San Diego Longsword

San Diego Longsword

San Diego Longsword is a Western Martial Arts (WMA), or Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) inte Classes at-
Thursday nights at LionHeart Academy in El Cajon.

Sunday afternoon at Team Touche Fencing

Operating as usual

Photos from San Diego Longsword's post 09/24/2022

It’s that time of the year again! We are back with our introductory course Longsword 101! This is the foundational course in which students learn basic foot work, cuts, turning of the sword, winding, and more! The class sets students up to join the intermediate class.
This round will be taught by one of our head coaches, Richard Orazi. Richard has over a decade of experience in this art and is a skilled educator.

No prior experience or equipment is necessary. We provide the sword. Students only need to wear athletic clothing and shoes and bring water and a smile!

Hope to see you all there! Link in the bio.


Bringing Our WMA Best to the Getty
Just wanted to give one final acknowledgement to our presentation crew at the Getty. While Chivalry Today's fencing crew was top-notch, we couldn't have put on a display like this without the assistance of respected colleagues/like-minded fencers from a variety of other schools, such as Tattershall, Chicago Swordplay Guild, and En Garde Fencing. As these videos show, we all came together in the spirit of chivalry to put on an amazing public demonstration of our medieval fencing arts!

Photos from San Diego Longsword's post 08/01/2022

Scott binds Richard’s blade and buckler up with his buckler and he cuts around to the other side.

Sword buckler is definitely a fan favorite over here at San Diego Longsword and @lionheartacademy.

If you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of medieval sword fighting sign up for our next Longsword 101 session starting THIS THURSDAY, Aug 4th at 5pm. Link in the bio!


We can’t believe it’s just a few days away! First demo is Sunday!

The @gettymuseum has asked us to take part in the festivities for their “Fantasy of the Middle Ages” exhibition which explores historical and contemporary views of the the medieval period and how it has inspired and fascinated generations in the centuries that have followed.

We will be doing a series of armored and unarmored fighting demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and giving YOU the chance to get your hands on some real armor.

Demonstrations are on July 24th and August 14th at The Getty Center from 11-3. Reserve your free tickets using the link in our bio. We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

The Fantasy of the Middle Ages 07/20/2022

The Fantasy of the Middle Ages

The Fantasy of the Middle Ages The castles, knights, battles, and imaginary creatures of the Middle Ages perpetually inspire art, literature, photography, film, and reenactment. These later fantasy works blend historical source material with legendary or magical elements to create memorable characters, creatures, and cultures. Th...

Historical Society Medieval Mini Fest 2022 Recap 06/01/2022

Historical Society Medieval Mini Fest 2022 Recap

Chivalry Today and San Diego Longsword fencers came out to the medieval festival at the Santee Historical Society. If you’re looking to learn how to fight with the longsword check out our website. June’s intro class is full, but we have another one coming up in July!

Historical Society Medieval Mini Fest 2022 Recap Historical Society Medieval Mini Fest 2022 Recap


A nice transition to a reverse grip by Scott.


Broke out the spears today. This was Reece’s first time engaging in free play with the spears and he kicked butt! I have a feeling he’s going to be a monster with the spear!


Some of our core concepts folks taking a break from the big game!

In core concepts students develop an understanding of the five meisterhaus (master cuts) and a variety of wards (guards). Today’s lesson was zwerchau and counters to the zwerchau.

Students of all levels from beginning to advanced participate. It’s a great way to make new friends, strengthen existing friendships, and have a plain ol’ good time with swords.


Shannon and Scott demonstrate techniques for integrating blade grasps and daggers into the fight in our advanced class.



Loreen has been working hard on those zwerchaus lately. It’s among the most German thing a German sword fighter can do. Keep it up!


A nice view of historical artwork of sword and buckler.

I recently mentioned this delightful little figure from the choir stalls of Cologne Cathedral to Cornelius, and promised to re-post it.

The choir stalls date from the early 14th century (dendro-dates: 1308–1311). This particular carving shows a buckler fighter in attire of the time. The swordsman has lifted his weapon to his shield-side shoulder. His posture reminds me of I.33's Third and Fourth Wards, although this may not be a pre-fight position at all.
We can see the inside of his slightly domed shield, which curiously sports the same star shaped design often depicted on the front side of bucklers shown in manuscript miniatures. The grip is of the 'lid' handle type which was very common.

Note that the fighter is barefoot. This may possibly indicate a judicial duel context – or maybe he simply enjoys fencing barefoot, just like I do. It is hard to tell if he is wearing hose. He definitely does not wear any gloves. The bottom hem of his cotte is tucked up into the waist belt, which is hidden beneath overlapping cloth. The rich folds indicate a very wide skirt, which is quite typical for the period.

See other figures (not sword-related) here:
and here:

Thanks to Timm Radt who originally pointed me to this work of art.

Photos from San Diego Longsword's post 07/15/2021

Looking for a new and interesting hobby but not quite up to armwrestling The Mountain or grappling with Conan the Barbarian? No worries! While the Hollywood image of Henry Cavill wielding a 10-pound chunk of steel is an exciting cinematic image (we enjoyed “The Witcher” as much as anyone!) the historical art of fighting with the longsword is surprisingly complex and subtle. The great master of this art stated that the successful swords-person “fights strength with weakness and weakness with strength”.

This course provides detailed instruction in the basic elements of dueling/fencing with the longsword - it’s a great place for beginners to start their practice of any medieval fencing art, and also an effective way for experienced fencers to get a deeper understanding of basic fencing mechanics.

Follow the link for more information and to sign up!


More warrior dodge ball fun! This round @lionheartacademy!

In addition to our longsword summer camps, we now offer warrior dodge ball as an after class activity to our members on Sundays at 3:30! It’s a great way to have a lot of fun and get quite a bit of exercise in!

Interested in warrior camp or our classes? Follow the link in our bio!


The disarm your coaches warn you about. 101 and CC students, don’t let those thumbs wander too far forward in ochs!

So many things about this exchange bring me joy.

Want to learn to do this? Visit us at to get started.
Our next round of intro classes starts July 8th in El Cajon and July 11th in July 18th at Team Touche.


Who do you think came out on top in this exchange? Scott (in the red) or Richard (in blue)? Both? Neither?
Tell us what you think and why!


Winding up to take his shot!!! The opposing yeoman are out of range for a block and, as you can see, number 23 on the right, is discretely prepared with a back up ball in case they miss youth coach Reece!

Join us for our next day camp, July 5-9 @lionheartacademy!

Contact the club directly at 619-462-2027 to sign up or check out the link in our bio for more details!


Our two fighters voted as best historical technique in their respective tournament pools perform an exhibition match.

That’s a pretty darned good gather thrust from ochs for a kid whose been doing this for less than a week.

Oh and that little girl, she pommel struck three different people that day!

We are very proud of all of our campers and are looking forward to our next camp starting on July 5th @lion. You can visit for more details on the camp or reserve your space with Lionheart now by telephone, now.

Photos from San Diego Longsword's post 06/25/2021

Kids and l coaches come together for a game of warrior dodge ball.
This game is completely different from its (painful) predecessor and encourages team work and honor over bullying.

1. A new “warrior class” with different abilities is introduced each day. For example, knights can get hit twice before they’re down. Medics can heal downed teammates, for the price of two balls. Campers can also be shieldmen and spearman! Running low on standing teammates? Hire a Landsknechte (I.e. a coach) by sacrificing two balls. But be careful not to get hit on your way over! Choose your team configuration wisely so that your team is well balanced.
2. You may be down, but you’re not completely out! Kids who get hit stay in the game and with their team as yeomen. They pick a spot on the floor and kneel. They can still throw balls at the other team, so be sure to roll some their way. Strategic use of yeomen can win or lose the game.
3. We play with balls that are specifically designed for dodgeball, unlike those outdated rubber balls that hurt. You can fling the new foam balls pretty efficiently across the room, but getting hit with them won’t phase you. Our coaches can tell you from personal experience that the accidental close range hit to the face isn’t comfortable, but it isn’t painful either. We still recommend taking off your glasses though.
4. Teams are picked by coaches to maintain a careful balance in skill level. This keeps the game challenging and the the competition friendly. Also, no more being picked last.

If this sounds like something your kiddo would enjoy consider joining us for our next camp at @lionheartacademy starting July 5th! Reach out to them directly to sign up!


Probably one of my all time favorite warrior camp traditions! The kids are always very excited to try on armor and handle the chain mail.

Of course, us coaches always find it pretty funny seeing kids in oversized helmets and gauntlets. Some day though, they’ll grow up and the armor will fit!

This year‘s camp dates are:
June 21-25 at Team Touche
July 5-9 at LionHeart Academy
July 12-16 at LionHeart academy
July 19-3 23rd at Team Touche

To sign up contact the club of your choice! See you all on the field of honor!

Photos from San Diego Longsword's post 06/11/2021

Warrior camp is back!!!!!

In this week-long day-camp, teens get to unleash their inner champions, heroes, and knights-in-shining-armor! Participants will get an up close look at replica historical arms and armor; learn tactics and teamwork with a crew of friendly coaches; and band together in a series of challenging, energetic melee-games that will put their teamwork to the test - all while learning about the ideals of the “warrior’s code” of honor and chivalry.

Register at one of our two locations now to get your tween or teen involved in the fun and excitement of Warrior Camp!

Camp1: June 21-25, 2021 at Team Touche Fencing Center

Camp 2: July 5-9, 2021 at LionHeart Academy

Camp 3: July 12-16, 2021 at LionHeart Academy

Camp 4: July 19-23, 2021 at Team Touche Fencing Center

Photos from San Diego Longsword's post 06/04/2021

Dad’s gone break out the polleaxes!!!

Scott took a little vacation over the weekend so coach Loreen decided to mix things up with some pollaxe basics and (solo) drills.

We typically leave the pollaxe to our armored team, @ChivalryToday. The weapon is extremely effective - even the blunt light weight plastics we have can put a dent into a brand new 3 gage steel visor. (Sorry Patrick!) A flimsy little fencing mask doesn’t stand a chance, nor does the human skull!

For this reason, we can’t do too much with this weapon without plate BUT it’s still very fun to drill with in a careful and controlled manner.

So why do it? The pollaxe is a great example of how the concept of winding in the Liechtenauer tradition, transfers between weapons and across applications. Also, it’s fun!

Put class updates into your primary tab - gmail 05/17/2021

Put class updates into your primary tab - gmail

Hello SDLS Members,

If you have a gmail account, please make sure we are not being filtered to your promotions or social tabs (unless you check those regularly). We provide important class updates via email and it has come to our attention that we are being filtered into these tabs.

If we are being filtered to a tab that is not your preference, you can change it by following the directions in this video.

Put class updates into your primary tab - gmail Hey folks! If you're not receiving important email updates from us, please check your primary, social, or junk mail. To move emails from Scott and Loreen int...


“...transition to the half sword, displace your opponents sword, grab their buckler, twist it from their grasp, and beat them over the head with it.”

A modern addition to Lignitzer’s final play. Lignitzer doesn’t tell the reader what to do once they have the opponent’s buckler. It’s up to the fighter to decide.

Our sword and buckler worship continues.

Don’t try this at home kids. Seriously.


Blink and you’ll miss it. Textbook abstezen!

If you want to get in on the action our next introductory workshop starts June 6th!


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Bringing Our WMA Best to the GettyJust wanted to give one final acknowledgement to our presentation crew at the Getty. W...
A nice transition to a reverse grip by Scott. ....#longsword #sdls #sandiego #sandiegolongsword #wma #westernmartialarts...
Loreen has been working hard on those zwerchaus lately. It’s among the most German thing a German sword fighter can do. ...
More warrior dodge ball fun! This round @lionheartacademy! In addition to our longsword summer camps, we now offer warri...
Ochs breaks zwech
Scott & Chris Pass
SoCal Swordfight TournamentI had a couple of delightful matches in the Advanced Longsword tournament at SoCal Swordfight...
Qualifying at SoCal SwordfightAs part of the entry into the Advanced Longsword tournament, competitors had to qualify wi...




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