Get Fit On Adams

Get Fit On Adams


A very quick edit.
More Tammy clones on the way😎
I need to get fit.
Fun Fit :)
Tamara Fanning, owner and trainer of "Get Fit on Adams" is a fun, smart, inspiring fitness expert. I highly recommend checking her out!
The best!
Get Fit on Lake Tahoe!!!
nice place I just received a free lifetime membership for 24 Hour Fitness Miss Kroc Sports Center on University 1300 locations I have to come and check you out after I'm finished with my stuff I have on my plate

Get Fit On Adams is a small space providing personal training and independent memberships focusing o One person in the gym
at a time. Sanitized after each person.

Small boutique atmosphere. Super clean. Super small.

Operating as usual


Who doesn’t love flowers right? 💜
A client of mine brought these in for me today and it just brightened my day!
Reminds me that, not only do I love my clients but they love me! ❤️

So blessed to love what I do and get paid to do it!

Enjoy your day!


Is it spin? 💜
Lifting heavy weights?
Going hiking? 😁
Your body likes to move!
Exploring what it likes is key and variety is smart!
Yes, there can be stiffness.
Yes, pain occasionally.
Yes, the couch looks more inviting. 😂

BUT trust me, you start moving it regularly and you will feel more joy! 🥳
As well as exsperience other side effects like better breathing, better sleep, stronger body, less pain and better mental capacity…okay you may look better too! ☺️

Get moving and love it!
I can show you how 🤷🏽‍♀️


If you need some caffeine or a treat check this women owned, colorful, friend owned coffee truck out!

The best of both worlds! Hot Bevs is happy to finally be able to feature top notch gluten-free pastries along with our other vegan items prepared by the loving hands at @splitbakehouse! Our selections rotate so you’re always in for a treat at the truck!


Another dose of Vitamin N.
Can you ever get enough?
No. I don’t think so especially with all going on in the world.

This was a couple weeks ago but it’s calling me! Sometimes I take my brain back for a little reset.
Alas, to the gym I go today to train people to be functionally fit to maybe one day climb this mountain with me or just carry the groceries in on one trip instead of two.😂
Train for your goals and have fun!


Look where my toes took me!
What a hike…20,000 steps, great grounding, Vitamin N!

My favorite type of exercise! One of my favorite hikes!

Wanna hike? I can take you, train you and prepare you!


My favorite GLUTE lifter! Over 400 stairs wind up the side of South Fortuna! Not only will it lift your glutes, strengthen your heart- it will uplift your soul! ❤️

I’m all about what makes you feel good as well as look good! 😉
Vitamin N is the name of this game. What is it you ask? NATURE!

It has been shown that just 2 hours in nature will lower your blood pressure, lower heart rate, increase T Cell count and lower cortisol levels all this translates into better overall health and immune system! Who doesn’t need that? Especially right now.

I do destination training, so if you want a hiking training session-I’m your woman!
Prices vary depending on place and length of time. Small groups welcome and even comes with some naturalist knowledge of the area it’s flora, fauna, animals and info on the Kumayaay. 💜

Get outside and thrive!


A strong healthy body should be the goal.
How to get there is what I know.

It takes a full spectrum of activities to achieve.
-strength training with a focus on core strength and stability
-flexibility that can be easily achieved through yoga or an equivalent stretching routine
-cardiovascular training that can be anything from hiking, biking, classes or even dancing.
-mental health through affirmations, mantram and/or meditation
The key is variety and that it’s something you DO consistently for your WHOLE life! 💜

This is what I as a personal trainer promote and teach.

Just keep doing it!


Sometimes even I eat cookies! Life is about balance, enjoyment and enrichment!
This is a Daisy who sold me 5 boxes of cookies! 😋

It doesn’t mean I will be eating them all though. 1 box for me and 4 for other people! I’ve always loved Thin Mints, since I was a Girl Scout selling them. So that’s the one I kept, in case you wondered!

Girl Scouts teaches girls to do business, work as a team, gain confidence and to love nature!
Support your Girl Scouts! 💚


Even ducks do yoga!
You can take care of your body anywhere even next to the lake.

Taking care of yourself should be an all day everyday thing. Be it, lifting weights, biking, walking or doing yoga next to a lake.

For more inspiration contact me!
Tamara Fanning


Susan has been training with me for about 4 years and this was the first time she has been able to do this SOOO well with no help from me and she said “I like it” 🥳

This is a hard exercise to execute correctly without a helping hand!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Gooo Susan you are a blast to train!! 🔥
Fitty at fifty is her slogan this year! 💯


Oh I miss these days of group classes! It’s been two years at least….but I have faith it’s coming around again!

Keep going and keep striving because one day….we will be back together again!


Vitamin N.
You ask what that is? It’s Vitamin Nature! It can be hanging out in nature, biking , skating, hiking or just gazing at nature.

It has been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate and increase T-Cell counts. What does this mean? Not only is it beautiful but beneficial!

I love doing it all and is a major factor in my own personal well-being. The other parts are lifting weights and doing yoga. Having a well rounded program is important!


Omg! This stuff is deliciously amazingly, high in protein and probiotics! It’s everything my belly wants in the morning topped with berries, walnuts and maybe coconut! 😉

A great way to care for your gut and increase your protein intake all in one shot! 25 grams in a serving-almost as much as 3 oz of chicken!! 🤯Increasing protein helps curb the appetite as well as provide a great environment for muscle growth..don’t worry not Arnold size but more like Madonna! 🤣 Love them both ❤️

Probiotics are essential to gut health, gut health is ESSENTIAL to everything else especially a vibrant mind and outlook on life! It’s true…

Check it out and let me know what you think! You can find it at most stores!


After beating breast cancer and going through a knee surgery Lynne is STILL on top! Top of the BOSU ball today and her tennis game tomorrow!

She has been training with me for over 10 years and we learn a lot from each other! I enjoy training her because she takes what I teach her and soars! She does stretching and self care on her own daily.

Lynne, you rock! Thank you for training with me all these years!


Don’t get left on the track to nowhere in your fitness goals!!!

7 days till the FREE initiation is gone for the year!
$30 month 😱
No long contracts.
Easy cancel.
24 Hour access.
Clean environment.

If your looking for a place to workout close to home without a lot of people-this could be it! It has everything you need to succeed in your goals!

To schedule a tour and/or consultation contact:
Tamara Fanning
Email [email protected]


Why you train?
Is an important question. I always ask my clients why. It helps me figure out what they need. Everyone is different. No client should be trained the same way, at least that’s my philosophy. 😎

I train to hike, bike and live pain free. The “why” can change through your life. That’s okay as well but WHY you train should always be addressed.
Why. Do. You. Train.
Think about it, share with me?

This was a picture of an EPIC hike. 16 miles. If I hadn’t been training I wouldn’t have done it as easily! It also helped that my now, Mountain Posse was with me.


Bearheart is right, only a couple days left to get
join the cleanest, smallest and coolest gym in Normal Heights!

Safe solo workouts. 24 Hour access. No longterm contracts. Easy cancel.
Fitness close to home!

Located at 3806 Adams
Feel free to call or text Tamara at 619-708-8586
or email [email protected]
for more information!

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Be Fit

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3806 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 6am - 8pm
Wednesday 6am - 8pm
Thursday 6am - 8pm
Friday 6am - 8pm
Saturday 8am - 12pm

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