more adventurous.

Cooper the Labrador: The Chief Resident Morale Officer! Who needs a captain, a princess or fisherman when I'm here? I'm the official morale booster, frisbee chaser, and expert at catching seagulls off guard! Although, they do call me the laziest crew member on board.”

So, who's really in charge? Well, it seems like this Catamaran is a hilarious mix of Captains finesse, royal whimsy, fisherman's luck, and canine charisma. It's a wild ride, but hey, who needs a serious hierarchy when you have this fantastic crew on board?

Jay Rosen Debra Ulmer Rosen 2023 Baja Ha-Ha

Photos from Hypnautic's post 12/26/2023

The Adrenaline Junkies Have Checked in!

Our wild adventure continues as we sailed last Wednesday from Chacala to La Cruz, Puerto Vallarta with two Baja Ha Ha buddy boats. The journey was smooth, but the real excitement began when we encountered a pod of majestic whales playing in the ocean.as we approached La Cruz. Talk about a whale of a time!

After a restful night's sleep, we woke up to a breathtaking sunrise in our new home for the next six weeks. It's paradise, but there's one tiny hitch—the sun seems determined to turn us into walking raisins! I even visited an anti-aging salon to see if they could perform miracles. Hey, I'm all for sun-kissed skin, but this is getting a lil spooky.

On Friday morning we had an interesting Costco expedition. Picture this: Mike and I eagerly arrived at Costco ten minutes before opening, only to find a line that wrapped around the entire building. It was like déjà vu from the COVID days when grocery shopping turned into an Olympic sport. But fear not, we conquered the line, stocked up on provisions for a month, and vowed to avoid that Costco like the plague until we set sail again at the end of January.

Not only is it warm here, humidity has been at 90%. It’s so intense here that our crispy cookies transformed into soggy delights within hours of opening the package. Taking a shower is no longer a luxury; it's a never-ending cycle of rinsing and repeating just to stay refreshed. I swear, we could open a personal rainforest in the bathroom.

Now our boat cleaning saga! We learned a valuable lesson—no shoes on board. Four hours on Saturday morning and a whopping six hours on Sunday were spent scrubbing our vessel with Mike and Jay. We usually write a check for this service at home but Captain said “no reason we can’t do it ourselves” He has forgotten this is not in my job description.

The morning weather was perfect, but once the sun blazed overhead, we retreated indoors and cranked up the A/C. On the bright side, our boat is finally sparkling clean and ready to impress!

Today, we celebrated Christmas in true sailor style. We kicked off the festivities with a delightful morning sail, and then we hosted our fellow sailors from the s/v Iliohale and Fantasy for a holiday feast. Our grilling skills were put to the test as we sizzled some mouthwatering New York steaks on the Traeger, accompanied by a lip-smacking bourbon sauce. Our friends generously brought the rest of the feast, and boy, did we feast like kings and queens!

After all the hustle and bustle, it's time to find a quiet spot and catch some well-deserved shuteye. Cooper, my furry companion, it's cuddle time! Let's recharge our energy for the next thrilling chapter of our seafaring escapades. Fair winds and sweet dreams, everyone!

Jay Rosen Debra Ulmer Rosen. 2023 Baja Ha-Ha


It’s a magical Christmas morning sail in Puerto Vallarta with the whales.

Jay Rosen. 2023 Baja Ha-Ha

Photos from Hypnautic's post 12/20/2023

Learned this week why it is called “FISHING” and not “CATCHING”

We have witnessed Jay's fishing adventures on this trip! He's been reeling in some massive fish, as well as some tiny ones. And let's not forget those days when he comes up empty-handed! 😅

But you know what he says, "Mama, that's why they call it fishing and not catching!" Ah, the wisdom of a true angler! Keep on casting, Jay, and don't forget to keep those fishy tales coming!

I think the universe takes pity on those poor fish and gives them a fighting chance! It's a classic game of hide-and-seek, where the fish are the masters of evasion and the fisherman are left flailing around with their bait and tackle! Fish-On

Jay Rosen Debra Ulmer Rosen 2023 Baja Ha-Ha

Photos from Hypnautic's post 12/19/2023

Another Tropical Paradise: Chacala~

Mazatlan may have been bittersweet to leave, but we stumbled upon a perfect weather window to sail down to Chacala and Puerto Vallarta, so we seized the opportunity! And it was a near perfect trip down with the company of whales and other marine life.

After a fabulous 28-hour journey, spotting magnificent whales and Jay almost reeling in a colossal fish (which we wisely released), we arrived in Chacala. To date, it is the prettiest place we've seen so far! However, the humidity here is off the charts! Even with temperatures in the low 80s, we're all dripping like popsicles in the sun.

To fully embrace the beach life, we hopped into our convertible dinghy and were enchanted by the beauty of Chacala, its people, and the stunning shoreline. And after our long voyage, who wants to cook? Not us! We dined at one of the beachside restaurants and discovered the most divine mango jalapeño margarita. Cheers to that!

While Mike and Jay mingle over at one of the Baja Ha Ha boats, enjoying appetizers and drinks, Cooper and I sought refuge from the humidity and treated ourselves to a refreshing cold shower on deck. Ah, the sweet relief! Now, it's time for some much-needed shut-eye, as Mike and Jay socialize on s/v Iliohale Catamaran with other Baja Ha Ha sailors. Tonight 7pm feels like midnight and Cooper and I will take advantage of the gentle rocking of the boat and get some sleep.

Chacala, a charming fishing village reminiscent of Costa Rica, boasts coconut palms lining the beach and bars and restaurants nestled in the sand. The best part? The food and drinks are incredibly affordable, making cooking at sea seem like a soggy adventure we'd rather avoid.

After a few days of soaking in the beauty here, we'll set sail for La Cruz in Puerto Vallarta, anchoring among our fellow Ha Ha boats until the end of January. We'll spend Christmas in La Cruz and reunite with friends down here during the holidays and even carve out some time in January to return home for a few days, relax, and catch up with our loved ones. Life on the seas is an adventure, and we're loving every moment of it but I do miss my friends at home.

Happy Holidays to all!

2023 Baja Ha-Ha Jay Rosen Debra Ulmer Rosen

Photos from Hypnautic's post 12/16/2023

Change of Plans, Lazy Crew and Mission Accomplished!

Last Tuesday we were supposed to leave for Altata but our journey took an unexpected turn as our plans went *p**f* when we checked weather windows and sea state. But alas, it was all good news..

We bid adieu to Topolobompo and set sail straight for Mazatlan, courtesy of a perfect weather window. With winds as calm as a sleeping pup and seas as serene as a lake, the trip was smoother than we could have ever imagined.

After two days and two nights sailing we docked in Mazatlan early Thursday morning and three dockhands magically appeared to assist us in tying up the Catamaran and hooking up shore power.

And guess who else greeted us? Our Baja Ha Ha buddies, sailing vessels Iliohale, Fantasy and Barramundi! The fleet's camaraderie stretches far and wide, and it's heartwarming to have such a tight-knit community around Mexico and always there wherever we go.

Sailing is always full of adventures and we had quite the show on the way down. Whales, sea turtles, dolphins, sea lions—nature really knows how to put on a performance. Oh, and Cooper, our laziest crew member? He got a little too excited and was banished to timeout. Apparently, he couldn't handle all the marine life swimming close by and totally lost himself in the excitement.

We mentioned our lazy crew member, Cooper. Let’s share about Cooper's work ethic or say lack thereof? While cute, and loveable, this furry pup has become the epitome of laziness. While we're on high alert during watches, he's snoozing away. But hey, at least he's got one useful skill—he cleans our plates like a champ! No need for us to scrape off the leftovers. Thanks, Cooper!

Mike and I took a stroll down memory lane in Mazatlan. We were here 40 years ago and it has grown so much! Yesterday, we explored the town and couldn't resist checking out a few recommended spots.

In the heart of the city, there was this legendary place called the "Shrimp Ladies." It was simply amazing and you haven't seen shrimp until you've been here. Shrimp of all sizes, fresh and abundant! We ended up grabbing a kilo of the biggest shrimp ever for just 200 pesos. Tonight it will be a seafood feast onboard.

While out and about, guess who had a little pampering session? Cooper! We took him to the dog spa for a paw-dicure. His nails were so long, he was practically ice-skating on the deck. Now he's all fancy and ready to strut his stuff without slipping and sliding all over while running around the boat.

Last night, we joined the holiday festivities at Plaza Machado. It was like stepping into a winter wonderland, Mexican style! The lights, music, and general merriment put us in the holiday spirit instantly. We even indulged in a delicious dinner to celebrate the season.

Today we embarked on a mission to find the captain a much-needed haircut. After 44 years together, his hair has reached legendary lengths, and it's time for a Captain makeover. Scissors, beware!

Tomorrow, we set sail for Puerto Vallarta, with a stop for a couple of days in the picturesque paradise of Chacala. This little gem boasts coconut and palm tree-lined beaches, along with open-air bars and restaurants that will tempt our taste buds. Preparations for departure are underway today, involving engine checks, laundry duty, boat cleaning, and the ever-important check-in and check-out procedures. Gotta keep those tabs on us as we navigate the Mexico journey.

We hope you're savoring the holiday season with family and friends. May your days be filled with joy, laughter, and a touch of nautical adventure!

2023 Baja Ha-Ha Jay Rosen Debra

Photos from Hypnautic's post 12/11/2023

Living La Vida Loca~

Last Friday, we left Espiritu Santos and set sail on an epic 28-hour journey to Topolobompo, a small village on the other side of Mexico. These 28 hours turned into an adventure that made us so happy when we arrived.

As we approached the marina, the 11 nautical mile channel seemed straightforward with its red and green buoys. We were warned it would be shallow but really? We should have asked them to define shallow. Our Catamaran came to an unexpected halt when we accidentally ran into a sneaky sandbar while navigating down the middle of the buoys as we were instructed. Thank goodness for the three fishing heroes in their trusty panga, who quickly came to our rescue. With their assistance, we were back on track in no time!

To express our gratitude, we showered them with our thanks, ensuring they had an unforgettable Saturday night. After all, a little thank-you goes a long way, right?

Upon reaching Marina Palmira, we were welcomed with open arms by the marina's amazing team. They made docking a breeze, treating us like VIPs. It turns out, they extended the same outstanding service to another sailing vessel that came in behind us. But hey, we can still feel special, right?

We planned a stop over here based on reviews. Armed with the wisdom of countless strangers on the internet, we sailed in confidently, ready to put those rave reviews to the test. And guess what? Those reviews were like fortune-telling wizards! They were so accurate we owe those previous sailors a huge thank you for saving us from the clutches of disappointment! Now, if only we could get them to predict our lottery numbers...

The marina team of Nelson, Javy, Omar 1, and Omar 2 truly went above and beyond. They showed us around town, ensuring we had everything we needed and even took our laundry to the hotel to be washed. It was returned by 4pm prompt as promised and was reasonably priced! We were blown away by their attention to detail. Giving back to the communities we visit is important, and they appreciated and exemplified that spirit.

Speaking of the village, it's a quaint little place focused on agriculture and fishing. Did you know they are the largest supplier to the US and China with their juicy mangoes? Talk about a fruitful endeavor!

Javy, the owner's son, became our personal driver and tour guide. He took us provisioning at Los Moochies and gave us a glimpse into the local way of life. Once our boat was stocked up, he whisked us away to the incredible Stanley's atop the highest point in Topolobompo. The panoramic views were absolutely breathtaking, and the food... oh, the food! It was a feast fit for the gods!

We’ve been keeping an eye on the weather windows, and it seems like the perfect time to set sail once again. With light winds on the horizon, we're hoping to be off to Altata this afternoon, fingers crossed, for a smooth 20-hour journey. Altata will be our last stop before the long sail down to Mazatlan. Fingers crossed for calm seas and clear skies!

Stay tuned for more nautical tales from our seafaring escapades. Until then, fair winds and following seas!

2023 Baja Ha-Ha Jay Rosen Debra Ulmer


Thank you Brian Stanton and Monique for this beautiful shot of our boats.

El Cordonal has been one of our favorite places so far and it was good to see the two of you and your furry crew member. Fair winds to you and maybe we will see you in Nayarit.

2023 Baja Ha-Ha


Life’s a Beach~

It’s day three in remote Bahia Cardonal, Isla Partida, population of 380. and I'm convinced the wind here has a vendetta against our swimming plans!

Dodging those gusts is like playing an extreme version of beach volleyball. On the bright side, our furry friend Cooper got to stretch his legs and play frisbee on the pristine sandy beach, which was so remote and deserted, it felt like our own secret paradise.

Sunday night, we hosted dinner on our catamaran with a couple Baja Ha Ha buddies, and it was a lively mix of enchiladas, laughter, gorgeous sunset, and wind-induced hairstyles except for Jay’s. Our guests, Ben and Jessica from s/v Noctiluca, have the most adventurous spirits. Ben was an underwater drone and RV operator, while Jessica is a Marine Biologist. They're living proof that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, even if it means selling everything and sailing the world!

Between gusts, we've been tackling minor boat repairs, laundry, tidying up, and cooking up a storm. Jay's been busy uploading videos for his YouTube channel, the content he has captured is so good, he will be the talk of the seven seas!

The winds this morning decided to give us a break! So, we're setting sail back to Pichilingue to service our watermaker before our journey to Isla Topolobompo. From there, it's a sun-soaked passage to Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta, where paradise awaits with 80-degree weather and warm waters.

Fair winds and hilarious tales, my friends! Stay tuned for more adventures and misadventures on this crazy journey of ours!

Jay Rosen Debra Ulmer Rosen 2023 Baja Ha-Ha

Photos from Hypnautic's post 11/30/2023

Adrenaline Junkies and Holiday Cheer!

This year, we traded the cozy comforts of home for an adventure on the high seas. Sure, it's a bit unconventional, and we may end up with seawater in our stockings, but making memories that will last a lifetime.

Jay Rosen, our honorary elf of the high seas, retrieved a few merry decorations from the hidden depths of storage. Now, our Catamaran will be transformed into a floating winter wonderland, fit for Santa's sleigh to find us, no matter where we roam.

With the holidays being my favorite time of year, I couldn't resist the urge to bring the holiday spirit onboard Hypnautic. However, this year, we had to be a bit sneaky about it as we took many boat furnishings home before setting sail so we had plenty of space for provisions. However, there is always a way to smuggle a few festive treasures on board, who says adrenaline junkies can't have a bit of Christmas fun?

Guaranteed, we will crank up the tunes of holiday carols echoing through the waves, spreading holiday cheer to dolphins and seagulls alike. And the scent of homemade cookies and tasty champagne wafting through the salty sea air, tempting even the most steadfast sailors to indulge in a festive treat.

So, whether we find ourselves sailing under starry skies or tucked away in a remote anchorage, we'll be embracing the magic of Christmas all month long. After all, Santa may need a little extra help finding us out here, but we're determined to make him feel right at home on our seafaring adventure.

Join me, in raising a glass of champagne, and let's make this holiday season merry and bright! Yo ho ho and a bottle of wine... or should I say, ho ho ho and a platter of cookies?

Happiest of all holidays to our friends and family all over the world.

Debra Ulmer Rosen 2023 Baja Ha-Ha Mike Rosen

Photos from Hypnautic's post 11/27/2023

Workout on the Catamaran!

Couple of days ago Jay suggested we work out in the morning and then go for a swim followed by a fabulous breakfast. Well, after hearing him out, I had the most intense workout ... or should I say, lifting my coffee cup and watching Jay workout! Who needs a gym when you have a nautical challenge waiting for us every time we set sail?

Who needs a treadmill when you can jog around the deck, picking up after Cooper amid heavy wind and rogue waves? The sea breeze is like a personal trainer, constantly reminding us to keep your balance and work those core muscles.

To be honest, my most frequent exercise on the boat is the art of "not working out." Imagine this: sunbathing on the deck, swimming in the beautiful, remote coves, and relaxing with a cool drink in hand, while my workout clothes are neatly folded down in our cabin, untouched and gathering the salt air envy. And laughing is always a fabulous workout for the stomach muscles.

I've mastered the "Boat Yoga" routine too. It involves stretching to reach the snacks on the top shelf, gracefully lunging to grab the sunscreen, and maintaining perfect balance as the boat gently sways. It's a workout for the mind and the soul!

So, whether you're lifting anchors or lifting cocktails, remember that boating is the ultimate workout... or not. I am just enjoying the ride, laughing at the absurdity, and making sure to capture those "not-so-fitness" moments for future laughs and memories!

More power to Jay who promises to get me working out with him very soon.
Jay Rosen Debra Ulmer Rosen 2023 Baja Ha-Ha

Photos from Hypnautic's post 11/25/2023

Adventures of a Non-Traditional Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, we embarked on a quest for Prime Rib, only to find ourselves lost in translation with confused meat cutters. Eventually, a picture saved the day! And who knew finding Au Jus would be harder than solving a riddle? We settled for beef broth that looked suspiciously like chicken broth.

But our determination knew no bounds as we trekked two miles, one mile on an incline, to find a tortilleria, where warm, fresh tortillas awaited us. The incline suddenly became a minor inconvenience in the face of such culinary delight! We had been looking for fresh tortillas since arriving La Paz.

With our two kilos of tortillas safely on board, it was time for a well-deserved pedicure. After all, why walk when you can Uber your way to pampering? Feet refreshed, it was time to get back and get the prime rib off the Traeger and serve Thanksgiving dinner.

Yesterday, after checking out with the Port Captain in La Paz, we set sail for Bahia Pichilingue Bay, ready for some swimming, snorkeling, and exploring.

Anchored in this picturesque bay, we marveled at the crystal-clear water that revealed the secrets of the seabed. Taking advantage of the calm seas, we even made water onboard, ensuring everyone could enjoy hot showers for days to come. Pure luxury!

As we soaked in the beauty of this remote anchorage, we couldn't resist the allure of a small beach bar with sandy floors. Cruising in our convertible dinghy, we indulged in margaritas and Mexican-style nachos. Cheers to the good life!

And let's not forget those precious tortillas—they've become the star of our meals! Italian sausage on tortillas? Absolutely delicious. These little circles of dough have earned their place in our breakfast and dinner routines. The hike was worth it!

For the next couple of days, this tranquil paradise will be our home—a setting straight out of a movie. So, now we sit back, relax, and enjoy our extraordinary Thanksgiving adventure in Mexico!

Debra Ulmer Rosen Jay Rosen 2023 Baja Ha-Ha

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SoCal Eballers are enthusiastic e-bikers who like to go on fun rides around San Diego & Orange counti

SRSRC Fitness SRSRC Fitness
9875 Aviary Drive
San Diego, 92131

Stay Connected with everything Fitness at the Scripps Ranch Swim & Racquet Club.

San Diego Race Series San Diego Race Series
San Diego Ca
San Diego

Marathon Relay, Half-Marathon Relay, 8K & 5K

Freedom Cycle Co Freedom Cycle Co
6496 Marindustry Drive, Ste A
San Diego, 92121

Bicycle and bicycle accessories distributor in San Diego, CA. We specialize in fixie style bikes an

San Diego Velodrome Monday Adult Training Classes San Diego Velodrome Monday Adult Training Classes
Morely Field
San Diego, 92101

Learn how to ride the velodrome and get a good workout too.

Mission Bay Yacht Club Mission Bay Yacht Club
1215 El Carmel Place
San Diego, 92109

Mission Bay Yacht Club Exists to Perpetuate Corinthian Yachting and the Sportsmanship and Fellowship

San Rafael Place Volleyball Court San Rafael Place Volleyball Court
3898 Ocean Front Walk
San Diego, 92109

3 Beach volleyball challenge courts for Men and Women's players. South Flag court mens permit # A23, North A-24 Womens, North #2 our A-25, Coed and oveflow